Making Baseball Better

Since Rob Manfred is hell-bent on destroying baseball, it’s incumbent for us to save baseball.

That is the purpose of this article: How to save Major League Baseball.

First, let’s not do what everyone else is doing.

Currently, MLB, because it is losing its casual (as opposed to hardcore loyal) fanbase, has decided, under the leadership of Rob Manfred, to do what other people are doing, which is to adapt to our misguided culture.

Our current culture has no patience for thinking, intelligent strategy, or what appears to be a more slow playing game.

I could argue that nothing is more slow playing than football players crouching in a huddle, but that is not the purpose of this conversation.

I could also argue that no quarterback can throw a football as fast as a baseball player throwing a hardball, but no one will care.

And I’d love to wager that there are more exciting plays in baseball than in football, but nobody will listen.

The perception exists that baseball is a slow, unexciting sport.

People have been programmed to repeat like Pavlov’s dog that baseball is boring.

In response to that, the misguided leaders of baseball are trying to speed up the game, to give it more zip.

One of the proposed ways to give it more zip is to institute a homerun derby to decide the game rather than have the game go into extra innings.

Obviously I think this is a bad idea.

It is a bad idea because baseball will then be conforming to a misguided culture, a culture that will ultimately have no permanence.

Instead, baseball should stay true to its roots.

In fact, baseball should double down and send a strong message to society that there are some things worth keeping.

To make the game more relevant and interesting, I would institute some of the following changes.

I would ban interleague play. This was a change that was instituted in the modern era in order to give people in National League cities a chance to view teams like the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees. Likewise people who live in American League cities could see the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Well, if people want to see the Boston Red Sox, they can travel to Boston or another American League city.

Or they can watch an American League game on a black and white TV with grainy reception like I did as a kid when I held the antenna in order to pick up Yankees games in NY, or Orioles games in Baltimore.

By banning inter-league play, we can strengthen divisional rivalries.

Why should the Phillies play a few useless games with the Yankees and the Red Sox, when they can play a few more relevant games with the Mets and Braves?

We Phillies fans hate the Mets. And when I say hate, I mean deep-seated visceral hate. That’s why we love playing them.

Let’s make divisions means something.

Let’s make the real season mean something.

Since the fan base is shrinking, let’s rely less on television revenue. Let’s quit trying to expand the baseball market to everyone.

When you try to please everyone, you please no one.

It’s very much like a chef at a restaurant who puts out bland food because he’s afraid of offending someone.

Offending someone would mean, gasp, less market share.

I would rather be offended.

Let’s put more seasoning in baseball.

When we lessen our reliance on television, we also lessen our reliance on Corporate America.

Corporate America will therefore be less likely to extend its political influence upon the game.

All Star games won’t be switched out of cities because Corporate America and their lackey commissioners don’t like the politics of a local area.

There is no place for politics in sports.


Ban athletes from making political statements.

Ban corporations from making political statements on a baseball field.

I have always viewed the baseball field as a church, a sacrosanct temple, free of political influence.

Not only should we eliminate politics from sports, we should eliminate all advertising on the field itself.

Get rid of those beer and car ads. If you want to put them on the concourse, fine; but, pleeeze, get rid of them on the playing field.

When we permit corporations to advertise on the playing field, we send a strong message to the players and to ourselves.

We are saying that our top priority is a dollar bill.

We are telling the world that we are for sale, that nothing is sacrosanct.

Eliminating advertising would go a long way to doing good for baseball and ourselves.

Along those lines, we can stop naming stadiums after corporations and corporate products.

We can rename many of these stadiums for people who have done honorable things – like we used to do.

Without advertising and television money, baseball players will necessarily make less money.

This will be good for the players.

Minus the fixation on money, and team-hopping for the bucks, players will be more likely to finish out their careers with the team they started with.

This will help generate greater interest amongst the fans.

Players will gain immeasurably in stature.

In earlier days, it was common for a player to spend a decade or more with one team.

Free agency and our culture of greed drove players to go to the highest bidder.

This was disastrous for fan interest and the career of the player.

Fans want to see that a player has loyalty to their team.

When that loyalty is restored, fan interest will increase.

Baseball will be a more fun game to watch.

Fans will be rooting for their guy, not a Hessian soldier.

Those would be the main changes I would make to baseball.

Obviously, the designated runner and the designated hitter would have to go.

Having that lousy-hitting pitcher come up during a rally made the game frustrating but more interesting.

Having that slow runner made you tear your hair out.

Having those extra innings made the game more interesting.

When your team goes 13 innings, you are sitting on the edge of your seat because you have invested so much time in the game.

When your team goes 19 innings, and they have to bring in the second baseman to pitch because they have run out of pitchers, as the Phillies did a few years ago when Wilson Valdez came in to take down the likes of Joey Votto and win the game, that is what makes the game interesting and memorable.

Let’s keep it that way.

Wilson Valdez takes down the middle of the Reds batting order?

That is a classic, baby.

The final change I would make is to eliminate the instant replay.

Curt Gowdy and Tony Kubek alluded to this years ago. They felt that instant replay took the human element out of the game.

I didn’t understand that as a young man, but I understand it now.

The umpire, his humanity, and his imperfections are as much a part of the game as are the imperfections of the players.

We should embrace that.

We are fallible human beings, not impregnable silicon chips.

Yes, minus instant replay, the game won’t be technically perfect, but it will be a hell of a lot more interesting.

And we won’t be wasting endless minutes waiting for an umpire to stare into a black box.

Let’s move forward by returning to the past.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Ruining Baseball

I told you before that Rob Manfred would ruin the game of baseball.

It’s only a question of how quickly he can ruin it.

Let’s see how long it takes.

The latest effort by MLB is to test market home run derby as a means to end games more rapidly.

Rob and his buddies apparently don’t like extra innings.

Most likely they did a financial analysis and discovered that extra innings weren’t maximizing profits efficiently.

So, to increase market share, to make the game supposedly more interesting, and of course to make more money, they will test market home run derby in the minor leagues to see how well it works.

I can guarantee that they will conclude that it does work.

They’ve already made up their mind.

Too bad.

Too bad for us.

It’s too bad for us because short term gain and long-term loss are often too compatible.

Home run derby will do to baseball what three-pointers and dunks have done for basketball – make the game boring and less team-oriented.

In an attempt to make basketball more appealing, the NBA ruined the game.

When you’ve seen one dunk, you’ve seen them all.

When you’ve seen one three-pointer you’ve seen them all.


Rob Manfred will do the same for baseball.

This is what happens when you put a master of the universe in charge of baseball.

Rob Manfred is, of course, a Harvard graduate.

As such he has been indoctrinated by our idiotic superstar culture to believe that he is superior to the rest of us, and so he will now look to fulfill the prophecy that society has set for him.

Forget about keeping your hand on the rudder and running a steady ship; that’s for chumps and losers.

Say, why does baseball need to increase market share anyway? And if baseball’s market share, is falling, so what?

Maybe a better approach would be to downsize the salaries, downsize the number of teams, downsize the size of the new stadiums, keep the game the same, and wait patiently for the day when society readjusts itself back to the great game that baseball is.

Isn’t that what life is, a giant circadian rhythm? Don’t we sleep at night? Don’t we all need a little downtime?

Isn’t life a giant roller coaster with ups and downs?

Don’t valleys go with mountains?

When you try to change your game to fit the mass market, which is fickle and disloyal, you lose your loyal base. Then you lose it all.

Home run derby will contribute to the demise of Major League Baseball – when it arrives – and it most likely will.

Never underestimate the power of a Harvard graduate. They have the Harvard machine behind them. It’s very difficult to beat these people.

Rob Manfred is just an officer of that machine.

Just as Harvard has made a wreck of the United States in every area of endeavor you can possibly imagine, Harvard will ruin baseball.

There is no stopping it.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Rob Manfred, Puppet

Well, I knew Rob Manfred, being a Harvard graduate, would ruin baseball. I just thought it would take him longer than this.

There’s no place for politics in sports.


Apparently Rob Manfred, the dopey commissioner of MLB, doesn’t think so.

Rob Manfred, as you may know, recently made the decision to move the MLB All-Star game out of Atlanta because he and his elites don’t approve of the Georgia voting law.

Well, who gives a fuck what Rob Manfred thinks of the Georgia voting law?

And why is the Georgia voting law any of Rob Manfred’s business?

Indeed why does Major League Baseball care about the Georgia voting law?

Does Major League Baseball care about any of the other various policies in various states across the nation?

Should they?

It’s not Major League Baseball‘s job to care about how any state conducts its business or its voting practice.

It’s not Rob Manfred’s job either.

We have elected leaders to do that. Do you remember that quaint concept known as representative democracy?

Are we to replace that now with the whims of corporate titans who are now either controlled or heavily influenced by a politically correct Harvard University?

Make no mistake about it, Harvard is behind this.

Harvard leads the way.

Do you know what Major League Baseball‘s job is?

Ticket on the clue train: it’s not to follow Harvard..

Its job is to entertain us.

Its job is to relieve us from the pressures of daily life for three short hours.

Major League Baseball‘s job is not to cause us more pain.

Major League Baseball‘s job is not to raise our consciousness.

Our consciousness is raised enough already.

We already live in a world of shit.

We already know how the real world works.

We don’t need a motherfucker like Rob Manfred to tell us how horrible the world is.

We already know.

But, what else could you expect from a Harvard graduate?

If you ever needed any proof that Harvard University is controlling the strings, that Harvard University is the master puppet master in re-engineering our society, you just got a lesson in it yesterday, when Rob “Motherfucker” Manfred, Harvard graduate, decided to enter the world of politics.

Baseball is finished.

Thank you Harvard University.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Tiger Woods

Hey, did you hear about Tiger Woods?

This is the new national obsession.

How about this one? I don’t care more about Tiger Woods than I would anyone else, and neither should you.

As a matter of fact, you should go out of your way to not care about Tiger Woods.

Why is that?

Because when we care more about Tiger Woods than Joe Chickenfeed, then we are in real trouble in this nation.

Who is Joe Chickenfeed? Well, Joe Chickenfeed could be anyone. He could be you.

Joe Chickenfeed could be any of the other thousands of people who were in a car accident yesterday.

Do we care about them?

Oh, I can hear you say, but Tiger has contributed so much to society.

Sorry, my friend, I don’t buy into that.

That’s part of the problem we have in this country – this idiotic movers and shakers type society.

Tiger Woods doesn’t contribute any more to society than the man who runs the corner convenience store.

That’s the way our country was set up. Our founding fathers did this intentionally. They set it up this way because they knew that societies run by elites die off pretty quickly.

The life blood of American society comes from regular people who don’t look like much and unfortunately don’t count for much in our ridiculous superstar world.

You caring about Tiger Woods any more than anyone else is dangerous to the affairs of the country.

When you care more about Tiger Woods, you are contributing to the idiotic superstar culture which contributes to this massive polarization of wealth in our country.

There is no justification for it. Indeed, it violates the social covenant that we have with each other in which we agree to not rip each other off too badly. How would you feel if I as a pediatrician was paid $5 million for diagnosing your son’s appendicitis? How would you feel if we paid a fireman $10 million for running into a burning building?

I’m pretty sure that you would say that’s a little unfair.

You would be right. It is unfair. It violates the social covenant we have with each other.

The only reason we permit these celebrities to make these fabulous salaries is because we’ve been conned into believing that they are not human, that they are above us.

They are not.

Moreover, when these individuals are elevated into demigod status, the corporate elites will then use these fake superstars to herd the masses into the cattle pens of opinion that the elites desire.

This is exactly how the elites are controlling people to get their way in the United States of America.

This is why your senators and representatives do not listen to you.

This is why the state of California is a disaster area.

Currently the state of California runs on plebiscites, known as propositions.

The reason why California runs this way is because there isn’t sufficient representation. Because there isn’t sufficient representation, the senators and representatives listen to plebiscites.

And who controls the outcome of the plebiscites?

Morning talk show host-boobs and the celebrity superstars who appear on their programs.

Valerie Bertinelli will now comment.

She is important. You are not. If you were important, you would be on television. You are not on television hence you’re not important.

You’re stupid senators and representatives listen to these celebrity comments and interpret that as the public’s opinion.

Your representatives do not listen to you; they take their cue from the superstar.

More importantly, there are millions of boobs out there who will go along with what ignorant celebrities have to say.

These are the crowds screaming for Barabbas.

They will vote accordingly.

And so in this manner Corporate America can control public opinion.

They can do this because so many people have been beaten down into serfdom. So many people have been beaten down into thinking that these celebrities are demigods.

Many years ago I was in Las Vegas. I was ascending to my room when this one young man pops into the elevator. He begins to breathlessly tell us that he is staying in another hotel in Las Vegas. Overcome with emotion, he says to us in a giddily euphoric but quiet voice as if he is letting us in on a secret: “Gwyneth Paltrow is staying in our hotel.”

Who gives one solitary fuck?

I don’t know any way to defeat this superstar culture except to defeat it.

You have to stop caring about Tiger Woods anymore than you would any one else.

In summary then do I care about Tiger Woods and his car crash?

I can’t afford to care.

And neither can you.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Our Stupid Fascist Sports Leagues

One of the more laughable news items is when professional athletes are excluded from participating upon testing positive for COVID-19.

It’s extremely unlikely that a quarterback or receiver is going to contract COVID-19 out in the middle of the playing field from another player, then sit down on the 50 yard line and eat a cheeseburger.

COVID-19, like most of the respiratory illnesses is not spread primarily by air droplets alone.

In order for COVID-19 to spread, a person must cough on their hands, shake hands with (or transmit by fomite to) another person after which that person must pick up food that they plan to put in their mouth without washing their hands first.

That is how COVID-19 is spread.

COVID-19 is extremely unlikely to spread by respiratory droplets alone. The infectious dose is too low when dispersed in the air, and the lower respiratory epithelium has too many defenses.

So is it likely that an NFL player will sit down in the middle of a game and eat a cheeseburger without washing his hands first?

Is this likely to occur on an NFL playing field?


So then why is the NFL excluding players who test positive for COVID-19?

Partly out of ignorance, and partly to institute fascism within the United States.

What do you expect from you listen to a knucklehead like Anthony Fauci?

Your NFL is a giant corrupt corporation that is a puppet of Corporate America.

They do what Corporate America tells them to do.

The NFL’s job is to sell fear so that the elites can usher in their worker’s paradise.

Shameless Roger Goodell leads the way.

It’s bad enough that NFL quarterbacks make $40 million a year; they want more.

And they will help Corporate America get more of your money, power and dignity.

This is why idiotic NFL commentators wear a face mask when they’re standing in the middle of the field all by themselves.

They’re selling fear.

They’re selling stupidity.

They’re selling serfdom.

Smile, enjoy their product, then walk away.

Refuse to buy into their idiocy.


Archer Crosley, MD

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

What The Cowboys Need To Do

First, Jerry, it’s not the other team’s job to lay down for you and give you a Super Bowl victory.

It’s a tough league, sport, and you need to man up and recognize that.

That’s your first strike.

Second, you can’t humiliate people in public like you did with Jason Garrett a week ago. The George S. Patton school of management doesn’t work. You think by slapping that soldier around, you can inspire him to do better? You can’t.

That’s strike two.

Third, you’re too nice a guy, Jerry. You don’t discipline effectively. You don’t want to be the bad guy, so what you do is under-discipline, get frustrated, then deliver an some aggressive statement like you did last week. It doesn’t work. You have to discipline firmly, quietly and consistently.

When Wade Phillips was the coach and Dez Bryant didn’t carry the veterans pads during his first training camp, you didn’t send Dez Bryant home. That was a mistake. When Zeke Elliott went down to Cabo San Lucas and wouldn’t honor his contract, you should have sent him home. You didn’t. That too was a mistake. A contract is a contract.

You caved.

So what the players learned was that Jerry is too soft. They’ve learned that they can get away with acts of petty selfishness.

It’s a team, bub, not a collection of individuals.

Strike three, yer out.

I could stop here and say no more but you need an education.

Here’s the bottom line. Your players just aren’t all that. You talk as if they’re the greatest players in the league. They’re not, not the way you’re disciplining them.

An effective management team turns B players into A players. An ineffective management team turns B players into C players.

Dak has trouble hitting secondary and tertiary receivers. Yet you throw more than you run. Why would you do that when you have two fine running backs plus a quarterback who can run? You don’t even know your team. You should be using these guys in at least 1:1 or 2:1 run/pass ratio – and heavily with screen and play action passes added in for good measure.

Your team needs the right identity and quick. That’s your job, dude: setting the identity and scope of the team.

Right now, I don’t see it.

Hurry, Jerry. The fans are waiting.

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One thing in particular has been bothering me for the past two decades – the New England Patriots.

Like many other people, I suspect that they are cheating; but like many people, I can’t prove it.

I can cite Mr. O’Leary’s book, Spygate: The Untold Story, in which he wonderfully makes a case against the Patriots, but I myself can not point to anything that is conclusive proof that they are cheating.

In many respects, accusing the Patriots of cheating is much like accusing the CIA of murdering JFK.  There is an abundance of information that points toward it, but there is no videotape or letter indicating complicity.

This drives me crazy, and it compels me to ask:  How can I know?  What can I show that has not already been elucidated?

Should I conclude that there is nothing there?

How is it fair for me to point to statistical analyses when I have never been a big fan of statistical analysis?

Is it fair to that infer that the Patriots might be cheating because no Belichick coach has ever accomplished anything in the NFL?

Not really.  It’s interesting to note, but perhaps Belichick has a blind spot when it comes to picking assistants.  Maybe Belichick is so talented he can use losers as assistants.

How about the Patriots near unbeatable home record which no other team comes close to achieving.  Is that proof?  Again, it’s nice to know, but it does not prove anything.  Perhaps the Patriots really are that talented.

The videotaping of other teams known as Spygate?  The partially deflated balls known as Deflategate?  Again, these don’t seem to be big enough or conclusive enough to point to a conviction.

So maybe there is nothing there.

But then I ask, how is it possible for Belichick to grab the right players year after year to fit into his scheme?  How can this be done when NFL teams repopulate principally through the draft and a limited free agency where good players are looking for the big bucks?

How do the Patriots pull through their injuries year after year when other teams are hindered vastly by injuries?

Instead of asking what the Patriots might be doing wrong, maybe I should be asking what they are doing right.

What are they doing right?

Well here is what doesn’t matter:

Injuries don’t matter.  The weather doesn’t matter.  The supporting players don’t matter.  The assistant coaches don’t matter.  The fans don’t matter.

What is consistently there on the team is the owner, Robert Kraft; Bill Belichick, the coach; Ernie Adams, Belichick’s buddy, and Tom Brady, the quarterback.

They matter.

Oh yeah, half the season the stadium matters but to a lesser degree.

Two of the people who matter aren’t even on the field.

Is it possible for four men to win so much and play in so many Super Bowls?

What magic secret do they possess?

What bond do they have that makes for so much success?

What will future technology reveal?

Will future technology show them to be genius educators and motivators who were uniquely endowed to make superstars out of mortal men?

If that were the case, why are the men, the recipients of such genius, not able to transmit these skills to other people?

What is this mystical offensive and defensive strategy that can escape the view of millions of watching humans not to mention thousands upon thousands of cameras?

Back in the early 1980s, before the human genome was mapped, doctors, researchers and geneticists suspected a genetic basis for certain diseases.  They couldn’t prove it, but they certainly suspected it.

Time and technology proved them correct.

Of course, that was legitimate science.

For the case of the Patriots, we might need a man like Houdini, who was adept at picking out frauds.


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The Pathology of Sports

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Gracie Gold is a figure skater of much renown.

She won a Bronze medal in the 2014 Olympics.

She would like to win a gold.

She entered my consciousness today when I read that she had dropped out of competition for the upcoming national championships.

The article talked about her recent treatment for depression, anxiety and an eating disorder.

Why should I be surprised?

Or should I say:  Welcome to the pathology that sports has become in our society.

The drive to excel begins early in America – and apparently everywhere else the New World Order begins to exploit the citizenry.

The goal is to become a superstar.

So horrific is the desire of parents for their child to become a superstar (mere stars are wimps) that parents will shell out up to tens of thousands per year for their children to attend camps where gurus groom their children.

Some kids leave their homes to live with other families in order to pursue their dreams.

Thousands of hours are consumed with training sessions lasting several hours per day.

It’s a full time job.

It’s also child labor, child labor that needs to be put an end to.

Are you surprised that Gracie Gold might be depressed?

I’m not.

Her entire self-esteem has been pegged to her performance on the skating rink.

So when her performance begins to ebb, her self esteem, and her enjoyment of skating, goes with it.


Gracie Gold’s story is not unique.  It is a symptom of a greater pathology in our culture, that being to create a race of supermen and superwomen who will then represent the best that society has to offer.

But for whose benefit?

Corporate sponsors who make a bundle peddling their wares?

Politicians and leaders who self-promote themselves at the events?

The Führer would be proud.  He’s probably smiling in Berchtesgaden as we speak.

The pathology of the superman exists in all fields and all areas of endeavor – business, finance, art, entertainment, academia and sports.

It winds its way into our schools with phrases like “excellence” and “failure is not an option.”

My favorite slogan is, “no excuses.”

No excuses for what?

For failure?

Failure is not only an option, failure must be an option.

Without the acceptance of failure as an option, a healthy spirituality is not possible.

Kids must be taught that it’s okay to fail.

A few years ago, a student at an Ivy League school jumped off a parking garage because the pressure of not being a superstar was too great.

She was struggling in her classes; there is no shame in that. 

But she was fed a steady diet of lies by leaders who should know better.

It’s the same nonsense that is being fed to Gracie Gold.

The drive to perfection takes its toll on our youth.

A reassessment of priorities is paramount.

The best thing for Gracie Gold is for Gracie Gold to walk away from the disease known as the Olympics and all that it represents.

That’s the true road to recovery.


Copyright 2019   Archer Crosley   All Rights Reserved

Letter to LeBron

Dear LeBron,

First things first, I think you’re one hell of a basketball player. I thought last year that you had the opportunity to win seven championships before your career was over.

It’s still possible.

I was never a LeBron hater. I think people like to pick on you for the hell of it. I do however have something to say to you. I think you’re wrong when it comes to players expressing their political opinions, and here is why.

When we fans go to a sporting event or view one on television, it is to get away from the real world. We don’t need our consciousness raised; we don’t need to be educated. We already live in a world of shit.

To tell you the truth, it’s you players who need your consciousness raised. Flying in your personal jets, living in your million dollar mansions, driving your Lamborghinis, hanging out with Bono, Beyonce and Jay-Z, it’s you players who live in a fantasy world, not us.

We don’t need to be educated about anything.

The husband who watches the NFL or the NBA doesn’t need to learn about breast cancer awareness.  His wife had it; he flipped on the tube for a couple of hours to get away from the pain of his wife’s death.

The mom who watches you play doesn’t need to learn about poverty and equality; she lives it.  She flipped on the tube to anesthetize herself from reality for a few hours.  She’s beat because she’s working two jobs.

That’s your job, LeBron, whether anyone told you or not, to transport people away from reality for a few hours to a nicer place.

You talking about equality and other social issues only brings it back.

Which is why people are tuning out. They don’t want their consciousness raised.

As a pediatrician, I see malady every day of the week. I see all the results of the dumb decisions that our politicians have made over the past fifty years.

I see depression.  I see drug abuse.  I see child abuse.

So has every other physician in United States. So have all the nurses. So have all the teachers. So have all the cops. So have all the pastors. So have all the social workers.  So have all the judges.  So have many, many other people.

We live in a world of shit.

You are the anesthesia.

You are the remedy.

You are the savior.

I know it’s tough in this crazy world to just do your job.  Everyone feels as if their job isn’t quite enough, but it is.

It’s a frustrating world out there, but you can make it better for everyone by being the best basketball player you can be.

By dropping the political discourse, you will make the world a better place.

After JFK was shot on November 22. 1963, people of all walks of life felt great pain.

People were at a loss for what to do.

A great injustice had been committed, the effects of which we still feel today.

The great conductor, Leonard Bernstein, felt such pain and bewilderment.  He too struggled with what to do.  I’m sure he romanced the idea of going into politics, cleaning out Washington DC, perhaps even taking names and kicking ass.

But he didn’t.  Here is what he said in a written note:

“This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly, than ever before.”

That sounds like good advice to me.

Good luck this season with your new team.  I’ll be rooting for you.

Phonies, Paint and Sportsmanship

Lately there is talk of Bibi of Likud, President for Life, 
 rushing to the peace table because he fears a three front war against Gaza to the South, Syria to the East and Lebanon to the North.

This seems not credible.

With vast superiority of weaponry, Israel should fear no one.  The US will not permit Israel to lose.

Jews in Israel may have qualms about genocide, but I can assure you that our de-Christianized maniacs in charge in America have no such reservations. They’ll insist upon it, then tell Anderson Vanderbilt and Sheer Insanity (both puppets and beneficiaries of the New World Order) not to talk about it.

As it is the citizens in the US have barely a clue what is going on in Gaza.

If Hamas exists it is because Israel (and the US) desires it.

Despite the rhetoric from Hamas, Israel can finish off Hamas in a few days anytime it wants.

And it will if need be.

The recent peace initiative is bogus.

Israel’s leadership does not want peace and neither does Hamas.

They are both warriors and terrorists at heart.  War is what they were born to conduct.

For them it’s either total victory or being brought home on your shield.

Bibi wants all Palestinians removed from Gaza. 

He clearly stated a few years ago that he would not permit a Palestinian state west of the Jordan River.  His actions to date indicate his desire remains the same.

Hamas wants Israel eliminated.

Short of that they both desire the spoils that war brings them.  And generals always get the perks.

The losers are the people stuck between the gladiators.t

But it need not be this way.

When leaders can not make peace the people must.

There is no other way.

Someone brave must end this standoff between the Hatfields and McCoys.

A simple meeting of musicians or sportsmen usually breaks the ice.

Short of that, ignoring these fools in both Likud and Hamas would be a good start.

Talkers talk, walkers walk.

Both have talked enough bullshit over the years.

There is a marvelous scene in the movie Lust for Life in which a young Vincent Van Gogh is fervently preaching to his congregation. One man standing at the back listens, identifies Preacher Van Gogh as a phony and waves him off before exiting the church.

We should do the same.

Maybe Bibi of Likud, President for Life, missed his true calling.  

Maybe he should have been a painter.

Or a soccer player.

Come to think of it, he was, and a pretty good one.

Maybe he should play soccer with the Palestinians.

A little sportsmanship would help.