The Catholic Church in Central America

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The workers in Latin America only want to have a stake in the game. They only want to improve their lot in life.

This is something that United States corporations have manifestly refused to provide for over 100 years now.

US corporations such as Chiquita and Dole have worked together with wealthy landowners in Central America to ensure that the workers wages remain low.

They kill labor organizers as easily as banana pickers cut down bunches of bananas.

The workers turned toward Marxist ideas in order to improve their lot in life. You can hardly blame them.

In response, the CIA, which works for corporate interests, not us, infiltrated the Catholic Church in order to help take down those priests who were helping the poor.

Thus fascist death squads.

The response will ultimately be an even greater embedding of Marxist ideas within Central America.

US corporations are thus creating their own enemies, which they seem content with as US corporations stand to make even more money by fighting the specter of communism.

Cold Wars make far more money than hot wars.

This is not a good thing for us or the people of Central America.

While we are wasting our money fighting a cold war, we have engendered massive waves of immigration that are striking our southern border because conditions are so uninhabitable in Central America.

The attendant costs of fighting immigration and the crime wave that accompanies it are enormous.

The point I’m trying to make is that we’re not defeating anyone or any concept by supporting the fascists who have taken over the United States of America.

We were sold a lie by Ronald Reagan and the right.

These people on the right are not regular people; they are brutal fascists who are interested primarily in corporate profits. They are little better than the communists they are claiming to wage war against.

Their goal is money accumulation, and they have no desire to improve the lot of life for anyone either in Central America or the United States.

Financial health has steadily worsened for the average American since the end of World War II.

The Third Reich never died; it was merely transported over to the United States of America.

Not only did we import many of Nazi Germany’s scientists, we also gave a free ride to Reinhard Gehlen who helped us set up a spy network so as to monitor Soviet activity.

Our elitist leaders who were enamored with Nazi Germany prior to World War II continued their support of Nazi Germany after the war by adopting nearly every one of their policies.

But to what end?

The Cold War only permitted Corporate America to rape average Americans through massive investment in military spending.

The Catholic Church became a willing accomplice in that fascist empire.

The result is the world we see before us.

We are now living in the New World Order which is a horrible world to live in.

Was Jesus an enemy of the poor?

Did Jesus implore his followers to venture out into the world to kick ass in order to replenish the emperor’s treasure box?

I think not.


Archer Crosley

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I Am Surely Surprised

And another one, Brian Benjamin, a member of the best and brightest, bites the dust. 

Benjamin received his degrees from Brown and Harvard where high ethics are surely taught.

Oh, you say, don’t be ridiculous; this could happen to anyone at any school.


But it might also be the case that elite schools instill a sense of entitlement and invulnerability that leads them to a lifetime of corruption.

That’s what I think.


Archer Crosley

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Republic and Empire

Listen, we can either have America the Empire or America the Republic, but we can’t have both.

We can’t have our cake and eat it too.

If we have America the Empire without America the Republic, then what’s the point?

America the Empire is a bully that brutalizes other nations into slavery.

America the Empire has killed millions in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

America the Empire is as ruthless and stupid as the British and Roman empires.

Both empires were very short-lived.

America the Republic however can live for thousands of years if we are smart enough to choose it.

The vision of the New World order is false.

The vision of the New World order envisions America as an empire in a unipolar world where America calls the shots.

It will cause destitution to the peoples of the world and to Americans at home.

Empire benefits no one except the super rich.

We owe it to ourselves to be smarter than the British, to be smarter than the Romans.

Reject this idiotic vision that’s foisted upon us by Harvard and the Ivy League.

The people who attend these schools are pre-cooked eggs, tasteless, toxic, not ripe enough for consumption.

Reject the Harvard manifesto.

Reject the best and the brightest, if that’s what you consider them.

They aren’t the best and brightest by a long shot. They are legends in their own minds, fake masters of the universe, running about fucking up the world en extremis.

Of course they do it for money.

They couldn’t care less about the lives they destroy.

Ukraine is a perfect example.

Our knuckleheaded masters of the universe broke their agreement with the Russians, provoked the Russians to invade Ukraine in order to defend their hegemony and stability, then have the gall to call the Russians invaders.

The destruction of Ukraine is heartbreaking and extraordinary.

But that’s okay with the empire builders because they will supply the arms to the Ukrainians in their futile fight against the Russians; and then they will supply the building materials to rebuild the cities they helped to destroy.

The American people will foot the bill.

The empire builders will grow wealthier, and the American people will grow poorer.

Reject empire.

Reject Harvard.

There is a better way.

We can adopt a vision which sees America as an enabler and a partner with other nations. We can see America as one nation amongst many making friends not slaves.

And if America is not necessarily the wealthiest nation, so be it.

It’s far better for America to be a leader and an influencer rather than the richest guy on the block.

Money is useless if it serves no moral purpose.

Empires as we know them are immoral.

Republics as our Founding fathers envisioned them is the legacy we wish to propagate.


Archer Crosley

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Joseph McCarthy and Perspective

Let’s put Joseph McCarthy in perspective.

Did Joe McCarthy burn down cities?

Did Joe McCarthy import drugs into the United States of America?

Did Joe McCarthy fight useless wars abroad that killed thousands of Americans and millions of Third World inhabitants.

Did Joe McCarthy outsource jobs?

Did Joe McCarthy tear down statues of Ulysses Grant and Abraham Lincoln?

No, Joe McCarthy didn’t do any of these things.

But, my friends, the CIA, the thug agency of the wealthy elite, did help accomplish these things.

So who is worse? Joe McCarthy or the CIA?

It’s important to put Joseph McCarthy in perspective.

All Joseph McCarthy did was reveal names that were compiled by other congressional committees as to who might be undermining the United States of America.

As it turns out, he was largely right.

So let’s keep that in mind as we evaluate Joseph McCarthy.

It has become all too convenient in America to decry McCarthyism, to condemn Joseph McCarthy.

It’s almost become a habit.

It’s time to stop that bad habit.

Joe McCarthy was not a bad guy.

Joseph McCarthy was a regular guy just like us who was looking after the best interest of the nation.

There were elitists in our nation who were undermining and betraying the United States of America.

In Joseph McCarthy‘s day we called those people communists.

Today we call these people globalists.

Personally, I call them corporate fascists. Calling them communists might give them the veneer that they care about people.

Joseph McCarthy was pulling back the curtain on the corporate fascists of the day.

That’s why our elites punished him.

Joseph McCarthy was revealing who they were and what they were.

It was Joseph McCarthy who revealed what was going on at Fort Monmouth, a military installation in New Jersey.

He wasn’t the first one to notice that Fort Monmouth was a beehive of espionage, but he was the first who had the guts to bring this harmful activity into public consciousness.

He probably thought Dwight Eisenhower might be interested in knowing that his beloved Army was being used in this manner.

Not only was Dwight Eisenhower not interested, Dwight Eisenhower tried to shut the whole thing down by shutting down Joseph McCarthy.

That should tell you much about Dwight Eisenhower.

Dwight Eisenhower was not our friend.

Dwight Eisenhower was an American Quisling. Dwight Eisenhower, with the CIA, helped conduct all sorts of naughtiness against the nations of the world.

Many of the problems that we face today are a result of Dwight Eisenhower’s actions.

Dwight Eisenhower was a criminal.

Dwight Eisenhower’s collaboration with the CIA set the table for the Vietnam war.

Dwight Eisenhower trashed the Geneva Accords which called for an election and reunification of South and North Vietnam in 1956.

Ike created SEATO, established a country that didn’t exist, supported a thug named Diem, labeled a national hero, Ho Chi Minh, a communist (he was a nationalist), and backed it up with a silly, unproven pseudo-theory called “The Domino Theory.”

Eisenhower did all this at the behest of the greedy businessmen who were after the enormous resources in the region.

And there were many of those: oil, gas, palm oil, rubber, latex, gold, copper.

Hah, the media hardly discusses that at all.

Instead our nation’s press, the agent of the empire, gather together to demonize Joe McCarthy.

Of course they do. They have to promote a whipping post to take your mind off the real criminals in our country.

If they do criticize Dwight Eisenhower, they refer to him as an aloof out of touch golfer.

He was nothing of the sort. Dwight Eisenhower was actively involved with the shenanigans of the CIA.

He approved every mission, and there were plenty of them.

To give him credit for exposing the potential harms of the military industrial complex when he was on his way out of office is a joke.

Here is a ticket on the clue train: Dwight Eisenhower was the military industrial complex.

He was just another puppet of the wealthy elite.

If he was so aghast at the increasing power of the military industrial complex, why didn’t he resign?

He didn’t resign because he wanted the glory, the power, and the money that goes with being President.

Ergo, he sold his soul for thirty pieces of silver.

Everything that you have heard about him from the main stream media is propaganda.

Oh, I hear you say, but Dwight Eisenhower was the commander of the armies in World War II.

Yes, he was, and that was a war that never should have existed.

To give the people who caused the war credit for winning the war is outrageous and unwarranted.

Moral leaders, which we have never had, would have prevented that war.

Moral leaders would never have crafted a Treaty of Versailles which ultimately led to the rise of fascism.

Moral leaders on Wall Street would never have financed Adolf Hitler which they did do.

Moral leaders would never have outsourced jobs to Southeast Asia and China.

Moral leaders would not have fought imperialist wars in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Joe McCarthy did none of these things.

On the other hand, American Quislings like Dwight Eisenhower did.

So let’s put Joe McCarthy in perspective.

Joe McCarthy was pulling back the curtain on the corporate fascists in our country.

What Joe McCarthy didn’t understand was how pervasive their globalist agenda was.

What Joe McCarthy didn’t understand was how these globalists had invaded and infected our elected representatives.

What Joe McCarthy didn’t know was that these communist regimes and movements were being occultly bankrolled and sustained by the American corporations who he was defending.

Today, we have what Jim McCarthy didn’t have: 60 years of experience after his time in Washington.

You see, he lived in an era in which it was inconceivable to an American that its government would be hijacked by corporate fascists whose goal was to create a nation of compliant serfs.

But that is exactly what happened.

Joe McCarthy was the first victim of political correctness.

He defied the orthodoxy.

And that is why he was demonized then and today.

It’s time for that to stop.


Archer Crosley

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The important thing that you should know is that conspiracies do exist.

We are all here because of a conspiracy.

Your mother and father got together in secret and fucked. You are the result of that event.

In addition your United States Justice Department believes in conspiracies, and they have believed in conspiracies for the past 250 years.

For 250 years your United States Justice Department has filed charges of conspiracy against individual Americans.

These charges would include charges such as conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit fraud.

Do you remember the Bernie Madoff affair?

There was a conspiracy laid bare.

Conspiracy detractors will also make light of organizations such as the Bilderbergers and the Trilateral Commission.

Well, these organizations exist.

They have memberships, secretaries, and official headquarters.

They are not figments of the imagination.

Generally these organizations are populated by wealthy, so-called important people who get together to discuss the world and where it should go.

After they get out of these meetings, these whales use their influence, which is vast, to influence the world.

It’s not an illusion. It’s not something that crazy people made up.

These organizations exist.

Here are two links: Bilderberg Group. Trilateral Commission.

Now, whether they do any good or not is another matter.

Whether they ultimately make any difference in the world is another issue.

But to deny that they try to influence the world is flat out wrong.

They do.

I have more of a problem with the people who deny that these people exist than I do with the people who are trying to change the world.

These whales do exist.

Conspiracies do exist.

Finally let’s not forget about the Army Rangers, Green Beret, CIA, Navy Seals, Delta Force, militaries, and national intelligence agencies of every country on the planet.

They all believe in secret missions which are, hello, conspiracies.

Whoops! I forgot about the 147,945 conspiracies successfully pulled off every day of the week in perpetuity.

If everybody over the age of five has a birthday party on their birthday, on any particular day of the week there will be 16,438,356 birthday parties. If 1% of those birthdays are surprise birthday parties and 90% of those surprise birthday parties are pulled off successfully, that will amount to 147,945.2 successful conspiracies pulled off every single day of the week into eternity.

Now, someone needs to tell the main stream media that conspiracies are possible.

Rough Formula: (6 billion/365) * 0.01 * 0.9

Checkmate, puppets.


Archer Crosley

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What Goes Around

In many respects a country is like a person living in a neighborhood.

Just as a person has to have good relations with other citizens in the neighborhood, so must a country.

If a person misbehaves and hurts other people, payback is sure to follow.

This is called karma.

Others might say that what goes around comes around.

Or, you reap what you sow.

This is good old fashion common sense.

Needless to say, everybody knows that it’s true.

These rules apply to a country as well.

If a country misbehaves and plays tricks on other people and other countries, blowback and retribution is sure to follow.

Never has a principle applied more than to the government of the United States of America.

Our CIA since its inception has played dirty tricks on the citizens of the world.

Retribution and compensation is sure to follow.

In fact, it already has happened.

Our problems with Iran can be traced back to 1953 when Dwight Eisenhower and Allen Dulles launched a mission to overthrow the democratically elected government of Iran.

Similar hijinks and their attendant repercussions followed in Guatemala, Indonesia, Vietnam and, many other countries of the world.

The United States through the CIA has obsessively interfered with the politics of every single country on the globe in order to benefit the wealthy elite in the United States and Great Britain.

It is the people of the United States who shoulder the repercussions.

We lost 58,000 soldiers in Vietnam.

Many hundreds of thousands of soldiers were wounded physically and psychologically.

We suffer massive immigration on our southern border because our wealthy elites refused to give the people of Central America a stake in the game.

We lost millions of jobs in manufacturing to Indonesia and Southeast Asia because our elites brutalized those countries in order to create sweatshops.

Our country has become awash in cocaine and heroin courtesy of those Third World countries our elites have subjugated.

This is the price of Empire.

This is what regular people understand:

When you help others you help yourself.

This is what is not taught at Harvard:

When you hurt others you hurt yourself.

Either our leaders don’t get this or they do get this.

If they don’t get this they’re not qualified to lead.

If they do get this but refuse to heed its truth then they’re not qualified to lead.

A country is like a person.

Now imagine what would happen to you if you played tricks on your neighbors.

What would happen to you if you spied on your neighbors, slashed their car tires, and set out poisons in their yard to kill their pets?

You know what would happen. Sooner or later they would figure out that it was you that did it, and then they would get rid of you.

This is the position that our leaders are putting us in.

Increasingly these leaders are educated at Harvard and the Ivy League.

They need to go.

They are either too stupid or too evil to rule.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

First Step

As Americans, many of you may be asking yourselves: What can I do to help my country?

How can I make a difference?

Well, as it so happens, there are many things that you can do that will make a big difference in our country.

It involves making personal choices that the government cannot control.

The first choice that I want you to make is to defumigate your house of the opioid haze that is transfixing your children courtesy of the Walt Disney Company.

It may be tough going as the smoke is pretty thick.

Be the first person on your block to create a Disney free zone.

Yes, your kids will cry. They will tell you that you don’t love them.

But you will know better.

You will understand that in the long run, it is better that your children not be intoxicated any longer by the feel good nonsense of the Walt Disney Company.

When you de-fumigate your house, you will no longer be a slave of the Walt Disney Company and the expensive souvenirs that they sell.

You are going to save a lot of money.

You can use that money to buy a good set of books for your kids.

I would recommend a traditional encyclopedia if you can find it.

Even if it’s an old encyclopedia that you have to purchase at a flea market that would be better than a Disney DVD.

Let your kids read real history.

Turn your kids on to knowledge, not fantasy.

The danger of the Walt Disney Company is that it sells magical thinking.

Its movies ingrain into your children’s minds the idea that their lot in life can be changed by wishful thinking or a magic prince.

Slowly, when you rid your child’s life of the Disney influence, your children will learn that good fortune often comes to those who work for it.

They will learn the values of industry and hard work.

No longer will your children be enslaved into thinking that a modern day prince, in this case, the government, will rush in to fix their lives.

No longer will your children be waiting for their ship to come in.

Nor will they expect it.

They will learn that they must swim out to bring their ship in.

These are lessons that have been lost in America today.

You can be the first to re-instill these values in your neighborhood.

It will seem strange at first.

You may even walk into your house one day and say: “What’s wrong?”

There will be nothing wrong of course. What’s different is that for the first time in decades you will be breathing fresh air.

Other people in the neighborhood will notice it as well.

Of course, the initial shock will wear off and you will begin to like it.

You will notice gradually that your attitude will be better.

No longer will you be grousing about the government’s failure to provide healthcare or a prosperous peacetime economy.

You will also notice that your financial condition will improve.

This is the first step in re-creating America as a vibrant nation.

This is something that you can do.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

OMG! Others Can See My Bitcoin Transactions! SFW!

OMG, Bitcoin doesn’t have privacy!

Quick, ring the fire bell!

Lack of privacy is the latest broadside attack against Bitcoin.

Moment of Awareness Statement: I think the government and the criminal elite do understand why regular people desire Bitcoin.

I think the rich who have hijacked our government do understand why regular people desire Bitcoin.

They know full well the threat that Bitcoin poses to them.

Everyone needs a protection against inflation and government mismanagement, even the honest rich.

The latest and most recurring attack on Bitcoin is that it’s not really private.

Because it’s not private, the wealthy elite argue, the government can now immediately know what you’re spending your money on.

No shit, Sherlock.

And, umm, yes, I did eat at Bobby’s Barbecue last week.


I don’t give a flying fuck if you know that I ate there because I’m not a criminal and I haven’t done anything wrong. But, even if I had done something wrong, I understand that my true salvation lies within the truth, not in “getting away with it.”

Perhaps the rich care about hiding their financial chicanery, but most regular people do not.

Regular people don’t care about hiding their finances because they’re not doing anything illegal.

They aren’t sequestering stolen loot in Panama.

In addition to that most transactions have been recorded for decades now as people have increasingly used credit cards to buy everything at their local Targets and Walmarts.

If the government really wants to know if there was a local “commie” meeting at Bobby’s Barbecue, they already have the ability to cooperate with their puppets at the credit card companies to gather information to prove that ten “commies” were eating there at the same time.

You go, girl!

Early adopters of Bitcoin couldn’t care less if the government knows that they bought a can of shaving cream last Sunday.

Bitcoin adopters are willing to trade financial anonymity for security in the money supply.

That’s why Bitcoin is becoming popular.

Bitcoin is being adopted because regular people are tired of governments inflating the currency artificially while awarding the bulk of it to wealthy families who build bombs, incendiary devices and lots of other stuff that’s used to kill people.

Bitcoin didn’t accelerate in value because the government decreased the amount of Bitcoin which is the opposite of what happens in regular currency.

Bitcoin accelerated in value because people recognized the benefits of Bitcoin. What occurred was increased demand in the face of a controlled supply of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a political statement as well as an economic statement.

People are saying to the government: You don’t have any right to manufacture money and give it selectively to people who have paid you off. You don’t have the right to steal our money.

The criminal rich, who love anonymity, and who prefer to steal money from regular people through their government cronies and government puppets, continue to not listen to the desires of the people.

Ultimately, as the centuries go by the regular people will win.

It is a moral good that people be able to protect them selves from thievery.

The rich who have acquired their money legitimately should recognize this as well.

The current system of privately owned anonymous cash isn’t working.

There exists too much counterfeiting of money both illegally and legally.

Too much effort is expended on catching the illegal counterfeiters, and no effort is spent on catching the legal counterfeiters in the government.

Bitcoin adopters are stating that this must stop.

The wealthy elite who are making their money legitimately and not through government chicanery should welcome Bitcoin as well.

Yes, we will have to give up a bit of privacy, but we are doing that already.

Honest people should have no fear of Bitcoin.

OMG! Others Can See My Bitcoin Transactions!

So Fucking What!


Archer Crosley

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Evidence-Based Lies

As I’ve stated many times before, Harvard University is the enemy of our liberty and freedom.

It is also a threat to any reasonable quality of life. Examples are boundless. Today I will talk about evidence-based medicine.

Recently an article appeared in the British Medical Journal entitled: The Illusion of Evidence Based Medicine.

In a nutshell the authors argue that corporations have corrupted the professors and in turn their studies that evidence-based medicine promotes as truth.

As a pediatrician this is not surprising to me.

About a decade ago, cold medicines were being promoted by insurance companies, and the supporters of evidence-based medicine, as being useless to children.

Evidence-based medicine, the insurance companies claimed, proved that the cold medicines were not really working.

There was no shortage of puppets in academia who went along with this.

I found this confusing because moms had been telling me for decades that certain cold medicines worked. They would make comments like this: “Well, the medicine worked for a few days, then wore off.” This made sense to me as the body will in many cases acclimate to a medicine. Moreover, it told me that the medicine initially did have effectiveness.

Additionally, I had tried out many of these medicines myself over several decades. So I knew from first-hand experience that the medicines worked.

Nevertheless there was no shortage of academic puppets who were telling us that these cold medicines weren’t working in children.

Well, I asked myself, why wouldn’t they work? These cold medicines are working on basic cell receptors which are essential to life itself.

It would be inconceivable that babies would be born without these receptors.

I reluctantly concluded that evidence-based medicine was a sham that was being used by insurance companies in order to justify not paying for medicines. After all if the insurance company doesn’t have to pay for a medicine, it makes more money for itself and its executives.

To be honest, I never liked the term evidence-based medicine in the first place.

This term came into being more commonly in the 1990s after I had finished my training.

I took offense to it.

I asked myself: “What were we practicing before? Fantasy based medicine?”

Yes, it’s true there was a lot of quackery in the field of healthcare, but I did not notice much of this coming from regular doctors.

Even back in my training I remember doctors questioning many of the quack medicines that were being put out by Corporate America.

It seemed to me that the quackery was coming from Corporate America.

Medicines like Baby Percy should have been eliminated from supermarket shelves decades ago.

Yet, evidence-based medicine was not used at all to remove these products from being sold.

Evidence-based medicine was being used to remove valid medicines from the doctors prescribing arsenal.

What does that tell you?

Enter David Sackett.

David Sackett was a physician, Harvard trained, who was a prominent early pioneer of evidence-based medicine.

This is not surprising to me that he was trained at Harvard.

You wouldn’t have heard of the name David Sackett if he hadn’t gone to Harvard.

David Sackett wasn’t the pioneer of evidence-based medicine; Harvard University was the pioneer of evidence-based medicine.

David Sackett was merely the vehicle that Harvard University used.

If David Sackett was a small time doctor, non-Harvard trained, sitting out in the middle of nowhere, writing articles calling for the elimination of quack medicines on supermarket shelves, you would’ve never heard of him.

He would be like me, unheard of, not permitted to speak.

But he was permitted to speak. And that should tell you volumes.

Harvard is first and foremost an agent of the empire.

Harvard exists to promote the domination of the corporate wealthy elite over the world’s population.

That’s why Harvard exists.

Harvard accomplishes this by training and promoting the officers of Corporate America.

Implicit in this training is that such officers will promote corporate interests.

Perhaps David Sackett had good intentions when he attended Harvard.

Perhaps you have good intentions as you attend Harvard.

Well, let me tell you something, Mister. You aren’t going to change Harvard; Harvard is going to change you.

Whatever good idea or good intention you may have, Harvard will find a way to twist that and use it to further corporate interests.

This is the problem we face today.

We now live on Mr. Darcy’s slave plantation.

Mr. Darcy, Mr. Darcy, Mr. Darcy.

Fuck Mr. Darcy.

Harvard works to promote corporate interests that work against us, our health and our welfare.

The university must be destroyed.

Debunking evidence-based medicine is a good start.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Will Smith

Please allow me to make a prediction.

Will Smith’s career is finished.

He cheapened Hollywood, and its leaders will not allow cheap words of apology to speak louder than actions.

He may have a few projects in post production, but Hollywood executives will wrap those up as quickly as possible in order to get their money back.

As far as new projects are concerned, forget it. There are plenty of other stars who can make Hollywood money.

Chris Rock was the movie industry’s representative on that stage.

When Will Smith slapped Chris Rock, he slapped all the executives, investors and workers in the industry.

They won’t take kindly to that, and they won’t accept meaningless words as compensation.

This was a night when Hollywood desires to put its best foot forward.

It’s supposed to be a fun night, a festive night, a positive night.

Will Smith put his own selfish interest above that of every single member of the entertainment industry.

He could not have cared less about the other people in the room.

He ruined their night.

He disrespected them.

Moreover, he cheapened each and everyone of them.

It’s a credit to Chris Rock that he didn’t respond in kind. He put the industry and the members of the industry above his own personal feelings.

Will Smith has his Oscar, and it is now time to say goodbye.

Will Smith’s career is finished.


Archer Crosley

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