Harvard and God

Where did Harvard go wrong?

First things first. Harvard is not a group of nutty professors sitting around a living room in beatnik clothes entertaining Che Guevara and the leader of the the Shining Path Guerillas.

Harvard today is much more ruthless than that.

Harvard’s primary ruling board known as The Corporation is a group of the most malicious, overachieving, greedy money-accumulators the world has ever seen. They put Crassus to shame.

And therein lies where Harvard went wrong.

Harvard walked away from God. Harvard put its faith in profits.

Harvard placed its faith in Oxford.

Harvard placed its faith In Criminal Corporate Britain.

Harvard brags about its endowment.

Harvard brags about its library.

Harvard brags about its movers and shakers.

There is scarcely an item on the face of the earth that Harvard does not brag about.

Christ is about humility.

Harvard displays anything but humility.

Its graduates feast on pheasant and fine wine even as homelessness abounds around it.

To assuage its guilt, it gives forth dimes in order to get the ball rolling to fight the racism and the poverty that it has created and encouraged.

In reality, its proper payment is the forfeiture of its entire wealth.

Harvard brags about its Rhodes scholarships.

Harvard cozied up to the bigot and racist, Cecil Rhodes, who raped Africa and then set up his scholarship in order to rope America back into the British sphere of influence.

On its 350th anniversary, Harvard invited the British pig and criminal, Prince Charles, to speak.

Harvard’s dream is the dream of Criminal Corporate Britain, to make America the Dickensian-Twistian workshop that they had initially intended it to be.

Harvard betrays America. Harvard betrays God.

Harvard is the antichrist.

Harvard leads the way in eliminating the terms AD and BC.

Harvard wants you to use the terms CE and BCE instead.

Make no mistake about it, Harvard rules the media which pushes forth this canard.

Yes, that’s right, Jesus Christ, nothing to see here, speed bump in history, keep moving.

As a Christian, I don’t ask you to join the Christian church. I don’t demand that you join the Christian church. What I do ask, what I do demand, is that you recognize that there was a person and a philosophy named Jesus Christ, and that he was here, and that people used these terms AD and BC to denote the influence that his philosophy had upon our world.

Harvard would deny you that.

Spare me the blather and bullshit from Vox and the Daily Beast. Here’s what we know …

No, Mr. Goebbels, here is what your propaganda is.

Harvard is the antichrist in every sense of the word.

Harvard defeats Christ.

Harvard is the enemy of Christ.

Christ is not merely a symbol of a fuzzy afterlife.

Cristianity allows no interlocutor between man and God.

That’s the scientific genius behind Christianity. That’s why the powers that be despise Christ. Christ being one with God allows you to access God without the scum who pretend to be the interpreters of God.

This bothers the elites. This bothers Harvard.

It bothers the elites because they need to control the religion in order to fight their useless wars which only serve to enrich them.

That’s why the elites enlist the reverends and the preachers to support their immoral wars. That’s why prayer breakfasts exist.

Billy Graham never saw a war that he didn’t support. He was promoted by the Harvard-controlled media in order to control you.

This is how the CIA defeated Arbenz in Guatemala. They spread their lies through the Catholic Church to convince the people that Arbenz was going to destroy them.

The pigs in charge understand that Jesus did not arrive on earth to promote war. To get around that, they co-opt the leaders of Christianity in prayer breakfasts to support their wars.

That’s what the religious right is all about.

They all work for Harvard. They all suckle at Harvard’s teat.

They all take Harvard’s gifts. They get trips on Air Force One. They get private audiences with the President. They get prime time television spots which ultimately serve to enrich their ministries. In short, they get a first class ticket on the jet.

With that first class ticket, they forfeit their Christianity. They join the pagan religion.

Harvard has defined a new God, the pagan god of money and power, and has set itself up as the pathway to that God.

Harvard must be defeated.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

American Gulag

Why did the Soviet Union become a gulag of terror?  Why did the worker’s paradise descend into a nightmarish hell?

Shall we lay the blame on Stalin?

Well, of course, we have known the reason for sometime. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn has told us why. It should be to no one’s surprise.

The people turned away from God, certainly not a novel event.

And so it is the turn of the United States to do so.  Oh, yes, we too will experience the horrors of turning away from God.

Such will be our fate for the next ten years.

It was a long time coming, and many point to the day the Warren Court took the Bible out of the school as the beginning of the slide.

In 1963, Earl Warren and crew ruled against Christianity, and Judaism, and Hinduism.

I’m sure their heart was in the right place in thinking it improper to force otherwise non-Christian children into consuming the teachings of Jesus.

But they were wrong.

For there is never not a god.

There is always a god.

And when you take the Christian god or the Jewish god or any god out of a place or institution, you don’t create a vacuum, you leave the empty god of nothingness.

And this god worships nothing save the viscous crude oil the secular media is peddling.

It’s low-quality energy, sulfurous and toxic.

So instead of a high octane, muscular religion, anyone will do, you get a crude mixture of candle oil, barely enough power to light the corner of the patio at a nighttime barbecue.

Which is what we got.

And so now we worship the god of the Kardashians.

And this is one cruel god.

It is also the god of the neo-Romans, people who have abandoned their religion.

This god worships power, money, bling and little else – except maybe a bottle of Stolichnaya vodka.

It demands absolute obedience.  Its Cuban-esqe greed is insatiable.

Virtue is not its own reward; virtue demands reward.

Instead of undertaking a task for the purpose of glorifying God, we ask God how can we pivot and parley this virtue into a fortune.

And if God doesn’t respond we become embittered.

We bitch about our ship never coming into port.

It’s a subtle difference, asking God to enrich us, but it’s the difference between asking not what God can do for us, but what we can do for God.

Of course, America has always been a morally dubious undertaking.  Money has always had its followers here.

Nevertheless, there was once an America when and where how you played the game was important.

Can we say the same today?


America has completely abandoned the true God in all God’s manifestations.

The fragile soul of the individual is out; the immortal soul of the collective is in.

If society is perfect, we will be perfect.  

If the collective is perfect, we will be perfect.

So we purge imperfections be it in language, dress, custom and culture.

That’s what cancel culture is.

Soon enough, imperfect people, an insult to society, will be purged as well.

Welcome to the gulag.


Archer Crosley, MD

McAllen, TX

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Copyright 2020   Archer Crosley   All Rights Reserved


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