Dangerous Man

There is unequivocally no one of greater danger to the nation than Anthony Fauci.

No one has harmed America more in the past year than this man.

He is a menace to the community. He must be stopped.

He is not only America’s Foul Shot Brickthrower, he is also a war criminal.

His criminality took new heights yesterday when he suggested that clinical trials for the proposed coronavirus vaccine could be stopped if the vaccine was shown to be safe and effective.


No responsible physician or scientist would or could possibly make that statement.

That he did make that statement is an indictment of him and his existence. His license should be stripped immediately.

He is an irresponsible man.

The Moderna Phase III clinical trials only began one month ago.

Not enough time has passed to demonstrate whether the vaccine is safe or not. More time is needed.

Not only is more time needed, a larger study is needed to establish the safety of the vaccine more thoroughly.

The Moderna Phase III study includes 15,000 patients who currently have received the vaccine. A phase IV study should include 150,000 patients who would receive the vaccine.

Dr. Fauci is truly an amazing man. His rush to implementing a vaccine is startling and incomprehensible.

Is he arrogant?

Or is he selling us a broken down used car?

Either way, Americans should be concerned.


Archer Crosley, MD

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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