The Trump and Biden Presidencies

What are the Trump and Biden presidencies all about?

Why are they there? What is their goal?

These are two joke presidencies that were and are under the control of the ruling Harvard cabal.

Trump was not in power. Nor is Biden.

They are puppets of the cabal.

They do what the cabal tells them to do. If the cabal tells them to jump around like a bunny rabbit, they do it.

The real purpose of these presidencies was and is to fundamentally restructure America in the way the Harvard cabal deems that America be restructured.

In other words, you have no say.

It’s not going to get any better.

Harvard will control the vertical. Harvard will control the horizontal.

We are in the midst of a cultural revolution that will last, if experience is a guide, around 10 to 15 years.

Hang on because things are gonna get a lot worse.

You haven’t seen anything yet.

What will America look like if this cabal is successful?

You will see a small island of wealthy aristocrats surrounded by a teeming mass of uneducated poverty.

The people will be emaciated. They will be indistinguishable from those Parisians who rioted against King Louis hundreds of years ago.

It will be game over if Harvard is successful.

You will see one thousand years of tyranny.

The crimes of the state will rival any crimes of the Third Reich.

What is being instituted in the United States is nothing short of a fascist state.

What’s almost comical today is how the ruling Harvard cabal tries to blame fascism on the regular people.

Fascism is not a group of knuckleheads who shave their heads and wear swastikas.

Fascism is the close working together of private business, government and media to control the people.

Fascism wears a suit.

Who fits this bill?

Who has the power to control big business, big government and big media?

The ruling Harvard cabal.

Only the ruling Harvard cabal has the continuity over time and space to control the national government, big business, and the media.

Since this destruction of America has been a process that has been going on for well over a hundred years, we have to look for institutions that provide continuity.

Since people die, we would have to look at institutions that can provide continuity.

Who can provide that continuity?

A national religious movement could do this. A system of schools could do this.

Who could not destroy America over a hundred years?

A small family. A banking family. The KKK. A small group of fascists.

Any of these aforementioned groups is either too small nor has continuity over time to pull off this destruction.

Institutions like Harvard which train the officers of Corporate America into the religion of paganism could pull this off.

It is this cabal that controls our presidents and guides them to read the scripts they read.

It is this cabal that controls the CIA which acts as the enforcement arm of the cabal.

The CIA is effectively what the SD was to Nazi Germany – the Sicherheitdienst – the Security Service.

They perform the dirty tricks of the Harvard cabal.

They instigated and perpetuated the George Floyd riots.

They instigated the tearing down of statues.

They ensure that chaos keeps going.

Trump was the perfect counterweight to Biden.

Trump was the blowhard fool who distracted you while the Harvard cabal carried on its mayhem in secret. Trump complied precisely by not accomplishing anything substantial as president. He was a do-nothing president because they wanted him to be a do-nothing president.

What he gave you instead were flat-out lies.

He told you that he would be your voice. Then he put Goldman Sachs crooks into his administration.

He egged the crowd to put Hillary Canton in jail. Remember this: Lock Her Up.

Not only did he not lock her up, he sat weakly by while the cabal put its own men in jail.

He told us that he liked WikiLeaks. Well, did he help Julian Assange in his time of need when the cabal was locking him up? No, Trump didn’t do a damn thing.

How about Alex Jones and others who were censored from all mainstream media platforms?

Did Trump stand up for free speech?

Not at all.

He didn’t pass one major bill that helped the American people. The so-called tax cuts did more for the wealthy than the poor.

Then along comes Biden who miraculously is permitted to get anything passed. How does this happen? It is because the Harvard cabal controls the House and the Senate and the Presidency.

These institutions do what the Harvard cabal tells them to do.

Thus far, Biden has opened the borders and passed the Inflation Reduction Act which will put even more money into the hands of the rich.

He is making moves to put us all in electric cars decades before the technology and infrastructure is there to accomplish this safely. No matter, the wealthy corporations like Tesla stand to make a fortune.

Biden is only twenty months into his Presidency.

Where were the Republicans in 2016 when they owned the House, the Senate, and the Presidency? Why were they asleep? Why did Mitch McConnell not work with Trump in order to fundamentally transform America into a republic that works for the people?

Why did they not break up the big corporations? Why did they not give us a decentralized competitive healthcare marketplace?

Why did they not offer a sensible energy bill which would have forestalled any efforts by the crazies to push us too far too fast?

Why didn’t they work on a revision of CAFTA which would’ve given the people of Central America a stake in the game. Had Central Americans a stake in the game they wouldn’t be flooding our borders right now.

Why didn’t they forge a power sharing arrangement that would include Vladimir Putin and the Russians? Doing such would have prevented an invasion of Ukraine.

Why didn’t they create protected tariff zones within the inner city which would’ve afforded protections for black businesses to grow and grow stronger? Doing such would have caused a boom in wealth for the black citizens who live there. It also would have provided a viable alternative to the welfare plantation.

Why did they not take the initiative in student debt relief by not only forgiving debt relief for those people who still owe money but for those people who already did pay their student debt. Doing such would’ve been enormously helpful for the American people. Instead, the Republicans oppose student debt relief.

Why didn’t the Republicans propose an infrastructure bill which would have put tens of millions of Americans to work in well-paying jobs?

Why didn’t they do any of these things? Because the ruling Harvard cabal told them not to do it.

Instead the ruling cabal put a comedian and a carnival show barker in power.

The two presidencies of Trump and Biden are a joke. They are a cruel joke against the American people.

Trump did nothing, and Biden does the wrong thing.

Inaction in doing the right thing and aggressive action in doing the wrong thing are not what the American people need.

These two approaches only serve the wealthy elite.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Sweet Poetry

Here comes now Amanda “Harvard Tool” Gorman to sugar your guts with poetry.

Sweetly she sings The Hill We Climb, the piece she composed and read at Joe Biden’s inauguration.

So noble it is.

The media fawned all over it, probably before she even wrote it.

Sweet words however cannot cover the fetid stench of a rigged election any more than perfume can hide the pungent smell of a rotting carcass.

Pretty words cannot mask foul deeds.

How devious Harvard is.

It was Harvard of course that sanctioned the permitted “insurrection” at the Capitol building.

Some insurrection.

No fires were set, no bombs were set off, no one was taken hostage.

In many videos now, policeman can be shown guiding and chaperoning insurrectionists into different rooms.

And of the valuable paintings on the wall?

Not a one was harmed.

Not one.

Yet Amanda “The New Jesus” Gorman referred to this insurrection as an obstacle that we must overcome, a hill that we must climb.

No reference was made to the stolen election.

Of course not.

That stolen election, and the force behind it, Harvard University is the true obstacle, the true enemy that we must overcome.

Amanda Gorman, not surprisingly, is a graduate of Harvard University.

She was placed there by Harvard to articulate Harvard’s message, and, of course, to point a finger.

The true criminal, in this case Harvard, is always adept at pointing fingers at other people.

The true master criminal, as Machiavelli would agree, is polished, genteel, well dressed and honey-tongued.

Sweet poetry was spoken today at Joe Biden’s inauguration.

So sweet.

So noble.

So lethal.

So false.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Big Debate

Who won the debate?

Given that both men are equally corrupt, given that both men lie freely and are incapable of speaking the truth, Joe Biden won the debate.

The Republicans know that, and we know that they know that because they are whining like a little bitch.

Already they are making up excuses for the President.

LOL. Their god has revealed himself as false.

They are even claiming that Joe Biden cheated with a wire or a special contact lens that can project talking points into the air.


Using their own logic against them, if Joe Biden is confused with his own thoughts, wouldn’t he be even more confused by an outside party interjecting commentary as he is speaking?

Losers always make up excuses.

Losers never accept responsibility.

Joe Biden projected himself as a calm individual who is in control of his mental faculties.

He emphatically debunked the notion that he was in an advanced stage of senility.

Sure, he was a little slow. Sure, he wasn’t as mentally agile as Trump.

But a little slowness is not necessarily a bad thing. Slowness might reflect thoughtfulness.

Biden’s slowness also may have come about because Trump was constantly interrupting.

Chris Wallace was correct in calling the President out on that.

Who wouldn’t be agitated by an opponent striking low blows as you are trying to give an intelligent response?

Because of his bullying, Trump hurt his cause.

Citizens were clearly able to see that Trump was cheating. And it is cheating to interrupt the opponent while he is trying to answer a question.

It’s not the American way to not give your opponent a fair opportunity.

Trump violated our sense of American fairness.

Process is important.

Americans will take note of this regardless of what the pundits say, regardless of how Trump supporters try to spin his performance.

Sure, Joe Biden may say crazy things according to his opponents. And sure, many of us believe that it doesn’t matter who gets elected, that both Biden and Trump are flip sides of the same coin.

You can even make the argument that Trump took a dive.

But so what?

Trump lost; Biden won.

Eat the pain, bitch.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved