More and more young people are flocking to go to Harvard.

I read it in the paper.

The number of applicants is soaring.

I was disappointed, for I see this flight to Harvard as a bad sign for our country.

It is an extremely bad sign.

What this means is that the young are increasingly buying into Harvard’s Nazi propaganda.

As are their parents.

It means more than ever that these young adults seek to align themselves with an organization which, they believe, the so-called best and the brightest attend.

Just as Hitler youth clamored to become closer to the Fuhrer, young people today desire to be closer to the new Fuhrer, Harvard University.

Of course, this is a false pathway.

Harvard can only lead us to catastrophe, a catastrophe that will make the Dresden bombing look like a snowy Christmas Eve.

Harvard follows the false gods of power, money, and domination; it speaks the seemingly perfect language of mathematics.

Valhalla on this earth is their goal.

Harvard trusts in algorithms, flow charts, and logic.

Silicon is Harvard’s currency.

With these false gods, and these false tools, Harvard will kill us all.

I should have seen it coming.

A leader, a Fuhrer, that programs students in elementary school with catch phrases like failure is not an option, no excuses, and excellence can only lead us to this.

Their parents, who proudly post bumper stickers on their cars that scream, MY CHILD IS AN HONOR ROLL STUDENT AT BOONE ELEMENTARY, also drink the juice.

Young people have been conditioned to believe that they must be perfect.

Overworked in school, saddled with mountains of homework that would be daunting to a Franciscan monk, our young people are encouraged to measure their self-worth in terms of a scored test.

In time the toll must be paid.

Gina, let’s call her Gina, was a student from a good family in a respectable town.

She was pretty; she was athletic; she was bright.

It only seemed fitting given the dogma of the day that she apply and be accepted at an Ivy League school.

When she attended that school, however, she found herself struggling, not in the mind of regular people, mind you, but in the expectations that were impressed upon her by a society gone wrong.

Struggling in course work is not uncommon for many freshmen.

College can be a disheartening task. Not everybody gets a quick start out of the gate.

This was probably the first time in her life though that she was not either the first, second or even third student in her cohort of competition – in any field of endeavor.

Most likely she bought into the programming of no excuses and failure is not an option.

Why wouldn’t she have? She had been programmed to believe this by Harvard University and its misguided followers who readily swallow up the Fuhrer’s thoughts.

Of course Harvard was responsible for her programming. Harvard sets the tone for the nation. Harvard sets the tone in every area of endeavor within the United States.

They say they do. They run around town and brag that they do. The media they control constantly celebrates Harvard and their graduates’ accomplishments.

Harvard’s image is on every corner in your neighborhood.

The programming is relentless.

Of course Harvard sets the tone.

The people of the United States, not unlike the serfs in North Korea who genuflect before Kim Jong Un, have come to believe in the infallibility of the Fuhrer which is Harvard University. And like the automatons they are, they obey.

Failure is not an option, no excuses, excellence.

In time, Gina became unable to accept her inherent human imperfection.

We all fail, we all struggle. This is part of the roller coaster of life.

But this young pretty girl was not brought up in an era of tolerance which once existed when Christianity predominated in the United States of America.

Christianity is a religion of tolerance, tolerance for others, tolerance for one’s self.

Gina was brought up in the modern era in which the Fuhrer’s perfectionist dogma is the supreme law of the land.

And so, not being able to handle her human imperfection, in which there is no shame at all, this young, pretty, athletic girl, Gina, one day walked to the top of a parking garage and threw herself off.

Her death is an indictment of our society.

Her death is an indictment of Harvard University.

It was Harvard University that killed Gina.

Harvard University snuffed out her life.

Harvard University is the author of the apocalypse.

Harvard University is syphilis.

Harvard University is Beelzebub.

Harvard University is smallpox, ebola virus and hemophilus influenza B all wrapped up in a greenish cocktail of death.

Until this filthy university and its false gods and false methodologies are defeated, there will be no life left in the United States of America. Harvard University will kill us all.

Their god is false, their currency is false, and they are false.

Do you think I am too harsh?

What say you, M’lord?

Think again.

WWI. This immoral war was instigated by the British elite, populated by Harvard’s BFF and eternal mother, Oxford. And why did the British elite do this? Because the Germans had grown too big economically. They were out-competing the British. The sinking of the Lusitania was a planned event in order to drag America into the war. The corrupt Woodrow Wilson, Princeton, was eager to go along. Never mind those people who drowned; never mind the soldiers who subsequently died.

Great Depression. It was FDR, Harvard, and his brain trust, Columbia and Harvard, who came up with the idiotic idea that the cause of the Great Depression was not fear, but low prices. To combat that these idiots created artificial shortages so that prices would rise. What then ensued was greater fear and a prolonged depression. Result: more misery for millions of people. Thank you Harvard.

WWII. Hitler was financed by Wall Street and plenty of Ivy League graduates. Prescott Bush, Yale, was an admirer of Adolf Hitler. Our entry into World War II was facilitated by FDR, Harvard, and Henry Stimson, Harvard, who provoked and permitted the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor. Forget about the 2,000 people who died at Pearl Harbor. It was obviously more important that Harvey Firestone, Jr., Princeton, have unfettered access to his rubber plantations in Malaysia. We certainly don’t want to partner with anyone. Plus, how would we ever be able to exploit the people of Indonesia to make our tennis shoes in the future?

Vietnam. This war was prosecuted by a Harvard moron, Robert McNamara. Result: millions of Vietnamese dead. Robert McNamara wasn’t satisfied killing just Vietnamese. He instigated project 100,000 which inscripted men with IQs below 80 into the military. These men had five times the kill rate of a regular soldier. They couldn’t grasp the concept of throwing a grenade in the air to achieve a longer throwing distance. This act alone makes Robert McNamara a war criminal.

JFK Assassination. Facilitated by the Central Intelligence Agency that was run by Allen Dulles, Princeton. Covered up by Arlen Specter, Yale; Gerald Ford, Yale; Allen Dulles, Princeton. I could go on.

Outsourcing of American jobs. This was facilitated by the junk-bond king, Michael Milken, Wharton School, and the modern day robber-baron, Mitt Romney, Harvard. Millions of decent people lost well-paying jobs which resulted in increased drug addiction, depression, and an expansion of the welfare state. Instead of working at secure jobs that pay the equivalent of $50-$75,000 in today’s money, they became Starbucks barista’s which might pay $30,000 in a good year.

Middle East Wars. Begun by George Bush, Yale. Continued by Barack Obama, Harvard; and Donald Trump, Penn. Result: 500,000 dead in Iraq; 400,000 dead in Syria; 200,000 dead between Afghanistan and Libya; 100,000 dead in Yemen. We’re not done yet.

The real estate debacle of 2008. Facilitated or presided over by Wall Street morons like Jamie Dimon, Harvard; Henry Paulson, Harvard; Timothy Geithner, Dartmouth; and other Ivy league morons too numerous to count. These doofuses created a crisis by inventing or facilitating risky financial instruments like mortgage back securities and credit default swaps. What they accomplished was akin to connecting a flotilla of boats with unbreakable steel cables and then sending these boats deep into the open sea.

The coronavirus crisis. Made worse by Harvard-inspired fear-mongers like Anthony Fauci, Cornell; and Anderson Vanderbilt, Yale. Fauci’s fear-mongering was never quashed by Donald Trump, Penn. And who profited handsomely off the vaccine? Moderna, founded and run by Harvard.

And all of this is just the tip of the tip of the tip of the iceberg.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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