A Nation at Risk

The lie of American democracy was on never better display than this past week during the presidential election.

Joe Biden won the election amongst charges of vote fraud.

These charges seem credible when you watch Joe Biden, well after Election Day, come back from amazing deficits to win states like Pennsylvania.

Joe Biden at one time was down by as much as 750,000 votes.

What is shocking (or not so shocking) is how effortlessly the American media glossed over the massive cheating that was taking place in Pennsylvania, Michigan and other key battleground states.

It was this if such cheating had never happened.

But it did happen.

Do these people in the media, I asked myself, really believe that the election was legitimate?

Or are they really good actors?

You have people all over the media complaining about being barred from polling locations in multiple states. You had an individual from Michigan speaking about a glitch in the voting software that caused a flip of 6,000 votes.

This software that contained that particular glitch was used in 47 other counties in Michigan. Apparently the same software had been used in 30 other states in the union.

in Michigan alone if you multiply 47 times 6,000, you arrive at 250,000 votes. Those are enough votes to flip an election. That warrants a closer look, not a glossing.

If that same software contains the same glitch in other states, that situation needs to be examined, not glossed over.

Ditto to the complaints that monitors were barred from entering polling locations.

A fraudulent election is a fraudulent election.

To gloss these infractions over is to strengthen a myth that Americans have been subjected to their entire lives, that we are not a banana republic and that our elections are clean, free, and fair.

How can we possibly criticize banana republics for rigging elections when ours are as well.

Well, we can’t.

We can’t because we are a banana republic.

Actually, we’ve been a banana republic officially now since 11/22/63 when John Kennedy was shot in Dallas, Texas.

In broad daylight.

The media glossed over that event – call it an unofficial election, or de-election – as well while blaming it on a lone gunman.


The cover-up of that event exposed the harsh reality of American politics which is that we do not live in a free and open democratic republic in which the people choose their leaders, but a brutal fascist dictatorship in which hidden elements within the political class choose our leaders for us.

That harsh reality has been exposed again despite the media‘s best attempt to cover it up.

We are a nation of lies.

We are nation in denial.

We are a nation at risk.

We cannot survive these lies.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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