Power ultimately comes from brute force and the willingness to kill.

All other explanations are cosmetic.

The power of Rome, the power of Britain, the power of the United States, and the people who ran and run those empires stems from their willingness to kill.

Ultimately man is a brute animal.

Philosophy and literature is a window dressing designed to cleverly disguise our animal nature.

There is an event in the television program Versailles which displays this principle.

A duke rebels against King Louis and his authority.

In response, King Louis destroys his castle and takes him prisoner.

This is the essence of power.

Either you eat me, or I eat you.

The institutions that we hold dear in the United States are a façade.

The Supreme Court, our system of justice, our representative chambers, the House, the Senate, are a façade.

The Bill of Rights is a façade.

It need not be, but it is.

These institutions and the Bill of Rights were transformed into window dressing by the Harvard Cartel.

They are nothing more than arbitrary tools under the bootjack of King Louis who lives today in the form of this evil cabal whose ruling elite come from Cambridge.

They control everything in the United States just as King Louis controlled everything in France.

They kill when they need to kill.

If someone fucks with their money, that person will be eliminated.

If someone fucks with their political agenda, that person will be marginalized.

It runs no different than the Court of King Louis.

Obey, or else.

King Louis lives well, as evidenced by the latest State Dinner, entertaining the modern-day King of France, Emmanuel Macron.

This was his second state dinner.

One was not enough.

Butter poached Maine lobster and Coulotte of Beef with shallot marmalade were served while only a short distance away homelessness, hunger and despair abound.

They and the poor in working-class Scranton yanked a half-filled tin of Ken-L-Ration out of the dumpster in the alley behind Main Street.

Back in France, the inflation ravaged mob divided up a three day old baguette.

Meanwhile at Versailles, clueless senators, such as Chuck Schumer showed up with his daughter.

“It’s her first state dinner,” he proclaimed with joy. “I’ve been to many.”

These are the courtesans in King Louis’s court.

Other usurpers who showed up were pseudo Republican, Susan Collins; fashion snob, Anna Wintour; Foxconn exploiter, Tim Cook; professional office holder, Susan Rice, and many more.

They even pulled out Patrick Leahy from his coffin.

There was no shame at that soirée.

There was even less compassion for the poor.

Such is the state of affairs in the United States of America.

Power rules with an iron fist, taunting the hungry poor who rush to food banks in the cold winter of their discontent.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Non-Violent Resistance

Dear Young Person,

Don’t you dare fall for this canard of non-violent resistance.

It doesn’t work.

It’s a giant lie.

It’s an enormous fable created by the powerful elite to keep you from removing them from their oppressive power.

The lie is ubiquitous.

Is it in the movies: Gandhi.

It’s on television where noble hosts like Oprah Winfrey state that violence is never an option.

It is on YouTube. There Chris Hedges also renounces violence.

It’s in academia where noble academics look to the heavens while sneering upon violence.

Gee, Oprah, did Nat Turner renounce violence.

Hmm, Chris Hedges, did our Founding Fathers renounce violence.

No, they did not.

And do you know why they did not?

Because they knew that there was little nobility to man. They understood fundamentally that man was a biological species just like the others, only blessed with a few social and intellectual tricks.

Are the corrupt wealthy elite noble to us?

No, they are not. They are brutal and unjust.

Did King George suddenly find Jesus and give the colonies their freedom?

Did the Pharaohs and Romans of old treat their subjects with respect?

How about Ashurbanipal, the Assyrian king? Was he a tender loving guy?

How about King Louis XIV, the Sun King? Did he rule with a velvet glove?

No to all.

These guys ruled with an iron fist.

They were tyrants.

No society has figured out a way to take down a tyrannical regime without violence.

Gandhi did not force the British to leave India. The British were prepared to have Gandhi peacefully protest for 1000 years and more.

Who took down the British in India?

Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler bankrupted the British in WWII

That’s why the British left India. They couldn’t afford their colonies.

Remember that, young person, as you get suckered in by the noble thoughts that we are a noble species and that peaceful protests will remove the tyrants from power.

It’s not going to happen.

Santa Claus Awareness Moment #543.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved