I was in a foul mood today, and I don’t precisely know why.

I think it had to do with my extracted wisdom sockets hurting plus the idea that this repugnant British monarchy is continuing under King Charles.

I had already written a piece about why the monarchy should be abolished. I had even contributed to the Republican campaign in the United Kingdom which is attempting to abolish the monarchy.

(I’ve gotten news for them; it’s not going to happen peacefully.)

At any rate, I was agitated and looking around the Internet for some issue to write upon when I came across this post on Quora.

The question poser asked whether Einstein‘s children had inherited his IQ. A responder began speaking about Einstein‘s children and how his children had not risen to the level that he did.

This bothered me because I don’t believe in classifying people this way.

This is the way of the modern media. The modern media likes to grade people in terms of IQ and achievement.

This methodology is quite antithetical to Christianity, so I felt the need to respond.

This was my response on Quora.

I feel compelled to challenge what is written here. What made Albert Einstein was his interest in physics and his desire to see the world a different way. I challenge the idea that his IQ had anything to do with his groundbreaking theories. As far as the statement that his son was not on his father’s level? Poppycock to that. How can you possibly know that? What can you possibly base that statement upon? It’s time that we stop basing someone’s value upon their perceived IQ or the phony awards they’ve won. Nor should we base a person’s value upon what some phony Nobel committee thinks.

Leo Szilard, a friend and colleague of Einstein, was one of the greatest scientists who ever lived, and he didn’t win a Nobel prize. Does that make him less intelligent? Does that make him less valuable?

Who appointed those phonies on the Nobel committee the boss anyway?

By the way, Einstein was an average to good student. He was not the top student in his class. Moreover, one of his professors labeled him a lazy dog.

In truth, we all have the genius of Albert Einstein. Let’s not buy into the media’s definition of who is smart, who is valuable, and who is not.

I hope that you will agree with me. If these people on the Nobel Prize committee are so smart, why don’t they give the Nobel prize to themselves?

In truth, the Nobel prize is a creature of King Louis. King Louis controls the Nobel prize committee. If you go along with King Louis, you win. If you cannot be controlled by King Louis, you don’t win.

King Louis is not going to permit anyone to rise to superstar level unless they support him; ergo, the Nobel prize is a fraud.

Awards are important to King Louis. King Louis bestows awards upon people conditionally. The condition is that you go along with King Louis’s program.

If you go along, King Louis continues to reward you. If you don’t go along, King Louis will destroy you.

If you defy King Louis, your first class ticket on the jet will be revoked. Just ask Cornel West. He dared to speak up for starving Palestinians. For doing so, his tenure at Harvard was denied.

Tenure at Harvard is a plum. King Louis controls all plums.

King Louis bestows awards in entertainment, film, books, literature, politics and science.

The awards are fraudulent. They are used as a credential to rope you in to what King Louis desires.

If King Louis wants the public to believe in climate change, his award-winning celebrities, actors, musicians, Nobel prize winners will endorse climate change unless they don’t know what’s good for them.

And you the people will go along with them because you have been programmed to believe in their greatness. Indeed, you will trust these “winners” before members of your own family. I’m serious. You will trust a Grammy winner who tells you to shelter at home in order to survive COVID-19 before you trust your own personal doctor.

These award-winning celebrities, writers, musicians, and scientists have been elevated to the status of a demigod, one step below the deity, King Louis.

In reality they are King Louis’s emissaries to you who live on earth.

King Louis of course is a God.

And these days God lives in wealthy, sealed-off developments like Martha’s Vineyard and Fisher Island.

Only the demigods are permitted to visit Valhalla.

For that reason, it is essential that you be programmed into ranking people in terms of IQ and achievement.

Einstein is a superstar and a demigod. His children are mortals like you.

Veto to that.

End the pain.

Reject the silly programming from the media. It’s designed to keep you in your place, to keep you subservient to King Louis.

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Versailles Must Be Destroyed

For the people of France to enjoy any sense of prosperity, the Palace at Versailles must be destroyed.

All of it.

Indeed, for Americans and people around the world to enjoy any sense of prosperity Versailles must be destroyed.

Versailles, of course, was built by the Sun Pig, Louis XIV.

The Sun Pig was a thug who cared not one wit about the people he called his subjects.

Many workers died for the Sun Pig’s arrogant dream.


One mother, who lost her son while working at Versailles, dared to denounce the king for what he was – a thug more focused on his own glory than the needs of the people.

The Sun Pig had her whipped.

You applaud this woman’s flagellation when you visit Versailles and admire the wealthy and splendor in the Hall of Mirrors.

In reality, when you visit Versailles you are whipping yourself.

The curation of this stolen wealth, this so-called heritage, is essential to the power of the modern state.

It is the fuel behind its tyranny.

Enormous effort and money has been expended to purchase and bottle up this wealth.

The wealth is your heritage that has been stolen from you.

This is true of Versailles; it is true elsewhere.

Who was the Sun Pig?

He was a thug with an army who ruthlessly robbed and pillaged his way to his position.

How many hundreds of thousands did he kill for his own glory?

Along the way he confiscated the wealth of peasants and bottled it up for himself.

The same can be said of our leaders here in the United States. In Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Harvard Pigs have performed the same task here in America. They steal your money and purchase items like the Gutenberg Bible which they sequester away for themselves in the Widener Library. At Yale, the Yale Pigs bottle up the wealth of the world and place it in the Beinecke library.

It’s not for you; it’s for the elites.

It exists to justify and sustain their power.

This bottling up of wealth not only exists for books but for photographs as well. The Ivy League pigs are busy buying up picture archives of your history that was made by you, that belongs to you. Of course, they will permit you to license a photo for a steep price. This immoral accumulation of perpetual ownership is codified and cemented into law by corrupt Ivy League poli-pigs and judicia-hogs.

It’s not alway easy to see why this accumulation and control of past wealth aids the elites in justifying their rule.

I mean, who cares who owns a bunch of old books, right?

Well, it’s as important as a leader owning and wearing a crown.

Controlling the legacy of the nation is important.

It’s akin to being tapped on the shoulder by the previous leader.

Every conquering civilization has gone to great lengths to acquire the symbols, Gods and traditions of the rulers preceding them.

Because you place value in this wealth, rulers do.

They control your mind with art, music, your God, your traditions.

At the Louvre in Paris sits the Mona Lisa. Millions of people line up each year to view it. Why? They line up because they have been programmed to believe that the Mona Lisa is the finest painting ever painted.

Oh, really? And why is that? Who decided that? It was decided by the curators and art historians who are controlled by the elites.

People have also been programmed to believe Leonardo da Vinci is a genius. Perhaps people believe that viewing a genius makes them a genius. But who decided that Leonardo was the ultimate genius? Why, it was the professors and art historians who owe their patronage to the elites.

Therefore, if I control the art that controls your mind, I control you.

Now, this wouldn’t be so bad if our leaders were good people, but they’re not.

Countless examples can be given to demonstrate that our leaders couldn’t care less about us. Yet, we cannot overthrow them. Why is that? Why can’t we overthrow leaders who fail to serve us?

My gosh, we can’t even get out of the box to start a revolution. So what is the problem here?

The problem is that our leaders, who own our legacy and our heritage, have taken the mantel from Leonardo da Vinci’s shoulders and placed it upon theirs.

“You see,” they proclaim, “we are the successors to Leonardo da Vinci. We are the geniuses in society.”

And the people buy it – lock, stock, and barrel.

Thus Versailles and the need of the elites to preserve it.

Versailles exists to keep you in a state of perpetual servitude.

Thus the need to destroy it.

Now some of you will say that, no, we must keep Versailles, that it is too beautiful, that is a reminder of our heritage, or that we must remind ourselves never to engage in building something so frivolous again.

Perhaps you think it is an appendix of sorts, something we need to keep around, for old times sake, to remind us of where we came from.

Well, it’s an awfully big appendix, and the appendix has a way of getting infected and threatening the life of the body.

I will argue that the downside of Versailles outweighs any beauty it might possess.

Versaille is not dead. It is still very much used by the power establishment to assert its control over the people.

Versailles wasn’t just built by Louis as a beautiful place to display art. No, Versailles was employed to control and indoctrinate the nobles who were a threat to Louis.

These days is used to indoctrinate you.

Hours upon hours of a noble’s time were wasted on learning and obeying the rules of ettiquette. The purpose of Versailles was to glorify Louis. Mundane events such as his rising in the morning, or his eating of daily meals were theatrical events that nobles were compelled to watch.

Today the government of France and the governments of the European Union use Versailles as a showcase of power to make important treaties.

Because you have been indoctrinated into that scheme of power through your visitation of Versailles, through your education about Versailles, you implicitly and subconsciously accede to the power of Versailles.

You have heard of the Treaty of Versailles which was a colossal disaster. You may not have heard of the Treaty of Amsterdam which will prove to be an equally colossal disaster.

Both these treaties were signed at Versailles.

A rotten seed cannot produce good fruit, and the seed of Versailles is rotten.

Versailles itself is rotten.

The palatial estate screams out arrogance and conceit.

Versailles is not just a pretty venue for photo opportunities.

It’s criminality, arrogance, paternalism, obliviousness, and cruelty seep out from the gleaming mirrors to invade and corrupt the human souls that reside there, and do business there.

In that respect Versailles is a malignancy lying in wait for the next King Louis to arise.

For true human liberty and prosperity to be achieved, Versailles must be destroyed.

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved