Closing Arguments

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, let me kindly present my case.

Before this trial began I was not fully aware of the true fame that Johnny Depp had achieved.

That is because I watched Johnny Depp’s career evolve from the beginning. I’m a little older than Johnny Depp.

Actually, what I said isn’t true. Technically I didn’t see Johnny Depp’s career begin because I never watched the television show 21 Jump Street.

I’m not a big television watcher.

I like movies.

I remember his early movies, Edward Scissorhands, and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.

Those were good movies, and I enjoyed his performances.

I really enjoyed his performance in what I call the Peter Pan movie. I can’t remember the real name of that movie. I just call it the Peter Pan movie.

I never understood why he didn’t want to make more classy movies like that.

Of course, he did make other movies that were more sophisticated, but he made what I thought were too many quirky movies.

I thought those quirky movies tended to typecast him.

Generally though I like him as an actor.

I must confess though that there is one movie of his that I do not care for.

And that movie is the movie that everybody loves him in: Pirates of the Caribbean.

I loathed that movie. And still do.

I didn’t understand his performance. Why couldn’t he just say the flipping lines? Why did he have to sway back-and-forth every time he spoke.

I was irritated by that.

Of course, I am in the minority. I recognize that. This one movie of his that I despised everyone else loved.

It’s fair to say that Pirates of the Caribbean pushed him into a stratosphere which few stars enter.

Pirates of the Caribbean pushed him into Elvis orbit.

After that movie, Johnny Depp couldn’t be a regular person anymore. There is fame and then there is fame.

Mr. Depp soon was not able to do the things that you and I take for granted.

He couldn’t go down to the corner convenience store. He couldn’t shop in a supermarket. He couldn’t even get on a regular flight to go across the country.

If he needed something at the store, he had to hire an assistant to do that for him.

Gradually he became isolated from regular human existence. He became entrapped within his living mausoleums in Los Angeles, the Florida Keys, and France.

Slowly he evolved into an aging, bloated, drug-addled Elvis Presley.

He hated it. He said so at his trial. He came to detest his own name, Johnny Depp. He saw it as a commodity.

To assuage his pain and isolated existence, he did more drugs.

From time to time his dying body was transported from Los Angeles to his private island, to his French villa and back again via shielded limos and private jets.

This was not helpful nor healthy for Mr. Depp.

You can hear it for yourself when you listen to him wailing in pain on his private jet.

You can learn it for yourself when he shows up hours late to a movie set costing the studio enormous sums of money.

You can see it for yourself in his slamming of cabinets as he searches for another bottle of wine.

He called his wife unspeakable names.

His yes men, no doubt accustomed to this behavior, sat back and accepted it as normal.

They understood from talking to Mr. Depp over the years that he had embedded demons.

These demons were revealed to us on the witness stand by Mr. Depp.

It was heartbreaking for me personally to hear him recount what his childhood was like.

I empathize with him.

While my mother was never as physically and psychologically abusive as Mr. Depp‘s mother was to him, I must say that my father‘s behavior toward me bordered on abuse.

I remember as a child hiding under the bed from my father who was trying to spank me.

I would grip the bedsprings and move from side to side as my father moved around the bed.

My mother was never psychologically abusive to me. She never called me names, and she always praised me.

Nevertheless I’m positive that I inherited my attention deficit disorder from her.

She was unpredictable in her moods. She would go from loving one minute to angry the next.

My father was under stress at his job and so was likewise unpredictable.

I remember my father walking through the kitchen slamming cabinets. To a child that is terrifying.

I knew what Mr. Depp was talking about when he stated that you never knew if you were going to get hit or not.

I walked on eggshells in my youth, and I am sure that Mr. Depp did as well.

What this produces within you is a deep-seated insecurity.

We are all different, and my experiences are not the same as Mr. Depp’s, but the results are similar.

Mr. Depp carried forward a deep-seated insecurity in life.

To assuage that pain, he reached out in the same manner that I reached out. He became attracted to physically beautiful women.

There can be no question of that. One only needs to look at the movie stars that Mr. Depp was involved with. They are all incredibly physically attractive women.

He sees them as 10s.

Mr. Depp needs that.

He sees an incredibly attractive woman as a magic salve, a commodity that will heal his internal psychological wounds.

This is not healthy because a woman is a person with needs and desires.

Mr. Depp does not see a woman as a person, but as a commodity. This is reinforced by our society that objectifies women in just this manner.

When Mr. Depp has a beautiful woman holding onto his arm, he is in heaven. All his his childhood pain goes away. What he has standing next to him is the loyal mother he never had.

The problems begin when the magic salve exerts her independence and dares to offer a contrary opinion.

This Mr. Depp cannot permit. His mind will not permit this.

His woman must be perfect; she must be totally available for his needs; she must not offer any contrary thoughts.

A career separate from him is out of the question.

Mr. Depp does not look at a relationship in the manner of: What can I do for you?

In his mind the woman exists for him. What can you do for me, he asks.

The relationship is about him. That’s why he is contracting with her. Mr. Depp views Amber Heard and his other girlfriends and wives in the same way that he views his personal assistants. They work for him.

This does not make for a healthy relationship.

He cannot have his woman be anything less than perfect. If she goes out and selects a role that cheapens her, he calls that a role for a whore.

If she becomes older, as she inevitably will become older, her potency as a magic salve diminishes, and he simply trades her in for another younger more beautiful girlfriend.

Until that point, he becomes more and more controlling of his woman. He becomes jealous, paranoid and unhappy. This causes him to use more substances. The substances make him even more vulnerable to delivering psychological and physical abuse.

In time, the magic salve, the woman has enough and threatens to leave him.

This is the ultimate betrayal for Mr. Depp. This is the point at which he begins to strike out and physically abuse his girlfriends and wives.

I don’t think Mr. Depp remembers the physical violence at all. I think by this point he is too drug-addled to have any kind of memory.

When he says that he has never physically abused a woman, I believe him that he believes that.

When he strikes out at his girlfriends and wives, he is striking out against his mother for not loving him in the way that she should have.

His mind will never permit him to believe that he would hurt his mother. He loves his mother. He needs his mother.

This is where we find ourselves today.

Mr. Depp in trying to heal his inner pain and tormented soul has completely transformed himself into an isolated, drug addicted, overweight, nearly washed up movie star entrapped in a series of living mausoleums, modern-day Gracelands, surrounded by sycophantic yes men and mercenaries who will do his bidding for a paycheck.

Amber Heard is not a perfect person, and she has her demons as well. But the principal part of this trial is not about the perfection of Amber Heard. It is about weather Amber Heard unfairly maligned Mr. Depp. As we have seen, Mr. Depp was his own worst enemy. He didn’t need any help at all.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved


Frank Zappa astutely stated many years ago that the number one issue we have in the United States is mental health.

Given what happened in Uvalde, Texas yesterday, he couldn’t have been more correct.

If we can view what happened in Uvalde as a mental health issue, then we have a chance to fix things.

If we can fix the stability of the family structure by re-industrializing America to the point where average Americans have an opportunity to make real money, not Starbucks barista money, which is a pittance, then we have a chance to fix things.

Economically disadvantaged families lead to increased divorce, drug use, vagrancy, homelessness, violence, prostitution, and general criminality.

The best welfare program is a steady well-paying job.

If we can decrease the influence of social media where young children bully other children in public causing much distress and anger, then we have a chance to fix things.

If we can decrease the number of violent video games like Mortal Kombat and Call of Duty – and others – that teach young children to resolve issues by killing and kicking ass, then we have a chance to fix things.

If we can encourage children to limit screen time while participating in outdoor activities, then we have a chance to fix things. Computer life is de-personalizing. It teaches us that other people are not really human. Outdoor life in which children have to communicate with real live people, teaches us to respect each other to a greater degree.

Conflict resolution skills are essential in promoting civic collegiality.

If we can relieve ourselves of this idiotic superstar culture, in which idealized but imperfect Hollywood celebrities are held up as demigods, then we have a chance to fix things. As we can see in the current Amber Heard-Johnny Depp trial, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are still at their core real people with human problems. Yet their most rabid followers seem not to see this.

If we can decrease the number of superstar movies in which fictional characters solve all the problems of the day, then we have a chance to fix things. No child or adult can match up to the standards of Superman. We don’t come from Krypton. We bleed, and we die.

Additionally, the superstar movie and its attendant culture promotes less self-reliance, greater helplessness, and more of the notion that we need a savior to rescue us. Children need to be taught the skills to solve their own problems as well as the mindset that they are competent enough to solve their own problems (and society’s as well) without the aid of supermen from wealthy enclaves that claim special and superior powers of intellect.

If we can stop the incessant standardized testing of children and its attendant GPA-SAT ranking system which plots children out on an impersonal industrial grid then we have a chance to fix things. Mathematical scoring, which only looks at a small aspect of a person’s life, devalues children, especially those who do not fare as well in this narrow area. Children are not Hershey Kisses moving down a conveyor belt.

If we can stop teachers, educators and school systems from spouting slogans like no excuses, and failure is not an option, then we have a chance to fix things. Failure must always be an option. If failure is not an option, then children will seek to rescue their lives by slaughtering as many people as possible in order to find an instant way into the news. Mass murder is a convenient and all too easy way of letting everybody know that you exist.

If we can decrease society’s demand that young children be sexual smoothies by the age of fifteen, then we have a chance of fixing things. Kids should be allowed to develop organically at their own pace. They need to understand that it’s okay for them to be who they are. They don’t need to be constantly reminded that they’re not.

If we can decrease the exposure of young children to money-focused shows like Shark Tank, in which billionaires impress upon young people their narrow value system of net worth as the overarching determinant of human value, then we have a chance to fix things.

Young people do not need to be constantly exposed to young, beautiful, fabulously wealthy, sexy, jet-set Hollywood celebrities scooting about in their Lamborghinis in San Tropez and toney areas of Hollywood. They do not need to be reading about the Kardashians and Taylor Swift. They should not be conditioned to attend picture shoots of the latest “it” stars.

They need to see their own lives as a viable and better option than living vicariously through the imaginary life of Dua Lipa.

If we can return to the past by promoting healthier values while limiting some of the destructive influences that have crept into society in the last seventy years, then we have a chance to fix things.

We can go along way toward improving mental health which, as Frank Zappa pointed out many years ago, is our number one issue.


Archer Crosley, MD

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Dear Olivia

In response to this young teen’s desire to attend an Ivy League School, I have penned the following letter.

Dear Olivia,

Please do not go to Harvard or any other Ivy League university.

I care about what will happen to you.

Your intelligence does not come from these schools. Your validation does not come from these schools.

These schools will not make you smarter, nor will they make you a better person. On the contrary they will likely make you a worse person. And they will likely make you think poorly.

I know that you want to be seen as a Harvard graduate, but I can assure you that’s the worst thing that can happen to you.

Oh, yes, you can go to Harvard, and you can receive the keys to the Kingdom, and they will give you those.

In spades.

When you go there, they will groom you.

You will meet important people. You will meet important Hollywood actors. You may even meet royalty.

That is the problem with these schools.

Unless you are one of the lucky few to escape the cult, you will gradually come to believe that you are better than other people.

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking: That won’t happen to me.

Yes, it will.

It will happen because we all have the same emotional quotient of 6.

The elites figured you out on Day One.  They know exactly how to play you.

You will ask yourself:  Why am I meeting these important people.  Why am I meeting Barack Obama?  Why am I meeting Tom Cruise?  Why am I meeting John Roberts?  Why am I meeting the King of England?

The true answer is because you are being groomed. You are being groomed into a life of elitism.  They need you to run their empire of sin and enslavement.

But that’s not what you will conclude.

In time, as the grooming and indoctrination takes hold, you will begin to believe that you are better than other people.

The longer that you remain  in Washington DC, Cambridge, New York, or Philadelphia, the more you will begin to believe this, the more indoctrinated you will become, the less sensitive you will be to the needs of ordinary people.

In time you’ll begin to think that you have all the answers and no one else does.

You will begin to say stupid things.

You will become an evil person.

The stupid things you say will be engineered in order to lead people astray, to conjure up phony popular support so that your Ivy league colleagues will give you money for useless, unworkable projects.  

Did the Ivy League do any favors for Elon Musk? He says that we will very shortly have one million men on Mars. These comments are designed to tickle the fancy of morons who Congress will use to justify giving Musk billions to build Mars Landers that will only function on a hidden movie studio set.

Did the Ivy League do any favors for Mitt Romney and Carl Icahn? They outsourced jobs ruthlessly in the United States and helped destroy the American economy.

Did the Ivy League do any favors for George Bush? He was the architect of the Middle East wars which killed millions of people.

The list goes on and on. Did the Ivy League do any favors for Mike Pompeo?  He helped put Julian Assange away and deprive him of his rights.  Don’t we have a Bill of Rights in the United States?  Shouldn’t our leaders respect that tradition?

Did the Ivy League do any favors for Allen Dulles? He was the head of the CIA. He pulled dirty tricks on many foreign countries around the globe. Many of the problems we have in the world today are from CIA blowback.  The immigrant crisis on our southern border is a direct consequence of brutal CIA activities in Central America over the past century.  Central America is now uninhabitable.

Did the Ivy League do any favors for Michael Milken? He helped facilitate leveraged buyouts which enabled ruthless corporate pigs to purchase up regional businesses. This helped destroy jobs in the United States. It helped impoverish people in the United States.  His actions facilitated the trading in of good jobs and healthy families for drugs, gambling, tattoos, delinquency, cheap gossip and a crummy superstar culture.

Did the Ivy League do any favors for Elliott Abrams? He will be forever tarnished by the atrocities in El Salvador, and rightfully so.

Do you see the common thread here, Olivia?  These Ivy League titans had no empathy for the people they hurt.  None.  Their misguided Ivy League indoctrination led them to believe that they were a superior species to the average human. Much as a human views a dog, this is how these men view the rest of us. 

This will be your future, if you choose to matriculate at Harvard, only you won’t know it. You will be too busy celebrating yourself on Martha’s Vineyard with your newfound buddy, Barack Obama.

I implore you to not attend an Ivy League school, Olivia.   We need smart people like you on our side in order to defeat this cesspool of corruption that has placed its death grip upon America and the world.

We can’t offer you any of the perks that Harvard can give you, and we can’t even guarantee a victory. You would have to join us because it’s the right thing to do.

Please, join us.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

To the People of the Future.

To the people of the future.

If you are reading this, you will want to know how the country of America ceased to exist as a republic.

You will want to know what went wrong.

In a word, Harvard.

Our leaders became transfixed with being elite and being rich.

They became enchanted by a Harvard degree, which was a veiled license to steal.

They cozied up to the criminals in the British empire – that sort that attends Oxford and Eton.

It was always Great Britain’s desire to recapture the colonies.

They found their willing, traitorous collaborators at Harvard University.

Harvard and its Ivy League allies openly invaded our republican institutions and like a malignancy took them over. They used the mainstream media they controlled to persuade the masses to go along with their criminality.

Their think tanks and lobbying organizations co-opted our government.

They created false enemies in order to justify a military buildup from which they profited enormously.

They controlled all the major corporations which made big money off wars physical, imaginary and abstract.

It wasn’t just the defense corporations that made money off war. All corporations made money off war.

It wasn’t just the war in Vietnam or the wars in the Middle East that were deemed important, it was also the wars against illiteracy, poverty, racism, sexual discrimination, littering, crime, drugs, and any other type of war you can imagine.

Harvard and its minions cleverly stood by with programs at hand to solve these problems. Harvard told the American people through their compliant media that these battles were important to fight.

In nearly all these cases, the problems were created by Harvard itself.

It was Harvard who outsourced the jobs. The best welfare program is a steady job. Never mind that obvious truth.

When the jobs were outsourced, all sorts of social ills arose.

Did Harvard care? No. Did Harvard bring back the manufacturing base which would have paid people better? No. There was no money in that for Harvard.

Harvard loves Third World sweatshops.

Instead, Harvard developed innumerable unworkable programs (with catchy names) to fight these social ills. They did everything but bring jobs back.

There was little the people could do. They kept looking for a savior. There was no savior to be found.

That didn’t stop Harvard though, They invented false saviors who came from Harvard and the Ivy League.

Men like Bush, Obama, and Trump promised much but delivered little that was helpful to the people.

The one savior, Jesus Christ, who could have saved the people had been thoroughly trashed by the compliant media that Harvard controlled.

Jesus Christ wasn’t just a spiritual leader, he was an economist as well. Jesus Christ told the people that when you help others you help yourself.

Harvard, by brutalizing the American people and the Third World, prosecuted a false Zero Sum philosophy in which a dollar in the average American’s pocket was a dollar out of Harvard’s pocket.

And so the Harvard graduate continued his reign of tyranny. Not surprisingly, the American people kept voting them into power in state after state, city after city, town after town.

Harvard had conned the people into believing that Harvard clowns were the best and the brightest.

Pagan Harvard lied with a passion.

We became a Kim Jong Un society, a society that worshipped a living god – Harvard.

Harvard’s officers sacrificed hundreds of thousands of innocent lives in foreign countries.

Millions were killed in Southeast Asia, in the Middle East, and in the wars to come.

The American people suspected that something was wrong but could do little.

Yes, there were 30 to 50,000,000 people who could see the truth, but they were outnumbered by the 250 million who were duped and relentlessly lied to.

Our democracy became a joke.

Harvard rigged the elections. They used their MIT and Stanford quants to do the dirty deeds.

Thereafter Harvard made assembly and protest a taboo.

It came to be considered un-American to protest against the Harvard pigs who were running and ruining our country.

Harvard through the CIA sent out its dirty tricksters to infiltrate legitimate protest and transform it into a violent mob.

The people had little recourse.

A new dark age set forth in the country.

There was no science to the facemask, but the elites forced it upon the people.

That was during the COVID-19 crisis of 2020.

Harvard’s collaborators at the New England Journal of Medicine were happy to promote fraudulent science.

They wore suits and ties and spoke pretty.

The mathematicians at MIT manipulated and fabricated bogus statistics, lies, to back up their Harvard collaborators.

They made up the concept of a super spreader event. They told people to shelter at home, flatten the curve, and socially distance.

They laughably told us to lower the R-naught value.

They nearly destroyed the economy.

Our leaders could not have cared less.

Politicians and wealthy elites sequestered themselves in Martha’s Vineyard, a cesspool of theft and corruption.

They partook of escargot, fine wines and vichyssoise while homelessness abounded.

They laughed and feasted on pheasant at White House Press Corps dinners.

Meanwhile, America the Republic died.

Rampant inflation struck the American people.

Our leaders blamed it on Russia and China.

They manipulated the American people into a worldwide catastrophe.

Are you surprised?

You shouldn’t be. Harvard’s mantra and ideology has always been about money and power accumulation.

They turned America away from God.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Trevor Bauer

Once again, Rob Manfred marches forward to put another nail in the coffin of American baseball.

The recent Trevor Bauer decision proves it.

Trevor Bauer, as you may know, has been accused of engaging in extremely rough sex by at least three women.

This sex according to the women, caused untoward damage to their bodies. They say that he committed these injuries while they were unconscious.

Trevor Bauer, denies these accusations vociferously.

In his video blog, he offers forward quite a convincing argument against one of his accusers.

Another one of his accuser’s accusations apparently weren’t deemed worthy to be contested in a court of law.

Trevor Bauer has not been convicted of anything in a court of law.

Consensual rough sex is not a crime.

Nevertheless, MLB has suspended him for a whopping two years.

Trevor Bauer will undoubtedly appeal the decision, but he will most likely lose.

What he needs to do is file a backbreaking lawsuit against MLB.

This has been done before.

Curt Flood had the guts to challenge the reserve clause, and he won.

Of course, Trevor Bauer’s case is not the same, but he should file the lawsuit anyway.

He should file the lawsuit because MLB is treating him unfairly by denying him due process and his livelihood.

MLB will state that Trevor Bauer deserves to be suspended because of the taint upon his character. They will argue that this taint casts a dark shadow over MLB.

The problem with that argument is that the taint is a vapor.

The taint is not real because he has not been convicted in a court of law.

The taint is created by the accuser, then magnified by the woke crowd who control the media.

It is a vapor.

It does not exist until Trevor Bauer is convicted.

If MLB can do this to Trevor Bauer, they can do this to anyone for any reason.

Maybe your favorite player was accused of spanking his child in a department store, and maybe that violates the sensibilities of Rob Manfred and the woke crowd.

Maybe your favorite player will be suspended three months for that incident.

How does that strike you?

What we are experiencing with Trevor Bauer is a nightmare equivalent to the best short story that Franz Kafka ever wrote.

What MLB is trying to promote by suspending Trevor Bauer is an imaginary, sugarcoated Walt Disney version of what they think baseball should be.

Their version is in no way consistent with the American way.

In America, we believe in giving people their day in court.

We believe in fairness.

What MLB is promoting is not fair.

In promoting this false vision of baseball, Rob Manfred does a disservice to baseball itself.

He is not protecting the game; he is destroying the game.

He is destroying the game because people can see the unfairness that is transpiring before them.

They can see that Trevor Bauer and his rights under the Constitution are being sacrificed for the profits of the owners and the other players.

And they will slowly walk away from that game.

Baseball didn’t get to be the American pastime by accident. It got that way because intuitively Americans recognized it as the fairest of all sports. Each team gets the same number of opportunities at bat.

MLB is denying Trevor Bauer his time at bat.

How much is fairness worth to you?

How much money is your Bill of Rights worth?

Not much in Rob Manfred’s world.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Robinhood and the New Reality

When Charles Munger isn’t busy bashing Bitcoin, he’s bashing other new methodologies such as Robinhood.

He Is delighted that the share price of Robinhood is crashing.

Clearly Charles Munger doesn’t like Robinhood.


Is it because the members of Robinhood can communicate in order to put the kibosh on a scam that they see developing on Wall Street?

For example, when regular people thought that Wall Street hucksters were shorting GameStop, they got together and started buying up GameStop in order to drive the price up.

Many of these short sellers were forced to cash in and take their lumps.

In other words they lost a lot of money.

This bothered Charles Munger.

Apparently it still does.

Never mind the fact that Charles Munger‘s friends found a way to stop Robinhood investors from continuing their game.

You see, in Charlie’s world, it’s heads he wins, and tails you lose.

After all, he’s a Harvard graduate. His partner, Warren Buffett, is a Wharton School graduate. This is the natural order of the world. They must win.

The Robinhood investors upended that world order.

After Charlie gloated about the falling price of Robinhood, his partner, Warren Buffett, chimed in and said that Wall Street was a casino.

Are you kidding me?

Wall Street has been a casino for a long time, nearly the entire time that Warren Buffett and Charles Munger made their billions.

I get it though.

Warren Buffett thinks that people should invest and make money the way he and Charlie did.

They call it value investing. Instead of playing the roulette wheel, you do research in a company in order to ferret out an undervalued company, invest, and hold.

Here’s the problem with their argument.

Regular people don’t get the same information that Warren Buffett and Charles Munger do.

By virtue of their Ivy League connections, Warren and Charlie receive information that other people don’t have the opportunity to access.

Warren and Charlie can know either directly or indirectly if a particular CEO is physically ailing.

They can also know if one of the top five accounting firms is getting ready to audit another company.

They hear about irregularities at the cocktail parties.

Because they own large companies, they may have members on their Board of Directors who also sit on the boards of other companies. Therefore they can receive information even though they are not supposed to receive that information.

People talk.

I’m not saying that what they are doing is wrong. I am only stating a reality.

In essence, Warren and Charlie get inside information that other people do not.

This gives them a huge advantage.

Additionally, when Warren and Charlie buy a piece of a company it usually gives them the opportunity to control that company.

When you or I buy a stock, we are along for the ride.

Consequently, the average investor is looking for a way to have more control than his share would normally permit.

This entails shareholders communicating with each other so as to effectively vote as a block much like a union would do.

Robinhood and the Internet facilitated such block voting.

Thus, we live in a world where your average investor can team together with other average investors to exercise much power.

This is what bothers Charles Munger.

Just as your corporate boss from the 1950s feared unions, Charles Munger and Warren Buffett fear the unionized investor.

In the case of GameStop, the unionized investors weren’t gambling so much as they were sending a message to Wall Street which was: “We like this company. We think this company deserves the opportunity to restructure itself.”

You see, it was the institutional investors, the hucksters on Wall Street who were gambling by selling short on GameStop.

They were the cowboys in the wild west sitting at the poker table. And on that particular day, they lost.

That’s what Charles Munger doesn’t like.

He and his kind aren’t supposed to lose.

But he did.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Harvard’s Disingenuous Gesture

So Harvard University is going to dedicate $100 million to correcting racism on their campus.

They have admitted that their racist policies have led to the enrichment of Harvard University.

They expect you to follow suit, of course.

Well … Harvard’s current endowment is over $40 billion.

If Harvard really wanted to do some good, they would give all of their $40 billion endowment to black folk, instead of the dimes they are giving.

And they would shut down their university not only because of the crimes they’ve committed against black folk and white folk, but because of the crimes they are still committing against the peoples of the United States and the world.

It’s not just black folk that Harvard hates, it’s all folks who aren’t of their elite caste.

But of course black folk have borne the greatest brunt of Harvard’s hatred.

They weren’t the first. The Pequot Indians beat them to the punch, but black folk have certainly suffered the most.

Harvard celebrated its first year of existence at about the time that the Pequots were rubbed out by the Bay Colony. 1636 was when Harvard began its criminal reign in America.

350 years later in 1986, Harvard revealed its true royalist, elitist, anti-American roots by inviting over the British criminal Prince Charles as one of its keynote speakers.

In dedicating $100 million to “correcting racism” (which they have no intention of doing because if they did have the intention of doing so they would shut down their university), they make things tougher for black folk by focusing on racism.

That’s their goal. They know full well what they’re doing. They are bigots to the core.

They know full well that people who are focused on racism and rage, are not as focused on education.

I know that many of you have been taught and propagandized to believe that Harvard is this noble and wonderful university; but it is not. That’s all propaganda and nonsense courtesy of the media that they control.

All you need do is look at the calamity that has befallen the United States over the last 75 years.

They have been the ones in control.

Indeed, they brag about it.

Their media subliminally propagandizes you with the quotidian goings-on of the Hasty Pudding Club at least 13 times a day.

And yet, and yet, and yet, they have presided over an unmitigated disaster. And things will only get worse until that university is incinerated into dust.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved