The Super Bowl Traitors

Am I just an old guy who can’t deal with young people’s music?

I’m sure that’s what many will think as I comment on the Super Bowl halftime show.

It’s true, I am an older guy.

Nevertheless I’m a firm believer that young people should have their own music.

Quite frankly I can’t even stand listening to the music of my generation on the radio anymore.

We had our day, and I’m happy we had it.

In spite of that, I think the Super Bowl halftime show was a disgrace, and I’m going to tell you why.

I don’t expect you to admit it in front of my face.

I understand that losing an argument is painful and shaming.

It’s okay if you want to save face and admit later that I’m right when nobody’s looking.


Here’s why you should be opposed to the halftime show.

Let’s get one thing out-of-the-way first.

I don’t criticize the professionalism and skills of the participants.

Obviously, they are talented musicians and dancers who know their craft very well.

That’s not my beef.

My beef with these hip-hop and rap stars is that they make tens of millions of dollars per year on record deals and endorsements while just a few miles away from where they live (in Beverly Hills) their fans, the poor and destitute, sit in a quagmire of poverty and destruction.

Hip-hop and rap music feed into the gangster culture that is killing poor black people in the inner city.

The gangster culture feeds into the corporate prison racket.

It keeps people in the poor neighborhoods poor.

There is nothing uplifting about the music.

It is corporate music to keep the corporate culture going.

The goal is to keep selling tennis shoes, caps, expensive Nike clothing while encouraging followers to rage against the system.

During the show, Kendrick Lamar performed his song Alright which is apparently the unofficial anthem of Black Lives Matter.

The song sings of police brutality.

His dancers moved with him in blind machine-like monotony.

March together, black folk, the dancers convey. Rage against the system. Don’t be an individual. Just rage.

A co-performer, Eminem, in a separate riff, kneeled in apparent homage to Colin Kaepernick.

Snoop Dogg was there, dressed up in gangster wear.

I don’t give a damn what he sang. It’s the fact that he was there at all. He’s a symbol of the anti-police movement.

So is his buddy, Dr Dre, who sang the lyric: “Still not loving the police.”

All of this feeds into rage in the black community.

All of this feeds into the corporate prison racket and in turn the welfare plantation scam.

This has been going on for sometime now.

When I was a boy, black singers sang of love.

Barry White was the Godfather of Love.

Now, hip hoppers and rappers speak of guns, bitches, and you-know-whattas.

It’s killing the black community.

Which is exactly what the racists who own Corporate America want.

Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Mary J Blige are the kind of black people that Malcolm X was trying to warn black people about.

Of course, Malcolm was talking about politicians.

He probably couldn’t envision the day when music would be used against his own people.

But these rappers and hip hoppers are just as traitorous to the black community as were those Uncle Toms who sold out the black community years ago.

They work for Corporate America.

Last week Brian Flores filed a lawsuit against the NFL for its racist hiring practices.

Where were Dr. Dre and his Super Bowl buddies living when Flores filed his lawsuit?

Were they living in Siberia?

If they are outraged about police brutality, shouldn’t they be outraged against racist hiring practices in the NFL?

If they are, then why are they performing at the NFL halftime show? Why didn’t they boycott the show?

They didn’t boycott the show because they work for Corporate America, and the NFL has become the chief propaganda arm of Corporate America.

These rappers and singers are the new Uncle Toms, and they do what Corporate America tells them to do.

And what Corporate America needs is for there to be plenty of black prisoners for the corporate prison system.

They need the black community in the inner city poor and destitute – and ridden with gangsters and drugs.

It’s even better for Corporate America if there are plenty of rioters to burn down the city – and black owned businesses which are a threat to Corporate America’s prison racket – when a George Floyd event occurs.

And that’s why the music exists.

Make no mistake about it. Music isn’t chosen by the masses. That’s an illusion. It’s forced upon the people from the top down through social influencers.

The music is intended to keep black people down.

And it does.

It keeps black folk marching together, like those dancers at the Super Bowl halftime show, united in rage against the system.

It’s a bad deal for black folk.

And that’s why you should denounce it.

For sure, I am in the minority.

I’m not blind.

I see a lot of young people out there who think it’s the most awesome thing they’ve ever seen.

I was there at the bar yesterday.

I could see them cheering along as Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg rapped their lyrics.

So what?

I’m older, I’m wiser, and I’m right.

Truth isn’t a popularity contest.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Super Toxin

Here is something I wrote almost two years ago. I found it buried within the bowels of my computer, down deep. I’m not sure if I published it or not, but when I read it I was amused. Do I really believe this stuff? Of course I do.

“Today at the Super Bowl, the CIA puppet-master did the halftime show.  Standing on the grave of JFK, he placed his two puppets, Shakira and J Lo, dressed in sequins and black leather, on the Altar of Zeus before you and did a beguiling sexual dance to entertain you, to entrance you, to numb you, to intoxicate you, to distract you from the death and suffering he causes millions around the globe.”

Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved 

This Past Weeknd

I don’t think you have to be Edward Bernays to see that there was some serious programming going on with The Weeknd’s performance at the Super Bowl this past weekend.

The masked automatons were enough.

I’m pretty damn sure that the people who choreographed that display want you to conform, obey and submit.

What do you think, soldier?

There was some serious subliminal messaging going on there.

I haven’t put it all together yet, but elements which struck me at first glance were the orchestra arranged like a graveyard, the masks, and the disconnected words.

As the performance progresses The Weeknd, always without mask, leads his automatons out of the graveyard through a maze of blinding lights and confusion, to ultimately break out and do what? Become free, but still masked?

The dance is chaotically free at the performance’s end, yet the masks remain – except for The Weeknd.

What are they selling us?

What they are selling us is that the rabble, you, are different from the elites. You will be free but unfree.

Your leaders will be different from you. Your leaders will be permitted to walk without masks.

You will not be free to walk without a mask.

The mask is not only a symbol of conformity, but subservience and obedience.

Those who wear masks are of a lesser class of people.

This is the message from Corporate America.

The Weeknd, of course, is just another tool of Corporate America to sell Corporate America’s vision to you.

His presence at the Super Bowl is evidence of that.

Reject this vision.

Now as for the words that I can decipher. Feel, Nothing, Gone, Turn, Alone, Hours, Touch, Your Mind, Long, Enough.

Many of these words are in the lyrics to the song that is sung, but some are not.

The words are disjointed and should be carefully considered as individual key words.

I suspect they are not there by accident. Moreover, they’re not connected in a logical way that the lyrics to the song might dictate.

What they’re saying to me is this: I should feel nothing, I should touch nothing. My mind is gone. Enough now. Turn. Change. Be alone.

But let’s be fair.

The Weeknd is an extremely talented performer, and I enjoyed the performance. I have watched it many, many times now.

I like him.

I like the way The Weeknd sings and moves.

And I thought the graphics were bad ass.

Still, am I being programmed here?

I think so.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Avoid the Super Bowl

I’m going to give you ten reasons why you shouldn’t watch the Super Bowl.

1. It’s rigged. It was rigged back in the 1970s; it’s rigged now. We have corruption in every single area of endeavor known to man, but not the NFL. That’s what the NFL wants you to believe. That’s what the NFL’s shills on main stream media want you to believe. In truth, there’s too much money in the NFL for it not to be rigged. Not only does the mob bet on the NFL and therefore have a vested interest in the outcome, so does the NFL. The NFL is terrified of low ratings which may explain why Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees keep getting screwed out of Super Bowl appearances. Green Bay and New Orleans are small market teams.

2. Corporate America uses the NFL to socially engineer society. Quit being a pawn in their game. Whether it’s getting players to kneel for the national anthem, exploiting the children of Sandy Hook so as to promote gun control, or inviting divisive Amanda Gorman to recite poetry at the Super Bowl, it’s obvious that the disciples of Joseph Goebbels at Corporate America thirst to change your mind. Avoid these political hucksters as you would COVID-19.

3. Corporate America and the NFL promote graphic sexuality at their half time show. If you really want pornography the adult bookstore in your local town is open for business. I think we can all agree that children should be shielded from the seediness that is the NFL halftime show, unless, of course, you desire your child to grow up to be a gigolo or a slut.

4. Quit paying the sports tax. Whether you know it or not, you pay the sports tax every time you buy a product that is featured during the Super Bowl. It works like this. The companies pay money to the networks to feature their products. The network in turn pays money to the NFL for the privilege of carrying football games. The NFL in turn distributes that money to the teams. The teams use that money to pay outrageous salaries to their players. Who pays the companies? You do. You pay a surcharge on all these products which ultimately pays these football players their outrageous salaries.

5. Quit buying into the superstar culture. When you watch the Super Bowl, you are unwittingly contributing to the survival of the superstar culture. It is that superstar culture through its fake superstars that herds people and politicians into the cattle pens of opinion that Corporate America chooses for them. It is that same superstar culture that invades our corporate boardrooms and prompts CEOs, who think of themselves as superstars, to award themselves fabulous compensation packages.

6. The NFL promotes wrong values and false priorities. At last year‘s Super Bowl we all had a moment of silence for Kobe Bryant, which was fine; but where was the moment of silence for Julian Assange? Julian Assange sat in a jail cell in the United Kingdom courtesy of Corporate America. What was Julian Assange’s crime? He showed a video tape of US soldiers murdering innocent civilians. Corporate America, who makes a shitload of money off war, doesn’t approve of anybody embarrassing them.

7. Corporate America, which now controls the NFL, repeatedly rapes you the regular American when it fights endless foreign wars abroad. Every time we fight a foreign war, the CEOs of the corporations who make a bundle off the war, take their disproportionate share of the money that is printed up to fight that war. When you walk away from the NFL, you send a strong anti-war message to Corporate America.

8. Through the naming of its stadiums after the names of corporations the NFL sends a strong message into your mind that money is what is most important in society. There was a day in the NFL when stadiums were named after people who had done honorable things, or groups of people, such as veterans, who had done honorable things. That’s why you had stadiums called Veterans Stadium. Now you have Lincoln Financial Field.

9. Corporate America discriminates against people of color and women, yet it is Corporate America who deigns to scold us for being racist. The regular people of America are not racist. This preaching by Corporate America is a classic case of projection where the real discriminators and the real racists project their immorality upon us. It’s time to stay away from them.

10. Perhaps most importantly, the NFL feeds into the programming that these people who play before you are more important than you as an individual. No, you are more important than they are; and this is precisely the type of society that your Founding Fathers desired to create. There are no movers and shakers in society; yet when you watch the Super Bowl you buy into that programming. When you stop watching the Super Bowl, you reassert your supremacy over this false ideology.

If you want to do yourself a favor this Sunday, spend time with your family.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

NFL Purity

Is the NFL rigged?


Can I prove it?  Not with the evidence you would like to see.  

So let’s try another approach.

Does it seem likely that there would be corruption in every area of endeavor in the United States and the world but not in the National Football League?

Not to me.

We have cheaters in government. We have cheaters in healthcare.   We have cheaters on Wall Street.  

We have cheaters everywhere – except for the NFL. 

Everybody there is pure.

Nobody is susceptible to the mob’s influence.

Billions of dollars are spent on gambling, and the mob has never once tried to influence the game?

No one has ever been caught or exposed?  

Okay, maybe a few.

Billions of dollars are spent on advertising, and the NFL has never once tried to influence which teams go to the Super Bowl for fear of losing advertising dollars should a couple of clunkers make it?

 Do you believe that?

I suppose you could make the argument that integrity in the NFL is so important that they make sure it is squeaky clean.


What about the Super Bowl between San Francisco and Baltimore in New Orleans a few years ago.  Baltimore was running away with the game early in the third quarter; and then suddenly the lights went out.

Actually, they didn’t go out. I had a friend who was at the game, and he said you could still see.  

So why wasn’t the game continued?

We have had plenty of games played in the fog and blinding snow where visibility was less.  What gives?

Was it because the NFL saw angry advertisers  asking for a rebate if the game became a blowout early causing many viewers to walk away?

Do you really believe the story of the generator blowing out? 

When have you ever seen that happen?

Do you think it’s possible that the NFL triggered that generator to go down as part of a contingency plan in case one team ran away with the game early on?

Or is it all just some coincidence?

As it turns out, the delay in the game caused a marked reversal in the fortunes of the 49ers who came back to make it a close game.

How convenient for the NFL.

Also convenient for the NFL is the dominance of the Patriots over the past fifteen years.  Leagues tend to get more notice and interest when there is a dominant player or team. You either love them or hate them.

Is the NFL enabling the Patriots?  

Are the Patriots cheaters?

Is the NFL rigged?

Have we reached a point in our society of the New World Order where money is so important that we will corrupt even a sporting event to get it.

I don’t know, and I can’t prove it.

I only know one thing:  I shouldn’t even have to consider it.

Copyright 2019   Archer Crosley   All Rights Reserved


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