Clown Act

Honestly, folks, how did this clown, Bill Gates, get to be our national spokesman on medical affairs?

He has no degree in medicine. He never even finished college.

Well, obviously it’s because he has billions of dollars. It’s too bad that having a lot of money doesn’t make you wise.

Just today he was extolling the benefits of the facemask. Obviously he is a proponent of the facemask.

He is of the opinion that the facemask saves lives. If you read anything of my columns in the past, you know that I do not agree.

I don’t need a study to know that the face mask doesn’t do any good. I am the study.

I’ve been in close contact with coughing children for over 35 years, and I almost never get sick. I don’t get sick because I wash my hands.

If the virus were airborne in the way that Bill Gates thinks it is, I would be sick all the time, and I’m not.

When the virus becomes airborne, it rapidly diffuses into the atmosphere and thus dilutes itself. Viral load is everything when it comes to causing an infection.

When the virus becomes airborne, the prior viral load effectively does not exist.

It’s similar to Lex Luther poisoning the city water supply. It’s not going to happen because the massive quantity of water dilutes out the minuscule amount of poison that can be emptied into it.

A 10 x 10 x 15’ room, or 300 cubic feet, has 8,496 liters of air. That’s a lot of air, and that’s assuming that there’s no circulation of air into the rest of the house, which there is. The idea that an airborne virus in its totality makes a beeline for your trachea is absurd.

Furthermore, an airborne virus would have to overcome other non-adaptive immune mechanisms that the body presents to it.

More likely than not, the coronavirus is being spread by hand to hand contact, or by fomite, after which the person failing to wash his or her hands picks up food that then carries the virus into the oropharynx in sufficient viral load as to cause infection.

Why is this significant?

It’s significant because it demonstrates the lack of utility of the face mask.

Not only is the facemask not useful, it is counterproductive. It is counterproductive because it gives a false sense of confidence to the user. The user begins to think that they are protected because they are using the face mask; they are then less likely to wash their hands.

Handwashing is number one in protection against infectious disease.

But let’s not be coy, and let’s not give Bill Gates a free pass. He knows what he’s doing. He knows that the facemask has little usefulness.

He’s an uneducated man, but he’s not a dumb man. He’s only dumb in the sense that he doesn’t understand that he enjoys the privilege of being a steward of the national economy. Rather than use that stewardship wisely, he and his cabal decided to rape the American people through Nazi junk science. He’s dumb in that he doesn’t understand that we live in a moral universe and that his actions will bring about his undoing.

He and Dr Fauci want you to use the face mask because they know that it will delay herd immunity by contributing to a state of fear.

He knows that the fear plus the use of the face mask will help promote a low level coronavirus fire that will smolder for a decade.

That is their plan.

Fear is everything to these guys. They clearly have an agenda. Fear enables that agenda.

Their agenda is multifold.

First is the implementation of this vaccine that they say will be a cure. The vaccine has been ramrodded through and inadequately studied. It may cause more harm than good.

Second is the implementation of remote learning which Bill Gates does have a vested interest in.

Remote learning gives Gates and the Machine the indoctrination tool that they desire to promote their nutty utopian thinking upon children’s minds.

Third, is the destruction of private healthcare in America. The goal is to wipe out as many individual practitioners as possible so as to herd them into giant corporate-run clinics. When doctors are pushed into corporate clinics, they can be controlled more easily. It then becomes a snap to gradually replace them with lesser trained people who will be even more compliant to corporate desires.

Gates’s vision is to have corporations control healthcare. Of course, they will control healthcare for profits first, patients second. Gates’s friend, Warren Buffett, is licking his chops on the sidelines. Buffet can’t wait to provide hospital beds, IV poles or whatever for every hospital in America. It won’t matter if the quality is any good because the goal is to make profits for the big boys.

The result will be disastrous for patients. Patients will come second, corporations will come first. Of course, Gates and his buddies will lie to you through statistics. They will tell you that studies show that patient care has never been better.

I mince no words. Both these men, Gates and Fauci, are full-fledged officers of the Third Reich which never died.

They never saw a money making corporation that they did not fall in love with.

Indeed, they are the leaders of the new and improved American IG Farben. And, yes, there was an American IG Farben. And, yes, Wall street did finance Hitler’s rise to power.

Gates and Fauci are sick pups who have lost their way.

But so are the rest of the members of the Machine that rules us.

These cabalists don’t care about experience or training. One celebrity clown is as good as another to promote their lies.

So they feature a clown like Gates as an authority on the coronavirus.


Archer Crosley, MD

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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