What Can The UK Do

What can the UK do to improve its financial condition?

The United Kingdom is currently undergoing a financial crisis.

It is the only country in Europe to be undergoing a crisis to the degree that it is.

Inflation is at 11%.

What gives?

Is it Brexit?


The UK sits only 500 away from Norway, and Norway is booming.

If Norway is flush in oil and gas, why can’t the UK be flush in oil and gas?

It can be, but not until structural changes are made within the mindset of the people in the UK.

What is hurting the UK is its aristocracy and the attendant notion that people deserve to live a better life because of their birth, not their ability and willingness to work, and do good things.

This aristocracy in the United Kingdom is killing its own people.

The people are beaten down spiritually. They are so beaten down, they don’t know that they’re beaten down anymore.

The ideology of a royal family and its attendant aristocracy are most prominent in the United Kingdom.

There’s no other country in Europe that celebrates its monarchy like the United Kingdom.

After the two world wars, the rest of Europe moved forward and away from its monarchs.

Not so, the United Kingdom.

The citizens of the UK are rather proud of that. They think that makes them great.

Again, not so.

This idolatry and privilege accorded to the royal family is demoralizing when times are tough.

It is galling to people to live under austerity when the king and his family are prancing around the world living the wine and pheasant life.

Of course, the royal family is just the tip of the iceberg. They are merely representative of the British upper class, who likewise prance around the world living lives free of stress and austerity.

It is destructive to the psych of the nation when Prince Andrew is caught with his hand in the cookie jar, but not held accountable for his crimes.

The average person sees these events and then silently asks himself: Why?

He concludes that the system is rotten and stacked against him. Maybe he should not care so much about his country anymore? Maybe he should leave. Maybe he should not work so hard.

It’s not just Prince Andrew’s crimes that bother him.

It’s the crimes of the rest of the characters in the aristocracy.

The other members of the aristocracy enjoy a similar level of immunity, albeit less than Prince Andrew’s.

This immunity is exercised.

In other words, the rich get away with fucking over the people.

The people see this.

The result is a society that works less efficiently than it should.

When you rid yourself of your aristocracy, you send a powerful message to yourself and your fellow citizens.

You say to yourself that it’s not okay for the people to get away with crimes because of their birthright.

It’s not okay for people to enjoy certain privileges because of their birthright.

This idea applies not only to titled mobility but monied nobility as well.

Currently the sodomizers in the City of London and the privileged cocksuckers who lead Westminster are able to pass laws and conduct financial policy which cements their authority over the people of the United Kingdom to an excessive degree.

They weaken the people of the United Kingdom.

  • They permit massive illegal immigration, which sucks vital money from the people. Illegal immigration creates cheap labor, and it increases the overall tax burden.
  • They permit bond dealers to engage in all sorts of financial shenanigans. It was this unpunished bond market chicanery, which led to the downfall of Liz Truss. This is how they got their boy, Rishi, in there.
  • They create and permit inefficiencies within the NHS which only serves to enrich the crony capitalists who make a fortune supplying the needs of the NHS.
  • They send money to Ukraine, money better served by helping the poor and needy in the UK.

These strategies listed above, and there are many more, are not unintentional. They are prosecuted by an aristocracy through their compliant politicians in order to cement their power over the people.

As long as the people are weak, they are less likely to rebel.

The thinking of the aristocracy goes like this: If we can weaken people, financially, and physically, we can keep our foot atop them. We can keep them in a dependent position.

The people accept this because they have been beaten down over the years to accept an aristocracy which they consider better than themselves.

It is a codependent relationship between the elite and the poor.

Knowing this is the first step to the UK ridding itself of its albatross.

The British aristocracy is an albatross upon the people of the United Kingdom.

When the people wake up and realize this, then they will have the opportunity to live a better life.

Austerity is an avoidable event.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

What’s It All About, Alfie?

Why is this illegal immigration occurring here in the United States?

Why is illegal immigration occurring in the United Kingdom?

Are you surprised?

The British people are. They want to know why, after disengaging the UK from the European Union, their leaders are allowing immigrants to flood into their country faster than Prince Andrew can fuck an underage girl?

Would you be surprised to know that the United States and Great Britain move lockstep politically and economically?

Sure, there are always differences, but for the most part they move together.

Why is that?

What is going on here?

What’s going on here is that the corporate cabal that has bought off our politicians is the same corporate cabal that has bought off British politicians.

The politicians don’t give a fuck what the people think. Only at election time do they give half a fuck, if there is such a thing.

The politicians do what the corporate cabal wants them to do.

In the United States that corporate cabal is the Harvard Cabal. In the United Kingdom it’s the Oxford Cabal.

They work together. They are the twin towers of global war and global exploitation.

And those motherfuckers want those immigrants to flood into the country.


Why would they want all these immigrants?

For many reasons.

Number one, they act as a source of cheap labor to keep emerging unions in check.

They also act as a source of cheap labor for migrant work.

But those are not the main reason I suspect.

The main reason is to act as a source of military recruits for their next war.

Let’s face it, the next generation of pampered billionaire parasites has to be fed.

Wag, wah, wah, screams the useless child of the ruling billionaire elitist, where’s my war. I want to be a multibillionaire too, mommy.

Not to worry, son, we are engineering a brand new war for you.

Stop, I want to ingrain a word into your head.


What’s that you say?

Sahel is the sub-Saharan region in Africa.

I fear that is the next major battleground for our global killing machine.

There must be a lot of resources there.

The French are already there. If the French are there the Americans can’t be far behind. And I wouldn’t be surprised if American troops already are there.

If we do go there to fight a major war, these newly arrived immigrants will be used to fight that war.

It’s a new form of colonialism. It’s called neocolonialism. You go into a nation that gained its independence in the middle of the last century, and you balkanize it. You balkanize it through war. Different indigenous factions will control nonvital territories. You will control the vital territories that yield the booty. You will then directly confiscate the assets for yourself.

The governments of the United States and the United Kingdom will simply make these new immigrants an offer they can’t refuse: Fight our war for us and we will give you citizenship with no questions asked.

That’s a winner for the elites.

It’s not much of a winner for the immigrants and their families. Many of those immigrants will die in this useless war to come.

And it won’t get any better for the people of United Kingdom or the United States. Your lot in life will grow smaller.

Trillions of dollars will be printed to give to the ruling elite who own the corporations that supply the war machine.

As I’ve stated many times before it’s not just defense contractors who will make money. All corporations will make money.

All corporations will make money because when you fight a war on another continent, you have to re-create Corpus Christi, Texas and everything in it from the ground up in order to fight that war.

And I mean everything. Roads, infrastructure, housing, everything in the housing, pictures, lamps, magazines, televisions, coffee tables, chairs, pillows, food, ice cream, paper clips, are you getting the idea?


Even McDonalds and Starbucks are in on the game.

Who’s going to get rich in that?

The owners of the corporations. The ruling class. The monied class.

Who’s not going to get rich?


That’s what the illegal immigration is all about, Alfie. It hurts you in so many ways. It keeps labor prices down. It keeps you fighting with each other over illegal immigration. It enriches the large corporations. It keeps war going.

Sayonara, Suckers.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved


Liz Truss’s Plan

Liz Truss’s plan was a good plan.

What’s wrong with energy price caps for the poor?

What’s wrong with giving a tax break to people making 160,000 pounds a year?

Both measures would have put money in the pockets of regular people.

Let’s be clear here: people who make 160,000 pounds a year are not rich. Jeff Bezos is rich; Elon Musk is rich; Richard Branson is rich. A guy or gal who makes 160,000 pounds a year is upper middle class at best.

Putting more money in the hands of regular people is not trickle down economics. Trickle down economics is when you give the government more power to give more money to big corporations.

Where are the concerns about inflation when money is printed up for military spending?

They don’t exist; they only arise when a leader proposes printing up a few bucks to help regular people.

Where was the roiling of the bond market when money was printed up to benefit large corporations?

Where was the roiling of the bond market when money was printed up to send money to Ukraine? It didn’t exist.

With Liz Truss’s resignation, the message is clear to every political leader: do nothing to help the poor and middle class or we the bankers and the ruling elite will wreck you and your political career.

Liz Truss’s resignation is a bad deal for the citizens of the UK.

It’s not only a bad deal economically; it’s also a bad deal educationally.

It’s a bad deal educationally because it helps promote the canard – promoted by the wealthy elite and their mainstream media – that trickle down economics is equivalent to giving tax cuts to people who make a few more bucks.

As stated previously, putting more money in the hands of regular people is not trickle down economics. Trickle down economics is when you give the government more power to give more money to big corporations.

Giving the government more money to build projects which ostensibly help the poor is not trickle up economics. Trickle up economics is when you give regular people more money in their pockets to make choices which are more relevant to their lives.

The problem with public projects (NHS) is that the government is not always wise with the people’s money. More often than not a big cut of the money goes to connected government contractors who are cronies of the government officials.

Consequently what seems to be trickle up isn’t reality trickle down. It is trickle down because these large corporations who steal public money through grants and contracts don’t pass this extra loot on to their employees.

That’s why Liz Truss’s plan was a good plan.

Would her plan have led to inflation?

I don’t think so. I think her plan would have stimulated the economy.

With more money in their pockets, the confidence and well-being of people would have improved. That’s an important part of the economy that should not be underestimated.

Improving confidence is a deflationary move.

Greater confidence leads to greater innovation and greater productivity.

People who might not have started a business under austerity and gloom – that will now surely befall the UK – would have begun new businesses that would increase employment in the UK. More people would be making more money. Good times would return.

That is not a possibility now.

Now, the UK will descend slowly into the muck and mire of penny-pinching austerity.

That’s a shame.

Liz Truss’s plan was a good plan.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Queen and her Dickensian Workshop

In the week of the Queens Jubilee, it might be important to mention a few things about Elizabeth Windsor.

This is intended for the people of the United Kingdom.

I don’t think you understand the damage the Queen does to you.

She is not a kindly monarch.

She and her family are not a pack of bumbling boobs, a gaggle of comedic public relations officers who can’t stop embarrassing themselves.

The Queen is a powerful instrument of the powers that be.

She, her family and her system of peerage is the glue that holds Criminal Corporate Britain together.

They are a rallying point, a focal point for Criminal Corporate Britain. They keep Criminal Corporate Britain together.

It is Criminal Corporate Britain that rapes you every day of the week through war, wasteful spending, and unnecessary government projects.

You do not profit from empire. You do not profit from Criminal Corporate Britain.

When the Queen is destroyed, Criminal Corporate Britain will be weakened, and that will be good for you.

What lifted you out of your Dickensian workhouse was that your great, great, great, (and possibly greater) grandparent’s brothers and sisters came to America to forge a New World independent of the usurpers in the royal family.

If America had not succeeded, you would still be living in that Dickensian work house.

The freedom and emancipation experienced by your ancestors’s brothers and sisters in America put pressure upon the kings of old. They reluctantly had to give your ancestors liberties in order to retain them in your country.

Naturally, this bothered the king and his criminal henchmen.

You know how full well how evil your leaders are.

You know full well how Boris Johnson reveled in Downing Street parties while keeping you in lockdown.

Our Independence Day is your Independence Day.

When our revolutionary soldiers smoked Lord Cornwallis into the Yorktown turf, you won.

When our revolutionary soldiers defeated King George at Yorktown, you won.

What that defeat represented was the realization and actualization that there existed no inherent superior intelligence or greatness within British nobility.

Your liberation today is being threatened today by our Harvard Cabal that is threatening to destroy everything that our founding fathers built for us and for you.

Our evil Harvard Cabal – American Quislings – work together with the Eton-Oxford-Rhodes Scholar criminal class in Great Britain.

They work through the financial centers of New York and London to re-create a neo-feudalist society where we are all renters.

The battleground today seems to be in America. America, centuries ago, did provide for opportunities that did not exist in your country. That’s why your ancestors brothers and sisters left to come here.

They didn’t leave to take a vacation.

When America was settled, the goal was to re-create the same society in America that existed in your country. What the King and his henchmen wanted was a social caste system where betters rules lessers.

It didn’t work out.

That hasn’t stopped our elite classes from trying to reverse those losses.

That’s what nonstop war is all about. That’s what empire is about. Your elites partnered up with our elites to steal money from all of us, to march around the globe and fight nonstop war.

The Ukraine war is the latest example.

It is a bogus war that exists for no purpose whatsoever except to give money to corporations in order to fight an imaginary enemy.

Billions are loaned out to Ukrainian thugs who work for our elitist crooks in London and New York. These Ukrainian thugs will steal the money and put it in secret offshore accounts controlled by our elitist crooks.

The Ukrainian people will be saddled with enormous debt that they cannot pay back. They will then have to sell off vital assets to our elitist crooks.

The people there will live in slavery and chronic austerity for centuries. To help solve the problem, and keep the problem going, our governments will give massive funding to the corporations that created the mess in the first place. This corporate welfare will dilute our share of the economic pie thus making us weaker.

As enormous amounts of money are spent to keep the conquered nation conquered, the Empire makes the citizens of the conquering nation weaker.

This is what nonstop war is all about. This is why your kings of old were always fighting wars. They weren’t stupid. They figured out that war made them wealthier.

How could the king possibly lose when the regular people were transferring their wealth to the king in order to fight the war.

The United States today is the chief prosecutor of war in the world. It employs your criminal class in its efforts.

Our goal here in the United States is to stop this ruling criminal class from fighting nonstop war.

If we fall, you fall.

If we fall, you will return to the Dickensian work house in all its horrors.

The Queen is an extension of that criminal corporate class that desires that you return to the Dickensian workhouse.

That society today we call neo-feudalism. It is a rentier society. There is no ownership or stake in the game for you.

There you will sit in a passive weakened state, forever kneeling before your betters.

The Queen and her royal parasites are the glue of Criminal Corporate Britain.

She must be destroyed.

She is not a kindly monarch.

She is your enemy.

Destroy her.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Oath of Renunciation

Why is Mark Steyn permitted on Tucker Carlson’s show?

Tucker Carlson presents himself as a defender of the common man.

So again, let me repeat the question: Why is Mark Steyn permitted on Tucker Carlson’s show?

Mark Steyn is a Canadian journalist who was educated in the UK.

He attended King Edward’s School, an elite school.

Recently, he was seen on Tucker Carlson’s show defending the constitutional monarchy that exists in the UK.

So why is he permitted on Tucker Carlson’s show?

Let me shift a little bit and ask you a question.

If your child died in a war for the United States of America, how long would you like their sacrifice to count for?

Would you like their sacrifice to count for 5 years, 10 years, 25 years?

I am willing to bet that you would prefer their sacrifice to count for eternity.

Let me buy you a ticket on the clue train. The mothers and fathers of men who died in the Revolutionary War feel the same way.

They wanted their child’s sacrifice to count forever also.

Those brave men fought for a better world.

They fought to defy the King of England who was an oppressor.

Why should their sacrifice count any less than the sacrifice of your children today?

In addition to that, our Founding Fathers risked their lives to fight King George.

They would’ve been hung by King George had they failed.

They went “all in” to create the meritocracy that made the United States the great country that it used to be.

Because Mark Steyn lives in New Hampshire, Mark Steyn is a beneficiary of that sacrifice.

He feasts and dines atop the graves of men who died to fight against a system that he embraces.

It was our elites’ decision to re-ally the United States with the elitist, feudalist, Dickensian era-loving pigs in the UK that began the slide of America back into the abyss.

Our modern elites renounced the Founding Fathers and decided to be roped into Cecil Rhodes’s bigoted, brutal Empire again.

Cecil Rhodes was a ruthless imperialist, one of Queen Victoria’s henchmen.

The Rhodes Scholarship was created by Cecil Rhodes to snare America back into the British Empire.

The British Empire was and still is a brutal empire which has terrorized the world.

The British Empire raped India, China, Africa, Ireland, and the United States of America.

Why would we want to go back there again?

Mark Steyn supports a British royal system which raped the world.

This is what your Founding Fathers fought against.

So again, I ask why is Mark Steyn permitted on Tucker Carlson’s show?

He shouldn’t be permitted on the show.

He should be required to sign an Oath of Renunciation directed to the Queen of England and the entire system of peerage which rapes the British people even today.

I will write that Oath of Renunciation now.

I, Mark Steyn, renounce the Queen. I recognize the errors of my ways. I recognize that I was wrong in attending school in the UK. I reject all elite schools. I reject Eton. I reject Oxford. I reject the London School of Economics. I reject Cecil Rhodes. I reject the Rhodes Scholarship. I recognize the British Empire for the evil, brutal empire that it was and is. I fully understand that the Queen of England is a rallying point for criminal Corporate Britain, and that criminal Corporate Britain raped the world, and does so today. I fully understand the Queen is not just a figurehead but an important focal point, the glue that keeps criminal Corporate Britain together. I hereby certify Queen Victoria as the world’s greatest mass murderer. I recognize Queen Victoria for the tramp, the whore, and the two buck slut that she was. I now see the errors of my ways. I freely state that I am not a subject of the Queen. She has no authority over me. I resolve to throw a milkshake in the Queen‘s face should I ever be in her presence. I extend the same courtesy to the royal family and to all lords, earls, dukes, barons and people of so-called titled importance. I reject their titles. I reject the wealth that they immorally accumulated. I am ashamed of my past obsequious deference to the Queen and her corrupt system of peerage. I hereby resolve to sabotage and destroy this oppressive system which continues to exploit and impoverish the peoples of the world.

Every British citizen in America should be required to openly recite and sign this oath.


The same goes for Canadians living in America who have clearly allied themselves with the immoral British Empire.

Mark Steyn should be thrown off Tucker Carlson’s show now.

His US citizenship or visa status must be revoked until he signs this Oath of Renunciation.

He’s another elitist posing as a voice for the common man. He wouldn’t be where he is if the elites truly felt he was a threat.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Citizens of the UK: Save Yourself

Dear Citizens of the United Kingdom,

Save yourself.

Save yourself from Boris Johnson, chief corporate officer of the UK, COVID-19 faker, and babbling idiot at large.

Legally I cannot ask you to break the law, but I can ask you to save yourself.

You know deep in your heart what you need to do in order to survive.

The face mask will not save you.

Nor will these idiotic lockdowns.

These measures will only serve to prolong the disease.

If you follow your leader’s advice you will end up suffering one lockdown after another.

Each time that the lockdown fails, and it will, your leaders will tell you that you weren’t committed enough.

This is a hallmark of a communist: he blames his failed policies on the people.

But you have been plenty patient and loyal in following your misguided leader’s dictates.

Any more loyalty and patience will end up killing you.

So you need to do what you need to do.

Since children and young adults have low risk of dying of COVID-19, you will have to exploit that to your advantage.

You will have to find a way to get kids and young adults to mingle without the government knowing what you’re doing.

To be on the safe side, you can exclude those children who live with elderly parents or grandparents.

You will have to accomplish this in the dark of night when the authorities cannot see what you are doing.

This can be easily accomplished with the use of cell phones in which a flash gathering can be conducted.

There is no other way.

The vaccine that is promised is experimental and not yet fully tested.

Big Pharma so far has not shown much desire to seek a pharmaceutical solution.

The only way to defeat the virus at this point in time is to use the weapon that God gave you, your immune system.

You are the soldiers in the war against COVID-19.

Your immune systems are the original Louis Pasteur.

Your personal arsenal has protected the human species for hundreds of thousands of years.

It will continue to do so if you get the leaders out of your way.

Save yourself.

If you are a fan of Boris Johnson, help him by avoiding his advice.

Boris Johnson speaks not for you but Corporate Britain.

He is a misguided soul who has lost his way.

Just as you would never listen to a babbling idiot for strategic advice, you must not listen to Boris Johnson.

Save yourself.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved