Why Did the Nazis Lose World War II

Why did the Nazis lose World War II?

The Germans are pretty smart people.

They were and still are great engineers.

All throughout World War II the Nazis had superior weapons than those of the Allies.

So why did the Germans lose World War II?

Was it the fact that they fought a two front war?

Was it because they relied on a cult of personality in Adolf Hitler?

Was it because they took on too big a foe in both the US and Russia who had greater natural resources?

Was it because a police state breeds suspicion which makes effective communication less possible?

Was it because much of the resistance in Germany went underground to undermine the Nazi Party?

Was it because an authoritarian state crushes dissent, dissent that provides a healthy counterbalance to the nutty ideas of the ruling regime?

Well, all sorts of theories have been devised and debated.

They are all good theories, and all play a part.

A better more all-encompassing theory is that the Germans lost World War II because they violated the laws of God.

In murdering the Jews, in murdering the Poles (Hitler thought they were not much higher than animals), in murdering the disabled, in murdering the Gypsies, in murdering people who they just didn’t like for any number of reasons, the Germans violated the laws of God.

The Nazi party violated laws of basic morality and decency.

World War II was over before it began.

Fundamentally, we live in a moral universe.

There are laws to that moral universe as surely as there exist physical laws of gravity.

When we violate those laws, we bring misfortune to ourselves.

These laws apply to Americans and to American leaders as well.

Propaganda will not erase those laws just as propaganda cannot change the laws of gravity.

All throughout World War II the German people were heavily propagandized into believing that they were the ones under attack.

The German people were fed a steady diet of lies, but those lies did not negate the immoral behavior of their leaders and the people who followed them.

So too in the United States.

Currently we have immoral leaders in the USA who have been lying to us for decades.

They took their cue from the Nazis.

They are lying to us about the COVID-19 pandemic just as they have lied to us about so many events in the past 75 years.

That we are being lied to, and that many of our citizens follow the advice of these leaders, will not change the fundamental laws of the universe.

The laws of morality and the violation those laws will come back to destroy our leaders and us in the process.

We cannot escape them.

Our national myth in always believing in ourselves as the good guys will not change that.

Many will live to see the day when the rich and powerful fall.

When they fall many of us will fall with them as collateral damage. Our fall will make the bombing of Dresden look like a cakewalk.

As surely as gravity brings an object back to earth, so too will the immorality of our elites bring them crashing back to earth.

We live in a moral universe.

Locking elderly people away incommunicado into a state of utter loneliness is immoral when such policies lead to their deaths.

Sending COVID-19 positive people back into nursing homes is immoral.

Destroying small businesses upon false theories like lockdowns and social distancing is immoral.

Increasing peoples chance of committing suicide because you want to prosecute your New World Order is immoral.

Shutting down churches,which is a source of comfort for many people, because you don’t want people opposing your nutty ideology is immoral.

All of these immoral actions will be compensated for in full.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Walk Away

How do you transform your country?

You walk away.

You change yourself; and when you find that people aren’t behaving in the manner that you now subscribe to, you walk away.

If you find yourself in the CIA, and they are asking you to do something that you feel is immoral, you walk away.

You don’t do what the coward, Mike Pompeo, did which is to justify the immorality.  

You don’t tell yourself:  Well, somebody’s got to do the job.

You don’t tell yourself there’s a lot of bad actors out there while conveniently forgetting that it was your immorality that created them.

You walk away.

Nobody can force you to stay in the CIA and do things that are immoral. 

You walk away.

Don’t be a whistleblower; don’t betray them.  Walk away.

When they ask why you are leaving, you don’t have to tell them anything. Walk away.

These immoral organizations are not entitled to know why you are walking away. Just walk away.

Go get another job. Go back to school. Go work at McDonald’s.

Walk away.

You’re not  going to transform the CIA by betraying it. You’re just going to make your life miserable.  

Walk away. It’s not your job to educate stupid people. You can’t fix stupid anyway.

Walk away.

The salvation of a nation begins with you.

The Soviet Union was not defeated by the West.  It collapsed because its people walked away.  They left in the droves physically, then mentally.

The Aztec Empire was not defeated by Cortez and his Spanish horse; it collapsed because its people walked away. They tired of human sacrifice and seeing their loved ones chopped to bits to celebrate the leader’s birthday.

Rome wasn’t defeated by the Visigoths.  It was defeated by Christianity.  

The people of Rome found something better than the false gods of power, money, statues and fancy estates.

The walked away.



Archer Crosley


Copyright 2020  Archer Crosley   All Rights Reserved


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