Frank Zappa astutely stated many years ago that the number one issue we have in the United States is mental health.

Given what happened in Uvalde, Texas yesterday, he couldn’t have been more correct.

If we can view what happened in Uvalde as a mental health issue, then we have a chance to fix things.

If we can fix the stability of the family structure by re-industrializing America to the point where average Americans have an opportunity to make real money, not Starbucks barista money, which is a pittance, then we have a chance to fix things.

Economically disadvantaged families lead to increased divorce, drug use, vagrancy, homelessness, violence, prostitution, and general criminality.

The best welfare program is a steady well-paying job.

If we can decrease the influence of social media where young children bully other children in public causing much distress and anger, then we have a chance to fix things.

If we can decrease the number of violent video games like Mortal Kombat and Call of Duty – and others – that teach young children to resolve issues by killing and kicking ass, then we have a chance to fix things.

If we can encourage children to limit screen time while participating in outdoor activities, then we have a chance to fix things. Computer life is de-personalizing. It teaches us that other people are not really human. Outdoor life in which children have to communicate with real live people, teaches us to respect each other to a greater degree.

Conflict resolution skills are essential in promoting civic collegiality.

If we can relieve ourselves of this idiotic superstar culture, in which idealized but imperfect Hollywood celebrities are held up as demigods, then we have a chance to fix things. As we can see in the current Amber Heard-Johnny Depp trial, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are still at their core real people with human problems. Yet their most rabid followers seem not to see this.

If we can decrease the number of superstar movies in which fictional characters solve all the problems of the day, then we have a chance to fix things. No child or adult can match up to the standards of Superman. We don’t come from Krypton. We bleed, and we die.

Additionally, the superstar movie and its attendant culture promotes less self-reliance, greater helplessness, and more of the notion that we need a savior to rescue us. Children need to be taught the skills to solve their own problems as well as the mindset that they are competent enough to solve their own problems (and society’s as well) without the aid of supermen from wealthy enclaves that claim special and superior powers of intellect.

If we can stop the incessant standardized testing of children and its attendant GPA-SAT ranking system which plots children out on an impersonal industrial grid then we have a chance to fix things. Mathematical scoring, which only looks at a small aspect of a person’s life, devalues children, especially those who do not fare as well in this narrow area. Children are not Hershey Kisses moving down a conveyor belt.

If we can stop teachers, educators and school systems from spouting slogans like no excuses, and failure is not an option, then we have a chance to fix things. Failure must always be an option. If failure is not an option, then children will seek to rescue their lives by slaughtering as many people as possible in order to find an instant way into the news. Mass murder is a convenient and all too easy way of letting everybody know that you exist.

If we can decrease society’s demand that young children be sexual smoothies by the age of fifteen, then we have a chance of fixing things. Kids should be allowed to develop organically at their own pace. They need to understand that it’s okay for them to be who they are. They don’t need to be constantly reminded that they’re not.

If we can decrease the exposure of young children to money-focused shows like Shark Tank, in which billionaires impress upon young people their narrow value system of net worth as the overarching determinant of human value, then we have a chance to fix things.

Young people do not need to be constantly exposed to young, beautiful, fabulously wealthy, sexy, jet-set Hollywood celebrities scooting about in their Lamborghinis in San Tropez and toney areas of Hollywood. They do not need to be reading about the Kardashians and Taylor Swift. They should not be conditioned to attend picture shoots of the latest “it” stars.

They need to see their own lives as a viable and better option than living vicariously through the imaginary life of Dua Lipa.

If we can return to the past by promoting healthier values while limiting some of the destructive influences that have crept into society in the last seventy years, then we have a chance to fix things.

We can go along way toward improving mental health which, as Frank Zappa pointed out many years ago, is our number one issue.


Archer Crosley, MD

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

MMA and Corporate America: A Match Made in Hell

I remember when MMA began in the early 80s.

I remember Royce Gracie breaking people’s arms.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

I wanted to pick up a machine gun and kill someone.

But I didn’t know who to kill.

Do I kill the fighters? Or do I kill the cheering audience?

I still feel that way about MMA today.

I was shocked and disappointed when Corporate America jumped in to sponsor MMA.

I’m not shocked now given what has transpired in American culture over the past 40 years.

No one should be surprised nowadays that Corporate America sponsors MMA.

Corporate America couldn’t care less about people, humanity, morals, or what is right in society.

Corporate America only cares about a buck.

That’s it.

The reason why Corporate America only cares about a buck is because Corporate America is not a person.

This would actually be news to our Supreme Court justices who fervently believe that corporations are people.

Yes, it’s true. The Supreme Court has granted them personhood.

The Founding Fathers however felt differently.

They knew that corporations were not people. They also knew that corporations were dangerous. They were afraid of the power of corporations.

That’s why they limited their power.

Yep, corporations in the old days had to have a specific purpose and a specific length of time during which they could operate. Also, the leaders of those corporations could be held responsible for the actions of that corporation.

Not so today.

The wealthy elite, who run our corporations, have needled away at our legal system in order to grant their cash cows personhood.

This is why corporations are so powerful today.

This is why they’re eating America alive.

Slowly, gradually, brick by brick, the decent Republic our Founding Fathers desired is being dismantled.

Part of that dismantlement is MMA.

There is money in poverty and violence.

MMA is a vicious, uncivilized sport where we indoctrinate young people that it’s okay, possibly even normal, to be violent. We tell them that it’s okay to smash in the head of your opponent until he taps out.

And, yes, MMA is different than boxing.

It is different in that boxing has rules and a sense of moderation that MMA does not.

In boxing, it’s not okay to pummel a nearly unconscious, defenseless opponent into the canvas.

In boxing it’s not okay to kick a person in the head. Any fool knows that you can generate much more power with a kick than a punch.

A knee to the head is bordering on criminality.

In MMA there are no serious gloves. The gloves in boxing exist to limit the damage of the violence to the puncher and the boxer being punched.

I’ve been to an MMA match and seen little children mimic the fighters.

That is not what we need for a decent republic. We don’t need more violence; we need less violence.

Less violence, more thought.

MMA contributes to that violent culture, and not in an innocent way.

It’s not just the fight itself, but the culture around MMA that’s wrong. The audience itself seems to be invested in the blood sport in a way that you do not see with boxing.

Yes, the boxing audience is rooting for their particular guy in the match. And if there is a knockout, or a severe punch to the head, yes, the audience does cheer, but it seems reactionary to what has occurred. In MMA the audience is proactively invested in the complete bone-crushing annihilation of the opponent.

And then there are the fighters themselves.

The MMA fighters are tattooed and adorned as nihilistic, Orwellian gladiators – uncivilized brutes, cannibals thirsting for a blood meal.

In fact blood, and plenty of it, seems to heighten the fervent, mystical excitement of the audience and their unslakable thirst for an impaling.

Welcome to the Coliseum.

The apotheosis of this barbarity would be Conor McGregor who saunters lewdly around the octagon like a character in A Clockwork Orange.

If we have mass shootings, if we have increased incidents of road rage, if we have more uncivil discourse, MMA is a contributing factor to that.

MMA reduces us to the status of an unclean animal.

This seems in line with what our ruling elite desire.

You might say MMA is a reflection of them.

Animals beget animals.

Our leaders of Corporate America are wild animals who believe in social Darwinism.

The people they sponsor are the same.

Both institutions need to go.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Celebrity Trash

Have we talked about celebrities, AI?

Shouldn’t we talk about celebrities?

I think so.

Why don’t we tell people what celebrities really are?

Celebrities are the bishops of the secular church.

They do the bidding of Corporate America. They do the bidding because they are scared shitless of losing their revenue stream.

They’ll do anything and say anything to stay in the money.

Of course, many of them  had to compromise themselves to get to where they wanted to get, so Corporate America can most likely blackmail them anytime they want.

That’s why so many of them went with the program when Corporate America snapped its fingers during the coronavirus crisis.

All Corporate America had to do was say “stay at home” and the celebrities were on board.

During the George Floyd riots, the celebrities were on board again. Did you see any celebrities who opposed Corporate America, the chief benefactor of BLM? Very few.

You might see a few older guys, a few retired guys; but did you see any young guys?

This is why celebrity culture needs to be destroyed.

Celebrities exist to pedal the bullshit that Corporate America cannot sell on its own.

Corporate America understands that while people may not understand complex political issues, they certainly understand their favorite celebrity.

So what Corporate America has done is institute what appears to be mob rule in the United States.

The people who control the celebrities, control the mob.

Is mob rule good? Is it even mob rule?

No, it’s not mob rule. It’s not mob rule at all.  It’s the illusion of mob rule.

What we have is King Louis XIV running things again. King Louis controls celebrities who control the mob.

The people who are left out in America are the 30 to 50 million people who take the time to read and care about the issues.

King Louis controls the ignorant mob who then rule over people who know a thing or two. 

Ergo, King Louis rules.

King Louis is a tyrant and a brute.

He was defeated once; he needs to be to be defeated again.

Defeat the celebrities and we take a vital weapon out of King Louis’ arsenal.

Now, King Louis isn’t somebody who rose again in the past six months.  Oh, no.

King Louis has been gaining steam for decades now.

He manifests his worthlessness most in the state of California, which is simultaneously the wealthiest state and the poorest state in the Union. Never does polarization of wealth manifest itself more largely than in Palo Alto and Hollywood where the homeless live next to the super rich.

Do the super-rich in Palo Alto care?

Do the super-rich in Hollywood care?

Did King Louis care many centuries ago?

Not at all.

King Louis stepped over the poor just as the Palo Alto and Hollywood wealthy elite step over the poor on their way to work.

They don’t care at all.

They must be destroyed.

For the public good they must be destroyed.


Archer Crosley

McAllen, TX 

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Copyright 2020   Archer Crosley   All Rights Reserved

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Culture and The Seduction of Foreign Travel

They say that foreign travel makes you more cultured.

I don’t know about that.

It certainly opens your eyes – if you want them opened.

Much of your travel abroad depends upon what you choose to see.

If you live in another country for an extended period of time you’ll see a much different world than if you take a whirlwind tour of a continent.

Why are you traveling?

To get “cultured” at the great museums of the world?

If that’s the case, you’ll never find it.

Culture is not the Louvre.

Culture is not Versailles.

Culture is the everyday life that people live.

Culture is the composite of attitudes that people hold towards life, money, death, God and each other.

Culture is what people value, not to be confused with what the elites value.

What the elites value can be found in the  Louvre.

Da Vinci, Rodin, Picasso.

Here the elites talk to you. They say:  Look here, this is who we have chosen to represent you.  This is who you are.  This is your culture.

And the people ooh and aah and remark how cultured they are for having seen these works of art.

The people come to believe that culture comes not from them but from some higher more authoritative body who we call the elites.

But this is not so.

Da Vinci is Da Vinci.  Picasso is Picasso.  They are of regular people and are inherently part of your culture. 

They do not come from above. They come from you.

The power of the elites to designate who will represent culture is false.

Yet the elites power over culture is strong. The elites spend extraordinary sums of money hoarding works of art.

They stack this “stolen” art to the sky in their fancy libraries and museums.

They invite you to walk in to get “cultured.”

They entice you to be one of the “in crowd.”

Come in, come in, they say in a sexy way.

You take the bait.

You travel to del Prado in Spain.

Then to Buckingham Palace.

Then to the Louvre.

You ooh and aah.

Slowly you become indoctrinated into a system of false belief. 

You think you are cultured because you have traveled to the great cities of the world and seen great works of art.

This is false.

You think you understand foreign cultures.

This is false.

What you understand and accept to be true is what the elites want you to believe – that  culture comes from above.  

Control of culture is paramount to the elites.  

By controlling your history they control you.

The libraries and museums they build are the Crown Jewels of their power over you.  

If you destroy those libraries and museums in your mind,  you emancipate yourself.


Prizes to Control You

Why are prizes a bad idea?

Since they seem like a good idea, why aren’t they?

Prizes in this day and age are given out by the King, and as such the King expects thanks and gratitude for bestowing the prize.

Refusal to do so or out right condemnation of the King’s policy invites reprisal. Just ask the Dixie Chicks.

Prizes are tools the King uses to corral and recruit the citizenry to support his program – usually war, but sometimes a project such as global warming.

Prizes give a veneer of credibility to the recipient. They elevate him or her to superhero status.

With the prize comes fabulous riches and of course a private jet.

Superheroes cannot be expected to live amongst the regular people; if they did, why then people might not listen to them. No, gods come down from the heavens, in our case, in a corporate jet.

The new superheroes will tell you how to act, think and vote. This new master race is seemingly everywhere in all fields and disciplines.

It’s a new form of feudalism where you are the serfs and they are the lords.

Of course their power is illusory – in your mind. To break the cycle, one only need walk away.

One must ask why it is necessary to give someone a Nobel prize, an Oscar, a Grammy or a prize that has no basis at all – perhaps an appointment to a board or a bogus Presidential Committee.

Can a prize match a person’s actual performance, or is a person’s performance the prize?

If so, then for whom does the prize exist? The recipient or the King?

Jesus, the forgotten leader of the Christian church, understood this which is why he renounced a crown, which is why he asked his followers to render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar. In other words, give Caesar his crown back.

Prizes have no place in Christianity.

Woody Allen and You

Of course you must know by now that Woody Allen married the adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn, of his former wife, Mia Farrow.

But what if I told you that you were responsible for what he did? Would you be outraged?

Contain yourself and listen.

Putting aside the other allegations against him, what Woody Allen did is the hallmark of a self-absorbed, so-called “genius” who evidently felt that the ethics and mores of modern society did not apply to him. Most people would say to themselves, “Who cares if I fell in love with my wife’s adopted daughter? Buck up, eat the pain and find someone else.”

That Woody Allen did not can be attributed directly to the idea he has of himself. For decades now, he has been part of a self-anointed New York clique that self-promotes itself through its cronies in the press, writers like Daphne Merkin, as people who are to be talked about. In their minds, they are geniuses floating above us at 30,000 feet, above the constraints of mere mortals.

This illusion has been drummed into your mind millions of times in your lifetime through media outlets such as Time, Newsweek, People, US, CBS, NBC, ABC and many others.

You have come to accept the supremacy of this “elite” New York cabal. After all, no one is talking about you – which is the point. If these outlets talked about you, then you would be one of them, not who you are supposed to be in their minds – one of the sheep who are expected to accept their supremacy.

You know these people. Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen, Bill Murray, Meryl Streep, Anna Wintour (and her notorious glare) are just a few members. Phillip Roth, Truman Capote, Elizabeth Taylor and the entire Studio 54 crowd were from a prior generation. They are constantly slammed down your throat.

But they are not uniquely talented. Their greatness is illusory, and they exist for the elites to rule you.

In fact, for every Woody Allen you know about, there are hundreds of Woody Allens you don’t know about and never will. Woody Allen is who he is because the ruling elite selected him and invited him in. But it wasn’t because he had exclusive talent, although he was deluded into believing such as were you.

In truth, there is is a nuclear arsenal of talent in the United States and the world that goes untapped because of the indoctrination you receive every day.

Woody Allen is important; you are not.

So if Woody Allen engages in behavior that upsets you, it is because you gave him permission to do so.