Red Alert: The Coronavirus is Airborne

According to Michael A Fisher of Slate magazine, the Coronavirus is airborne.

He says this three times at the end of his article, so I guess he thinks it’s important.

Yawn. Great. So fucking what?

The coronavirus is airborne.

Call out the National Guard.

That’s not bad news; that’s great news. Let’s start looking at the glass half full, not half empty.

We want the coronavirus to be airborne.

We want the coronavirus to spread to everybody.

We want the coronavirus to spread to everybody as rapidly as we possibly can.

That’s great news.

The sooner we can spread the coronavirus around, the sooner we will attain herd immunity, and the sooner we will get out of this mess.

Let’s wake up.

Let’s not be so negative.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus probably isn’t as contagious as Dr. Fauci and Michael A Fisher think it is.

Yes, I understand that the virus is transmitted in micro-droplets and that these can be suspended in air for lengthy periods of time.

I understand all that.

I also understand that these sneeze-dispersed droplets probably carry a viral load which is not significant enough to cause disease by breathing it in.

If it were, I’m pretty sure that everybody would be infected with the coronavirus by now.

Remember, we were flying around in jets for three months before the lockdown without wearing masks.

Here is the way I think the coronavirus is spread via airborne transmission. I base this on my 38 years of pediatric experience.

I think that people are coughing on their hands.  Then I think they are handling money or credit cards which then transmits the virus via fomite to other peoples hands. Then the recipient is not washing his or her hands prior to picking up food that they plan to put in their mouth.

That’s the way I believe the coronavirus is principally spread.

For decades I have been working up close and personal with children who have been coughing all over me. I have not been wearing a mask prior to March, 2020.

I almost never get sick. I do not get sick because I wash my hands religiously.

I have come to understand that handwashing is paramount in controlling whether I get sick or not.

I also understand that I can walk around with viruses on my hands all day and nothing will happen to me provided I wash my hands before I pick up food that I plan to put in my mouth.

I see no reason why my experience with influenza virus, rhinovirus and other respiratory viruses would not apply to the coronavirus.

Now, if you can show me that the coronavirus has a particular molecular configuration that causes respiratory droplets to coalesce in a particular way to facilitate greater viral load when breathed in, I will reconsider my opinion.

Therefore, while I believe that the coronavirus is airborne, I do not believe the people are getting the virus by breathing in respiratory droplets.

I do not believe this because the viral load is too low.  I also believe that there are many other features of immunity called non-adaptive immunity that preclude a respiratory droplet from causing infection.

Now, on the other hand, if someone coughs directly on their hand, the viral load is substantially higher.  If they then transmit that to me via a fomite, the viral load still remains substantially high. If I then acquire that virus on my hands via that fomite and then pick up a cookie that I put in my mouth, I then transmit that higher viral load into the cookie which then goes into my system. Thus I will get a higher viral load when the transmission occurs via fomite.

Do I have a study to back this up?


Do I need a study?

I don’t need a study.

If you need a study, go find one.

I’ll stick to anecdotalism combined with solid reasoning.  These placed together will defeat a study any day of the week.

Get a study to prove me wrong.

In response, I’ll go get an anecdotal case with solid reasoning that will defeat you.

In the final analysis, the only thing that counts is what works.

Eat the pain, bitch.


Thank you.


Archer Crosley, MD

McAllen, TX 

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Copyright 2020   Archer Crosley   All Rights Reserved



I don’t like you academia. Let the gloves be off.  I don’t like your awards. I don’t like your favoritism. I don’t like the way you treat your students. I don’t like your pomposity. I don’t like your white coats and ties.  I don’t like the way that you pump out half-assed studies.  I don’t like anything about you.

You have utterly failed us in the coronavirus.  Not only have you failed to speak the truth, you have spoken down the truth.  You denounced herd immunity.  You embraced the face mask.  You have failed to raise concerns about developing a vaccine so hastily.



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