Princess Eugenie’s Big Day

Define obscenity.

Princess Eugenie’s big day.  That’s what the media called it:  Her big day.

What about the big day for the Yemenese who have nothing but cholera thanks to the greed of the US and GB who support the ruthless Saudi regime’s crackdown on their country?

What about the big day for the Jamaicans who live in poverty today thanks to the bone crushing exploitation of Great Britain for centuries.  Once they gained independence, to rebuild their depleted country they borrowed themselves into slavery to the elites at the IMF.

Oh, yeah, baby; they’ll never get out of debt.

What about the big day for the 400,000 who died in Syria so that the rich in London could live well?

And we’re only talking about this century.  We could easily discuss the Opium Wars, the oppression of India, the enlisting of Hindus to work British slave plantations around the world, the Irish potato famine, the 1876 famine in India and much, much more.

But why be negative?

Let’s celebrate Princess Eugenie’s big day.

All the smiling celebrity oppressors were there.

The big day.

Fuck Princess Eugenie and her big day.

Princess Eugenie could have had a bigger and more meaningful day by renouncing her silly title and the silly system of peerage that Great Britain clings to.

The gall of these people and their sycophants to dress up in splendor at the taxpayer’s expense is staggering.

The cost must have been enormous.  

Oh, only 3.5 million?  Very well, proceed.

Like the Supreme Court Justice, Potter Stewart, I can’t define obscenity but I know it when I see it.

Yet many people don’t think so.

Like the Roman mob, they like a good show.

They are unable to see the connection between the spectacle of a royal marriage and their own ignorance of world affairs.

This is what the modern media does.  It replaces meat and potatoes with cotton candy.

It impoverishes the soul.

It robs people of their self respect and dignity.

It’s part of the codependency that the elites have with their serfs.

The elites agree to believe that they are superior, that they are entitled to participate in grand spectacles while the poor agree to believe that they are inferior, that they are not entitled to participate in the good life, that they exist to watch and discuss what the elites are doing.

The masters agree to believe that they are supermen while their serfs agree to believe that they are the little people not worthy of questioning matters that pertain to the elites.

The “betters” agree to be ghastly rich; their “lessers” agree to scrounge for pennies and dimes.

The problem with this paradigm is that your Founding Fathers constructed your  government so that you would not think this way.

This is the way of Great Britain. This is the way of the Old World. This is what your Founding Fathers were trying to prevent. 

And this is what the elites have been trying to reestablish since July 4, 1776.

July 4, 1776 is not just a celebration of independence from the country of Great Britain.  

It is a celebration of your independence from elite domination.

July 4, 1776 is not just an American Independence Day; it’s in Independence Day for every human being on the planet who is oppressed by an elite class and the obscenity they commit against their people.

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