Halloween in Gotham

If you’ve been alive on planet earth for the past nine months, and you are over twelve years of age, you’re aware of the total lack of rationality and logical thinking from our authorities when it comes to COVID-19.

The latest laughable example comes from the good governor of New York, who else.

Just yesterday Governor Cuomo cracked down on a massive 400-person Halloween party in New York City.

Never fear, Batman is on the job to save us from trick-or-treating ourselves into the ICU.

It’s worth going over the logic. Who knows? The governor may be right. Let’s try to be fair here.

I am always fair. I may be cruel, but I’m fair.

The governor is fearful that if 400 people get together in a gathering, cases of COVID-19 may break out.

For the moment, let’s put aside the argument of whether we believe that people should congregate or not. I happen to think that people need to congregate in order to spread the disease,  but let’s put that argument away for now.

If the governor is fearful that someone may get COVID-19, then what he is saying is that those people are not immune to COVID-19.

It’s important to establish the fact that locking people down does not produce immunity to COVID-19 or any other virus.

The whole point of social distancing and a lockdown, according to Governor Cuomo and Dr. Fauci, is to stop the transmission of the virus. Presumably anyone who is carrying the virus will either live and become an immune non-transmitter or will die and become a non-transmitter

This then lowers the R-naught value which is the basis of their game plan.

This is why New York City has been under a massive lockdown since March.

Well, haven’t they lowered the R-naught by now?

Surely, they must have because just the other day the governor continued his ultra-slow lifting of restrictions upon New York City.

Why would you continue lifting restrictions unless you thought it was safe to come out of the woods?

If it is safe to come out of the woods, then why are people not allowed to congregate at Halloween parties?

What evidence is there to support that?

Where’s the beef?

Viruses do not arise by spontaneous generation.  They can only arise if they are there.

If they are there, it is because they are there. If they are there, clearly you have not lowered the R-naught value enough.

If that’s the case, then why are you lifting restrictions? Why are you allowing more people into  restaurants?

Are you confused?

Permit me to engage in a momentary diversion.  Why would a crowd of 400 be more likely to transmit COVID-19 then 100 separate groups of four?

The answer to this question is rooted in the 1918 parade in Philadelphia during the Spanish flu epidemic. It is that parade that is responsible for our lockdown today.

We are held hostage by the dead people in Philadelphia.

Conventional wisdom has it that the Philadelphians on that fateful Thanksgiving Day spread the virus by congregating within the context of a large group.  But did they?

Was it the large group in itself that caused so many people to be sick, or was it the exchange of the flu virus via peanut and soft pretzel vendors that caused the disease?

It is unlikely that during that large parade in Philadelphia all the people were congregating with one another.  

The attendees were most likely families who were for the most part sticking to themselves.

They were outdoors as well.

This loans support to decimating the conventional wisdom that large groups in themselves cause disease.

Most likely the disease was spread by the vendors through the exchange of money.  I will assume that masks and hand sanitizer were not in ready supply.

If that is the case, then 100 groups of 4 diners in NYC can easily transmit the virus to each other via waiters.

A larger restaurant in New York City with even limited capacity can easily serve 100 separate 4-member families over an eight hour shift.

Yet to date this phenomenon has not produced a surge.


Clearly the governor believes that the virus is lurking around; if he thought the virus was under control and had been eliminated, then it would no longer be necessary to limit gatherings.

But he is limiting the gatherings.  That he is doing so is indicative of the fact that the lockdown and the restrictions today have not eliminated the virus.

But it was he, Tony Fauci, and Bill Gates who told us that such harsh restrictions would eliminate the virus.

Remember, their thinking was that if we engage in social distancing to an extreme degree, the virus would die out by virtue of the fact that it would not be transmitted to other live people.

Yet this has not happened.

In a sane world their results would constitute an indictment of their approach to the COVID-19 pandemic.

No one had a more restrictive approach to dealing with COVID-19 than the state of New York.

But we do not live in a sane world. We live in an insane world where logic does not rule.

We live in a world of slogans and undue reverence to faulty conclusions from the past.

So because we do, because we choose not to think, because we embrace facemasks and lockdowns which are the equivalent of getting under your desk when a nuclear weapon hits, we continue to hurt ourselves.

And thus we have the governor of New York who puts on his Batman cape to save Gotham City from trick-or-treating itself to death.

Holy, COVID!

It’s a joke.


Archer Crosley, MD

McAllen, Texas

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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