Help Me

I would prefer not to believe in conspiracy.

I’d rather believe in Santa Claus.

I want to believe in America.

I don’t want to believe that the United States provoked the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor.

I don’t want to believe that Franklin Roosevelt or Henry Stimson knew about the impending attack and then let it happen. Nor do I want to believe that they were gratified that it happened. In fact, I will refuse to believe the entry in Stimson’s diary that he was relieved that the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor.

I want to believe it was an unprovoked sneak attack like Time Life says it was.

I want to believe In the Gulf of Tonkin incident.

I want to believe that it was legitimate.

It’s easier for me to sleep at night knowing that Vietnamese patrol boats attacked us.

I want to believe that we got bin Laden in a legitimate raid.

I don’t want to believe that it was faked in order to boost morale and justify a build-up of troops in Iraq.

I don’t want to hear any evidence that bin Laden had died five years prior to the raid.

It’s easier for me to sleep at night knowing that America is the good guy.

That’s what I was taught when I was young.

I was also taught that George Washington never told a lie, and that he threw a silver dollar across the Potomac river.

Those are nice things to believe in. I will suspend my knowledge that the Potomac river is 1100 feet at the narrowest and the record distance for a thrown baseball is approximately 400 feet.

I don’t want to believe that our government intentionally imploded the World Trade Center in order to justify the war in Iraq and other countries in the Middle East.

I want to believe in the pancaking theory of one floor falling upon another, and then another, and then another. This theory is comforting to me as it reminds me of the Domino Theory in Vietnam where one country falls to communism, then another, then another.

I don’t want to believe physicists who tell me that steel melts at 2300°F and that jet fuel only burns at 800°F. I don’t want to believe physicists who tell me that it’s physically impossible for the World Trade Center to collapse in free-fall unless the legs are kicked out from underneath it.

Why would I want to believe in that?

I have better things to worry about.

I have a whole life outside of conspiracy.

I don’t want to believe that COVID-19 was developed in US labs and intentionally set down in China by our CIA.

I want to believe our authorities when they tell us that the mask works, that we need to shut down society and shelter inside.

I want to flatten the curve. And I want to avoid super-spreader events. I will avoid at all cost my own experience in which I almost never got sick while being up close with sick children for thirty years sans mask. I will not connect my lack of sickness with the fact that I washed my hands assiduously. I will continue to believe in the mask. I will believe adamantly in all the phony studies that the New England Journal of Medicine promotes.

I don’t want to believe that our government owned by Corporate America used COVID-19 in order to attack small business so that corporations can grow even larger.

I want to believe that the price of gas as it stands now is occurring because of a world shortage of oil.

Even though I know that the United States is a net exporter of energy, I don’t want to believe that our government would rig the price of gas higher to hurt us.

I want to believe in the America I grew up in.

I don’t want to believe that our government would lie to us about Ukraine. I don’t want to believe the numerous authorities on YouTube who told me that the Ukrainians had no chance of winning that war, that the Ukrainians really are Nazis, and that these Nazis were supported by the United States government.

I want to believe that the moon landing was legitimate.

I don’t want to believe that our government made this up in order to sell the rest of the world on America being the best form of government.

I don’t want to believe that the existing technology in the 1960s was slightly above a transistor radio, that we had no real miniaturization of computers, and that we needed a huge amount of thrust to get off the moon.

I want to believe that a lunar excursion module could easily lift off the moon with virtually no thrusting rocket. I want to believe that the uneven surface of the moon combined with the lack of sophistication of computer technology would play no role in lifting a module off the moon.

I don’t want to ask if it was morally permissible to send a man down to the surface of the moon and up again.

I don’t want to look like a nut.

I don’t want people laughing at me.

Why would I want that?

It’s much easier for me to believe in Santa Claus.

Please help me to believe in Santa Claus again.

I’d prefer having the mind of a five-year-old.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved


I worry for Governor DeSantis.

In openly defying the elites with regard to facemasks, I don’t think he understands what he is up against.

I don’t think he understands how evil the elites are.

If the elites want that facemask, and they damn well do, they will move hell and high water to get it.

There is no stopping them.

They will pull every dirty trick in the book to get their way.

They will use their CIA to do so.

The CIA is nothing more than the SS and SD combined.

It’s a secret police force that works for the wealthy thug elite.

It does not work for us.

Our elites want that face mask, and they are going to get it.

What will the elites do?

Like the mob, they have fifty ways to make you get inside a car.

You have to respect that kind of force.

I don’t like it, but it is reality.

We are not going to defeat this evil force by taking them head on.

Neither will Governor DeSantis.

You cannot underestimate your opponent.

Our elites own the media. As long as our elites own the media, they can lie with impunity.

And they do.

This is why you see so many cheering serfs rooting for the face mask.

It’s an uphill battle.

There is nothing we can say to convince these serfs. We cannot convince them because of the massive amount of energy behind the face mask lie.

It’s a sad reality of our world that the government can prop up a façade of lies with enormous weight and fool the people so effectively.

The effectiveness of a lie can be summarized by the following equation:

Statement Effectiveness =

Truth of Statement X

Weight of People Behind the Statement

So, if I, Archer Crosley, and my 100,000 friends who weigh on average 175 pounds make a statement that has a truth coefficient of 1.0, we will arrive at a statement effectiveness value of: 17.5 million pounds.

On the other hand if the elites can persuade 100 million people who are on average 175 pounds to believe a statement that has a truth coefficient of .01, they will arrive at a statement effectiveness value of: 175 million pounds.

We lose.

We will always lose.

We will always lose because those 100 million people are already owned by the elites. They were purchased over their lifetimes through constant indoctrination by the media. These are the happy peasants who have been trained to be inferior. These are the people who cheerfully permit the elites to rape them.

This is only part of what Governor DeSantis is up against.

The elites only need to repeatedly lie about the number of COVID-19 cases in Florida.

The truth will mean nothing to them.

They will create a tsunami against Governor DeSantis.

Governor DeSantis should be worried.

Truth means little to the elites.

Yes, it is true that the truth will eventually out itself.

All too often though the truth will take its time.

250 years before the birth of Christ a Greek mathematician and astronomer named Aristarchus articulated the heliocentric theory.

Did the truth matter?


For 1750 years until Copernicus, the elites prosecuted a lie upon the people of the world.

The views of that fool, Aristotle, prevailed.

It was the Great Simpleton, Aristotle, the elite’s boy, who articulated the geocentric theory.

For 1750 years these conceited, egomaniacal, strutting turkeys foisted this geocentric lie upon the people so that they, the elites, could be perceived as the ultimate authority of the universe.

It wasn’t enough for them to be the focal point on earth; they wanted the entire universe.

This is the sickness that Governor DeSantis faces.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Sean the Stooge

Commonly you hear people state that the left is promoting the Russian Meddling narrative. This is not entirely so. No one has promoted the Russian Meddling narrative more than Sean Hannity. Every night, Sean ruthlessly and maliciously keeps the Russian Meddling narrative alive by talking about it.

You can guess which words will come out of Sean’s mouth first as the program begins. If he doesn’t say Russia, Mueller or Steele Dossier within the first five words, something is wrong with your television.

Why does Sean do this? True ratings must clearly be down as no one but a brain-dead idiot could tolerate the same story night after night, so why continue?

Sean promotes this lie by debunking it because he is a stooge of Corporate America. Indeed, like most other radio and television personalities, he is owned lock, stock and barrel by the powers that be. The tentacles of the establishment octopus reach far and deep.

Sadly many conservatives have been had. They think Sean is on their side.

Michael Reagan said it best years ago; he stated that the Republicans and Democrats propped each other up like the sides of an A frame.

So too the media.

The best way to extinguish a bogus story is to ignore it.

Confederate Statues

The young are obsessed with Confederate statues.

They rage about slavery that took place over 150 years ago yet rage little about their own slavery today. Yes, they are slaves to the activists and social justice warriors who manipulate them into the cattle pens of frivolity and serfdom.

What they should be protesting against are the gradual usurpation of their individual freedoms through false wars physical and abstract against the false enemies – China, Iran, Russia, global warming, hate speech, Stonewall Jackson – that the powers that be choose to create that day.


In the antebellum South, states were regarded more as countries rather than states being part of a union.  Virginia was regarded as a homeland of sorts.  When Generals such as Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson fought for the South, they did so for their homeland, not for slavery.  To not do so would be considered an act of treason.