Trump, Bragg and TikTok

What do Alvin Bragg and the current TikTok scandal have in common?

Alvin Bragg is the district attorney in New York City. He is a Harvard loser who is working to bring charges against Donald Trump.

Trump, the five yellow-stripe coward, in response has asked his protesters to get out in the streets to, I don’t know, block what Alvin Bragg is thinking of doing?

That’s Alvin Bragg.

The current TikTok scandal is what’s going on in Washington, DD (District of Destruction).

Hearings are being held to ascertain whether TikTok should be shut down.

Many parents have spoken out vocally against TikTok because TikTok targets their teens. In one such family, a young boy committed suicide after being targeted with disturbing videos.

That’s the TikTok affair.

So what do they have in common?

What they have in common is that nothing will come of these affairs.

They are both shams.

They are both instigated by the elites in the Harvard cartel, our would be masters of the universe, to disrupt society.

Sure, there will be a lot of smoke and mirrors.

There will be a lot of bluster.

But in the end, nothing will come of these affairs.

Donald Trump is not going to jail, and TikTok is not going to be shut down.

The Donald Trump affair is contrived.

The goal of this affair was to try and goad Trump supporters to get out in the streets and create havoc.

In this manner, the authorities can crack down on Trump supporters again.

In this manner any legitimate conservative movement can be delegitimized.

The elites are trying very hard to sucker Trump supporters into the streets (as they did on January 6). When Coward Trump’s plea for massive protest fell on deaf ears, Trump promptly picked up a baseball bat near a picture of Alvin Bragg.

What a disgrace. Do we really want Al Capone as leader of the conservative movement?

The TikTok affair is contrived also.

The Harvard elites, the real powers that be, the money – they want TikTok.

They love TikTok.

They love TikTok because TikTok animalizes American society.

The powers that be, the money, want America to be animalized because animals do not represent a threat to their rule, or so they think.

The powers that be, they desire to create a nation of low-class gutter animals.

TikTok serves that end.

TikTok is a place where animals revel supreme.

TikTok is a place where classless, uncivil behavior rules the day.

TikTok is a place where young preteen children become sexualized.

TikTok is a place where violence rules the day.

Why would our modern-day Caligulas give that up?

Like Caligula, the emperor of old, they revel in disease, violence, and disorder.

The stupider you are, the less threat you are to them.

The more you watch TikTok, the dumber you become.

The more you watch TikTok, the less time you spend reading.

Reading is knowledge.

Reading is the enemy of the elites.

What the elites want is for you to be a dumb ass and get out on the streets and violently fight Yellowbelly Trump’s battles for him.

That’s what these two events have in common.

Alvin Bragg is a fuck puppet who fronts for the powers that be.

The powers that be have no intention of putting Trump in jail because Trump is one of them.

Trump is part of the scam, and he has been for many decades now.

Fuck Trump and fuck TikTok.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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