Corporate Predation

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Everything you need to know about what’s been going on in the black community can be demonstrated by an interview Jim Gray conducted with Adrien Broner, the boxer, just last night.

Adrien Broner lost a fight to Manny Pacquiao. After the fight Jim Gray conducted an interview.

It was obvious that Adrien Broner thought he won the fight.

Perhaps he was upset. Or perhaps Mr.  Broner is just a showman, you know, revving up the crowd.

He starts off the interview by using the word motherfucker.

Then he lets Jim Gray know in so many words that he can whip his ass.

But not before he talks about fighting for the “hood.”   

He refers to himself as a negro.

Of course he didn’t say negro.  He said the other N word, You know the one Mike Tirico told us we weren’t allowed to say.

Is that what Jackie Robinson took all that abuse for?

One could argue, yes, that he fought for blacks to act any which they choose to; and that would be a valid argument.

But does having the right to act like that mean that you should act like that. And when Mr. Broner does act like that, what does that say about what is going on in the black community?

What it shows is that while the black community has made progress in being permitted to say what they want to say, they are still plagued with economic hardships.

It is economic hardships, drugs and familial devastation that produces the acting out that Mr. Broner displays.

Yet why would these hardships exist?

Clearly these economic hardships exist because the New World Order wants them to exist.

It is the New World Order that is in charge.   If they can’t fix the economic devastation of the black community, it is because they don’t want to fix it because fixing it would hurt the bottom line of the NWO.

The economic destruction of the black community serves several purposes for the leaders of the New World Order. One, they get to ship those jobs that were previously located in the black community to NWO sweatshops in Southeast Asia which improves NWO profits. Two, they create poverty within the black community which requires government handouts, programs, housing and bureaucracy which the NWO stands ready to provide for a fee.  Three, they create criminality which provides a steady supply of inmates for the NWO’s corporate prisons.  Four, they create a drug problem which mandates a war on drugs which again justifies their existence as they stand ready with programs to fight the war on drugs.  Five, by destroying the educational base, they make it easier for the NWO to control the black community by steering them into nonproductive rioting and protest marches.

So how do we fix it?  

It all begins and ends with meaningful jobs.

The black community needs to protect itself from the predation of corporate America. 

You don’t make it here, you don’t sell it here.


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Why Doesn’t Free Trade Work

Everybody talks about free trade, but no one talks about why it doesn’t work.

It doesn’t work because its real name is free greed or free exploitation.

Free trade didn’t work a thousand years ago, or five thousand years ago; and it doesn’t work today.

It doesn’t work because free trade taken to its absurd extension permits one corporation to make all products for everyone all over the globe for slave wages. Free trade works against small and medium sized businesses and in time wipes these competitors off the map. The larger corporations having greater financial resources and, of course, unquenchable thirst for money, have the resources to buy off politicians who can institute expensive and cumbersome regulations that small competitors can not meet. The same politicians can also be “persuaded” to look the other way as employees are being brutalized. This arrangement does not take into account man’s basic desire, need and right to contribute meaningfully to society.

The free trade that America engages in today with Indonesia is a classic example. There workers, outside the control of the US government, toil for sixteen hours per day in a standing position for the grand sum of two dollars per day. Yet the products they ship back to America are just as costly as they were when Americans made those products. Furthermore, because these products are made overseas, average Americans, without work, turn to drugs, violence and criminal activity. They also become welfare recipients. This produces a drag upon society. So, not only do Indonesians not win, Americans lose as well. Indonesians become slaves to corporations as Americans become slaves of the state. The state working in concert with the larger corporations does little to solve the problem save talk.

What does work is fair trade where, within reason, 80% of a nation’s goods are made within that nation. Such an arrangement permits average people and small to medium businesses to live a productive life. It recognizes man’s essential need and right to live a meaningful life where he can contribute to the betterment of his nation. Sadly, free trade does not do that.

Free trade works for the rich, not you. Free trade permits the rich to live their fantasy lifestyle of possessing mansions all over the globe, mansions fully staffed and ready to go for when the great man graces us with his presence. This is what free trade is all about.