Why the Government Wants You to Wear a Face Mask

When I speak of evil in the government, I’m not talking about the everyday worker in the government, nor the mid-level managers, nor even the higher level administrators.  I’m talking about the political appointees at the top who think they come from our finest institutions.  I’m talking about the clever members of the elite class who jet around at the public expense.  I’m talking about the slick-talkers who move effortlessly between the government, academia and the boardrooms of Corporate America.

With that stated, why is the government pushing the face mask? Why suddenly is the government and their fascist bedfellow, Corporate America, making this push? 

Just yesterday I saw a commercial by Uber which instructed me as follows:  No mask.  No ride.

Fine, Uber. No ride.

Suddenly, or not so subtly, the government has shifted its message from social distancing to wearing a mask.

Never mind the absolute lack of science and logical thinking that would support such a policy.

You should know from the outset that I am a conspiracy theorist. In that regard I stand proudly with the United States Justice Department which has been filing charges of conspiracy against regular Americans for over 250 years.

Just as the United States Justice Department understands that individuals get together to commit murder and fraud, I suspect the government of conducting the same against us.

I believe that the government, now thoroughly hijacked by Corporate America, has exploited this crisis in order to manipulate governmental and societal change without asking us. To achieve these ends I believe that the government is trying to kill as many of us as is possible and practical.

Wearing the face mask achieves those ends.

Your face mask is the perfect fomite which you carry around with you on your face.

Suppose after buying your biscuits at Burger King and accepting your credit card back from the checker who has failed to wash his hands or change his gloves between customers, you exit the drive-through and then remove your mask in order to comfortably drive down the road.  

The odds are good that you have then transferred the coronavirus from your credit card to the top of your face mask.  

Now, the virus can survive on that face mask for at least two hours.  Suppose when you return to your home or office, you take off your mask, wash your hands and then eat those biscuits.  No problem.

But then suppose one hour later, after placing your mask back on your face, you decide to eat a cookie. You go to your sink, wash your hands, then remove your face mask.  Now, the virus is back on your hands, only you thought you were safe.

But you’re not safe.

In this manner the face mask can cause greater  morbidity and mortality.  You see, the number one protecting factor against the coronavirus is handwashing – hands down.

You can walk around all day with viruses on your hands, and you won’t get infected. Why? Because your skin acts as a protective barrier.  Only when you pick up food without washing your hands first are the viruses are then transmitted to the food which then transmits them to the back of your throat and into your system.

Do you think the government knows this?

If they don’t, then why are they in charge?

I think the government has plenty of smart people who have already thought this out. I think they know that wearing the face mask will increase morbidity and mortality.

I think that’s exactly what they want.

They want greater morbidity and mortality, because the greater damage that they can inflict upon society, the greater the need for their ready-made solutions.

What are their ready-made solutions?

  • The elimination of small business where, gasp, people might be financially unequal.
  • The institution of corporate feudalism.
  • A national health service which would thoroughly control you as an individual. Oh, so you can’t get your diabetes medication?  Well, it could be because you thought impure thoughts last week.  You better get with the program, soldier.
  • Remote tele-education which allows them to indoctrinate your children more thoroughly through centrally controlled programming.
  • The institution of vote by e-mail so that Palo Alto corporations can fudge the vote.
  • The reworking of the Constitution to eliminate the Electoral College.  Mob rule from NYC, Chicago and LA is preferable.
  • The further degradation of the Bill of Rights which is really the Bill of Individual Rights which is really the Bill of Restrictions on federal government power.  Replacing the Bill of Rights will be the Bill of Public Good.


The government has been a source of lies and obstruction to the truth every step of the way.

    • Government failed to protect the elderly in New York by not moving them to warmer climes.
    • Government failed to emphasize the protective factor of heat and humidity against the coronavirus.
    • Government moved coronavirus positive elderly back into nursing homes.
    • Government derided hydroxychloroquine, a  cheap drug, which was shown by Henry Ford Medical Group in Detroit to save lives.
    • Government pushed forward the notion of a hastily prepared vaccine as a panacea.
    • Government denigrated the concept of herd immunity.
    • Government destroyed the economy of the United States of America.

And now, government and its celebrity stooges push for the face mask.

Why should we trust the government?

We shouldn’t.



Archer Crosley, MD




Copyright 2020   Archer Crosley  All Rights Reserved



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