Sean the Stooge

Commonly you hear people state that the left is promoting the Russian Meddling narrative. This is not entirely so. No one has promoted the Russian Meddling narrative more than Sean Hannity. Every night, Sean ruthlessly and maliciously keeps the Russian Meddling narrative alive by talking about it.

You can guess which words will come out of Sean’s mouth first as the program begins. If he doesn’t say Russia, Mueller or Steele Dossier within the first five words, something is wrong with your television.

Why does Sean do this? True ratings must clearly be down as no one but a brain-dead idiot could tolerate the same story night after night, so why continue?

Sean promotes this lie by debunking it because he is a stooge of Corporate America. Indeed, like most other radio and television personalities, he is owned lock, stock and barrel by the powers that be. The tentacles of the establishment octopus reach far and deep.

Sadly many conservatives have been had. They think Sean is on their side.

Michael Reagan said it best years ago; he stated that the Republicans and Democrats propped each other up like the sides of an A frame.

So too the media.

The best way to extinguish a bogus story is to ignore it.

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