Yawn, Who Cares?

Do you follow the Kennedy assassination?

Are you upset that not all the documents have been released?

Are you upset that the government refuses to declassify documents?

I couldn’t give one solitary fuck.

I’m 68 years old and I have been following the Kennedy assassination, since I was a little boy.

I was born nine years and one week before John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

To the day.

The true killers have revealed themselves through their actions over the years as all true killers do.

We already know who killed John Kennedy.

Jim Marrs stated as much in his book, Crossfire, before he died.

We don’t need CIA memos.

The powers that be, the Harvard Cabal, who control the CIA, killed John Kennedy.

They killed him because he fucked with their money.

If it’s one thing, the powers that be don’t like it’s when someone fucks with their money.

There were a lot of people who didn’t like John Kennedy.

The mob didn’t like him. The CIA didn’t like him. The oil men, whose oil depletion allowance was threatened, didn’t like him. The importers of products from Cuba didn’t like him. The Israelis didn’t like him. The people who wanted to make a fortune off the newly discovered gold and copper deposits in Indonesia didn’t like him. The corporate pigs who wanted to stage an ever ending war in Southeast Asia didn’t like him.

In short, there was a shit load of people who didn’t like him.

All these people voiced their opinions to the powers that be in the Harvard Cabal.

It doesn’t matter that John Kennedy went to Harvard. The Harvard Cabal above all cares more about its money.

John Kennedy fucked with that money.

Additionally, nobody likes a traitor.

When Kennedy was elected, the cabal thought that they could control him. They thought that because he went to Harvard he would be on their side.

They were wrong.

They fucked up.

Maybe at first he was.

But as he grew into the office, he changed.

Maybe he was never one of them to begin with. I don’t think he was.

I think his chronic back pain, his Irish heritage, the tragedies that he suffered with his family, and his experience in the South Pacific being marooned on an island with regular Joes changed him and made him more empathetic to the common man.

He definitely wasn’t his father.

What he saw was a different vision for America.

He saw America as a partner with other nations, not a bully.

This stands in stark contrast to the world you are living in today.

The world you are living in today is the New World Order that he sought to avert.

This is the New World Order of George Herbert Walker Motherfucker Bush.

This is the world order that you are living in today.

It is the imperial world of George Herbert Walker Bush rolling around on a golf cart, yet again, before the ignorant cheering slobs at the Astrodome.

This New World Order is dysphoric and non-workable for average Americans – and for people around the world. It is a warmongering and exploitative world.

It is a world that adopted the very worst ideas of the Third Reich. Indeed, the Third Reich never died. It was merely transported over to America.

Standardized tests, a police state in which cameras are everywhere, intolerance, distrust, 800 numbers for you to report your neighbor, nonstop wars, and a ridiculous superstar (master race) culture which exists to socially influence ignorant masses into the cattle pens of approved opinion are all salient features of this rotten culture.

It exists precisely because John Kennedy was assassinated.

He was assassinated by the Harvard Cabal, greedy fascists all, who run corporate America.

These tyrants will never release any documents that would in any way implicate them.

Consequently, these heavily promoted releases of documents are a complete bore.


They are a fucking waste of time.

You shouldn’t give one solitary fuck about them.

The only thing that you should care about is what they truly represent.

The non-release of documents is an indictment of our current New World Order.

On 11/22/63 at 12:30 PM in the afternoon, America became a banana republic.

You are living in a joke.

Fuck you, George Herbert Walker Motherfucker Bush.

Fuck your father, Prescott Bush, and fuck his friend Allen Dulles.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Our Future in Healthcare?

Anyone who thinks that centralized, socialized healthcare is a great thing only needs to turn on the television set and look to the United Kingdom with regard to their current healthcare problems.

Anyone who thinks that centralized, socialized healthcare is a panacea that will solve our problems only needs to watch Prime Minister’s questions as their parliament debates healthcare in the United Kingdom.

It’s not a bowl of cherries.

It’s not a bed of roses.

They haven’t discovered the holy grail to healthcare.

People in the UK are not uniformly happy with the healthcare they’re getting.

What’s going on over there now is that nurses are going on strike.

They want more pay.

It’s creating quite the controversy.

Operations are being delayed.

People are upset.

What are they to do?

Well, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

You can’t have centralized healthcare run by the government and not have countrywide strikes.

Big government invites big business and big labor.

There are no two ways about it.

If you don’t want countrywide strikes you have to decentralize your healthcare.

You have to break up the big corporations who are benefiting off healthcare.

Because big corporations siphon off huge amounts of dollars by virtue of the fact that they are buddies with their friends in the government there is huge waste of money in their healthcare system. Ours too.

That leaves less money for the workers.

It also means that services have to be cut back.

What ensues is a penny-pinching system for the poor and middle class, but a bonanza for the rich money grubbing corporations.

That’s our future here in the United States.

It used to be in the United States that healthcare and its attendant services were readily available.

You could get an operation at any time. You could get an MRI at anytime. You could get lab at any time.

That’s not the way it is now.

Increasingly it is becoming more difficult to get healthcare in the United States as insurers make patients jump through hoops to get their services.

That’s not what we want. We don’t want to become the UK.

We want the government to have less control when it comes to financing healthcare.

We want the government to do what it does best: regulate (and I don’t mean phony regulation designed to stamp out the small guy).

We want the government to stop doing what it does worst: financing.

Our solution is their solution.

They need to break up their large pharmaceutical corporations in order to drive pharmacy costs down.

They need to break up their large hospital system into a series of independent hospitals that compete with each other for healthcare services.

They need to limit the size of their hospitals while allowing the free market to create more of them.

They need to limit the size of all the corporations that are involved in healthcare.

Healthcare is not a place to get rich.

Healthcare is not the same as the Ford Motor Company.

Healthcare is a place where you can make a nice amount of money.

There is no place for Warren Buffett in healthcare.

There is no place for any billionaire in healthcare.

There is no place for crony capitalists in healthcare.

There is no place for poorly educated Wharton School graduates in healthcare.

There is no place for ignorant CEOs who say things like this: “At Iroquois Foods, we have a saying: If you don’t grow, you go.”

Nor is there a place for the ignorant, stupid Harvard Business School graduate, who says: “The purpose of a business is to make money.”

Veto, veto, veto, you big idiot.

Healthcare is different than other businesses.

You can’t possibly equate healthcare and the auto industry.

Your car dealer is only too happy to sell you the most expensive car. Whether you can afford it or not is your problem.

Healthcare is different.

Our job in healthcare is to get the patient better.

A patent’s financial condition is part of their health. For that reason, we have to be cognizant of providing inexpensive, affordable and accessible healthcare for people.

That means we can’t rape the people financially as the large corporations do.

We can’t put them out on the street with expensive healthcare costs.

We also can’t ration healthcare.

Nor can we strike across the country whenever it suits our fancy.

The only way to do that is to decentralize healthcare under sensible controls set by the federal government.

It’s not the government’s job to make crony capitalists rich.

It’s the governments job to create a level, competitive playing field which provides affordable and accessible healthcare for all.

That doesn’t exist in the United States.

Nor does it exist in the United Kingdom.

And if you don’t believe me, turn on Prime Minister’s questions.

What you see is going on there is our future unless we make sensible changes right now.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Bye Bye Miss American Pie

Our beautiful federal government has offered a sweet deal for rural hospitals.

Are you ready for this?

Shut down your inpatient services and we will give you a pile of cash.

Patients living in the rural area who need inpatient services will be ferried, I presume by helicopter, to larger cities.

The federal government’s rationale is that costly inpatient services are draining the amount of money that could be spent on outpatient services.

What do you think of that?

Rural hospitals are somewhat nervous about accepting this deal.

They should be.

It’s a thinly veiled attempt at establishing and furthering a national health service.

It’s also a euthanasia service in disguise.

Rural hospitals are worried that larger hospitals in the city will be unwilling to accept their patients.

They fear that the larger hospitals will become packed to the gills during various pandemics.

They are right.

Not only that, our federal government, true to its nature, will put in all sorts of regulations and requirements that will delay or deny such transfers.

As I say, it’s a disguised euthanasia service.

Thousands upon thousands of elderly people will die through neglect, but not before the crony capitalist pigs who control the corporations have siphoned every last dollar out of them.

After all, these rural elderly aren’t human beings to them. Instead, they are product – raw material whose value must be maximized. Does this sound remotely like Robert McNamara and his approach to the Vietnam war – a war that was never meant to end, a war that existed to make money? It should, because many of the people who run our country today are disciples of Robert McNamara. They love the guy.

And they were trained at the same fascist business schools.

Eventually, the elderly and other rural patients will be transported, but of course, in a more weakened state. This will, of course, allow the hospitals to put them in the intensive care unit for a greater number of days so as to maximize profits.

Naturally, of course they will die in greater numbers.

Now, a normal person and a normal doctor would say: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. They would recommend treating the patient as expeditiously as possible in the rural area. They would also recommend breaking up the large corporations that are profiteering off healthcare, those being in the hospital and pharmaceutical industry, so as to create more competition and bring costs down. This would allow rural hospitals to survive and thrive as they did for many, many decades before the “smart guys” in the Harvard Cabal put their death grip upon America.

A normal person and a normal doctor would see this as a better solution. They would think this because their goal is to enrich and prolong human life.

But of course, this will not happen, and so many many people will die.

In the future, politicians will wail: Nobody knew.

Well, I’m telling you now.

The Third Reich never died. It was merely transported over to the United States of America.

What you have in charge of this country is a corrupt and elitist Harvard Cabal, greedy fascists to the core, who think of themselves as the smartest guys in the room.

They and their Ministry of Health and Central Planning will now make decisions for you.

Part of their plan is to cull the human population of less productive people.

That means the elderly. They are a drain, don’t you know.

Our leaders in the Harvard Cabal are a little bit more sophisticated than Adolf Hitler though.

They’re not going to send them to the gas chambers.

No, they’re going to invent viruses and pandemics that will wipe them out.

And, they will come up with crazy ideas like having rural hospitals shut down their inpatient services.

That’s what central planners do.

It’s done in the name of profits.

And, of course, the public good.



Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

LeBron James, Corporate Lackey

Recently, LeBron James called out the kids gloves treatment of Jerry Jones with regard to him standing in front of a school confronting black students in 1957.

Jones was 14 years old at the time.

King LeBron James has taken it upon himself to let us know that he is not satisfied with Jerry Jones and his explanation.

He feels there is a double standard between how Kyrie Irving is treated, and how Jerry Jones is treated.

Shut the fuck up, LeBron.

You are a cheap race hustler who works for the powers that be.

Are you serious?

Are you seriously telling me that a boy of 14 years of age comprehends the fine nuances of racial politics in 1957 America?

Are you seriously trying to tell me that Jerry Jones was the ringleader of the race haters in 1957 America?

Jerry Jones owes no one an apology, nor does he owe you or anyone else an explanation.

The person who owes an apology, LeBron James, is you.

You owe us an apology for being a cheap race hustler, an agent of the Harvard Cabal.

It is the purpose of the Harvard Cabal to make race an issue in the United States forever more in order to keep the people divided.

This is a clever distraction designed to keep people from being united against the evil motherfuckers who run the United States of America

You, LeBron James, are a puppet, signed, sealed and delivered.

Of course you are.

In your quest to become a billionaire, you will do everything that they tell you to do. You will suck their cock.

They only need to snap their fingers.

The consequences of your obsequiousness are enormous.

We don’t see people protesting US involvement in the Middle East. (We’re still there.)

We don’t see people protesting the lack of a comprehensive healthcare system that is affordable to all.

We don’t see people protesting the enormous cost of schooling or the failure of Congress to resolve the huge debt that is held by many current and former students.

We don’t see people protesting inflation, and the ready printing of money for large corporations.

We don’t see people protesting the funding of Ukraine while people go hungry in the United States.

We don’t see people protesting homelessness.

We didn’t see any mass protests against COVID-19.

And we won’t see any protests against foreign wars in the future.

We won’t see that because after the Vietnam war the powers that be decided that we were never going to have massive protests in the United States again.

It was the protests that shut down the Vietnam war. It was the protests that shut down the corporate money making machine of war.

And so to ensure that protests would never get in the way of their moneymaking ventures Corporate America decided to create false battles and distractions designed to siphon off peoples restive energy.

To accomplish this end, our fascist leaders created a race of super people, demigods really, who would rule over us and influence people to fight these false battles.

You the reader know these people as celebrities. They are worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and they fly above us in their personal corporate funded jets.

And when Corporate America snaps its fingers, the celebrities move the population into the cattle pens of Corporate America’s approved opinion.

Thus the riots over statues of Civil War generals

Thus the continued battle over race issues.

Thank you, LeBron.

Thank you for being the cock sucking, corporate lackey that you are.

Thank you for being a puppet.

Thank you for selling your own people down the river.

That’s right, motherfucker, because as long as you focus black folk on rage, they will never be able to focus their total energies on productiveness.

That’s Corporate America’s goal.

That’s the Harvard Cabal’s goal.

They want the black community in the inner city, totally destroyed by the welfare plantation racket and the prison industrial scam.

Corporate America wants that devastation so that they can have plenty of black prisoners for their corporate prison racket.

Well, as long as you are leading them into false battles over a picture that was taken of Jerry Jones in 1957 when he was 14 years of age, Corporate America will never have to worry.

But, you’ve got your Blaze Pizza shops, right?

And your amazing Nike contract?

Hey, you’re doing pretty good.

And soon you will be a billionaire.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved


Power ultimately comes from brute force and the willingness to kill.

All other explanations are cosmetic.

The power of Rome, the power of Britain, the power of the United States, and the people who ran and run those empires stems from their willingness to kill.

Ultimately man is a brute animal.

Philosophy and literature is a window dressing designed to cleverly disguise our animal nature.

There is an event in the television program Versailles which displays this principle.

A duke rebels against King Louis and his authority.

In response, King Louis destroys his castle and takes him prisoner.

This is the essence of power.

Either you eat me, or I eat you.

The institutions that we hold dear in the United States are a façade.

The Supreme Court, our system of justice, our representative chambers, the House, the Senate, are a façade.

The Bill of Rights is a façade.

It need not be, but it is.

These institutions and the Bill of Rights were transformed into window dressing by the Harvard Cartel.

They are nothing more than arbitrary tools under the bootjack of King Louis who lives today in the form of this evil cabal whose ruling elite come from Cambridge.

They control everything in the United States just as King Louis controlled everything in France.

They kill when they need to kill.

If someone fucks with their money, that person will be eliminated.

If someone fucks with their political agenda, that person will be marginalized.

It runs no different than the Court of King Louis.

Obey, or else.

King Louis lives well, as evidenced by the latest State Dinner, entertaining the modern-day King of France, Emmanuel Macron.

This was his second state dinner.

One was not enough.

Butter poached Maine lobster and Coulotte of Beef with shallot marmalade were served while only a short distance away homelessness, hunger and despair abound.

They and the poor in working-class Scranton yanked a half-filled tin of Ken-L-Ration out of the dumpster in the alley behind Main Street.

Back in France, the inflation ravaged mob divided up a three day old baguette.

Meanwhile at Versailles, clueless senators, such as Chuck Schumer showed up with his daughter.

“It’s her first state dinner,” he proclaimed with joy. “I’ve been to many.”

These are the courtesans in King Louis’s court.

Other usurpers who showed up were pseudo Republican, Susan Collins; fashion snob, Anna Wintour; Foxconn exploiter, Tim Cook; professional office holder, Susan Rice, and many more.

They even pulled out Patrick Leahy from his coffin.

There was no shame at that soirée.

There was even less compassion for the poor.

Such is the state of affairs in the United States of America.

Power rules with an iron fist, taunting the hungry poor who rush to food banks in the cold winter of their discontent.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Kanye West

Undoubtedly you have heard the latest about Kanye West who now calls himself Ye.

He’s been making a lot of antisemitic comments.

Is he right?

He’s wrong.

But not for the reasons you might think.

He makes the common mistake of identifying the people he’s criticizing as Jews.

I don’t know the ins and outs of what he’s criticizing, but assuming that the people he’s criticizing have done bad things to him, I can assure you that those people are not Jews.

He just thinks they are.

The people he’s criticizing are pagans who are posing as Jews.

Oh, I’m sure they do think that they are Jews.

But they’re not Jews.

It stems from this common misconception in society that you can be a Jew and not obey the principles of Judaism.

It’s the same misconception that you can be a Christian while not obeying any of the principles of Christianity.

You can’t.

There is no such thing as a cultural Jew.

There is no such thing as a cultural Christian.

Now, you can huff and puff, and you can stomp around the room and insist that there is such a thing as a cultural Jew and a cultural Christian, but you’re wrong.

You are not Jewish because you have a menorah in your house.

I am not Christian because I have a cross in my residence.

Do you remember, what George Carlin said about cheese flavored products? He said: Cheese flavored? No cheese.

Well, the same thing applies to religion. Jew flavored? No Jew. Christian flavored? No Christian.

You’re not Jewish because you were a kippah.

I am not Christian because I set up a Christmas tree on December 25th.

What we have in this world are people who think they are Jews and Christians.

They keep the menorah and the cross in their house in order to cleanse their souls.

They need to cleanse their souls because of all the evil shit they’ve done in their lives.

The menorah and the cross are magic talismans to them.

They purify their souls by glancing at them as they pull the milk out of the refrigerator.

The problem with these people is that they don’t practice any of the principles of their faith.

But because we have dopes on television who promote the idea of a cultural Jew and a cultural Christian, these people are able to identify themselves as such.

And that becomes a common pitfall for people like Kanye West, who then blame their problems on Jews.

No true Jew would prosecute the type of behavior that Kanye West is accusing them of.

They wouldn’t, because Judaism is about brotherhood.

For that reason, Kanye West is wrong.

I hear what you’re thinking though.

You’re starting to think that no one can be 100% perfect in their faith. What about people who practice their faith 75% of the time. Can’t we call those people Jews, or can’t we call those people Christians?

You have a good point.

My response to that would be that you have to get in the ballpark.

Come on, man, you’ve got a hit at least the 50th percentile.

The chances are excellent that the people Kanye West identifies as Jews aren’t even hitting the 3rd percentile.

What these people are, are pagans.

They have no religion except the religion of money and power.

They are no different than their fake Christian counterparts.

And we seen enough of them around.

God almighty, they wrote the book on fakery.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Be Unafraid, Be Very Unafraid

Are you afraid of our leaders?

Let me explain something to you.

Let me be clear.

The whole point of the United States of America is for you not to be afraid of your leaders.

If you are afraid of saying the wrong thing, because your leaders might put you in jail, get the IRS after you, or kill you, then there’s something wrong with the United States of America.

And there is something wrong with the United States of America.

There is something wrong, because people are afraid of saying the wrong thing.

I remember once trashing the Central Intelligence Agency at a friend’s house.

I stated casually that the CIA was a bunch of thugs.

My friend jumped suddenly as if I had set off a bomb

Obviously, he was afraid of being close to someone who would say such a thing.

I should have explained to him that if he was afraid, his fear was a greater threat to the United States than I was.

You should not be afraid of the Central intelligence agency.

Will they come after you?

You should not be afraid of our federal government.

Will they kill you?

If you fuck with the power clique’s money they will.

I don’t care.

The greater good is that we do go after our leaders.

The greater good is that we do shame our leaders when they’ve done wrong.

It’s our country

When we become afraid, it’s not our country anymore, and we become vassals to these phony lords who would rule over us.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

FTX AND Titanic

Why did FTX collapse?


Forget about wash trades. Forget about creating token value out of thin air. Those are the operational reasons.

The reason FTX collapsed is because it’s leaders, Sam Bankman-Fried and Carolyn Ellison were young punks from the new Ivy League, who felt that the rules of humanity did not apply to them.

Amphetamines are for demigods like them, they reasoned. The rest of the chumps can’t handle such drugs.

Bankman-Fried graduated from MIT. Ellison graduated from Stanford.

Their parents were connected into the power structure.

It must be a heady experience to have so many people swoon before you as you casually let them know that you graduated from such an elite institution.

Why should we be surprised that Fried and Ellison engaged in wash trades?

Why should we be surprised that they created a token out of thin air, and then artificially pumped up its value?

Why should we be surprised that there were no accounting controls?

Why should we be surprised that they threw investors money around so carelessly?

Why should we be surprised that they used customer funds for purposes that are frowned upon?

Rules don’t apply to them.

They are demigods

It’s true.

In the Kim Jong-un society that we have created people who graduate from MIT, Stanford, Harvard, and the rest of the Ivy League are fucking geniuses.

Of course they can do amphetamines and work without being compromised.

Of course they don’t need any accounting controls.

They walk on water

At least they believe they can.

And quite frankly, so do many other people.

Sequoia Capital had no problem doling over $210 million of other people’s hard earned money.

They – and many others – did so, because they looked at Fried and Ellison, and said to themselves: Why, they are the elites. They are the princes of the city. They can do no wrong.

But, as we have learned since the FTX collapse, they are sorry.

They are truly sorry.

Sorry won’t do it, Bub.

Nor will your half assed explanations of why FTX collapsed.

FTX collapsed for the same reason that Titanic foundered: Unbridled arrogance.

This ship can’t sink, Fried and Ellison proclaimed to the world.

But it did sink.

And now it’s dragging everybody down with it in its wake.

Do you want to do something about it?

Do you want to prevent this in the future?

You have to reform the culture. You have to get off this superstar culture kick.

SEC regulations won’t cut the mustard.

It’s the individual that counts not the institution.

You have to stop voting for people who come from these elite institutions. Many of them don’t have the right stuff.

They don’t have the right stuff because they sit back on their asses, do drugs and get by on their connections.

Just like Fried and Ellison.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

What Can The UK Do

What can the UK do to improve its financial condition?

The United Kingdom is currently undergoing a financial crisis.

It is the only country in Europe to be undergoing a crisis to the degree that it is.

Inflation is at 11%.

What gives?

Is it Brexit?


The UK sits only 500 away from Norway, and Norway is booming.

If Norway is flush in oil and gas, why can’t the UK be flush in oil and gas?

It can be, but not until structural changes are made within the mindset of the people in the UK.

What is hurting the UK is its aristocracy and the attendant notion that people deserve to live a better life because of their birth, not their ability and willingness to work, and do good things.

This aristocracy in the United Kingdom is killing its own people.

The people are beaten down spiritually. They are so beaten down, they don’t know that they’re beaten down anymore.

The ideology of a royal family and its attendant aristocracy are most prominent in the United Kingdom.

There’s no other country in Europe that celebrates its monarchy like the United Kingdom.

After the two world wars, the rest of Europe moved forward and away from its monarchs.

Not so, the United Kingdom.

The citizens of the UK are rather proud of that. They think that makes them great.

Again, not so.

This idolatry and privilege accorded to the royal family is demoralizing when times are tough.

It is galling to people to live under austerity when the king and his family are prancing around the world living the wine and pheasant life.

Of course, the royal family is just the tip of the iceberg. They are merely representative of the British upper class, who likewise prance around the world living lives free of stress and austerity.

It is destructive to the psych of the nation when Prince Andrew is caught with his hand in the cookie jar, but not held accountable for his crimes.

The average person sees these events and then silently asks himself: Why?

He concludes that the system is rotten and stacked against him. Maybe he should not care so much about his country anymore? Maybe he should leave. Maybe he should not work so hard.

It’s not just Prince Andrew’s crimes that bother him.

It’s the crimes of the rest of the characters in the aristocracy.

The other members of the aristocracy enjoy a similar level of immunity, albeit less than Prince Andrew’s.

This immunity is exercised.

In other words, the rich get away with fucking over the people.

The people see this.

The result is a society that works less efficiently than it should.

When you rid yourself of your aristocracy, you send a powerful message to yourself and your fellow citizens.

You say to yourself that it’s not okay for the people to get away with crimes because of their birthright.

It’s not okay for people to enjoy certain privileges because of their birthright.

This idea applies not only to titled mobility but monied nobility as well.

Currently the sodomizers in the City of London and the privileged cocksuckers who lead Westminster are able to pass laws and conduct financial policy which cements their authority over the people of the United Kingdom to an excessive degree.

They weaken the people of the United Kingdom.

  • They permit massive illegal immigration, which sucks vital money from the people. Illegal immigration creates cheap labor, and it increases the overall tax burden.
  • They permit bond dealers to engage in all sorts of financial shenanigans. It was this unpunished bond market chicanery, which led to the downfall of Liz Truss. This is how they got their boy, Rishi, in there.
  • They create and permit inefficiencies within the NHS which only serves to enrich the crony capitalists who make a fortune supplying the needs of the NHS.
  • They send money to Ukraine, money better served by helping the poor and needy in the UK.

These strategies listed above, and there are many more, are not unintentional. They are prosecuted by an aristocracy through their compliant politicians in order to cement their power over the people.

As long as the people are weak, they are less likely to rebel.

The thinking of the aristocracy goes like this: If we can weaken people, financially, and physically, we can keep our foot atop them. We can keep them in a dependent position.

The people accept this because they have been beaten down over the years to accept an aristocracy which they consider better than themselves.

It is a codependent relationship between the elite and the poor.

Knowing this is the first step to the UK ridding itself of its albatross.

The British aristocracy is an albatross upon the people of the United Kingdom.

When the people wake up and realize this, then they will have the opportunity to live a better life.

Austerity is an avoidable event.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Ha Ha, Suckers

Applications for student loan forgiveness will no longer be accepted.


Sorry about that, suckered and scammed college grads, no more money for you.

Your money just got sent to Ukraine.

Why not?

The elites already made money off you by jacking up your college tuition.

Oh, yeah, baby. It was a sweetheart deal between the banks and the criminals who run the colleges.

The lending institutions agree to loan outrageous amounts of money, and the colleges agree to charge outrageous amounts of money.

Where does the money go?

  • Brand spanking new buildings that don’t need to be built. Buildings and their maintenance are expensive, baby. Not to worry, UTRGV, near where I live, births buildings like the Octamom. I am impressed though. With the snap of the fingers stadiums and Performance Arts Buildings fall out of the sky ready-made. They appear overnight.
  • Hi-tech gadgets that yield the illusion of learning. Blaise Pascal used a quill and ink. As did Isaac Newton. Somehow that was good enough.
  • Jacked up college president’s pay. The former President at Penn, Amy Gutmann, made a cool three million simoleons a year. That’s a lot of scratch. What did she do with all that money? Buy Phillies tickets? Oh, no, I’m sure deluxe box seats were written into her contract. Okay, maybe the Philadelphia Orchestra.
  • Silly amenities like rock-climbing walls.
  • Increased number of administrators for god knows what. Safe space administration? Service dog monitoring? Tucking students into bed at night?
  • Big time booty for lending institutions.

Who gives a fuck anyway?

The important thing is to make money.

And the money has been made. That’s why they don’t need you, Mr. Loan Suckeree.

There’s no money to be made in helping you out.

But there is money to be made in Ukraine.

Lots of it.

The gas resources are outstanding.

So is the farmland. I’m sure Farmer Gates wants in on that.

And that’s why the money is going to Ukraine and not you.

That’s what America is about now: Getting rich.

And staying rich.

Keeping you poor is part of the program.

That’s what the Harvard Cabal wants. You see, the more emaciated you are financially, the better it is for their eternal rule.

Oh, they wouldn’t do that, you exclaim. You’re paranoid, Archer.

Oh, yes they would do that. And they would do it in spades.

They are doing it.

If they cared about you, they wouldn’t have created the mess in the first place.

And if they doubly cared about you, they would allocate funds to help you.

A reasonable, rational person would understand that the strength of America lies in the strength of its people.

That’s not how they see it.

These motherfuckers have allied themselves with the creepy criminal elite in the United Kingdom.

And they are creepy.

That’s bad news for you.

The criminal elite in the United Kingdom haven’t given a shit about their own people for hundreds of years.

Our criminal elite here in the United States are new at the game, but they are learning fast.

They are not just stealing your money, they are giving you a lower quality product as well.

The education they now give is dumbed down with political correctness. They unequivocally celebrate international meddlers like Dwight Eisenhower, and racist exploitation artists like Winston Churchill.

They lie to you about Pearl Harbor and 911.

Don’t forget about JFK and 11/22.

They tell you that the Civil War was fought for slavery (BS. The Civil War like all wars was fought for money, power and control. Lincoln used emancipation of slaves as a weapon in the mid to late part of the war.).

True discussion deemed controversial is not permitted.

Certain questions may no longer be asked or broached.

You’re getting ripped off.

Big time.

You’re even lied to about Ukraine.

Putin isn’t the aggressor. The aggressor is our greedy elite who violated the agreement we made with the Russians that NATO would not be expanded after Germany was reunified.

That’s right, and after the US sponsored a coup that overthrew Viktor Yanukovych in 2014 so as to install our Nazi satrapy in Kiev, US puppets signed the Minsk Agteement which guaranteed safety for the Russians living in the Donbas.

The US and its puppets violated that agreement also. About 12,000 Ukrainian/Russians have died since the Minsk Agreements.

They died, because the US sponsored government in Ukraine shells them mercilessly.

That’s why we continue to send money to Ukraine.

Our greedy elite want that farmland. They want that oil and gas.

So the same government that saddled you with enormous debt, that won’t substantially help you out, will now send money that could help you out to Ukraine. And they will use the educational system that ripped you off to lie to you about Ukraine.

Isn’t that a howler?

I think so.


Archer Crosley

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