The Dallas Cowboys: What To Do?

I’m going to throw in my own two cents about what the Dallas Cowboys should do this off-season.

I’ve been hearing from a lot of Dallas Cowboy fans because I live near a lot of Dallas Cowboy fans.

This is all part of God’s punishment.

I can be more objective because I grew up a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

I’m not easily snowed by Cowboys propaganda, nor am I depressed when the Cowboys lose.

Indeed, I am elated because the Cowboys deserve it. They deserve it because they and their fans are spoiled little babies who delusionally believe that the Cowboys are America’s team. They believe that it’s the duty of the Philadelphia Eagles, the New York Giants, the Washington Commanders, and, yes, the San Francisco 49ers to lay down and die before them.

Currently almost every Cowboys fan is calling for Dak Prescott to be traded or fired. They also want to move on from Zeke Elliott.

They share the mentality of most sportscasters who fervently believe that someone has to go, that someone has to be fired.

It’s a given, right?

I don’t agree.

You can’t blame this loss or any loss on any one individual Cowboy.

The reason the Cowboys lost is because the San Francisco 49ers were and are a better team.

The truth hurts, but it’s true.

I’ll repeat it for the Cowboys fans. The San Francisco 49ers were and are a better team.

Once you the Cowboys fam understand that, then you are able to stop blaming any one particular individual.

You start focusing on the team.

Let me state a simple truth for you.

It is the team’s responsibility to overcome all obstacles, internal and external, that are presented to it in its quest score more points than the opposition. Any failure to do so is the responsibility of the team.

Burn it into your memory.

If the team loses, it’s because the team lost.

You can’t blame it on the referees.

You can’t blame it on the weather.

You can’t blame it on blue uniforms.

You can’t blame it on some arcane statistic from the past.

You can’t blame it on a bad bounce.

You can’t blame it on the quarterback.

You can’t blame it on the coach.

I repeat what I said before so that it will sink in.

It is the team’s responsibility to overcome all obstacles, internal and external, that are presented to it in its quest score more points than the opposition. Any failure to do so is the responsibility of the team.

It does no good to point fingers.

It does no good to cast blame.

Whatever the team is, its players are stuck with each other. It’s a marriage. Sometimes it’s a bad marriage, but it is a marriage.

Whatever the faults of the team are, those players are chained at the hip, and they’re going to have to figure it out together.

It’s not a matter of drafting a new quarterback.

It’s not a matter of getting a new coach.

The players that the Cowboys currently have are plenty good enough to win a Super Bowl.

The coach is plenty good enough to win a Super Bowl.

They’re just going to have to figure it out.

Now, your married life can be a dream if you choose to support each other, recognize each other’s weaknesses, and work together to overcome them.

Or, your marriage can be miserable if you choose to knock each other down, beat each other up, and tear each other apart.

It’s your choice.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The NFL Must Change

The NFL must change.

The recent concussion of Tua Tagovailoa proves it.

The concussion protocols are a joke.

Of course they are.

Why would we permit a player who had suffered a concussion to go back out after one to two weeks when we know that a player with a bad sprain or fracture requires four to eight weeks?

What’s going on with a concussion?

The brain is striking the inside of the skull.

Normally you have tissue that suspends the brain and prevents it from striking the skull during normal activity.

When the brain hits the skull the tissue is stretched and weakened. That is why when you suffer one concussion you are more likely to suffer another.

This tissue will repair but it may never repair to the effectiveness it had previously.

Thus there is the need for rest.

In my practice, ideally, I recommend a minimum of six weeks reprieve from sports.

My experience has taught me that the healthy human body repairs itself at a rate of 50% every two weeks. Thus at six weeks of rest the tissues generally achieve a repair effectiveness of 87.5%.

This isn’t perfect, but it’s better than the silly concussion protocol that now exists.

Of course a patients memory and cognition should be tested but only within the context of six weeks rest.

Naturally the NFL doesn’t want that.

It wants its stars to keep playing.

If the stars don’t play, the fans will walk away.

Too bad.

What the NFL needs to do is change its way of play.

Tackling must be banned.

The game must transform itself into some hybrid between soccer, rugby and Irish football.

Concussions must be minimized.

Here’s the thing. It’s not just traumatic encephalopathy that must be prevented but other trauma related injuries as well.

What the NFL is not looking at are the number of dissecting aortic aneurysms that NFL players may be suffering.

You see, the human body is not made for football. It’s not made for two men running into each other at 15 miles per hour.

The additive force of 15 miles per hour is equal to 30 miles per hour on a direct hit.

Yes, the pads cushion some of that blow, but repetitive stress at a combined cushioned force of 15 miles per hour can do a lot of damage over time.

Let’s look at what happens when you fall off a building keeping in mind that each foot of drop equals 1 MPH.

If each story equals 10 feet, then a one story drop yields 10 MPH, two story 20 MPH, and three story 30 MPH.

What happens if you fall one story. Assuming you don’t hit your head, you’ll probably get a bad sprain. You may break a bone.

How about two stories? You’ll break a bone.

How about three stories? You’ll not only break a bone there’s a good chance you’ll die.

How about four stories? I’m sorry, but you are going to die.

Why do we die?

What’s the reason? What’s going on?

We die because the connective tissues that maintain the integrity of our blood vessels fracture.

We don’t die of broken bones. We die because blood vessels rupture. When the blood vessels rupture, we can’t get blood to the vital organs. The blood pools in areas it’s not supposed to pool. Blood pressure drops. Consciousness is lost to the brain. The body dies.

I am arguing that the repetitive trauma that football players suffer is doing damage to the aorta and other vital blood vessels in the body.

Football players are dying early not just because of traumatic brain encephalopathy.

They are dying early for other reasons as well.

The human body is not made for football.

It’s one thing for eight year old boys to run at each other. They can’t run very fast, and they don’t weigh a lot.

It’s a different ballgame with adults. 250 to 300 pound football players do weigh a lot, and they can run fast.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Steroids in Sports

I hope someday someone will simply accept that what I say is so instead of defying me just to do it.

Have you met these people? Do you have a friend who is just like that? Do you know somebody who puts up a rebuttal before you’ve even finished your comment?

I don’t want to argue 2+2 = 4, and I don’t want to act in a contrived manner and put the manipulative Ben Franklin routine on people. I don’t want to say to people: I can see your point of view. Have you considered this option?

I’d rather just bluntly state what I perceive to be the truth, then walk away.

I don’t understand why people on television are listened to with a blank check, but I can say the most basic thing like 2+2 = 4 and get an immediate rebuttal.

What is it about television that transforms idiots into experts?

I suppose it’s the fact that they are on television, and that the people who are not on television are not on television.

TV viewers must therefore conclude: Well, he must be pretty special if he’s on television.


With that stated I’m going to give you my position on steroids in sports.

I think steroids should be legal, and I think we should stop testing.

Instead of testing for steroids, we should set limits on muscle density. We should come up with an objective measure for muscle density just as the bikers come up with hematocrit levels that are acceptable in biking.

Beyond a certain level, you can’t compete.

With these muscle density levels, we can equalize the playing field, and we can also solve the problem we have with transgendered women participating in women’s sports.

Below a certain muscle density level, you are allowed to compete in this group. Above that level you may compete in this other group. Does this make sense?

Transgendered women who are breaking records in women’s sports probably have the muscle density level of a man. Because they have that higher muscle density level, they have to compete with the men, not because they are men but because they have a higher muscle density level.

Does this make sense? We won’t separate competition groups according to gender anymore; we will classify them according to muscle density level.

It will just be a happy coincidence that traditional women will fit in the lower muscle density group while traditional man will fit in the higher muscle density group.

Any individual who exceeds the maximum muscle density level of that group may not compete in that group.

Of course there are other features of being male that confer mechanical advantage, but for now I want to talk about steroids.

Why shouldn’t steroids be legal?

Let’s take the case of Mickey Mantle.

Mickey Mantle was an individual who was blessed genetically with strength and speed.

He obviously had something in his genetics that enabled this. Probably he had an endogenous steroid level that was higher than your average bear. Or he may just have been born with a higher muscle density level.

Let’s assume for the sake of argument that Mickey is still alive.

Why shouldn’t another player who isn’t as genetically blessed be able to elevate his muscle fibers to the same strength as Mickey Mantle?

Follow me now before making judgment.

Mickey Mantle as you know had injuries. He had bad knees.

Why is it acceptable for Mickey Mantle to get knee surgery and fix his knees and bring them to the level of my knees, a person who is blessed genetically with good knees, but I am not permitted to elevate my muscle strength to Mickey Mantle‘s muscle strength?

Why is one particular group of cells in the body allowed to enhance itself but another group of cells is not?

Let’s suppose that Mickey Mantle has bad eyes.

Let us say that he needs eye surgery, or let us say that he needs to wear glasses in order to see the ball better?

Isn’t that cheating?

Why should Mickey Mantle’s eyes receive more privileges than the muscle cells in my body?

Okay let’s talk about pitchers who get UCL reconstruction. UCL construction is also known popularly as Tommy John surgery.

UCL stands for ulnar collateral ligament.

For some unknown reason, sportscasters on television are able to say ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) reconstruction but completely unable to say UCL reconstruction.

I remember reading about Tommy John surgery when I was in medical school. It was right there next to Madonna surgery and the Cher Procedure.

This UCL surgery often makes pitchers better than they were before the surgery.

Isn’t this cheating?

Why is the elbow in a pitcher permitted to enjoy privileges that my muscle cells are not privileged to have?

If a pitcher can improve his elbow, why can I not improve my muscle cells?

Is it my fault that I was born with genetically weaker muscle cells?

If you’re going to deny me steroids to improve my muscle cells, maybe we should prevent pitchers from getting UCL reconstruction? Maybe we should prevent people with bad knees, people like Mickey Mantle, from receiving knee surgery.

Once we come to understand that my cells should enjoy the same rights as the cells in another individual, then we come to see that there’s nothing wrong with steroids in sports as long as it does not result in a muscle density that is above an accepted level.

There, I said it.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Brian Flores

Brian Flores is suing the NFL because they discriminate against black folk.

What took him so long?

The NFL is a totally bigoted league and has been for a long time.

It’s not hard to see.

First you need to open your eyes.

If you’re white Ben Roethlisberger and you whore it up in a bar, you get a pat on the wrist.

If you’re white Tom Brady and you deflate footballs, you get a pat on the wrist.

If you’re white Peyton Manning and you jack yourself up with human growth hormone and steroids while hiding behind your wife Ashley’s skirt, you get a pat on the wrist.

BUT, if you’re black Adrian Peterson and you discipline your child a little too harshly, you get a year suspension.

A year!

If you’re Pac-Man Jones and you’re in a bar when someone else shoots someone, you get a year suspension.

Remember, Pac-Man didn’t do the shooting.

It’s about time someone sued the NFL.

Brian Flores never should’ve been fired in the first place.

Who fires a coach after a second half of the season like he had?

No sane person.

White coaches who do what Brian Flores do are given extensions.

Thank you, Brian Flores, for stepping up and having the courage to put your career in jeopardy by doing the right thing.

I’m not sure that you will win.

I hope so, but you are going up against Corporate America.

It’s Corporate America that is your real enemy.

The NFL is just part of a bigger force anymore.

The NFL isn’t some select group of semi-autistic football aficionados who stick to themselves.

Oh,no, your modern NFL is totally integrated within the Harvard Cabal that runs Corporate America.

Indeed, the NFL is now a tool of the Harvard Cabal.

The Harvard Cabal figured out that sports, in particular the NFL, is a great way to indoctrinate the American people.

And so they do.

One of Corporate America’s goals is to keep their corporate prison racket going.

That can’t happen if black people ascend and prosper in society.

To make sure that they don’t, the NFL sat back and allowed black athletes to kneel before the national anthem just a few years ago.

Don’t think for one second that the NFL didn’t know or couldn’t figure out that this kneeling would have a backlash against the black community.

The NFL’s goal was to rally black people around the cry of racism.

The NFL is happy when black people are raging against the system. If people are raging against the system, they aren’t in school studying.

The immediate goal is to force black people into a siege mentality where they isolate themselves even further from white people.

It’s a sneaky method of segregation.

Denying coaching and general manager jobs to blacks is part of that agenda.

If blacks are denied opportunities within the NFL, black folk who watch the NFL get the impression that they are second class citizens who will never be given an opportunity in the white man’s world.

What the NFL is hoping for is that the majority of black folk become dispirited, give up, and settle back into a state of fuming rage which ultimately manifests itself into further destruction of the black community.

Make no mistake about it, the NFL is a bigoted league run by a bigoted Corporate America.

It is Corporate America that makes a fortune off the corporate prison racket.

It is Corporate America that supported Black Lives Matter which works against black people. It works against Black people by promoting a Marxist, we are all in this together mentality which works against an individualism that can make lives better for black folk in the inner city.

It is Corporate America that makes a fortune off the welfare plantation racket.

What Corporate America wants is for black people to go away. They don’t want black people to enter the white man’s workforce.

That’s why your lawsuit is important., Brian Flores.

I can assure you of this: They weren’t expecting you to sue them.

Keep fighting.

Kick the door down.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Listen Up, Fools

Hey, motherfuckers in charge, are you listening?

Can you hear me?

Hey, listen up, clearheads.

Mr. CIA agent, are you present?


Do you know why you motherfuckers are going to lose?

It’s not because you’re not smart. You have plenty of biological smarts.

It’s not even because you’re outnumbered.

As you know full well, there’s too many of us, and too few of you.

Sure, you can hold us back with lies for a little while, but in the long run the flooding waters are going to overpower the gates and wipe you off the fucking planet.

And it’ll be a better planet.

You are all going down.

It’s just a matter of time.

But that’s not the real reason you’re going down.

You’re going down because we live in a moral universe. It works like a giant mousetrap, and God is the person who guards it. Naturally, you guys are the rat that is nibbling at the cheese.

It takes time for you to nibble enough cheese to spring the trap. That’s why it always appears to you that your little schemes are working and that no one will be the wiser.

Of course you are never satisfied with taking a little, and so in time the trap gets sprung.

God has been minding the trap the whole time. God sees everything.

God sees that your actions are totally immoral.

Do you have any idea how many people you have hurt?

Look, I’m staying right now at this Marriott Courtyard.

Now, it used to be that a maid would come by and clean the room on a daily basis.

You do remember her, right?

This is the unskilled laborer that you paid minimum wage to.

She needed that little extra cash for her family.

Well, I guess that was too much money for her, right? I guess your greed-mongering businessmen, your Wharton School graduates, figured that they could take advantage of the pandemic and cut housekeeping costs.

What a bonanza for you, right?

I imagine the stock price of your criminal corporation went up when the bottom line was cut.

Jim Cramer and the other CNBC jerk-offs probably got an erection.

Wow! You guys are winners.

You’re like your friends at the New England Patriots who take advantage of the loopholes and the technicalities of the game to gain an unfair advantage.

NFL broadcasters regularly gloss over the Patriots’ videotaping of opponent’s behavior during practice and games, their rummaging through opponent’s trash cans for data, their deflating of the game balls, their communicating tells to players on the field, and who knows what else.

You’re like those NFL quarterbacks who take advantage of the opposing team having too many men on the field in order to quickly hike the ball so as to get a penalty against their opponent.

Misguided NFL broadcasters drooled over Saint Peyton Manning when he pulled this immoral trick time and time again.

You’re like Derek Jeter when he faked getting hit by a ball so as to gain advantage over the Tampa Bay Rays. You remember that incident, don’t you?

His cocksucker buddies at ESPN, who drool over his exploits, rallied behind him and called his cheating maneuver gamesmanship.

You’re like a particular ESPN morning broadcaster from years ago who said that it was okay to go after an opposing player’s injured elbow in a hockey game.

It’s not okay.

Now, listen up, cocksuckers. I’m going to teach you something that they don’t teach you at the Wharton school.

When you play another player, you want to beat that player when he or she is at his best.

When you have to injure someone or cheat in order to win, you are not defeating that player when he is at his best. You have immorally compromised him.

When you win, you want everybody to know that your opponent was in full operating condition. You don’t want any excuses to be made.

When you have to cheat in order to win, what does that say about you?

Not much.

This is why you are going down. Your actions are immoral. You take advantage of your privileged status in order to game the rules in order to weaken other people.

You confuse championships, Super Bowls and lots of money with victory in life.

You were taught wrong.

God sees everything that you do, and God is just waiting, biding time.

God is minding the giant mousetrap that’s going to cook your ass like spam on a griddle.

You’re going down, motherfuckers, just like those worthless rulers before you.

And it’s going to come sooner than you think.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Urban Meyer

Dear Urban Meyer,

I’m going to pretend that I am your boss.

Listen up, bitch.

You are a coward and a pussycat.

You are a wimp and a sellout.

You are such, not because you engaged in what appears to be lap dancing at a bar, but because you apologized for doing so when there was no reason to do so.

Why are you apologizing?

What did you do wrong other than get stress relief for an extremely stressful job?

Are head coaches never permitted to take a break from reality?

Are human beings permitted no short escape into fantasy?

I don’t give a good good damn if your hands were all over the girl.

If they were, it was clearly done with mutual consent in order to divert the mind.

Secondly it’s none of my business anyway.

Nor is it the business of anyone else.

For my part, you did nothing to harm the integrity of the NFL.

If anyone has harmed the integrity of the NFL, it is the NFL itself for becoming the politically correct kneeler it has become.

The NFL now takes its orders from Joy Behar.

What Joy believes, the NFL believes.

What Joy disapproves of, the NFL disapproves of.

If Joy is happy, the NFL is happy

If Joy is unhappy, the NFL is unhappy.

The NFL no longer has a spine of its own.

It is a quivering bowl of Jell-O in an electric field of emotions.

Joy Behar only needs to snap her fingers, and the NFL, the little poodle that it is, comes to a heeling position.

Well, I don’t want that.

What I want is a man who stands on his own two feet and takes a stand for what he feels is right.

As Emiliano Zapata once said: It’s better to die on your feet like a man than to live the rest of your life on your knees like a dog.

Can you be a man, Urban Meyer?

Women have no problem going to ladies clubs where barely naked male dancers with a six pack and a cucumber-laden jockstrap gyrate their hips to screams of full-throated lust.

So why on earth are you apologizing?

If you want your job, stop apologizing.

Better yet retract the apology you did make.

Under no circumstances bend the knee to the apology police.

They couldn’t care less about women or fidelity.

What they care about is power, power over you, power over us.

Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile.

I need a coach who understands that.

If your wife doesn’t understand that that’s not our problem; that’s her problem. Divorce her.

I need a coach who can set an example for his players.

I need a coach who can stand up and act like a man.

Pussycats and wimps need not apply.

Man up or ship out.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

MMA and Corporate America: A Match Made in Hell

I remember when MMA began in the early 80s.

I remember Royce Gracie breaking people’s arms.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

I wanted to pick up a machine gun and kill someone.

But I didn’t know who to kill.

Do I kill the fighters? Or do I kill the cheering audience?

I still feel that way about MMA today.

I was shocked and disappointed when Corporate America jumped in to sponsor MMA.

I’m not shocked now given what has transpired in American culture over the past 40 years.

No one should be surprised nowadays that Corporate America sponsors MMA.

Corporate America couldn’t care less about people, humanity, morals, or what is right in society.

Corporate America only cares about a buck.

That’s it.

The reason why Corporate America only cares about a buck is because Corporate America is not a person.

This would actually be news to our Supreme Court justices who fervently believe that corporations are people.

Yes, it’s true. The Supreme Court has granted them personhood.

The Founding Fathers however felt differently.

They knew that corporations were not people. They also knew that corporations were dangerous. They were afraid of the power of corporations.

That’s why they limited their power.

Yep, corporations in the old days had to have a specific purpose and a specific length of time during which they could operate. Also, the leaders of those corporations could be held responsible for the actions of that corporation.

Not so today.

The wealthy elite, who run our corporations, have needled away at our legal system in order to grant their cash cows personhood.

This is why corporations are so powerful today.

This is why they’re eating America alive.

Slowly, gradually, brick by brick, the decent Republic our Founding Fathers desired is being dismantled.

Part of that dismantlement is MMA.

There is money in poverty and violence.

MMA is a vicious, uncivilized sport where we indoctrinate young people that it’s okay, possibly even normal, to be violent. We tell them that it’s okay to smash in the head of your opponent until he taps out.

And, yes, MMA is different than boxing.

It is different in that boxing has rules and a sense of moderation that MMA does not.

In boxing, it’s not okay to pummel a nearly unconscious, defenseless opponent into the canvas.

In boxing it’s not okay to kick a person in the head. Any fool knows that you can generate much more power with a kick than a punch.

A knee to the head is bordering on criminality.

In MMA there are no serious gloves. The gloves in boxing exist to limit the damage of the violence to the puncher and the boxer being punched.

I’ve been to an MMA match and seen little children mimic the fighters.

That is not what we need for a decent republic. We don’t need more violence; we need less violence.

Less violence, more thought.

MMA contributes to that violent culture, and not in an innocent way.

It’s not just the fight itself, but the culture around MMA that’s wrong. The audience itself seems to be invested in the blood sport in a way that you do not see with boxing.

Yes, the boxing audience is rooting for their particular guy in the match. And if there is a knockout, or a severe punch to the head, yes, the audience does cheer, but it seems reactionary to what has occurred. In MMA the audience is proactively invested in the complete bone-crushing annihilation of the opponent.

And then there are the fighters themselves.

The MMA fighters are tattooed and adorned as nihilistic, Orwellian gladiators – uncivilized brutes, cannibals thirsting for a blood meal.

In fact blood, and plenty of it, seems to heighten the fervent, mystical excitement of the audience and their unslakable thirst for an impaling.

Welcome to the Coliseum.

The apotheosis of this barbarity would be Conor McGregor who saunters lewdly around the octagon like a character in A Clockwork Orange.

If we have mass shootings, if we have increased incidents of road rage, if we have more uncivil discourse, MMA is a contributing factor to that.

MMA reduces us to the status of an unclean animal.

This seems in line with what our ruling elite desire.

You might say MMA is a reflection of them.

Animals beget animals.

Our leaders of Corporate America are wild animals who believe in social Darwinism.

The people they sponsor are the same.

Both institutions need to go.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Making Baseball Better

Since Rob Manfred is hell-bent on destroying baseball, it’s incumbent for us to save baseball.

That is the purpose of this article: How to save Major League Baseball.

First, let’s not do what everyone else is doing.

Currently, MLB, because it is losing its casual (as opposed to hardcore loyal) fanbase, has decided, under the leadership of Rob Manfred, to do what other people are doing, which is to adapt to our misguided culture.

Our current culture has no patience for thinking, intelligent strategy, or what appears to be a more slow playing game.

I could argue that nothing is more slow playing than football players crouching in a huddle, but that is not the purpose of this conversation.

I could also argue that no quarterback can throw a football as fast as a baseball player throwing a hardball, but no one will care.

And I’d love to wager that there are more exciting plays in baseball than in football, but nobody will listen.

The perception exists that baseball is a slow, unexciting sport.

People have been programmed to repeat like Pavlov’s dog that baseball is boring.

In response to that, the misguided leaders of baseball are trying to speed up the game, to give it more zip.

One of the proposed ways to give it more zip is to institute a homerun derby to decide the game rather than have the game go into extra innings.

Obviously I think this is a bad idea.

It is a bad idea because baseball will then be conforming to a misguided culture, a culture that will ultimately have no permanence.

Instead, baseball should stay true to its roots.

In fact, baseball should double down and send a strong message to society that there are some things worth keeping.

To make the game more relevant and interesting, I would institute some of the following changes.

I would ban interleague play. This was a change that was instituted in the modern era in order to give people in National League cities a chance to view teams like the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees. Likewise people who live in American League cities could see the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Well, if people want to see the Boston Red Sox, they can travel to Boston or another American League city.

Or they can watch an American League game on a black and white TV with grainy reception like I did as a kid when I held the antenna in order to pick up Yankees games in NY, or Orioles games in Baltimore.

By banning inter-league play, we can strengthen divisional rivalries.

Why should the Phillies play a few useless games with the Yankees and the Red Sox, when they can play a few more relevant games with the Mets and Braves?

We Phillies fans hate the Mets. And when I say hate, I mean deep-seated visceral hate. That’s why we love playing them.

Let’s make divisions means something.

Let’s make the real season mean something.

Since the fan base is shrinking, let’s rely less on television revenue. Let’s quit trying to expand the baseball market to everyone.

When you try to please everyone, you please no one.

It’s very much like a chef at a restaurant who puts out bland food because he’s afraid of offending someone.

Offending someone would mean, gasp, less market share.

I would rather be offended.

Let’s put more seasoning in baseball.

When we lessen our reliance on television, we also lessen our reliance on Corporate America.

Corporate America will therefore be less likely to extend its political influence upon the game.

All Star games won’t be switched out of cities because Corporate America and their lackey commissioners don’t like the politics of a local area.

There is no place for politics in sports.


Ban athletes from making political statements.

Ban corporations from making political statements on a baseball field.

I have always viewed the baseball field as a church, a sacrosanct temple, free of political influence.

Not only should we eliminate politics from sports, we should eliminate all advertising on the field itself.

Get rid of those beer and car ads. If you want to put them on the concourse, fine; but, pleeeze, get rid of them on the playing field.

When we permit corporations to advertise on the playing field, we send a strong message to the players and to ourselves.

We are saying that our top priority is a dollar bill.

We are telling the world that we are for sale, that nothing is sacrosanct.

Eliminating advertising would go a long way to doing good for baseball and ourselves.

Along those lines, we can stop naming stadiums after corporations and corporate products.

We can rename many of these stadiums for people who have done honorable things – like we used to do.

Without advertising and television money, baseball players will necessarily make less money.

This will be good for the players.

Minus the fixation on money, and team-hopping for the bucks, players will be more likely to finish out their careers with the team they started with.

This will help generate greater interest amongst the fans.

Players will gain immeasurably in stature.

In earlier days, it was common for a player to spend a decade or more with one team.

Free agency and our culture of greed drove players to go to the highest bidder.

This was disastrous for fan interest and the career of the player.

Fans want to see that a player has loyalty to their team.

When that loyalty is restored, fan interest will increase.

Baseball will be a more fun game to watch.

Fans will be rooting for their guy, not a Hessian soldier.

Those would be the main changes I would make to baseball.

Obviously, the designated runner and the designated hitter would have to go.

Having that lousy-hitting pitcher come up during a rally made the game frustrating but more interesting.

Having that slow runner made you tear your hair out.

Having those extra innings made the game more interesting.

When your team goes 13 innings, you are sitting on the edge of your seat because you have invested so much time in the game.

When your team goes 19 innings, and they have to bring in the second baseman to pitch because they have run out of pitchers, as the Phillies did a few years ago when Wilson Valdez came in to take down the likes of Joey Votto and win the game, that is what makes the game interesting and memorable.

Let’s keep it that way.

Wilson Valdez takes down the middle of the Reds batting order?

That is a classic, baby.

The final change I would make is to eliminate the instant replay.

Curt Gowdy and Tony Kubek alluded to this years ago. They felt that instant replay took the human element out of the game.

I didn’t understand that as a young man, but I understand it now.

The umpire, his humanity, and his imperfections are as much a part of the game as are the imperfections of the players.

We should embrace that.

We are fallible human beings, not impregnable silicon chips.

Yes, minus instant replay, the game won’t be technically perfect, but it will be a hell of a lot more interesting.

And we won’t be wasting endless minutes waiting for an umpire to stare into a black box.

Let’s move forward by returning to the past.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Ruining Baseball

I told you before that Rob Manfred would ruin the game of baseball.

It’s only a question of how quickly he can ruin it.

Let’s see how long it takes.

The latest effort by MLB is to test market home run derby as a means to end games more rapidly.

Rob and his buddies apparently don’t like extra innings.

Most likely they did a financial analysis and discovered that extra innings weren’t maximizing profits efficiently.

So, to increase market share, to make the game supposedly more interesting, and of course to make more money, they will test market home run derby in the minor leagues to see how well it works.

I can guarantee that they will conclude that it does work.

They’ve already made up their mind.

Too bad.

Too bad for us.

It’s too bad for us because short term gain and long-term loss are often too compatible.

Home run derby will do to baseball what three-pointers and dunks have done for basketball – make the game boring and less team-oriented.

In an attempt to make basketball more appealing, the NBA ruined the game.

When you’ve seen one dunk, you’ve seen them all.

When you’ve seen one three-pointer you’ve seen them all.


Rob Manfred will do the same for baseball.

This is what happens when you put a master of the universe in charge of baseball.

Rob Manfred is, of course, a Harvard graduate.

As such he has been indoctrinated by our idiotic superstar culture to believe that he is superior to the rest of us, and so he will now look to fulfill the prophecy that society has set for him.

Forget about keeping your hand on the rudder and running a steady ship; that’s for chumps and losers.

Say, why does baseball need to increase market share anyway? And if baseball’s market share, is falling, so what?

Maybe a better approach would be to downsize the salaries, downsize the number of teams, downsize the size of the new stadiums, keep the game the same, and wait patiently for the day when society readjusts itself back to the great game that baseball is.

Isn’t that what life is, a giant circadian rhythm? Don’t we sleep at night? Don’t we all need a little downtime?

Isn’t life a giant roller coaster with ups and downs?

Don’t valleys go with mountains?

When you try to change your game to fit the mass market, which is fickle and disloyal, you lose your loyal base. Then you lose it all.

Home run derby will contribute to the demise of Major League Baseball – when it arrives – and it most likely will.

Never underestimate the power of a Harvard graduate. They have the Harvard machine behind them. It’s very difficult to beat these people.

Rob Manfred is just an officer of that machine.

Just as Harvard has made a wreck of the United States in every area of endeavor you can possibly imagine, Harvard will ruin baseball.

There is no stopping it.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Rob Manfred, Puppet

Well, I knew Rob Manfred, being a Harvard graduate, would ruin baseball. I just thought it would take him longer than this.

There’s no place for politics in sports.


Apparently Rob Manfred, the dopey commissioner of MLB, doesn’t think so.

Rob Manfred, as you may know, recently made the decision to move the MLB All-Star game out of Atlanta because he and his elites don’t approve of the Georgia voting law.

Well, who gives a fuck what Rob Manfred thinks of the Georgia voting law?

And why is the Georgia voting law any of Rob Manfred’s business?

Indeed why does Major League Baseball care about the Georgia voting law?

Does Major League Baseball care about any of the other various policies in various states across the nation?

Should they?

It’s not Major League Baseball‘s job to care about how any state conducts its business or its voting practice.

It’s not Rob Manfred’s job either.

We have elected leaders to do that. Do you remember that quaint concept known as representative democracy?

Are we to replace that now with the whims of corporate titans who are now either controlled or heavily influenced by a politically correct Harvard University?

Make no mistake about it, Harvard is behind this.

Harvard leads the way.

Do you know what Major League Baseball‘s job is?

Ticket on the clue train: it’s not to follow Harvard..

Its job is to entertain us.

Its job is to relieve us from the pressures of daily life for three short hours.

Major League Baseball‘s job is not to cause us more pain.

Major League Baseball‘s job is not to raise our consciousness.

Our consciousness is raised enough already.

We already live in a world of shit.

We already know how the real world works.

We don’t need a motherfucker like Rob Manfred to tell us how horrible the world is.

We already know.

But, what else could you expect from a Harvard graduate?

If you ever needed any proof that Harvard University is controlling the strings, that Harvard University is the master puppet master in re-engineering our society, you just got a lesson in it yesterday, when Rob “Motherfucker” Manfred, Harvard graduate, decided to enter the world of politics.

Baseball is finished.

Thank you Harvard University.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved