Collectivism and Change

Is it possible to change America within the extant political system?

I will argue no, not in the traditional way.

The elites are too smart and too immoral.

Sure, you might catch them off guard occasionally, as the Brexiteers have discovered, but soon they will figure you out. They have loads of money to spend on putting you in your place.

The only way that seems possible to take them down is to battle them outside their system altogether, that is to walk away from their system.

But what is their system, their method of oppression?

To see why let’s play a game.

Let’s say that you started a third party that began to attract a significant number of voters that could hurt one of the traditional parties in a presidential election.

It wouldn’t be too long before someone would approach your candidate with an ultimatum: You either throw the election, take a pay off or something will happen to your children.

Game over.

After that, they’d insert their operatives into your party to divide and conquer it.

This is what biological organisms do to protect themselves.  They send out the antibodies and macrophages to attack the alien invader – you.

If you did manage to get a few candidates elected, they’d seduce them with lots of goodies, favors and reminders (extortion).  In time you wouldn’t have candidates representing your party.

So, if this is the case you might ask, why doesn’t one mainstream party play this same game with the other?

For one simple reason:  There is no two party system. There is a one party system with two wings to it. The Democrat and Republican parties long ago reached a truce.  Rules must be followed.  You can attack a candidate on any legitimate ground, but you can not resort to extortion, bribes or murder.  That only applies to startups.

And so when you take on the task of reforming society, you are fighting a one party system.  Your chances of winning are zero in the traditional way.


Your only chance is to change the field upon which the political battle will be fought.

But what is that field?


You must not change people’s values; you must change your values.

Let other people take care of their own values.

Political parties are predicated upon collectivism.

As collectivism fades so will the power of political parties.

They will follow you.

Which is as it should be.