Defeating Corporate America

Well, in this age of despair, you may be asking yourself what you can do to improve the world.

You may feel helpless.

You may feel as if you can’t do anything. After all, you may ask yourself, I’m just one person. What can I possibly do?

You can do a lot, and the authorities know that you can do a lot because they keep programming you.

Indeed, the authorities spend a lot of time and effort in programming your mind.

If you want to change the world, change yourself. Don’t be deluded into thinking that one person can’t change anything.

You can change things. By changing yourself, you change the world. If it didn’t work that way, the authorities wouldn’t spend so much time trying to change you.

With that stated, here are a few things you can do. And it doesn’t require you getting together with anyone.

If you have talent and the elites are recruiting you, walk away from the dog biscuits of empire which are awards given by the authorities to rope you into their program or way of thinking.

Quit drinking Coca-Cola products. You don’t need Coca-Cola; Coca-Cola needs you. If I can quit Coca Cola, so can you.

Walk away from the royal family. What you do in your life is far more important than what they do. Beyond that the royal family is not an amusing sideshow of powerless figureheads. They are an important focal point for one of the most criminal organizations the modern world has ever seen – Corporate Britain. The royal family does not give orders to Corporate Britain, but they, along with the immoral system of peerage, act as essential glue to keep Corporate Britain alive. Corporate Britain raped the world and still does so today.

Walk away from Newsweek magazine. Newsweek magazine has no authority to define trends, speak with an all knowing voice or set the tone on conventional wisdom.

Walk away from the New York Times and its vital announcements page. The births, deaths and marriages of the people who are written about there are no more important than what happens in your life. These announcements exist to send a message: these people are more important than you.

Walk away from the Washington Post which is a tool of the CIA. You need news that is honest news, not a pack of lies manipulated to get you to support a phony war or cause.

Quit watching the Academy Awards show and other similar shows. These awards do not exist for the recipient; they exist for the studios to build recipients into demigods so that they can better sell their increasingly crummy movies, downloads and books.

Walk away from phony “superstar” musicians who are no more talented then struggling artists at your local bar.

Resolve to not pay astronomical prices for sporting events. It’s not your job to make NFL quarterbacks any wealthier than they already are. Definitely do not buy their overpriced jerseys, T-shirts and caps. Free yourself of a $40 car parking charge, a $10 beer and a $5 hotdog.

Quit watching Time-Life specials which purport to tell you what you are thinking.

Don’t wear something because everyone else is.

Walk away from Anna Wintour and her notorious glare. Her taste in clothes is no better than yours. She can cram her notorious glare up her ass.

Unequivocally delete the Kardashians from your brain. They only became famous because their father was an attorney for O.J. Simpson. They have no special talents. They exist only to make money for the people promoting them.

Resolve to give less money to McDonald’s. McDonald’s should be properly termed the United States Government Hamburger Corporation. McDonald’s is a guilty participant in our international global killing machine. It willingly goes along with every corrupt and immoral program the government foists upon us. When the government imposed its small business destroying lockdowns, McDonald’s was ready to go with its “discounts and free food for essential workers” program. McDonalds also profits handsomely from our endless wars.

Burger King is only one step beyond McDonald’s. It too represents the face of fascism.

Resolve to ask questions before buying into media nonsense. Be your own person.

Understand that fascism is not a few knuckleheads waving a Nazi flag; fascism is when big government and big corporations – like McDonald’s, and Coca-Cola, and Nike, – work together to promote war or other programs like the lockdown which end up hurting you.

Quit buying Nike shoes. Nike shoes profits off slave labor in Indonesia. Those poor people work 13 to 16 hours a day for a grand total of six bucks per day. Those shoes should be made here in the United States where workers can be paid a living wage. A living wage keeps families together, keeps families stronger, keeps families off drugs, keeps families out of the prison system.

Stop watching CNBC and idiotic hosts like Jim Cramer. The stock market is a casino that is rigged against you. Any temporary gains you get are temporary. The house always wins.

Take as much money out of the stock market as you possibly can. When America takes their money out of the stock market, the casino will crash; the parasites will die.

Understand that Harvard University is a self promoting criminal cult that is dangerous and unhealthy to the survival of the United States of America and the world. They do not represent the best and brightest. Steve Jobs did not go to Harvard. Albert Einstein did not go to Harvard. Thomas Edison did not go to Harvard.

Never vote for a Harvard graduate. Never vote for an Ivy League graduate. Never vote for anyone who attended a so-called prestigious school. Too many of these people are in it for themselves and their own glory, not you.

Understand that Fox News and CNN are flip sides of the same coin. They’ll give you a few differences to promote the illusion that they are different, but ultimately when push comes to shove, they are in it against you. They both work for Corporate America.

Invest time in your own family, work and community.

The list of things that you can do is endless. It’s impossible to do them all or any one of them completely because we live in a corporate world. Do the best that you can. One step leads to two, two steps leads to three.

Removing the programming of our national media upon your mind will free you up to make this country better.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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