Real Power

How would you like to make COVID-19 and the crisis around COVID go away tomorrow?

You can.

It’s doubtful that many Americans or people around the world will do so, but it can be done. It’s actually very easy to do.

And yet it’s very difficult to do.

What is that solution?

Well, it doesn’t involve talking about the problem.

Talking about the problem does nothing.

Sitting around chanting ohm in nonviolent resistance does nothing.

It is a common myth that Gandhi forced the British to leave India.

Gandhi did no such thing.

The British were totally content to have nonviolent resistance.

The man who made the British leave India was Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler bankrupted the British Empire.

With the British Empire bankrupt, the British were forced to give up their overseas possessions, and that included India..

Gandhi accomplish nothing.

Nonviolent resistance in the form of showing up for a Saturday march does nothing.

What does work are actions, not words.

I’m not talking about killing anyone; that won’t work either because the authorities have far more fire power than you.

But, you have a certain fire power that they need.

You see, they need you to go to work to keep the Empire going.

And if you don’t go to work, the Empire shuts down.

And there in lies the key to eliminating the coronavirus crisis.

There in lies the key to defeating the federal government.

There in lies the key to defeating the Nazi junk science of the facemask and the lockdown.

There in lies the key to freedom.

If you want to do real damage to the empire, refuse to go to work. Stop the assembly line. Stop the machine.

Sit on your hands.

That will scare the shit out of the elites, who are parasites who feast upon you.

They will come around in short order and ask you what you want. And then you can tell them what you want.

For me, it’s this. Stop the lockdown. Stop the facemask. Stop the remote learning. Stop the lying. Institute a program to develop herd immunity.

Once done, let’s go after the long term solution. Let’s break the backs of the people and institutions that perpetrated this fiasco.

Stop the casino in the stock market. Break up the big corporations. Break the back of Amazon. Break the back of Google. Break the back of Microsoft. Break the back of JP Morgan. Break the back of Goldman Sachs.

Decentralize the federal government. Stop the wars. Stop the corporate prison system. Bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States. Confiscate the wealth of the billionaires. End compound interest.

Those are for starters.

It’s economic power that will take down the COVID-19 crisis that they the elites created.

It’s economic power that will stop the George Floyd riots.

It’s economic power that will restore balance to America.

It’s your economic power that will do all that.

Can you win?

Here’s the good news: your collective economic power is far, far greater than theirs.

And they know it.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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