Hate Speech is Vital

I found out yesterday that I was banned from Twitter.

Of course, it’s not that big a deal for me because I hardly ever got on Twitter.

The column you’re reading right now has been automatically posted to Twitter for more than a year.

No more.

I only found out about the ban by accident.

Of course, they don’t tell you why you were banned.

They just do it.

I’m going to file an appeal only to find out why.

And I told them that.

But why should I have to file an appeal at all?

Why should I have even been banned in the first place?

Technically my site was suspended permanently, I assume, because I was engaging in hate speech or abusive language.

What is hate? What is abusive?

Well, you can read all the columns here and decide for yourself if I was using hate speech.

Let’s cut to the chase. I was.

Proudly so.

I certainly do you use hate speech when it comes to members of the Harvard Cartel, who have destroyed the United States of America.

And I do think that all Harvard and Ivy League graduates (and New Ivy League graduates) and their sycophants should be held accountable for this destruction, even though they may not have materially participated in that destruction, just as we hold the German people accountable for the Third Reich.

Oh, we shouldn’t generalize, correct? Is that the clichéd response you’re going to give to me? Forget about it. Without generalization we don’t get out of bed in the morning. The only reason you get out of bed in the morning is because every other morning that you got out of bed, you were able to stand up on terra firma.

All the German people (excluding the Jews, Gypsies, and mentally infirm) benefited from the Nazi regime just as all Harvard graduates benefitted from the dysphoric society imposed upon us by members of the Harvard Cartel.

And, to be quite frank, I believe in hate speech.

I am not going to shy away from that.

I think hate speech is essential to maintaining a healthy republic, which we so obviously do not enjoy anymore. I think there’s a direct correlation between the implementation of political correctness and the destruction of our republic.

Of course there is. In Nazi Germany if you criticized (hate speech) Adolf Hitler, you went to the concentration camp.

Okay, I hear ya, babe. Adolf Hitler was only one person. What about groups? OK, in Nazi Germany if you criticized the Gestapo, you went to the concentration camp.

Were there good Gestapo? I’m sure there were. So fucking what? We punished them all.

By the way, when we bombed Dresden and killed approximately 200,000 people (the real number, not the fake number our government gives), were there good Germans living in Dresden? I’m sure there were. So fucking what? We killed them anyway.

If our republic is to survive, we need to get rid of this political correctness.

And we need to accept hate speech as part of free speech.

There are plenty of things to hate in this world.

We should hate the actions of the US government which prosecutes nonstop war and in so doing kills millions of people around the globe.

We did it in Vietnam. We did it in Iraq. We did it in Afghanistan. We did it in Libya. We did it in Syria.

We also did it in Indonesia. That’s right, our CIA helped Suharto kill one million Indonesians. Crime? They were suspected of being communists.

We should hate the actions of the United States government which currently sends war armaments to Ukraine in order to kill Russians – especially since it was the US that provoked the Russians to invade Ukraine in the first place.

We should hate the actions of the United States government which currently can’t muster the money to fix homelessness.

We should also hate them for creating homelessness in the first place by outsourcing jobs, permitting gambling on demand, and aiding and abetting the smuggling of drugs into our country.

We should hate the actions of the United States government which created the student loan mess and then doesn’t have the guts to clean it up.

We should hate the actions of the United States government which allows millions of illegal immigrants across our borders.

We should hate the actions of United States government which has caused the inflation that we currently suffer under.

We should also hate the Senators and Representatives in Washington DC who don’t give a damn about this country.

Let’s not forget about the doofuses in the Harvard Cartel who have hijacked our government, polarized wealth, and stolen billions and billions of dollars in order to celebrate themselves.

Or are we to just sit back now and only say pleasant things about people?

Are we never to speak out with anger against people who are robbing us of our freedom and our future?

Is it hate speech to speak the truth about other people?

When Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense was he engaging in hate speech.

He certainly was.

Hate speech is the price we pay for freedom and individual liberty.

PS Have you noticed that our government which deplores and bans hate speech has no problem running around the globe killing people en extremis. In fact, they love it.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

America’s Berchtesgaden

The banners, of red, black and white, lean gently within the breeze.

Quietly they peek out above the crowd seated there before the Altar of Zeus.

Larger banners of like insignia provide the backdrop to the altar.

False prophets speak upon this altar to the enraptured masses before them.

The leader and his officials sit high above the crowd.

Dressed immaculately, they celebrate the glory of the Third Reich.

You are the leaders, the master race, the Fuhrer speaks.

Die Welt ist unser welt.

The world is our world.

Die welt ist eine germanische welt.

The world is a germanic world.

The smiling crowd sits comfortably, content, and fulfilled.

This display of power mesmerizes them.

And why not?

The leader and his men have led the party to glorious heights.

Wealth abounds for true believers, the party officials, and the followers in the audience.

The territory of the empire is expanding.

The elites are making money, and lots of it.

The deceivers who have betrayed the party faithful are being punished.

Those unfortunate few who remind the audience of human weakness and frailty are being sorted out and purified.

It is a bold new world, and the young adults who are being celebrated on this day will rule it.

Imperfection will not be tolerated.

Failure is not an option.

Lies will be told when necessary to promote the public good.

Allegiance will accrue to the party leader, not to one’s conscience.

This is the new morality.

Welcome to fascism.

Welcome to Nazism.

But, of course, we are not talking about Nazi Germany, but instead of Nazi America.

And the altar that we see in this picture is not that of the Altar of Zeus in a stadium in Germany, but instead the Altar of Zeus that exists within Tercentenary Theater in Harvard Yard.

The flags that lean gently in the breeze carry not the swastikas of yesteryear but the crimson swastikas of Harvard University.

For this is commencement day in Cambridge.

It is an embarrassing display of power.

Shame has no place in Berchtesgaden, nor in Tercentenary Theater.

Here in Valhalla, only the strong may enter.

Here the vision is no different than that of the Third Reich in its earlier incarnation – a cruel world of perfection where the impure of thought, body and spirit are drummed from memory and human existence.

The enemies of this new Reich are no longer Jews, but white people.

They are not enemies because they are enemies, but because an enemy is required.

Anti-Caucasian is the new anti-Semitism.

Supporting this false methodology is the junk-science of white supremacy. It doesn’t exist any more than Jewish supremacy exists or did exist.

Keeping people’s minds focused on rage, distrust and hatred serves the needs of the leadership of this new Third Reich.

And with good reason, for this need is based upon the leaders’ lack of competence. Their record demonstrates this.

Homelessness, a decent gauge of a leadership’s effectiveness is soaring off the charts in our major American cities.

But not here.

Homelessness does not exist in Tercentenary Theatre, America’s Berchtesgaden.

The Reich will not permit it.

Nor will the party faithful here in Harvard Yard allow it.

Here the crowd chooses to look away, to stare at its own reflection.

Besides, Harvard is no place for riff-raff.

Not just anyone can enter this hallowed sanctuary.

Only warriors in Valhalla may stand here.

Appearances are important.

No, no, raged Goebbels, bread lines in Berlin won’t do.

Why, this is not possible, nor permissible under the Nazi regime.

Ah, but it is possible, and was possible, because the Nazis did not fix things under Hitler; they swept their problems under the rug by killing the Jews, the infirm, the homeless and the weak.

Here too in Tercentenary Theater the problems of our once great nation are brushed away, ignored, and granted refusal to be confronted.

For Harvard Yard is a secure place, a mountain retreat, far from the reality of the messy world our Nazi leaders rule over.

Here purity reigns supreme.

The audience nods approval.

It is always seductive to be endowed with special powers, to be told that you are one of the master race.

It is a child’s fantasy world of unlimited chocolate and candy.

But all good things must end.

Even here within the safe confines of Tercentenary Theatre, life is ultimately measured not by awards, plaudits, money, and waving banners, but by how well one treats other people.

And so the time for America’s so-called elite for honoring itself will come to an end here in America’s Berchtesgaden.

The sooner that comes, the better.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved


More and more young people are flocking to go to Harvard.

I read it in the paper.

The number of applicants is soaring.

I was disappointed, for I see this flight to Harvard as a bad sign for our country.

It is an extremely bad sign.

What this means is that the young are increasingly buying into Harvard’s Nazi propaganda.

As are their parents.

It means more than ever that these young adults seek to align themselves with an organization which, they believe, the so-called best and the brightest attend.

Just as Hitler youth clamored to become closer to the Fuhrer, young people today desire to be closer to the new Fuhrer, Harvard University.

Of course, this is a false pathway.

Harvard can only lead us to catastrophe, a catastrophe that will make the Dresden bombing look like a snowy Christmas Eve.

Harvard follows the false gods of power, money, and domination; it speaks the seemingly perfect language of mathematics.

Valhalla on this earth is their goal.

Harvard trusts in algorithms, flow charts, and logic.

Silicon is Harvard’s currency.

With these false gods, and these false tools, Harvard will kill us all.

I should have seen it coming.

A leader, a Fuhrer, that programs students in elementary school with catch phrases like failure is not an option, no excuses, and excellence can only lead us to this.

Their parents, who proudly post bumper stickers on their cars that scream, MY CHILD IS AN HONOR ROLL STUDENT AT BOONE ELEMENTARY, also drink the juice.

Young people have been conditioned to believe that they must be perfect.

Overworked in school, saddled with mountains of homework that would be daunting to a Franciscan monk, our young people are encouraged to measure their self-worth in terms of a scored test.

In time the toll must be paid.

Gina, let’s call her Gina, was a student from a good family in a respectable town.

She was pretty; she was athletic; she was bright.

It only seemed fitting given the dogma of the day that she apply and be accepted at an Ivy League school.

When she attended that school, however, she found herself struggling, not in the mind of regular people, mind you, but in the expectations that were impressed upon her by a society gone wrong.

Struggling in course work is not uncommon for many freshmen.

College can be a disheartening task. Not everybody gets a quick start out of the gate.

This was probably the first time in her life though that she was not either the first, second or even third student in her cohort of competition – in any field of endeavor.

Most likely she bought into the programming of no excuses and failure is not an option.

Why wouldn’t she have? She had been programmed to believe this by Harvard University and its misguided followers who readily swallow up the Fuhrer’s thoughts.

Of course Harvard was responsible for her programming. Harvard sets the tone for the nation. Harvard sets the tone in every area of endeavor within the United States.

They say they do. They run around town and brag that they do. The media they control constantly celebrates Harvard and their graduates’ accomplishments.

Harvard’s image is on every corner in your neighborhood.

The programming is relentless.

Of course Harvard sets the tone.

The people of the United States, not unlike the serfs in North Korea who genuflect before Kim Jong Un, have come to believe in the infallibility of the Fuhrer which is Harvard University. And like the automatons they are, they obey.

Failure is not an option, no excuses, excellence.

In time, Gina became unable to accept her inherent human imperfection.

We all fail, we all struggle. This is part of the roller coaster of life.

But this young pretty girl was not brought up in an era of tolerance which once existed when Christianity predominated in the United States of America.

Christianity is a religion of tolerance, tolerance for others, tolerance for one’s self.

Gina was brought up in the modern era in which the Fuhrer’s perfectionist dogma is the supreme law of the land.

And so, not being able to handle her human imperfection, in which there is no shame at all, this young, pretty, athletic girl, Gina, one day walked to the top of a parking garage and threw herself off.

Her death is an indictment of our society.

Her death is an indictment of Harvard University.

It was Harvard University that killed Gina.

Harvard University snuffed out her life.

Harvard University is the author of the apocalypse.

Harvard University is syphilis.

Harvard University is Beelzebub.

Harvard University is smallpox, ebola virus and hemophilus influenza B all wrapped up in a greenish cocktail of death.

Until this filthy university and its false gods and false methodologies are defeated, there will be no life left in the United States of America. Harvard University will kill us all.

Their god is false, their currency is false, and they are false.

Do you think I am too harsh?

What say you, M’lord?

Think again.

WWI. This immoral war was instigated by the British elite, populated by Harvard’s BFF and eternal mother, Oxford. And why did the British elite do this? Because the Germans had grown too big economically. They were out-competing the British. The sinking of the Lusitania was a planned event in order to drag America into the war. The corrupt Woodrow Wilson, Princeton, was eager to go along. Never mind those people who drowned; never mind the soldiers who subsequently died.

Great Depression. It was FDR, Harvard, and his brain trust, Columbia and Harvard, who came up with the idiotic idea that the cause of the Great Depression was not fear, but low prices. To combat that these idiots created artificial shortages so that prices would rise. What then ensued was greater fear and a prolonged depression. Result: more misery for millions of people. Thank you Harvard.

WWII. Hitler was financed by Wall Street and plenty of Ivy League graduates. Prescott Bush, Yale, was an admirer of Adolf Hitler. Our entry into World War II was facilitated by FDR, Harvard, and Henry Stimson, Harvard, who provoked and permitted the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor. Forget about the 2,000 people who died at Pearl Harbor. It was obviously more important that Harvey Firestone, Jr., Princeton, have unfettered access to his rubber plantations in Malaysia. We certainly don’t want to partner with anyone. Plus, how would we ever be able to exploit the people of Indonesia to make our tennis shoes in the future?

Vietnam. This war was prosecuted by a Harvard moron, Robert McNamara. Result: millions of Vietnamese dead. Robert McNamara wasn’t satisfied killing just Vietnamese. He instigated project 100,000 which inscripted men with IQs below 80 into the military. These men had five times the kill rate of a regular soldier. They couldn’t grasp the concept of throwing a grenade in the air to achieve a longer throwing distance. This act alone makes Robert McNamara a war criminal.

JFK Assassination. Facilitated by the Central Intelligence Agency that was run by Allen Dulles, Princeton. Covered up by Arlen Specter, Yale; Gerald Ford, Yale; Allen Dulles, Princeton. I could go on.

Outsourcing of American jobs. This was facilitated by the junk-bond king, Michael Milken, Wharton School, and the modern day robber-baron, Mitt Romney, Harvard. Millions of decent people lost well-paying jobs which resulted in increased drug addiction, depression, and an expansion of the welfare state. Instead of working at secure jobs that pay the equivalent of $50-$75,000 in today’s money, they became Starbucks barista’s which might pay $30,000 in a good year.

Middle East Wars. Begun by George Bush, Yale. Continued by Barack Obama, Harvard; and Donald Trump, Penn. Result: 500,000 dead in Iraq; 400,000 dead in Syria; 200,000 dead between Afghanistan and Libya; 100,000 dead in Yemen. We’re not done yet.

The real estate debacle of 2008. Facilitated or presided over by Wall Street morons like Jamie Dimon, Harvard; Henry Paulson, Harvard; Timothy Geithner, Dartmouth; and other Ivy league morons too numerous to count. These doofuses created a crisis by inventing or facilitating risky financial instruments like mortgage back securities and credit default swaps. What they accomplished was akin to connecting a flotilla of boats with unbreakable steel cables and then sending these boats deep into the open sea.

The coronavirus crisis. Made worse by Harvard-inspired fear-mongers like Anthony Fauci, Cornell; and Anderson Vanderbilt, Yale. Fauci’s fear-mongering was never quashed by Donald Trump, Penn. And who profited handsomely off the vaccine? Moderna, founded and run by Harvard.

And all of this is just the tip of the tip of the tip of the iceberg.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Ben Sasse and QAnon

Recently Senator Ben Sasse talked about the dangers of QAnon. He thinks that QAnon is dividing the Republican Party.

He says that we should denounce conspiracy theories.

He’s right but wrong.

The real threat to the Republican Party, and the republic, are Harvard-Yale graduates like Ben Sasse, and, of course, the immoral operatives at the CIA who created QAnon in the first place.

And who controls the CIA? Why our friends from Harvard University and their likeminded institutions who defer to Harvard’s leadership. The incoming CIA director, William Burns, is a Harvard ally. His deputy director will be David Cohen, a Yale graduate.

Your CIA works for the wealthy elite first, not you. Don’t kid yourself if you think otherwise. They have their own ships, planes, soldiers and bases. Their counterpart in Nazi Germany would be the SD (Sicherheitsdienst or Security Service).

With these kinds of assets, your CIA can conduct all the dirty tricks they want, domestically and abroad.

QAnon is absurd. The idea that there exists some insider with special knowledge who can’t be ferreted out after four years is laughable.

QAnon is a CIA op, a valid conspiratorial effort, designed to discredit many well-meaning but broken-spirited Americans who are searching in desperation for a savior.

Why are these people broken-spirited? Because “respectable people” from Harvard University and their likeminded institutions broke their spirit.

For the past several decades greedy men like Mitt Romney, Michael Milken, and the scum at Bain Capital conducted a non-stuff onslaught against them. As this onslaught was going on, men like Ben Sasse did nothing.

Has Ben Sasse done anything to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States?

Has Ben Sasse done anything to break up the social media giants that stifle the voices of dissenting Americans?

Has Ben Sasse lifted one one finger to stop the relentless mergering of increasingly fascist corporations?

How about CEO compensation? Has Ben “The Puppet” Sasse done anything to restrict how much theft a CEO can engage in when rewarding himself for doing an average job?

Has Ben Sasse spoken out against the CIA and the dozens of immoral operations it has carried out over the past seven decades?

Has Ben Sasse spoken out against the CIA conspiring to import drugs into the black community in Los Angeles decades ago.

Ben Sasse is correct that we should denounce false conspiracy theories, but he’s wrong if he thinks that we should denounce all conspiracy theories.

Conspiracies do exist. After all, Ben Sasse is a member of the biggest open conspiracy of all – a group of unenlightened Harvard-Yale graduates who work against the American people every day of the week.

Their CIA, who created QAnon, are part of that immoral conspiracy.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Gravestones and Offense

Gravestones are being changed at Fort Sam Houston.

Concerned citizens are offended by the Nazi symbols they contain.

Ted Cruz is offended, as is Joaquin Castro.

The public good must be maximized.

Here is the article I am referring to.

This article is worthwhile because it opens the door to matters of importance; it also shows us how truly dimwitted and unenlightened Ted Cruz truly is. Ditto for Joaquin Castro. Let us hope neither becomes a candidate for the Supreme Court. We already have enough dumb people there.

But what would you expect from Cruz who attended Princeton and Harvard?

What would you expect from Castro who also attended Harvard?

These schools can’t teach you how to think; they can only select out people who are good at repeating. And obeying.

On the surface it would seem to be a good thing to remove symbols of the Third Reich from a person’s gravestone, but it’s actually not a good thing. It’s not a good thing at all for several reasons.

Leaving aside the spiritual complexities of the living mixing with the dead, walking over the threshold so to speak, first and foremost, the gravestone is a personal choice that is made by the person or his family. It is their statement of what they think is important in their life. It’s a message that they want to convey to the world of who they were and what they stood for.

You may not agree with what they stood for, but it is what they stood for, and that must be respected just as your choice on your gravestone must be respected.

A gravestone is not a community statement.

Defacing a gravestone is the ultimate measure of disrespect.

Yes, the Nazis killed many Jews. They killed the Jews because they despised the Jews. Not only did they kill the Jews, they sought to eliminate their existence past, present and future within Germany.

You may not agree with their reasons, but their reasons did exist as did their killing of the Jews. These gravestones and the symbols on those gravestones serve as a reminder of their hatred and genocide. That hatred can not be negated by ignoring it or erasing it from history. Your history is your history.

But wiping history is the modern trend, and it is not untypical of socialist regimes to do so. Socialist regimes, like ours, typically rewrite history in an attempt to attain a perfect society.

They do so in part out of arrogance, in part out of poor education, and in part because socialist policies generally do not work. They create more poverty. So in order to distract the people from the failure of these policies, the leaders turn to blame and recrimination.

When they’re not blaming people, socialist regimes are seeking to maximize the public good, again out of arrogance. Our American society is no different. Believing ourselves, not God, as the focal point of our existence, keeping our hand on the rudder with a sense of humility is clearly out of the question.

Forget about Trump and Pence screaming that socialism will never come to the United States; we’ve had socialism since 1932. We’ve also had increased polarization of wealth, increased homelessness, increased violence and increased drug use and abuse.

Reengineering society was a hallmark of the Nazi regime in the 1930s which desired to perfect humanity by eliminating undesirables such as the Jews, the Poles, the Gypsies, the disabled, and the disadvantaged.

Our leaders reveal who they are when they strive to remove those elements of our society which reveal our imperfection. Our leaders are Nazis and have been for the past 90 years when they first became enamored with National Socialism.

Our leaders not only backed Adolf Hitler in the 1930s, they continued the Third Reich’s activities here in the United States. Our New Deal was modeled off many of Hitler’s reforms in the 1930s.

What our Nazi-loving elites have imposed upon us here since WWII is National Socialism, fascism really, dominated by large corporations. These large corporations have hijacked our government, our media and our Constitution and imposed their will upon American society.

This recent attempt to remove Nazi symbols on gravestones is part of that program.

Not only is this removal dangerous on a personal level, it is also dangerous on an operational level because it nullifies history. When we nullify history, we cannot learn from history. Young people and people in the future will not be able to see what the Third Reich was, who financed it, how it operated, and what its goals were.

When we read about the Third Reich, we can more easily see that we are still living under the Third Reich’s dominion.

The removal of symbolism on German gravestones is proof of that.

What’s next?

Perhaps one day Corporate America will be offended by what’s on your gravestone. Maybe they will be offended by the US flag.

Corporate America through their lackey, the NFL, dishonored the American flag only two years ago by staying silent as players kneeled during the playing of the national anthem.

Perhaps Corporate America will one day decide that the US government conducted genocide in Southeast Asia and the Middle East and then demand that the American flag be taken off the gravestones of all US veterans.

How does that sit with you?

Similarly Corporate America may one day disapprove of the crucifix that is on your gravestone.

Maybe they will classify Jesus as a murderer for having been the Savior for an oppressive civilization.

Ah, but you will protest from the beyond.

Or your family may. They will state that you didn’t commit any genocide; that you didn’t know what was going on. Why should you be punished for having loyalty to your country, they will ask.

Besides, you add, you were a small guy. And you were a good guy too; you didn’t murder anyone. You were just following orders.

Isn’t this what the majority of the German soldiers were doing; following orders? And, indeed, in fact, the German people were heavily propagandized during World War II. Many German soldiers didn’t buy into the genocide at all, and many German soldiers refused to execute innocent people. This was a real problem for Himmler.

Germany during the 1930s was a military police state, and if you didn’t obey the Fuhrer’s orders, you were sent to the concentration camp too.

There were Radio Laws in Nazi Germany which forbade people from listening to foreign broadcasts which delivered a contrary message to what the regime wanted you to hear.

If you were forbidden from listening to foreign broadcasts, you certainly wouldn’t talk about them if you had listened. If you did, there was a good chance you would be turned in to the Gestapo.

Thus, truth was in short supply.

Additionally, even speaking to a Jew would earn you three months time at a concentration camp.

Ah, so life isn’t as simple as Cruz and Castro believe.

Now, we know that there were good German soldiers because Viktor Frankl in his book Man’s Search for Meaning tells us that there were. A survivor of these camps, Frankl states that there were even Jews in the concentration camps called “kapos” (Jewish trustees) who were often times worse and more brutal than the German guards.

Viktor Frankl’s essential message is that you can find good and bad in all people. Nobody is saved by their heritage.

Yet we have false leaders today, leaders no better than Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Goering and Goebbels , who prosecute a simplistic Manichean ideology to the world.

In this American approach, there are good people and bad people; and if only we get rid of the bad people then life will be better for everyone.

This is why Hitler nullified the Jews.

This is why our leaders nullify the Nazis.

That nullification begins with something as simple as a symbol on a grave stone.

This cleansing is a slippery slope that leads to a bottomless, interminable hell.

Moreover, it is a cosmetic change that leaves untouched major cracks in the foundation, the essential flaws of National Socialism, that will ultimately render our demise.



Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Why Did the Nazis Lose World War II

Why did the Nazis lose World War II?

The Germans are pretty smart people.

They were and still are great engineers.

All throughout World War II the Nazis had superior weapons than those of the Allies.

So why did the Germans lose World War II?

Was it the fact that they fought a two front war?

Was it because they relied on a cult of personality in Adolf Hitler?

Was it because they took on too big a foe in both the US and Russia who had greater natural resources?

Was it because a police state breeds suspicion which makes effective communication less possible?

Was it because much of the resistance in Germany went underground to undermine the Nazi Party?

Was it because an authoritarian state crushes dissent, dissent that provides a healthy counterbalance to the nutty ideas of the ruling regime?

Well, all sorts of theories have been devised and debated.

They are all good theories, and all play a part.

A better more all-encompassing theory is that the Germans lost World War II because they violated the laws of God.

In murdering the Jews, in murdering the Poles (Hitler thought they were not much higher than animals), in murdering the disabled, in murdering the Gypsies, in murdering people who they just didn’t like for any number of reasons, the Germans violated the laws of God.

The Nazi party violated laws of basic morality and decency.

World War II was over before it began.

Fundamentally, we live in a moral universe.

There are laws to that moral universe as surely as there exist physical laws of gravity.

When we violate those laws, we bring misfortune to ourselves.

These laws apply to Americans and to American leaders as well.

Propaganda will not erase those laws just as propaganda cannot change the laws of gravity.

All throughout World War II the German people were heavily propagandized into believing that they were the ones under attack.

The German people were fed a steady diet of lies, but those lies did not negate the immoral behavior of their leaders and the people who followed them.

So too in the United States.

Currently we have immoral leaders in the USA who have been lying to us for decades.

They took their cue from the Nazis.

They are lying to us about the COVID-19 pandemic just as they have lied to us about so many events in the past 75 years.

That we are being lied to, and that many of our citizens follow the advice of these leaders, will not change the fundamental laws of the universe.

The laws of morality and the violation those laws will come back to destroy our leaders and us in the process.

We cannot escape them.

Our national myth in always believing in ourselves as the good guys will not change that.

Many will live to see the day when the rich and powerful fall.

When they fall many of us will fall with them as collateral damage. Our fall will make the bombing of Dresden look like a cakewalk.

As surely as gravity brings an object back to earth, so too will the immorality of our elites bring them crashing back to earth.

We live in a moral universe.

Locking elderly people away incommunicado into a state of utter loneliness is immoral when such policies lead to their deaths.

Sending COVID-19 positive people back into nursing homes is immoral.

Destroying small businesses upon false theories like lockdowns and social distancing is immoral.

Increasing peoples chance of committing suicide because you want to prosecute your New World Order is immoral.

Shutting down churches,which is a source of comfort for many people, because you don’t want people opposing your nutty ideology is immoral.

All of these immoral actions will be compensated for in full.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved