NWO Healthcare

What’s going on in healthcare unbeknownst to you unless you work in healthcare is that the NWO (Corporate America) is moving into healthcare and slowly refashioning it to meet their goal which is to make money.

Sorry Charlie, your health will come second.

Of course, the NWO didn’t move in yesterday; they’ve been at it for for over fifty years first taking over hospitals, then pharmacy, then DME, then therapy, home health and finally your local doctor. The doctors have been a little more feisty; after all, why would a doctor, after sacrificing so much in sweat, time and energy, willingly give up so much autonomy to a corporation? Well, as it turns out, plenty will.

The regulations upon a doctor’s office have become overly cumbersome. This is a favorite trick of Corporate America: Lobby politicians to pass regulations that are more easily met by large corporations (because they can charge more). Not that they will meet them, of course. Should they be caught, they will negotiate a fine which they will accept as the cost of doing business. You’ve heard of built-in obsolescence; well, this is built-in malfeasance.

And malfeasance is precisely what you will get as Corporate America takes over. They will gradually replace well-trained doctors with lesser-trained providers who will manage your care with computer algorithms. They will have to use computer algorithms because nothing but a computer could possibly manage the volume of meaningless data that is now collected at your doctor’s office thanks to happy regulating courtesy of pols who are, of course, controlled by Corporate America.

When the Deity came into power in 2008, he encouraged doctors to convert their paper records to a computerized model of record keeping which would have been good if legibility was the principal reason for doing so. The New World Order had other plans though. They saw the computerized medical record as a tool to collect all sorts of data about you, data that is largely useless to the doctor in getting you better. In fact the computerized record hinders your care. The doctor has to spend inordinate time clerking in data that is virtually useless in printed form. The relevant information of his or her visit is buried in a sea of trivia.

I certainly have difficulty finding what I need to know.

The result in years to come will be an increase in morbidity and mortality which you will only know because you will personally feel it. Even as you suffer, your mainstream media will extoll the virtues of this new brand of medicine. They will even give it a catchy name like New Care much like they rebranded Nixon. They called him the “New Nixon.” Of course he was the same old Nixon.

Their statistics, which they will game, will prove that their care is superior. If you should die or become permanently compromised by this brave new healthcare, then so be it. You will be the aberration, the one that fell through the cracks or, in the words of one of their heroes, Robert McNamara, an acceptable loss.

Of course, doctors will still exist as they did twenty years ago; they will have to. You don’t think the political class is going to use the same providers you use, do you?

Will you rebel? No, because if you do, the elites will log into your medical file, discover that you are a diabetic, then click a button which will launch an algorithm that will deny you your insulin at the pharmacy. You’ll be a good little boy, which is what they want, control of you. In fact, just to make sure you know your place, they will launch a preemptive strike upon you by keeping you a little on the sick side. They will do it by delaying a diagnosis, by making it difficult to get an MRI and so forth.

New Care, healthcare for a brave new world.

Yes, I think that’s the slogan they will use.

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