Free Speech and the Genie

What can you say about free speech and the internet these days? How many times can you say free speech is free speech?

It’s a waste of time to keep talking when you say it once and the people you are talking to refuse to listen. Then you become the one who belongs in the loony bin.

These days, Google, Twitter and Facebook are synonymous with the United States government – a cruel, runaway, intolerant global killing machine that isn’t in the business of listening.

They don’t care.

Every age has its decaying orthodoxy, and our age is no different. Just as the Catholic Church five hundred years ago punished, condemned or excommunicated heretics such as Galileo and Copernicus for stating the obvious, so too do the leaders in our digital age shut down alternative media for daring to challenge their supremacy.

Just as the earth ceded its supremacy to the sun as the center of the solar system, so too did The New York Times cede its supremacy to alternative media as the paper of record, the bastion of truth . It’s tough for the elites to accept this. For too long they have had their way with the people. For too long they have been able to suppress legitimate movements with their fables.

This is no longer the case, and so they proclaim people like Alex Jones and other authors of alternative media sites as heretics, deliverers of fake news. When that does not suffice, these cardinals of the millennial church – Google, Twitter and Facebook – band together and excommunicate them.

In a word, they ban them. This was what excommunication meant in the Catholic Church; this is why it was such a big deal. In those days, the Church was the truth.

But truth can not be stopped.

Just as the printing press ushered in the Renaissance, so will the digital age and internet usher in a new Renaissance. It can not be stopped.

By punishing, condemning and self-censoring Galileo and Copernicus, the Catholic Church legitimized them. They were in effect saying: These people have something important to say, otherwise why would we be banning them?

So too with Alex Jones, Abby Martin, Peter Lavelle, the Hagmanns, Richie Allen, Jimmy Dore and many, many others. By banning them, Google, Twitter and Facebook legitimize them.

The genie is out of the bottle.

Prizes to Control You

Why are prizes a bad idea?

Since they seem like a good idea, why aren’t they?

Prizes in this day and age are given out by the King, and as such the King expects thanks and gratitude for bestowing the prize.

Refusal to do so or out right condemnation of the King’s policy invites reprisal. Just ask the Dixie Chicks.

Prizes are tools the King uses to corral and recruit the citizenry to support his program – usually war, but sometimes a project such as global warming.

Prizes give a veneer of credibility to the recipient. They elevate him or her to superhero status.

With the prize comes fabulous riches and of course a private jet.

Superheroes cannot be expected to live amongst the regular people; if they did, why then people might not listen to them. No, gods come down from the heavens, in our case, in a corporate jet.

The new superheroes will tell you how to act, think and vote. This new master race is seemingly everywhere in all fields and disciplines.

It’s a new form of feudalism where you are the serfs and they are the lords.

Of course their power is illusory – in your mind. To break the cycle, one only need walk away.

One must ask why it is necessary to give someone a Nobel prize, an Oscar, a Grammy or a prize that has no basis at all – perhaps an appointment to a board or a bogus Presidential Committee.

Can a prize match a person’s actual performance, or is a person’s performance the prize?

If so, then for whom does the prize exist? The recipient or the King?

Jesus, the forgotten leader of the Christian church, understood this which is why he renounced a crown, which is why he asked his followers to render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar. In other words, give Caesar his crown back.

Prizes have no place in Christianity.

Woody Allen and You

Of course you must know by now that Woody Allen married the adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn, of his former wife, Mia Farrow.

But what if I told you that you were responsible for what he did? Would you be outraged?

Contain yourself and listen.

Putting aside the other allegations against him, what Woody Allen did is the hallmark of a self-absorbed, so-called “genius” who evidently felt that the ethics and mores of modern society did not apply to him. Most people would say to themselves, “Who cares if I fell in love with my wife’s adopted daughter? Buck up, eat the pain and find someone else.”

That Woody Allen did not can be attributed directly to the idea he has of himself. For decades now, he has been part of a self-anointed New York clique that self-promotes itself through its cronies in the press, writers like Daphne Merkin, as people who are to be talked about. In their minds, they are geniuses floating above us at 30,000 feet, above the constraints of mere mortals.

This illusion has been drummed into your mind millions of times in your lifetime through media outlets such as Time, Newsweek, People, US, CBS, NBC, ABC and many others.

You have come to accept the supremacy of this “elite” New York cabal. After all, no one is talking about you – which is the point. If these outlets talked about you, then you would be one of them, not who you are supposed to be in their minds – one of the sheep who are expected to accept their supremacy.

You know these people. Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen, Bill Murray, Meryl Streep, Anna Wintour (and her notorious glare) are just a few members. Phillip Roth, Truman Capote, Elizabeth Taylor and the entire Studio 54 crowd were from a prior generation. They are constantly slammed down your throat.

But they are not uniquely talented. Their greatness is illusory, and they exist for the elites to rule you.

In fact, for every Woody Allen you know about, there are hundreds of Woody Allens you don’t know about and never will. Woody Allen is who he is because the ruling elite selected him and invited him in. But it wasn’t because he had exclusive talent, although he was deluded into believing such as were you.

In truth, there is is a nuclear arsenal of talent in the United States and the world that goes untapped because of the indoctrination you receive every day.

Woody Allen is important; you are not.

So if Woody Allen engages in behavior that upsets you, it is because you gave him permission to do so.