Hey, Jets! Aaron Rodgers? Measure Twice, Cut Once.

Are you a football fan?

Do you think Aaron Rodgers should go to the Jets?

Do you think the Jets should go after Aaron Rodgers?

The consensus amongst the delusional is that he should.

Obviously I do not agree.

Currently, Mike Greenberg and Rich Eisen are on pins and needles hoping that the Jets take Aaron Rodgers. That should tell you all you need to know that the Jets should not take Aaron Rodgers – at least not without thinking first.

I’m going to tell you why.

Teams that are always reaching for the brass ring never get the brass ring.

Just in case you are too young to know, the brass ring was what you reached for as you went around a merry-go-round. The goal was to reach out for the brass ring and grab it.

I have no doubt that Aaron Rodgers is a great quarterback.

He is a great quarterback.

He would help the Jets immensely.

The problem is that Aaron Rodgers is 39 years old.

The other problem may be whether Aaron Rodgers fits into the Jets long-term goal that will work for the Jets.

It’s not a matter of getting into the playoffs for one or two years.

What a team wants is a consistent identity that can prosecute a football program that will continually put them in a position to win for decades into the future.

To accomplish that, a team must first sit down and take a counter-intuitive approach to football.

The first thing that the Jets need to do is consult average New Yorkers, historians, sociologists, and ask them the following: What is the essence of a New Yorker?

What makes New York tick?

How do we define New York?

What are the hopes and aspirations of your average New Yorker?

What does he or she expect out of life?

What motivates the New Yorker?

What gives the New Yorker an erection?

What do you New Yorkers not like?

What are the values of a New Yorker?

What makes a New Yorker distinct?

Then, someone on the Jets needs to compile all this information and write a one page essay on the essence of a New Yorker.

Once that is done, the Jets then need to gather together their board of fathers who are responsible for the caretaking of the Jets.

These people would include former players, former coaches, and other prominent people who are emotionally tied to the New York area. It may even include sportscasters who cover the New York area.

These people then, from that one page essay, need to define the type of team that the Jets should have predicated upon that sociological context that was defined on that one page essay.

In other words, this board of fathers will ask what identity do we want the Jets to prosecute into the future for the next 20 years?

What kind of team do we want them to be?

Do we want a clever team?

Do we want a dirty team?

Do we want an intellectual team?

Do we want a rough and ready, beat the shit out of them team?

What will be our trademark?

What will be our brand?

Then someone on the Jets needs to write a one page essay based upon the discussions of this board of fathers.

This one page essay will be the guiding force of what kind of offense you’ll run, what kind of defense you’ll run, the types of coaches that you will hire, the types of players that you will employ.

The draft choices, and the trades that the Jets engage in will be predicated upon that one page essay.

And it will make drafting and trading so much easier. It will make them easier because you will be able to immediately see who fits into your sociological context and who does not.

After this is done, the general manager, his administrative staff, and the coaches who are to be selected must conform to this one page essay.

Everybody on the Jets team, including the front office, must buy into this identity. They must be coached into this identity.

It’s not just the players who must be coached. The coaches must be coached. The general manager must be coached. The general managers assistance must be coached.

All promotions must occur from within the organization.

The days are over when the California huckster rolls into town on his Conestoga wagon selling his pots and pans and liniments.

There will be no West Coast offense.

There will be no Tampa 2 defense.

What there will be is a Jets offense and a Jets defense that is 100% unique – uncopiable.

The players naturally will be totally indoctrinated into the Jets culture.

When this is accomplished, the Jets will be far better off than reaching for a brass ring that will never come.

Yes, the going will be a little bit slower in the beginning, but in time generous dividends will be received.

Now, it may very well come to pass that Aaron Rodgers does come to the Jets.

If so, let it be because you measured twice before cutting.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Carry on, Aaron Rodgers

While I did choose to get the COVID-19 vaccine, I fully support Aaron Rodgers, Carson Wentz, and their choice to not get vaccinated.

Those players and people who choose to not get vaccinated have every right to make that choice.

They are right to be wary of our government.

Governments have killed in the past, and they will kill in the future.

Men like Dr. Fauci and Dr. Gottlieb are arrogant beyond comprehension.

They and their cheering, fascist press-puppets are ignorant of a basic truth in science and healthcare: Our interpretation of the human body changes with each generation.

Most honest clinicians and academics will communicate this basic truth freely and openly.

Our knowledge changes. Our interpretations change.

What we thought to be the truth twenty years ago is not necessarily the truth today, and will not necessarily be the truth twenty years hence.

Compounding this is the reality that politicians often bend the truth to fit their political aims.

This has never been more obvious than in the age of COVID-19.

Most honest clinicians have come to the conclusion that our government has desired to push us into getting this vaccine to fight COVID-19.

Why not? Big Pharma stands to make a lot of money off this.

Unfortunately, this has caused many agents of the government to bend the truth.

And so they in turn have put pressure upon their academics to develop studies which support their aims and goals.

Careful questions and thinking however are in order.

One of the big black boxes in medicine today is our immune system. We are scratching the surface when it comes to understanding how our immune systems fully work, what causes people to be immune, and how this immune memory is stored and brought back to life to combat future infections.

Yet you will hear articulators from the Daily Beast, and Vox, fascist puppets, speak about such science as if it is settled.

Settled science? There is no such thing.

The government, in its effort to convince you to get the vaccine, is trying to sell you on the idea that their vaccine is better than natural immunity.

They say that there are studies that show that natural immunity does not always produce antibodies. This seems possible.

In the same breath, they want you to believe that their corporate vaccine always produces antibodies.

On the surface, this seems possible but unlikely.

It’s also important to remember that their vaccine only produces antibodies against one particular protein – the spike protein.

On the other hand, only natural immunity has the potential to produce antibodies against all the proteins that the virus might produce.

Therefore it seems much more likely that natural immunity will produce a better immune response.

And, if we do not see the antibodies in people who have contracted the natural infection, it may very well be that the body doesn’t work that way and that we have an imprecise understanding of how the immune system works.

Just because antibodies are not produced and circulating does it mean that the immune system has not memorized the proteins of the natural virus.

As I say, there is no such thing as settled science.

When it comes to COVID-19, we should be wary of those who believe that there is.

Carry-on, Aaron Rodgers. Carry-on, Carson Wentz.

Do the right thing, and exercise your fundamental right as an American.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Lies of COVID-19

Our leaders are a joke.

If you notice, I haven’t written that many articles on COVID-19 lately.

Partly that is because this pandemic is a joke in terms of the lies being told.

It’s very difficult to evaluate the pandemic because our leaders are stone-cold liars.

They lie about everything.

One hardly knows where to begin.

The idea that people are upset with Aaron Rodgers for lying about his vaccine status is amazing when you look at all the lies our own federal government has told.

They told us that hydroxychloroquine was dangerous.

It’s not.

A great many people with lupus in United States take hydroxychloroquine safely.

I have a nine year old patient who takes hydroxychloroquine.

Nearly every dermatologist and rheumatologist in the nation prescribes hydroxychloroquine.

Not to be all done, the government hysterically called ivermectin a horse dewormer.

Maybe it is, I’m not a veterinarian, but nearly every practicing physician in the United States has prescribed ivermectin at one time or another, and quite safely.

And these lies only scratch the surface.

The government also told us that the only way we could beat this disease was with the vaccine. To make sure that we had to take the vaccine, they locked us down, forced into idiotic mask wearing, and created immense fear in society.

Now with a huge number of people either having received the vaccine or having gotten the disease naturally, the media controlled by the government is bringing out reports of outbreaks in northern states where people are vaccinated to a higher degree.

I’m confused.

Didn’t you tell us, Mr. Government Official, that the vaccine was going to beat this disease.

Where is the beef?

Are you now telling us that the virus has mutated again and that we will now have to take another vaccine next year, and the year after that.

Maybe we would’ve been better off by protecting the elderly and the immunocompromised while allowing people to contract the disease naturally all at once.

Of course, had we done that, your buddies in Big Pharma wouldn’t have made a fortune selling vaccines, right?

That’s it, isn’t it?

Your lies have been nothing more than a tool to advance another one of your money making scams.

Thank you, government. Thank you Corporate America.

Thank you for wasting our time.

Thank you for all the extra deaths that you caused.

You know, can we even be sure that these viral outbreaks are being initiated via person to person transmission?

I didn’t want to seriously consider the idea that you were jumpstarting these COVID-19 outbreaks through frozen food, but are you?

I suspected such because the virus seemed to appear at will, as if a switch was being turned on.

I even suspected a particular frozen food plant in the Midwest that might be the source of this, but there’s no way that I can prove it.

I know that there were outbreaks at that plant.

Is this the case, Mr. Government Liar?

Did you create the virus and then find a way to package it through frozen food in order to create a pandemic that you could cure with a vaccine that you had already developed?

Has this pandemic been a contrived dog and pony show from the beginning so that Big Pharma can make the big bucks? I don’t think the question is unreasonable given that you clowns are willing to jumpstart wars so that defense contractors can make a fortune.

Why don’t you just tell us the truth, and we will pay you money to leave us alone.

That’s right, you don’t have to create another pandemic this year or the next year.

We will pay you protection money to stay out of our lives.

That’s what people pay to mobsters and cheap lying thugs like you.

Thank you.

PS: Ceran, Mexico. They are the light.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved