We Are in Trouble

I am going to tell you why we are in trouble during the Biden administration. I’m going to tell you why a catastrophe is looming.

But before I do I want to emphasize the importance of Googling and searching all the people that you come across who occupy positions of power.

In this piece I have done much of that for you.

The point is to illustrate how heavy an influence our so-called elite institutions have on the governance of our country.

To allow a few people from a few institutions to have so much influence is a mistake because most of us do not attend these institutions. These institutions are elitist and they do not reflect the needs of regular people.

The people who attend these schools move into an alien sphere and in so doing isolate themselves from us socially, politically, economically.

They don’t understand our needs.

In many cases they look down upon us.

They don’t see us as equals.

Additionally, it is a bad idea to have a preponderance of people in any institution who come from a handful of universities. It’s not a good idea because doing so produces intellectual inbreeding. In other words everybody thinks the same.

Here is a current list of Biden’s men and women.

Neera Tanden: UCLA, Yale

Brian Deese: Middlebury College, Yale

John Kerry: Yale, Boston College

Avril Haines: Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, The University of Chicago

Jake Sullivan: Yale, Oxford

Alejandro Mayorkas: UC Berkeley, Loyola Marymount

Janet Yellen: Brown, Yale

Ron Klain: Harvard, Georgetown

Tom Vilsack: Hamilton College, Albany Law School

Martha Fudge: OSU, Cleveland State University

Lloyd Austin: USMA, Auburn, Webster

Linda Thomas Greenfield: LSU, University of Wisconsin

Do you see a trend here?

This is bad for us because these people attended these schools because they wanted to be part of an elite class. They revealed who they were the day they matriculated at these schools. They said to themselves: “I want to be part of an elite class.” They buy into this bullshit.

The constant programming from our media and our society that they are of an elite class propels them to ensure that they are a member of the elite class. What ensues are results that cement themselves as legends in their own minds. They strive to accomplish greatness for the sake of their own legacy. They continue to enrich themselves while letting the rest of us eat cake.

We don’t need leaders who try to accomplish great things. What we need are leaders who put one foot in front of the other, keep their hand steady on the rudder and try to fix the small things that are in front of them.

As I mentioned before, the next ten years are going to be extremely rough. These kind of leaders are going to make it even rougher.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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