Prizes to Control You

Why are prizes a bad idea?

Since they seem like a good idea, why aren’t they?

Prizes in this day and age are given out by the King, and as such the King expects thanks and gratitude for bestowing the prize.

Refusal to do so or out right condemnation of the King’s policy invites reprisal. Just ask the Dixie Chicks.

Prizes are tools the King uses to corral and recruit the citizenry to support his program – usually war, but sometimes a project such as global warming.

Prizes give a veneer of credibility to the recipient. They elevate him or her to superhero status.

With the prize comes fabulous riches and of course a private jet.

Superheroes cannot be expected to live amongst the regular people; if they did, why then people might not listen to them. No, gods come down from the heavens, in our case, in a corporate jet.

The new superheroes will tell you how to act, think and vote. This new master race is seemingly everywhere in all fields and disciplines.

It’s a new form of feudalism where you are the serfs and they are the lords.

Of course their power is illusory – in your mind. To break the cycle, one only need walk away.

One must ask why it is necessary to give someone a Nobel prize, an Oscar, a Grammy or a prize that has no basis at all – perhaps an appointment to a board or a bogus Presidential Committee.

Can a prize match a person’s actual performance, or is a person’s performance the prize?

If so, then for whom does the prize exist? The recipient or the King?

Jesus, the forgotten leader of the Christian church, understood this which is why he renounced a crown, which is why he asked his followers to render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar. In other words, give Caesar his crown back.

Prizes have no place in Christianity.

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