Your Corporate Lords

Recently, our local supermarket, H-E-B, in McAllen Texas has told us that if we are fully vaccinated, we do not have to wear masks inside the store.

Is this a good thing?

Not really.

We now live in a world where corporations like H-E-B, and their Ivy League lords, make decisions for us instead of our elected leaders.

That’s not the way America is supposed to work.

What we have now is an unelected body of people, who we don’t know, who make decisions for us.

Corporations currently can hide behind the technicality of being able to set their own standards and rules within their stores.

Generally though these rules have extended to matters such as unruly behavior and the wearing of muscle shirts and shoes.

We may be treading on thin ice when we rely on corporations to make medical decisions for us.

And they may be opening themselves up to liability as well.

Is it a supermarket’s job to encourage vaccines?

Isn’t that what they are in fact doing when mandating vaccines before buying food without a mask?

Since the vaccine does not prevent you from contracting and carrying COVID-19, is there any evidence that vaccinated people carry the virus less than people who are unvaccinated?

And if the elected body within the state of Texas has stated that Texans do not need to wear face masks within public buildings, then hasn’t the elected body stated that it is safe for Texans to not wear face masks?

What grounding then do supermarkets and corporations have for mandating face masks?

Aren’t they defying the authorities who were elected by the people?

They certainly are. Of course this shouldn’t be surprising coming from H-E-B supermarkets.

H-E-B supermarkets was built into a monolithic business giant by a ruthless corporatist named Charles C Butt who happens to be a Harvard graduate.

Big surprise.

H-E-B supermarkets is not some homegrown operation like it was in 1895 when the supermarket started.

H-E-B was started in Kerrville, Texas in 1895 by Florence Butt. It is currently named for her son, Howard E Butt.

Charles is the son of Howard who has since passed on.

When these local and regional operations grew bigger and more wealthy, the owners became rich and then sent their children to the Empire’s schools.

Charles C Butt was sent to the Wharton School and Harvard to join the club as well as to learn the tricks of the Empire.

H-E-B is a major player in Texas supermarkets. In much of Texas, they own the place when it comes to supermarkets.

They got that way by playing ruthless games with their opponents.

They borrowed the trick from John D Rockefeller. If a competitor would come into town, H-E-B would ruthlessly lower their prices so as to drive the competition out of business. They could do this by raising the prices in another town that would have no competition.

This is exactly what the robber baron John D Rockefeller would do to competing oil companies. That’s how he grew Standard Oil so large.

H-E-B is a bully when it comes to competition; it’s a bully when it comes to enforcing rules that go against what the elected authorities say.

You don’t require a vaccine card to walk maskless into a public building in Texas; why should you need a vaccine card to walk maskless into an H-E-B?

It’s a bold new world that must be stopped dead in its tracks.

Charlie C Butt has no medical training.

None whatsoever.

He’s just a spineless coward who joined the Empire so that he could get wealthier.

He will do whatever the Empire tells him to do. He could not care less what people think.

After all, he attended two of the Empire’s elite schools.

He joined a cult.

Clearly he believes he is smarter and better than the rest of us.

For those of you who think that Charles is getting older and not particularly involved in day-to-day operations, don’t worry. His successor, Craig Boyan, is also a Harvard graduate.

Yep, let’s keep it within the club.

Harvard knows best.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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