The CPAC Con

Here are some other reasons to delete CPAC’s existence from your life.

One, Charlie Kirk praising Rush Limbaugh.

If Rush Limbaugh was so great, then why do conservatives find themselves in the position they are in?

Conservatives find themselves in the position they are in because fake leaders in the conservative movement are leading them.

Charlie Kirk and the other conservative radio broadcasters, like Rush, are part of those fake leaders.

These fake leaders are not only in it for themselves, they lead their followers down blind alleys.

They keep their followers hopelessly mired in social issues like transgendered bathroom rights.

As long as conservatives pick social issues as the existential battleground, they will lose to the Corporate Party.

The only way to defeat the Corporate Party is to reach out to those people on the left who are against the foreign wars, Internet censorship and large corporations.

Social issues must be relegated to the personal arena, not the political arena. In other words, if you are opposed to abortion, quit trying to fight that battle politically.

It can’t be won there anyway.

There are other ways to fight a battle.

Two, Mike Pompeo speaking at CPAC.

Mike Pompeo is a fake Christian who doesn’t know shit about the Bible. He is a lying warmonger who kept the foreign wars going.

More than anyone, he pushed for Julian Assange to be locked up in Belmarsh prison in England.

Mike Pompeo is Harvard trash.

He is also a shameless corporatist.

A true conservative would respect the Bill of Rights which are the Crown Jewels of our country.

A true conservative would want those rights applied to everyone.

Did he do that for Julian Assange?

The Sixth Amendment grants you the right to a speedy trial.

It makes sense to me that if someone is going to be tried here, they should be afforded protection that the Bill of Rights provides.

Did Mike Pompeo care?


Mike Pompeo shamelessly went after Julian Assange because Assange embarrassed our global killing machine run by Corporate America.

By the way, what did Rush Limbaugh think about Julian Assange?

I never heard him say anything good.

Did Rush Limbaugh care that Assange was effectively locked up in an embassy and then a prison?

Don’t conservatives believe in the Bill of Rights?

Three, Donald Trump, the biggest reason to delete CPAC from your life.

The big blowhard spoke at CPAC today.

The cheering fans of Barabbas dutifully applauded. Why?

What did Trump accomplish in his four years?


It’s too painful to discuss again the failures of Donald Trump.

He was a straw man placed there by Corporate America.

He played the part beautifully.

What else would you expect from a television star?

He made fools out of the conservative movement.

For four years he said stupid things while accomplishing nothing.

He encouraged a phony insurrection that was then used by his buddies in Corporate America as a pretext to trash the conservative movement.

What a joke.

If Trump really believed that he was the victim of election fraud, then why doesn’t he put his money where his mouth is and lead an unapproved and illegal movement against the fraudulent system?

He doesn’t because he’s part of that fraudulent system, and so are all the cheering “leaders” and losers at CPAC.

Please delete CPAC from your life.

CPAC exists to prop up the phony leaders of the conservative movement.

You’ll be the losers if you persist in allowing yourself to be suckered by these morons.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

CPAC the Impotent

Name me an organization that should be shut down and tell me why.

While you were thinking of that, I will offer my opinion.

Ta da.

CPAC. The Conservative Political Action Committee.

Why should it be shut down?

Well, to begin with what have they accomplished?


Look at where conservatives are today.

What have conservatives taken the initiative on?


Four years ago they had the Presidency, the Senate, and the House.

They did nothing with it.

As usual they did completely nothing.

Goose eggs.

They had a brilliant opportunity to take the initiative on healthcare, to create a competitive healthcare market which would have brought down insurance premiums and insurance costs.

They had a brilliant opportunity to reform patent law within the pharmaceutical industry that would have brought down the cost of medicines.

They could have created an innovative healthcare reimbursement system which would make more sense than the system that exists now.

After eight years of barking about Obama, what did the conservatives give us?

A big zero.

Did the conservatives stop the foreign wars which only enrich the large corporations and their shareholders?


Did they stop the runaway merging of our corporations which enable the elite to get wealthier and further away from us economically?

No, they did not.

Did they do anything to stop the casino on Wall Street which works against conservative values of hard work and thrift?


Did they stand up to the nonsense of COVID-19 lockdowns which destroyed so many small businesses?


How about the Supreme Court? Did they stand up to Trump’s appointments of corporatist judges like Kavanaugh, Gorsuch and Barrett who will ultimately work against regular people and small businessmen?

No, they embraced those judges. In fact they cheered them on as if they were rock stars.

How about Julian Assange? Did they stick up for him? Don’t conservatives believe in the Sixth Amendment which gives people the right to a speedy trial?

Apparently not.

How about exploitation of people in Indonesia? Doesn’t exploitation run against Christian principles?

Yes, it does.

How about our immoral CIA? Don’t their immoral practices run against Christian principles?

They sure do.

How about that rigged election? What did the main stream conservative movement do about that?

They embraced it.

So what good has CPAC done?

I don’t see much good at all.

In that event, why should CPAC exist?

Maybe CPAC exists not to promote conservative values, but to help the Corporate Party hijack the Republican Party.

Maybe it’s time to kiss CPAC goodbye.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Divide and Conquer



If it’s one thing the immoral elites are good at it’s knowing how to destroy their enemies.

The elites are immoral, sure, but they are also very, very smart.

Never underestimate them.

One of their favorite tactics is inserting one of their guys into your movement in order to hijack it.

The tactic is pretty simple. The immoral elite enters the movement and becomes a protégé of sorts. After a certain period of time, the elite moves away from the former leader, labels him as a nut job and thus hijacks the movement. He then promptly nudges the movement in alignment with what the elites want.

The elites have pulled this trick off time and again.

in my opinion this is what William F. Buckley did to the conservative movement in the 1950s and 60s.

He infiltrated a legitimate grass roots, down-home, populist movement of traditional Americans who believed in traditional values, Christian values, and fused their values into his persona thus labeling them as bigoted, elitist, uncaring, warmongers who always look after the rich.

What do you think?

Buckley comes off charming and witty during his interviews with guests. He is always courteous.

His questions are careful and deliberate.

Something seems not right though.

He either tries to defend the indefensible or he defends that which requires no defense – at least to the regular mom and pop conservative.

For example, why would you defend the US military’s firing and destruction of villages in Vietnam?

Why would you tell a blind guy that he had no right to be sailing on the ocean because he couldn’t see it?

As to defending that which requires no defense, why would you engage in a debate defending Joe McCarthy? To engage in the debate gives credence to his attackers. Debating whether you feel it was okay for Senator McCarthy to make his accusations is akin to taking up a debate on whether vanilla ice cream is tasty.

No decent supporter of Joe McCarthy would ask you to engage in such a debate.

In other words, why debate?

I would say the same to those on the left who feel that Joe McCarthy was in the wrong. Why would you debate that? You shouldn’t.

If what you say is not so it will crumble up like a leaf and blow away with the wind. If what you say is so, nothing will prevent it from manifesting itself.

Yet time and again, Buckley invites guests to debate silly points.

I admit he is entertaining, yet as a small town conservative, I don’t want someone who claims to represent me to argue silly points or defend things which should not be defended at all.

Doing so makes me look stupid, uncaring and cruel.

It also tags me as a rich guy, untrue, who only cares about rich people.

For decades, William F Buckley was the image presented to Americans of a typical conservative.

Is it to anyone’s surprise that people on the left despised conservatives?

Is to anyone’s surprise that people in the media regularly mocked conservatives?

Buckley’s presence made it difficult for conservatives to gain sustainable majorities that could push through substantive transformative legislation in Congress.

How could this possibly occur when your party is perceived as being for the rich who believe in trickle down economics?

To bolster their ranks all the Democrats had to do was to point to William F. Buckley, a rich guy with a fancy accent and fancy words.

Add in some rich guys like Nelson Rockefeller, George Herbert Walker Bush, Mitt Romney and any number of well-heeled members from the University club, and, presto, new voters for the Democratic Party.

Thus under Buckley’s deft guidance, the Republican Party came to be known as the party of the rich.

And because of this, the rich gravitated toward the Republican Party and the conservative movement.

Money was seen as a solution.

It was futile as a conservative to try to explain to regular Americans that conservative values such as individualism would engender trickle up, not trickle down, economics.

Try explaining that point as Ann Richards remarks that George Herbert Walker Bush was born with a silver foot in his mouth.

In reality, George Bush wasn’t the only one born with a silver foot in his mouth.

William F. Buckley started the trend.

Of course, that was the whole point.

Buckley was placed in the conservative movement and Republican Party to control it. Now, it’s not necessary that a person who accomplishes such a task is fully cognizant of what he or she is doing. The elites only need to promote that particular individual who suits their needs.

In the case of Buckley though, a rich guy, a Yale guy, a CIA guy, a member of the elite, an oil guy, a crony capitalist, a member of Skull and Bones, I would say he was in on it.

I would say he was fully aware of what he was doing.

He was just another globalist who believes that the ends justifies the means.

Calm Voices: The Danger of Mark Levin and Sean Hannity

Mark Levin and Sean Hannity are dangerous to the conservative movement and the Republican Party – not to mention the country.

What is needed is intelligent civil discourse.

What Levin and Hannity offer is uncivilized screaming and belligerent, unprincipled support for unworthy causes.

Instead of calm enlightening discussion, they offer up Teddy Kennedy, Chappaquiddick and Mary Jo Kopechne.

Their reasoning, I suppose, is that you have to fight fire with fire.

The problem with that approach is in the analogy.  

Water, not fire, kills fire.

The answer to fire is calm.

Fire begets fire.

A calm voice in a sea of fire is powerful.

The Brett Kavanaugh affair has both Hannity and Levin fired up.  They scream about how low the Democrats have stooped.  They scream Chappaquiddick at the top of their lungs.  They grouse bitterly about the underhanded tactics of Dianne Feinstein.

What is there to get mad about?

If Diane Feinstein and Kavanaugh’s accusers are in error, then so be it.  They will be shown for what they are.  If not, then don’t we want to know if Kavanaugh has done these acts?

As a conservative who believes in the primacy of the Bill of Rights, I want to know if a potential supreme court justice has violated someone’s rights.

I don’t mind waiting. I want the right person there.

Instead both Hannity and Levin have turned a calm deliberation into a sporting event where we  are compelled to choose one team or the other.

Their fans dutifully follow as do their counterparts on the left.

Oh, yes, the left plays the game as well.

Who loses in this sporting match are not the right or left but the people who remain calm.

Calm people are drowned out.

Calm people don’t sell newspapers.

Calm people aren’t invited on television shows.

Calm people have no voice.