Your Corporate Lords

Recently, our local supermarket, H-E-B, in McAllen Texas has told us that if we are fully vaccinated, we do not have to wear masks inside the store.

Is this a good thing?

Not really.

We now live in a world where corporations like H-E-B, and their Ivy League lords, make decisions for us instead of our elected leaders.

That’s not the way America is supposed to work.

What we have now is an unelected body of people, who we don’t know, who make decisions for us.

Corporations currently can hide behind the technicality of being able to set their own standards and rules within their stores.

Generally though these rules have extended to matters such as unruly behavior and the wearing of muscle shirts and shoes.

We may be treading on thin ice when we rely on corporations to make medical decisions for us.

And they may be opening themselves up to liability as well.

Is it a supermarket’s job to encourage vaccines?

Isn’t that what they are in fact doing when mandating vaccines before buying food without a mask?

Since the vaccine does not prevent you from contracting and carrying COVID-19, is there any evidence that vaccinated people carry the virus less than people who are unvaccinated?

And if the elected body within the state of Texas has stated that Texans do not need to wear face masks within public buildings, then hasn’t the elected body stated that it is safe for Texans to not wear face masks?

What grounding then do supermarkets and corporations have for mandating face masks?

Aren’t they defying the authorities who were elected by the people?

They certainly are. Of course this shouldn’t be surprising coming from H-E-B supermarkets.

H-E-B supermarkets was built into a monolithic business giant by a ruthless corporatist named Charles C Butt who happens to be a Harvard graduate.

Big surprise.

H-E-B supermarkets is not some homegrown operation like it was in 1895 when the supermarket started.

H-E-B was started in Kerrville, Texas in 1895 by Florence Butt. It is currently named for her son, Howard E Butt.

Charles is the son of Howard who has since passed on.

When these local and regional operations grew bigger and more wealthy, the owners became rich and then sent their children to the Empire’s schools.

Charles C Butt was sent to the Wharton School and Harvard to join the club as well as to learn the tricks of the Empire.

H-E-B is a major player in Texas supermarkets. In much of Texas, they own the place when it comes to supermarkets.

They got that way by playing ruthless games with their opponents.

They borrowed the trick from John D Rockefeller. If a competitor would come into town, H-E-B would ruthlessly lower their prices so as to drive the competition out of business. They could do this by raising the prices in another town that would have no competition.

This is exactly what the robber baron John D Rockefeller would do to competing oil companies. That’s how he grew Standard Oil so large.

H-E-B is a bully when it comes to competition; it’s a bully when it comes to enforcing rules that go against what the elected authorities say.

You don’t require a vaccine card to walk maskless into a public building in Texas; why should you need a vaccine card to walk maskless into an H-E-B?

It’s a bold new world that must be stopped dead in its tracks.

Charlie C Butt has no medical training.

None whatsoever.

He’s just a spineless coward who joined the Empire so that he could get wealthier.

He will do whatever the Empire tells him to do. He could not care less what people think.

After all, he attended two of the Empire’s elite schools.

He joined a cult.

Clearly he believes he is smarter and better than the rest of us.

For those of you who think that Charles is getting older and not particularly involved in day-to-day operations, don’t worry. His successor, Craig Boyan, is also a Harvard graduate.

Yep, let’s keep it within the club.

Harvard knows best.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Death and Resurrection

Venezuela is dying.

The country lived large a few years ago; it was making a helluvalota money in oil with which it lived large.

Unfortunately Venezuela didn’t follow the advice of Ben Franklin who would have advised them that a penny saved is a penny earned.

Or to save for a rainy day.

Instead Venezuela followed the advice of the morons at our elite business schools who through their eco-babble convinced the leadership to get arrogant and begin modernizing the economy.

Venezuela got suckered in by con-men who sold them a shitload of eighteen dollar bills.

It happens to us all. We make a little money and think we’re somebody. The next thing you know we’re putting down payments on all sorts of bullshit we don’t need that comes with a loan attached.

Thus the IMF.

The IMF – The International Monetary Fund – is the bank to the nations of the world. It is where nations go to borrow a lot of money to “upgrade” their economy.

Usually what happens though is that the nation borrows money that it can’t pay back.

This is what happened to Venezuela. They borrowed boatloads to modernize their country.  They figured they could pay it back with oil revenues that were coming in.

They were wrong.

What happened was that the price of oil dropped. Now Venezuela is stuck with a bunch of debt to a bank.

Like you, Venezuela would rather spend the money on itself to make itself better. But it can’t.

So Venezuela had to make a choice between austerity – cutting back – or fooling its citizens. It chose to fool its citizens by printing money to pay them the same amount of money that they were making before.

This caused inflation. A lot of inflation.

This doesn’t change the situation though. The price of oil is still low.  And Venezuelans still have to come to grips that they’re not making as much money as before.

It would be like you going from making $100,000 a year to $25,000 a year. You can print up a bunch of money fooling yourself that you are still making $100,000 a year, but you would be fooling yourself. Eventually you would realize that.

Now imagine yourself making 25% of what you were making before; now, add a big bill for an oversized house that you bought.

You become unhappy; you may even lose your house.  You act out and get angry as the cupboard becomes bare.

Well, that is what is going on in Venezuela today.   And that is why you see mobs and lynchings in the streets. That’s why you see increased criminality.

It’s a dire situation.  What are you going to do?

I’m glad you asked.  I happen to be a specialist in getting out of a mess.

I’ve spent half my life digging a hole for myself and the other half climbing out of it.

So …

  1. Don’t panic. Things are never as good or as bad as they seem to be. Panic produces unclear thinking. What you need is clear thinking.
  2. Accept reality. It is what it is.  Fighting pain only makes the pain worse.
  3. Accept responsibility even if it’s not true. In Venezuela’s case it would be good for the leadership to say the following: “I fucked up. I accept responsibility. It’s my fault. It’s not the fault of the United States (even though we all know damn well it is).”  Honesty and responsibility are good for the soul.
  4. Cut all frivolous expenditures even if they seem like a drop in the bucket.  It’s good for the soul; it’s good for morale.  In Venezuela’s case it would be good for the leadership to cease eating cake at government galas.  The people need to see that the elites are willing to get down in the mud.
  5. Slow-pay and partial-pay your debts.  Slow-pay and partial-pay are better than no pay.  Resolve to pay the debts in full.  Never default. 
  6. Lengthen the term of the debt if you can.
  7. Take your foot off the gas. Quit borrowing.  Borrowing got you into this mess.  Now, is not the time to borrow more.
  8. Start selling assets to pay off debt.  There’s no reason why Venezuela can not lease oil rights today, or pay off huge debt with land sales.
  9. Increase the value of your citizens.  If the government has unused real assets in its possession, now is the time to share.  
  10. Enlist the citizenry to help solve this problem. People want to help, and they will respond.
  11. Engage in a pride campaign to make citizens feel better about their country.  You tell them:  “We may be poor, but it is our country.”
  12. Resolve never to get yourself into this position again.  Plan to make yourself as self-sufficient as possible.
  13. Resolve to educate yourself and your citizens by investing first in education.
  14. Kick gobbledygook artists and slick talkers out of your home, personal space and  consciousness.
  15. Resolve to adhere to some sound principles not taught at the elite business schools such as:  a) a penny saved is a penny earned; b) save for a rainy day; c) a stitch in time saves nine; d) never throw good money after bad; and e) a bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

Finally, remember this:  You don’t need the elites; they need you.

You know how to grind it out and survive. Parasites don’t.

If you die, they die.

French Fries and the Wharton School: The Story of Empire

I like watching YouTube videos about how things are made.

My restless mind is soothed by watching hi-tech machines churn out billions of french fries. I especially love the part where a computer-guided air gun blows imperfect fries off the line at jet speeds.

How can any small-timer compete, I ask myself. This is it, I say. This machine I am viewing can make all the french fries in the empire. Why, there is no need for another machine. We can place this device in the Azores where all the fries of the world can be manufactured in one central location – at least for our hemisphere.

Yet I struggle with one question: Wy do the french fries coming off these machines taste like shit?

One would think that with all the hi-tech built into this machine that the fries would at least taste better than average. These machines can scrub the potatoes flawlessly, peel the skins, shake out impurities and slice to laser perfection. Cooking and drying times are precision events to ensure excellence.

Excellence is paramount to the New World Order. Failure is not an option.

So what gives? What has the evil Wharton School missed? You know, of course, that the Wharton School is out for world domination of the french fry market. Oh, yes, I’m telling you now.

Through their emphasis on numbers, calculus (an evil tool if ever there was one) and statistics, the Wharton School has worked together with Corporate America to mass produce a french fry that can dominate the world market, which it does.

Corporate America dispenses this crummy fry religiously through the Sysco company to every creature whose neck can be stood upon and throttled. Yet it tastes like shit.


Theologically because God does not approve of corporate french fries. God rejects corporate french fries. God understands that the world is diverse; and as such diversity must match diversity. Nature abhors uniformity. The problem with the Wharton School french fry is its uniformity. Every frigging french fry is the same.

In trying to mass produce a french fry using statistics, the Wharton School has drummed diversity out of the potato strip that is to be cooked. Imperfection has been eliminated and that is the problem. Our frail, imperfect human bodies reject this lack of imperfection just as oil repels water.

So I fear not for the future of the french fry.

This empire too shall fall.