Biden or Bigger Game?

What do the elites really want out of this election?

The election of Joe Biden?

I am not so sure.

I have spoken before that Corporate America controls both candidates, Trump and Biden.

If they do, and they want Biden to be the winner, why not just do it and be done with it?

Why not get it over with?

Why the delay in the vote count?

A delay doesn’t make any sense. A delay only gives the opposition time to mount a response.

If you are Corporate America and you’re rigging the vote for Biden, you want to get those votes in and done by the day after the election.

Case closed.

What’s taking so long?

What’s taking so long is that it might just be that Corporate America has a different agenda for this election.

Maybe Corporate America is shooting for bigger game.

And maybe, just maybe, Corporate America isn’t going to be satisfied with electing Joe Biden as President, especially when there are so many conservatives out there who can resist him.

The election of Joe Biden would be chicken feed to the elites.

That’s right, Archer, I say to myself. Now you’re thinking.

It makes much more sense that Corporate America desires a constitutional crisis when it comes to deciding who will win the election.

It’s just a theory, nothing I can prove.

It’s a hunch.

Suppose there is a crisis, a Constitutional crisis, and then someone puts forth the notion of empaneling a Constitutional Convention to resolve it.

This would be a dangerous undertaking.

In a Constitutional Convention, everything might be on the table despite people’s reassurances that it can’t be.

If everything were on the table, a Constitution that has served us well for over 250 years would be in jeopardy.

In one fell swoop, many of our freedoms and protections could be eliminated.

Gone would be the right of free speech, the right to bear arms, the right of due process, the right to personal protection of our papers from unwarranted search and seizure, and many others.

Would we be willing to take that risk?

I am not.

For that reason, if push comes to shove, it’s better for Trump to leave the presidency peacefully.

The guy was not all that anyway.

I wouldn’t be willing to risk the Constitution to save his ass.

Forget about the election fraud.

Yes, fraud was committed.

In my mind undoubtedly.

But who enable the fraud!

None other than Donald Trump.

Ultimately, he bears responsibility for the fiasco that our 2020 election has become.

A good leader spots problems before they begin.

A good leader prevents problems.

As President, he should have placed this problem that mail-in voting presents first on the agenda and then convened an informal commission to set firm rules on the voting.

Donald Trump failed.

Or he was told to fail.

Either way is an indictment of him and his presidency.

Kick the bum out.

And be quick about it.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

4 thoughts on “Biden or Bigger Game?

  1. One president last fifty years, not sure who said the first thing you learn as president is how little you can do. Any legislation has to go through congress. The federal bureaucracy is difficult to change and will fight change. I think Trump was just overwhelmed, as are most presidents. I like a lot of the things Trump did in the middle east and his dealing with North Korea, China, Canada and Mexico.Biden can reverse most of that and I fear he is a war monger who will get us back into endless wars and open the borders. I live in Georgia, and both our senate seats are run offs on Jan 6 or 7.!Those two elections will decide who controls the senate. Two more months of commercials. Plenty of money will be rolling into our state. I like that. And the attention. We used to complain about lack of attention.

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  2. Probably not, but as Dick Morris, who was the advisor to Bill Clinton, stated years ago: It’s the Presidents job to set the agenda.

    Setting the agenda is a powerful tool. It focuses the nation on what is important.

    For me, the important thing is that he took no leadership role at all. I voted for the guy in 2016 because he articulated a vision of regionalism for the world. He also was against the foreign wars. To me he failed miserably and therefore did not earn my vote for 2020. He did very little for healthcare. Remember when he railed against rising health insurance premiums? I’m still paying a fortune for myself and my staff. Additionally, he did nothing to break up the giant Internet companies. Nothing.

    I very quickly came to believe that he was a tool of Corporate America, just like Biden.

    These guys are playing a game with us. What it is, I don’t know exactly. I’m not the one committing the crime.

    At any rate, I agree with your comment. I just wanted to see Trump at least try to do something.


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