MMA and Corporate America: A Match Made in Hell

I remember when MMA began in the early 80s.

I remember Royce Gracie breaking people’s arms.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

I wanted to pick up a machine gun and kill someone.

But I didn’t know who to kill.

Do I kill the fighters? Or do I kill the cheering audience?

I still feel that way about MMA today.

I was shocked and disappointed when Corporate America jumped in to sponsor MMA.

I’m not shocked now given what has transpired in American culture over the past 40 years.

No one should be surprised nowadays that Corporate America sponsors MMA.

Corporate America couldn’t care less about people, humanity, morals, or what is right in society.

Corporate America only cares about a buck.

That’s it.

The reason why Corporate America only cares about a buck is because Corporate America is not a person.

This would actually be news to our Supreme Court justices who fervently believe that corporations are people.

Yes, it’s true. The Supreme Court has granted them personhood.

The Founding Fathers however felt differently.

They knew that corporations were not people. They also knew that corporations were dangerous. They were afraid of the power of corporations.

That’s why they limited their power.

Yep, corporations in the old days had to have a specific purpose and a specific length of time during which they could operate. Also, the leaders of those corporations could be held responsible for the actions of that corporation.

Not so today.

The wealthy elite, who run our corporations, have needled away at our legal system in order to grant their cash cows personhood.

This is why corporations are so powerful today.

This is why they’re eating America alive.

Slowly, gradually, brick by brick, the decent Republic our Founding Fathers desired is being dismantled.

Part of that dismantlement is MMA.

There is money in poverty and violence.

MMA is a vicious, uncivilized sport where we indoctrinate young people that it’s okay, possibly even normal, to be violent. We tell them that it’s okay to smash in the head of your opponent until he taps out.

And, yes, MMA is different than boxing.

It is different in that boxing has rules and a sense of moderation that MMA does not.

In boxing, it’s not okay to pummel a nearly unconscious, defenseless opponent into the canvas.

In boxing it’s not okay to kick a person in the head. Any fool knows that you can generate much more power with a kick than a punch.

A knee to the head is bordering on criminality.

In MMA there are no serious gloves. The gloves in boxing exist to limit the damage of the violence to the puncher and the boxer being punched.

I’ve been to an MMA match and seen little children mimic the fighters.

That is not what we need for a decent republic. We don’t need more violence; we need less violence.

Less violence, more thought.

MMA contributes to that violent culture, and not in an innocent way.

It’s not just the fight itself, but the culture around MMA that’s wrong. The audience itself seems to be invested in the blood sport in a way that you do not see with boxing.

Yes, the boxing audience is rooting for their particular guy in the match. And if there is a knockout, or a severe punch to the head, yes, the audience does cheer, but it seems reactionary to what has occurred. In MMA the audience is proactively invested in the complete bone-crushing annihilation of the opponent.

And then there are the fighters themselves.

The MMA fighters are tattooed and adorned as nihilistic, Orwellian gladiators – uncivilized brutes, cannibals thirsting for a blood meal.

In fact blood, and plenty of it, seems to heighten the fervent, mystical excitement of the audience and their unslakable thirst for an impaling.

Welcome to the Coliseum.

The apotheosis of this barbarity would be Conor McGregor who saunters lewdly around the octagon like a character in A Clockwork Orange.

If we have mass shootings, if we have increased incidents of road rage, if we have more uncivil discourse, MMA is a contributing factor to that.

MMA reduces us to the status of an unclean animal.

This seems in line with what our ruling elite desire.

You might say MMA is a reflection of them.

Animals beget animals.

Our leaders of Corporate America are wild animals who believe in social Darwinism.

The people they sponsor are the same.

Both institutions need to go.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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