The Vaccine

The Pfizer vaccine is about to roll out in the United Kingdom next week. To the best of my knowledge, the Phase 3 study of this vaccine has not been evaluated by the medical community at large.

Nor has the Phase 2 study from what I can see. I certainly can’t find evidence of it on the Internet.

Why would this vaccine be rolled out in this manner? I can’t think of any measure more irresponsible.

Well, you might roll it out if you were 100% confident that the vaccine would have no side effects whatsoever just as you would land a man on the moon if you knew that it would be impossible for a calamity to occur.

In other words, the vaccine would be a total fake just as the moon landing was a total fake.

Is the vaccine a total fake designed to match a fake plan-demic?

I hope not. I want to believe that the coronavirus is real and that the vaccine is real.

I also want to believe that the moon landing was real, but my skepticism tells me that it was not.

If the vaccine is real, then why not have the phase 3 study evaluated by the medical community at large?

What harm can be done by having regular doctors look at the results?

Well, if you are lying about the vaccine just as you have lied all along, you run the risk of being caught yet again.

Let us suppose then, for the fun of it, that the vaccine is a fake. If the vaccine is a fake, then what will the elites do when the vaccine doesn’t work?

They could do one of two things.

They could use the non-workability of the vaccine as a reason to continue the lock down.

Or, they could rig the coronavirus deaths to the downside just as they rigged the numbers to the upside earlier in the year. In other words they could proclaim the vaccine a success even though they were injecting a fake vaccine.

Our elites are extremely clever. They can do anything they want.

What will they do?

I don’t know for sure; I’m not the one committing the crime.

Given what we know, one of the following outcomes might occur.

1. The vaccine is a fake (effectiveness of saline at best) and the authorities ratchet down the death count completely while claiming that the vaccine is a complete success.

2. The vaccine is a fake and the authorities ratchet down the death count by half while asking us to continue social distancing and the use of a face mask as they work harder to make a better vaccine.

3. The vaccine is real but only halfway effective. The authorities ask us to continue social distancing.

4. The vaccine is real but causes major side effects. The vaccine is withdrawn and the authorities ask us to continue social distancing.

5. The vaccine is completely real and effective and is able to contain the coronavirus completely.

Pathological liars are amazingly adept at shifting gears whenever the need arises. You can never figure them out.

Personally, I am rooting for option 5, but my experience so far teaches me that option 5 is impossible.

If option 5 occurred, if the vaccine was real, effective and able to knock out this coronavirus, then remote learning would go away, telemedicine would diminish, churches would reopen, bourgeois small business would reopen, and Amazon would take a hit.

Is this likely?

With socialists like Bill Gates (and his puppet masters) this close to implementing their New World order, would Bill Gates be willing to allow option 5 to occur?

Did Palo Alto invest all this money in remote education in order for it to go away? Did Google effectively bribe local school districts with Chrome books in order to implement remote education in order for it to go away?

Remote education is the perfect tool to indoctrinate young children’s minds. It’s a powerful tool when your goal is to reshape the world.

The world that the pandemic created is a Maoist wonderland.

It’s too good to give up.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

3 thoughts on “The Vaccine

  1. Regarding some of your questions:

    Could vaccinated individuals shed this spike protein, which is why we are seeing the rise of the “delta” at such astronomical rates in “highly vaccinated communities”?

    The virus is going to mutate. Usually though you have to have a sufficient body of immune people to produce pressure on the virus to mutate; that’s always been my understanding. Yet, the authorities are telling us that we are nowhere near herd immunity. And if you remember last year, they told us that herd immunity was going to be impossible unless everyone was vaccinated to a sufficiently high degree. When I keep hearing inconsistencies and in some cases flat out lies from our leaders I begin to walk away from them. Truthfully, it’s almost impossible to make conclusions when you are dealing with the kind of leaders we have. It’s very difficult to trust any of the numbers. The government is in control of the vaccine, the media, the testing (manufacture), the truth that we are delivered. We are in a completely dependent position, and we should not be.

    The spread of the Delta variant makes little sense. On the one hand, we are told that it is a highly infectious variant, much more so than the original COVID-19. Yet, the Delta variant was ravaging India almost 4 months ago. In a jet age, it shouldn’t take four months for the variant to reach the United States. Also, why is the Delta rampaging through Florida and Texas without significantly affecting northern states given that the vaccine doesn’t prevent you from getting the Delta variant. The vaccine only prevents the horrible consequences of COVID-19 infection?

    Just two weeks ago, the vaccination rate of Florida was at 49%, just 4 points below California at 53% and 66% in Massachusetts. So why the huge disparity in cases and deaths between CA and FL. I refuse to believe that a 4% difference between CA and FL caused this much damage. I also refuse to believe that a 17% difference between MA and FL causes this much damage.

    The more you listen to the authorities, the more inconsistencies you hear, the more you realize that this is a political disease engineered to achieve whatever affect the authorities desire. We are along for the ride.

    Any state official who opposes the federal government seems to suffer a COVID-19 crisis in their state. It seems as if the powers that be can turn this disease on and off with a light switch.

    I can tell you one stone cold fact. I have seen many COVID-19 positive pediatric patients in the past month, yetI have not admitted one single patient with COVID-19 to the hospital. I haven’t seen one pediatric patient with COVID-19 who is even close to being sick enough to being admitted. So my question is this: How are my pediatric patients different than the children who live in Florida, or Houston?

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  2. Thx. I’ve always been a little wary of mRNA technology. The problem with the mRNA technology in this vaccine is that it uses a self replicating mRNA. That means that the mRNA injected gets replicated by RNA polymerase. The problem with RNA polymerase is that it doesn’t have a proof checker to weed out errors. DNA polymerase has a better proof checker. What this means is that the messenger RNA can get replicated into a variant of the original mRNA which can then produce a protein different than the spike protein which when presented to the immune system produces an antibody which could conceivably attack normal tissue. I felt that the initial studies on the safety of the vaccine were rushed and incomplete. They should have tested more people. There have been people with many reactions to this vaccine. The problem we face now is that we have a government and big Pharma that seems reluctant to be honest and forthcoming. In spite of this, I still recommend the vaccine principally because a) the benefits still outweigh the risks, and b) how else will we achieve herd immunity if our leaders keep creating fear in our society that keeps people from communicating and commingling.

    I’ve never been good with acronyms. What does ADE stand for?

    I’m 66. I used to believe that our leaders were good people who were either misguided or plain stupid. I no longer believe that. I spent a lot of time researching the Kennedy assassination and the CIA and the darker aspects of American history. To understand COVID-19 one must in my opinion understand just how greedy and evil our elites can be. Let’s define evil. Evil is when you put your financial interests above the health and welfare of the American people. This is what our leaders do. They are very much like the British who put their own profits above the welfare of the people in India and Ireland when they shipped crops out of their countries even as the people were starving.

    Our leaders are suppressing the benefits of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine because they don’t want to see any development toward a simple pharmaceutical that might help people. This would cut into the huge profits a vaccine could give. The other reason why they trash hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin in my opinion is because it would lead people to the connection between malaria and COVID-19. Early on many people could see the connections symptomatically between the two diseases.

    The best way for me to illustrate that is to share a link of the research that I did involving the connections between COVID-19 and malaria. In this link, there is a PDF that you can download. It is very detailed, and some of the information you may not care for. If you zoom in on your computer, it will come in sharp. In this PDF, I try to pull together much of what I have written about COVID-19 in the past year.

    At any rate, we are dealing with a problem much greater than COVID-19. We are dealing with the virus of elitism. We have elites in this country who are cancerous and a real threat to the peoples of the world. They lie with impunity and they get away with it because so many people have bought into the concept that our elites are the best and the brightest. This is one of the reasons why so many people have gone along with what our leaders have recommended. Is there anyway to stop this?

    That’s why I write my blog. That’s why many doctors are speaking out. I would like to think that we can stop these evil elites, but I have my doubts. We are few, and they are mighty and many. What we do have is the truth.

    Thx for the links. I will take a look at them.Here is the link I was talking about. I hope you can download it.


  3. Hello,

    I have been reading through your blog as of late and I find that you hit the head on the nail.

    After events have been transpiring with this covid endemic, I would be of curious mind to see what your current thoughts are of the mRNA technology currently being pushed and mandated by corporate America and the technocratic elites.

    The whistle blower, Dr. Malone claims the vaccine is causing ADE, similar to what we have seen in the mareks disease in chickens. Along with other professionals claiming it is causing micro-clots which is leading to the rise of strokes and heart attacks in people under 30, as well as the spike protein being the disease. Could it be, the vaccines were designed to make us sick and further dependent on the big pharma cabal? Why would “experts” repeatedly suppress ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine that has shown to stop the virus from replicating when treated early? They seem to intentionally thwart the “approved studies” by conveniently omitting the administration of zinc along with the ionospheres.

    We’re starting to see the push for a third booster, when what is happening in Isreal regarding hospitalized vaccinated patients is showing the vaccine is ineffective at best. Could vaccinated individuals shed this spike protein, which is why we are seeing the rise of the “delta” at such astronomical rates in “highly vaccinated communities”? Is this vaccine causing other viruses to be more virulent such as the recent rise in RSV during the summer months?

    Anything the MSM pushes every minute raises major red flags in my book, but I am not a person of medicine just an average joe that has been awoken to the very obvious stride towards communism in the name of COVID-19.


    The Little Red Sparrow

    Here are some links that you may find interesting, but you’re a very well read guy so you might have seen them already.


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