The Oath of Renunciation

Why is Mark Steyn permitted on Tucker Carlson’s show?

Tucker Carlson presents himself as a defender of the common man.

So again, let me repeat the question: Why is Mark Steyn permitted on Tucker Carlson’s show?

Mark Steyn is a Canadian journalist who was educated in the UK.

He attended King Edward’s School, an elite school.

Recently, he was seen on Tucker Carlson’s show defending the constitutional monarchy that exists in the UK.

So why is he permitted on Tucker Carlson’s show?

Let me shift a little bit and ask you a question.

If your child died in a war for the United States of America, how long would you like their sacrifice to count for?

Would you like their sacrifice to count for 5 years, 10 years, 25 years?

I am willing to bet that you would prefer their sacrifice to count for eternity.

Let me buy you a ticket on the clue train. The mothers and fathers of men who died in the Revolutionary War feel the same way.

They wanted their child’s sacrifice to count forever also.

Those brave men fought for a better world.

They fought to defy the King of England who was an oppressor.

Why should their sacrifice count any less than the sacrifice of your children today?

In addition to that, our Founding Fathers risked their lives to fight King George.

They would’ve been hung by King George had they failed.

They went “all in” to create the meritocracy that made the United States the great country that it used to be.

Because Mark Steyn lives in New Hampshire, Mark Steyn is a beneficiary of that sacrifice.

He feasts and dines atop the graves of men who died to fight against a system that he embraces.

It was our elites’ decision to re-ally the United States with the elitist, feudalist, Dickensian era-loving pigs in the UK that began the slide of America back into the abyss.

Our modern elites renounced the Founding Fathers and decided to be roped into Cecil Rhodes’s bigoted, brutal Empire again.

Cecil Rhodes was a ruthless imperialist, one of Queen Victoria’s henchmen.

The Rhodes Scholarship was created by Cecil Rhodes to snare America back into the British Empire.

The British Empire was and still is a brutal empire which has terrorized the world.

The British Empire raped India, China, Africa, Ireland, and the United States of America.

Why would we want to go back there again?

Mark Steyn supports a British royal system which raped the world.

This is what your Founding Fathers fought against.

So again, I ask why is Mark Steyn permitted on Tucker Carlson’s show?

He shouldn’t be permitted on the show.

He should be required to sign an Oath of Renunciation directed to the Queen of England and the entire system of peerage which rapes the British people even today.

I will write that Oath of Renunciation now.

I, Mark Steyn, renounce the Queen. I recognize the errors of my ways. I recognize that I was wrong in attending school in the UK. I reject all elite schools. I reject Eton. I reject Oxford. I reject the London School of Economics. I reject Cecil Rhodes. I reject the Rhodes Scholarship. I recognize the British Empire for the evil, brutal empire that it was and is. I fully understand that the Queen of England is a rallying point for criminal Corporate Britain, and that criminal Corporate Britain raped the world, and does so today. I fully understand the Queen is not just a figurehead but an important focal point, the glue that keeps criminal Corporate Britain together. I hereby certify Queen Victoria as the world’s greatest mass murderer. I recognize Queen Victoria for the tramp, the whore, and the two buck slut that she was. I now see the errors of my ways. I freely state that I am not a subject of the Queen. She has no authority over me. I resolve to throw a milkshake in the Queen‘s face should I ever be in her presence. I extend the same courtesy to the royal family and to all lords, earls, dukes, barons and people of so-called titled importance. I reject their titles. I reject the wealth that they immorally accumulated. I am ashamed of my past obsequious deference to the Queen and her corrupt system of peerage. I hereby resolve to sabotage and destroy this oppressive system which continues to exploit and impoverish the peoples of the world.

Every British citizen in America should be required to openly recite and sign this oath.


The same goes for Canadians living in America who have clearly allied themselves with the immoral British Empire.

Mark Steyn should be thrown off Tucker Carlson’s show now.

His US citizenship or visa status must be revoked until he signs this Oath of Renunciation.

He’s another elitist posing as a voice for the common man. He wouldn’t be where he is if the elites truly felt he was a threat.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “The Oath of Renunciation

  1. 1. If he’s so bright, then how can he fail to grasp the importance of the American Revolutionary War and what it represented? It wasn’t just the start of a new nation; it represented an entirely different way of looking at people.

    2. I will admit that Mark Steyn does a pretty good job when attacking cancel culture and politically correct speech; however, both he and Tucker Carlson never go quite far enough. They never quite take it back to the true roots of who is behind this political correctness, this cancel culture, and this painting of your average American as a racist. If you keep digging back far enough, it leads back to the same cast of characters who generally come from these elite schools. The kingpin of this elite cabal in the United States is Harvard University. In the UK it’s Oxford University.

    3. Ultimately elitism is our enemy. It’s the elites who are behind this chaos in our society. Our elites have been raping us ever since I’ve been a little boy, and that’s been quite some time. They are clever and they’re evil. They play a Machiavellian game with us in the media. The people who you think are on your side in main stream media are often working for the elites. The elites play both sides of the fence. They try to rope you into their dog and pony show: Sean Hannity versus Anderson Cooper. It’s a clever game, and it works. The older you get, the more you will realize that you have been had. I can say that with confidence because I was one of those guys who got roped into their game.

    4. I write a lot about elitism and Harvard University. I encourage you to read some of those other posts and comment. You may not like or agree with what I say, but at least you’ll hear someone say it.

    5. I encourage people to google every person they see on national television to see where they went to school, who they are connected to, who their parents were. See if you see a pattern.

    6. I appreciate your comment.


  2. Mark Steyn needs to renounce nothing! He is one of the brightest, most well-informed political spokesmen and authors on the planet. His ability to inject humor into the otherwise depressing and boring news makes it bearable to follow. I think he deserves a greater platform; perhaps replacing the snot-nosed Leftist boot-lick Chuckie Todd on Meet the Press..


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