Letter to Steven Hanke

This is Steve H. Hanke. He hates Bitcoin.

Does he look like a man who would respond to my email?

Not to me. He is too important.

So I will write a letter for him to you. This is in response to an article he wrote for National Review which proclaims Bitcoin a failed experiment in El Salvador.

Clearly Professor Hanke is an officer of the Empire. He has a million and one credentials. He is everything I am not. So here goes …

Dear Professor Hanke,


I am reading your recent article that proclaims Bitcoin a failure in El Salvador.  Your arguments border somewhat on mania.  I definitely detect a bias; but you are an economist, and, alas, I am not, so it’s possible you know much that I am not aware of.

1.  You state that Bitcoin was forced upon the people of El Salvador, yet only 20% of businesses there accept Bitcoin. Accepting that as the case, how is it possible then for Bitcoin to have caused such economic travail for El Salvador?

2.  You state that the cost of implementing Bitcoin was 100 million dollars, correct?  You also state that the value of that Bitcoin is now 48 million dollars.  Is that about right?  If so, it seems a stretch to state that a 52 million dollar loss is enough to crater a country whose annual government budget is about 5.5 billion. 52 million divided by 5.5 billion is 1%. Are you stating that a 1% loss is enough to crater an economy? Applying El Salvador’s presumed loss to Archer Crosley Pediatrics, my profession, would you state that Archer Crosley’s poor choice in purchasing a fur-lined sink (Steve Martin), costing 1% of his budget, cratered Archer Crosley’s pediatric practice thus prompting his lender to panic?

3.  Is it possible that the downgrade in El Salvador’s creditworthiness is in retaliation for its decision to adopt Bitcoin?  Or are there other reasons for the downgrade in creditworthiness? Maybe the government is engaging in forms of corruption that is responsible for the downgrading of creditworthiness?

4.  If adopting the dollar was a magic cure for an economy, then why is there massive inflation in other economies that have adopted the dollar either officially or unofficially?

5. If using Bitcoin in El Salvador is only one of many options in employing currency, then how is that bad for El Salvador? Doesn’t adopting Bitcoin give El Salvador greater flexibility? What is wrong with that?

6. Since, according to your resume, you are a currency expert and connoisseur, why do you object to Bitcoin? What precisely is your beef with Bitcoin? Shouldn’t people and governments be given the free will choice to either adopt or reject Bitcoin?

7. You state that Bitcoin is a speculative investment? You are right on the money with that. But is that the fault of Bitcoin? Or is Bitcoin’s high speculativeness the consequence of man’s desire to get rich? Who is at fault here?

8. Isn’t it true that Bitcoin’s value has risen over its short lifetime?

9. Doesn’t Bitcoin offer a greater degree of fungibility over gold and silver? How is this a bad thing?

10. I notice that you were involved in taming Argentina’s inflation decades ago. Suppose Bitcoin was used in all economies of the world in the future as a backup reserve to buffer inflation. Suppose that in this future we reach a point where all the Bitcoin that can be mined has been mined. Would such an adoption of Bitcoin be a good thing or a bad thing? If Argentina had possessed such an option during the Mexican peso devaluation, could the resurgence in hyperinflation in Argentina have been avoided?

11. Shouldn’t the addition of Bitcoin on a limited basis in El Salvador (clearly the case in El Salvador) increase people’s confidence in Team El Salvador?

12. If everyone in El Salvador kept 10% of their net worth in Bitcoin wouldn’t that give them some form of a safety net to protect themselves against hyperinflation? Wouldn’t that be a better option than sequestering one-hundred dollar bills? Wouldn’t that adoption help preserve wealth for El Slavadorans thus obviating pressure upon the government to print money? Won’t the adoption of Bitcoin help mitigate future rioting?

13. If Sri Lankans had been invested in Bitcoin to a value of 10% of their wealth, would that have been good or bad for Sri Lankans?

14. Why is El Salvador talking to the IMF? Isn’t it true that El Salvador’s decreased creditworthiness is largely due to excessive government spending and not the purchase of a measly one hundred million dollars of Bitcoin? And why is the IMF pressuring El Salvador to move away from Bitcoin? Why does the IMF care? Doesn’t Bitcoin make El Salvador more resilient and therefore more able to pay back IMF loans? Or is there some truth to what people say about the IMF: that its loans are designed to fail so that the US, CA, AU, NZ and GB can buy a country’s precious assets on the cheap? If that is the case, doesn’t Bitcoin represent a threat to the scam that the IMF has been running?

15. Were you pressured to trash Bitcoin through loss of position or prestige? Were you asked to trash Bitcoin? Do you stand to gain financially or otherwise by trashing Bitcoin?


Archer Crosley, MD


Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Trump and Biden Presidencies

What are the Trump and Biden presidencies all about?

Why are they there? What is their goal?

These are two joke presidencies that were and are under the control of the ruling Harvard cabal.

Trump was not in power. Nor is Biden.

They are puppets of the cabal.

They do what the cabal tells them to do. If the cabal tells them to jump around like a bunny rabbit, they do it.

The real purpose of these presidencies was and is to fundamentally restructure America in the way the Harvard cabal deems that America be restructured.

In other words, you have no say.

It’s not going to get any better.

Harvard will control the vertical. Harvard will control the horizontal.

We are in the midst of a cultural revolution that will last, if experience is a guide, around 10 to 15 years.

Hang on because things are gonna get a lot worse.

You haven’t seen anything yet.

What will America look like if this cabal is successful?

You will see a small island of wealthy aristocrats surrounded by a teeming mass of uneducated poverty.

The people will be emaciated. They will be indistinguishable from those Parisians who rioted against King Louis hundreds of years ago.

It will be game over if Harvard is successful.

You will see one thousand years of tyranny.

The crimes of the state will rival any crimes of the Third Reich.

What is being instituted in the United States is nothing short of a fascist state.

What’s almost comical today is how the ruling Harvard cabal tries to blame fascism on the regular people.

Fascism is not a group of knuckleheads who shave their heads and wear swastikas.

Fascism is the close working together of private business, government and media to control the people.

Fascism wears a suit.

Who fits this bill?

Who has the power to control big business, big government and big media?

The ruling Harvard cabal.

Only the ruling Harvard cabal has the continuity over time and space to control the national government, big business, and the media.

Since this destruction of America has been a process that has been going on for well over a hundred years, we have to look for institutions that provide continuity.

Since people die, we would have to look at institutions that can provide continuity.

Who can provide that continuity?

A national religious movement could do this. A system of schools could do this.

Who could not destroy America over a hundred years?

A small family. A banking family. The KKK. A small group of fascists.

Any of these aforementioned groups is either too small nor has continuity over time to pull off this destruction.

Institutions like Harvard which train the officers of Corporate America into the religion of paganism could pull this off.

It is this cabal that controls our presidents and guides them to read the scripts they read.

It is this cabal that controls the CIA which acts as the enforcement arm of the cabal.

The CIA is effectively what the SD was to Nazi Germany – the Sicherheitdienst – the Security Service.

They perform the dirty tricks of the Harvard cabal.

They instigated and perpetuated the George Floyd riots.

They instigated the tearing down of statues.

They ensure that chaos keeps going.

Trump was the perfect counterweight to Biden.

Trump was the blowhard fool who distracted you while the Harvard cabal carried on its mayhem in secret. Trump complied precisely by not accomplishing anything substantial as president. He was a do-nothing president because they wanted him to be a do-nothing president.

What he gave you instead were flat-out lies.

He told you that he would be your voice. Then he put Goldman Sachs crooks into his administration.

He egged the crowd to put Hillary Canton in jail. Remember this: Lock Her Up.

Not only did he not lock her up, he sat weakly by while the cabal put its own men in jail.

He told us that he liked WikiLeaks. Well, did he help Julian Assange in his time of need when the cabal was locking him up? No, Trump didn’t do a damn thing.

How about Alex Jones and others who were censored from all mainstream media platforms?

Did Trump stand up for free speech?

Not at all.

He didn’t pass one major bill that helped the American people. The so-called tax cuts did more for the wealthy than the poor.

Then along comes Biden who miraculously is permitted to get anything passed. How does this happen? It is because the Harvard cabal controls the House and the Senate and the Presidency.

These institutions do what the Harvard cabal tells them to do.

Thus far, Biden has opened the borders and passed the Inflation Reduction Act which will put even more money into the hands of the rich.

He is making moves to put us all in electric cars decades before the technology and infrastructure is there to accomplish this safely. No matter, the wealthy corporations like Tesla stand to make a fortune.

Biden is only twenty months into his Presidency.

Where were the Republicans in 2016 when they owned the House, the Senate, and the Presidency? Why were they asleep? Why did Mitch McConnell not work with Trump in order to fundamentally transform America into a republic that works for the people?

Why did they not break up the big corporations? Why did they not give us a decentralized competitive healthcare marketplace?

Why did they not offer a sensible energy bill which would have forestalled any efforts by the crazies to push us too far too fast?

Why didn’t they work on a revision of CAFTA which would’ve given the people of Central America a stake in the game. Had Central Americans a stake in the game they wouldn’t be flooding our borders right now.

Why didn’t they forge a power sharing arrangement that would include Vladimir Putin and the Russians? Doing such would have prevented an invasion of Ukraine.

Why didn’t they create protected tariff zones within the inner city which would’ve afforded protections for black businesses to grow and grow stronger? Doing such would have caused a boom in wealth for the black citizens who live there. It also would have provided a viable alternative to the welfare plantation.

Why did they not take the initiative in student debt relief by not only forgiving debt relief for those people who still owe money but for those people who already did pay their student debt. Doing such would’ve been enormously helpful for the American people. Instead, the Republicans oppose student debt relief.

Why didn’t the Republicans propose an infrastructure bill which would have put tens of millions of Americans to work in well-paying jobs?

Why didn’t they do any of these things? Because the ruling Harvard cabal told them not to do it.

Instead the ruling cabal put a comedian and a carnival show barker in power.

The two presidencies of Trump and Biden are a joke. They are a cruel joke against the American people.

Trump did nothing, and Biden does the wrong thing.

Inaction in doing the right thing and aggressive action in doing the wrong thing are not what the American people need.

These two approaches only serve the wealthy elite.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

A Bad Brand of Political Discussion

The other day Tucker Carlson told us that Greg Gutfeld had surpassed Stephen Colbert in the ratings.

Apparently this is the first time that a cable show has defeated a network show in the ratings.

We are supposed to celebrate.

Are you worried?

You should be.

As a conservative let me say this, Gutfeld is one of the most inane shows I have ever seen in my life.

If this is the future, count me out.

Through his show, Gutfeld dumbs down the American public.

His sarcastic comedy is a cheap substitute for serious discussion.

Moreover, Gutfeld recruits people into the political process who should never be there in the first place.

Politics should be boring, boring, boring.

We want it boring so that people who don’t know what they’re talking about, people who don’t read books, will go away and focus their time on the Kardashians.

By making politics exciting and funny, Gutfeld recruits clueless boobs into the voting booths.

These people will be enticed into thinking that they know the issues.

These people will then actually vote.

Gutfeld is not giving us an intelligent alternative to Stephen Colbert, he is replicating Stephen Colbert for a different group of people – conservatives.

This is bad news for us.

We don’t need any more Stephen Colberts, John Stewarts, Bill Mahers, or people of this ilk.

Nor do we need more Greg Gutfelds.

We actually need none of them.

When you watch these shows, you don’t learn anything new. All you learn are jokes.

These shows don’t cater to the truth; they cater to the cheapest quick gimmick that will gain laughs and applause.

Instead of experts or people who know what they’re talking about, you get pseudo experts in the form of Gutfeld’s friends.

You also get SNL type skits, lots of chuckling, jokes, and sexual innuendo.

It’s a morning zoo type atmosphere producing a wall of sound designed to entertain, not inform.

The Important point about all this is that legitimate criticism of establishment ideas is not even permitted. For example, both sides in the political debate nonchalantly accept without pause that Putin is the bad guy when it comes to Ukraine. Gutfeld isn’t challenging Colbert about Putin’s nature; he is opposed to sending billions to Ukraine.

Well, hold on a minute, shouldn’t Gutfeld be talking about why Putin is invading in the first place? Shouldn’t he be talking about NATO’s encroachment into Russia’s sphere of influence? Shouldn’t he talk about Ukraine’s violation of the Minsk Accords? Of course he should, but he doesn’t.

Maybe Putin isn’t the bad guy.

Uh oh, danger, Will Robinson, that’s an unapproved thought!

Both Gutfeld and Colbert both turn politics into a sporting match.

What you are watching is the Kansas City Chiefs versus the Las Vegas Raiders.

Both shows will oppose each other on every issue.

There will never be any common ground.

But what if both sides are wrong?

Perhaps the right move for Gutfeld is not to oppose Stephen Colbert on a particular issue with the cheapest of arguments, but to jettison the battle altogether.

Or better yet, to agree with the other side.

Let’s look at a particular example.

Why is it necessary for Gutfeld’s guests to reflexively oppose student loan relief?

Why not bring on educators, university presidents, and experts on education who can explain why tuition costs escalated so rapidly, and what schools did with the money.

Why why not just ask questions?

Young people on the right should not be herded into the cattle pen of mindless reflexive opposition to everything a Democrat says.

Nor should young people on the left be herded into the cattle pen of mindless reflexive opposition to everything a Republican says.

Both should be encouraged to ask questions and to gravitate toward the truth that the answers to those questions reveal.

A Republican party is not made stronger by opposing everything that the Democratic Party stands for.

Nor is a Democratic Party made stronger by opposing everything that the Republican party stands for.

Both Gutfeld and Colbert weaken the electorate by inviting you to mindlessly oppose the opposition.

They do it through jokes and stunts.

You don’t win a contest by relying on tricks.

You win a game by consistently hitting solid shots.

Democracy only works with an informed electorate.

Gutfeld and Colbert do not substantively inform the electorate.

Let me illustrate exactly how their shows do damage.

To begin with, both Gutfeld and Colbert are owned by Corporate America.

Essentially then Corporate America is foisting mob rule on the American electorate through Greg Gutfeld and Stephen Colbert.

Let’s say that in a world without comedians controlling politics there is an issue in which ten million people care enough to educate themselves. Let us suppose that those ten million people are divided evenly according to their political persuasion. There are five million people on the right, and there are five million people on the left.

Suppose on this particular issue though, eight million people believe that we should choose X as a solution whereas two million people believe we should choose Y as a solution.

Enter Gutfeld and Colbert who mob up fifty million people on each side to mindlessly oppose each other.

Suddenly the disparity dissipates. There are now 58 million people who believe that we should choose A as a solution whereas 52 million people people believe that we should choose Y as a solution.

The politicians will now look at the polling data and say that it’s pretty close to a tossup as to which solution should be chosen.

America is deeply divided, the politicians will now say as they do nothing.

Corporate America has now once again controlled the politician’s mind. Of course, Corporate America already owns the politician, but now Corporate America has made it much easier for the politician to do whatever Corporate America wants them to do given that opinion is pretty much divided.

Moreover, since Corporate America controls both shows, Corporate America can shift opinion by controlling the show’s availability, content and focus. For example, Corporate America may decide to tell Colbert to back off an issue while allowing Gutfeld to go crazy. Thus an 8 million to 2 million disparity in favor of Colbert might be converted to a 8 million to 32 million disparity in favor of Gutfeld!

This is the danger of Gutfeld and Colbert and the brand of political discussion they offer.

It doesn’t work for you; it works for the people who control the media.

The people who take the time to read books and keep informed about the issues whether right or left are rubbed out and tossed to the side of the road by the ignorant, raging mob – all in the name of democracy.

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Speaking Truth to Power

A nation is only as strong as the truth that is presented to its people.

The media claims to understand this.

Ali Velshi is one particular media member who claims that in order to speak truth to power all sides of an argument must be heard.

This is part of his commercial which promotes his show Velshi.

The problem in the United States is that all sides are not heard.

The vast majority of the media believes in and promotes the official narrative that is written by King Louis.

King Louis is alive and still in power in the United States of America.

This particular Sun King is much more dangerous than the actual Sun King who ruled France hundreds of years ago.

This King Louie is in reality a nefarious cabal spread out over hundreds of thousands of people who are principally educated at the Ivy League.

They are not only spread out geographically in our time but through the past and the future as well.

One of the rules of the cabal is that you should speak no evil of members who have lived in the past.

This cabal has official historians – lie weavers really – who live in all time frames. These official historians must be respected at all costs.

So if you listen to any of the talk show hosts on any particular morning, they will talk about political figures in the past who are members of the cabal.

They will generally talk about them in glowing terms. They will often reference them by quoting them.

Just today I was listening to a program on CNBC entitled Squawk Box. Today a guest began speaking about political affairs.

One of the commentators in response began talking about Winston Churchill. He then quoted Winston Churchill and his wise views on a particular subject.

Winston Churchill is one of the members of the cabal even though he lived in England, and even though he is dead.

If you live long enough you will realize that members of the cabal never die. Their words live on for centuries in order to perpetuate the power of the cabal.

I thought the dead had no rights.

As I was listening to this commentator speak about Winston Churchill it occurred to me again as it does frequently in my life that this commentator was thoroughly trapped within a narrow view of thinking that will not permit him to think of Winston Churchill in any negative light.

Winston Churchill was of course a bigot who helped perpetuate the British empire, an empire that brutally subjugated the peoples of India, China, Kenya, and the United States. Of course there were and are many other nations.

Winston Churchill’s attitude toward the people of Bengal who were dying of famine was that these people had brought their famine upon themselves by populating like rabbits.

Winston Churchill was a member of the British ruling class that was responsible for setting up the treaty of Versailles which made World War II inevitable.

Winston Churchill was a member of the ruling cabal that subjugated the people of India for centuries. His ruling cabal not only mismanaged the food supply in India which led to millions of people dying of famine, his ruling cabal tricked the people of India into becoming indentured servants around the world to work the British slave plantations. And his ruling cabal worked them to death.

That’s why you can find people of India in Guyana and in Fiji and other parts of the world. You probably never knew how they got there. Well, Winston Churchill’s ruling cabal sent them there.

But you wouldn’t suspect any of this by listening to these morning talk show hosts.

You won’t hear any of this from these people because they are thoroughly immersed into and enslaved by official establishment thought. They cannot escape.

These morning talk show hosts are paid millions of dollars to not think in any other way except what the establishment promotes.

And the establishment is all about profits and money for giant corporations, and of course their wealthy owners and shareholders.

These morning talk show hosts are part of the ruling cabal.

Two of the hosts on CNBC are from Harvard University. Another one graduated from MIT. Another has a degree from Cornell. Yet another has a degree from Columbia.

They are signed, sealed and delivered puppets of King Louis.

They are unequivocally unable to accept a different view of history.

We cannot speak truth to power unless we discuss that dark side of history.

On the particular program that I was watching, they spoke of Winston Churchill in glowing terms simply by referencing him as a wise man.

You see, Winston Churchill lives.

Given the crimes of Winston Churchill, why should he be spoken of at all?

Now, of course, here I have only spoken of one particular individual who lived in London.

The problem is much greater.

The media, populated by members of the cabal, has developed an official pantheon of great men who must always be spoken of in glowing terms.

Consequently the media never challenges the greatness of these men.

The media never challenges the greatness of Roosevelt, Wilson, Roosevelt, and Eisenhower.

Because the media does not, principally because these men were important architects and builders of America the Empire, truth to power is never spoken.

Moreover these hosts never speak of the crimes of the American empire. They rarely talk about the millions of people that America the Empire killed in Southeast Asia and in the Middle East.

They rarely talk about the subjugation of the people in Haiti, Indonesia and Central America.

Did you know that America has propped up scores of dictators around the world in various countries to suit America’s interests?

Does this bother you?

Did you know that America propped up dictators in nearly every Central American government in order to provide cheap bananas and coffee for you?

Did you know that America propped up a dictator in Iran for thirty years plus in order to provide cheap oil?

When you think about all the American lives lost and the money squandered on the military to enforce these dictatorships, your bananas and coffee weren’t really cheap at all.

The cost was shifted into your tax bill.

The people who won in building this American empire were the wealthy elite who run the corporations that import cheep bananas, coffee and oil.

Let’s not forget about defense contractors who supply the military. They won also.

The people who lost were you the American people.

Now you have to suffer the ramifications of the American empire. You now have immigrants flooding across the border from Central America. We spend vast amounts of money protecting that border.

You also have to worry about what Iran is going to do in the Middle East. You now spend much of your money to support a military that can counter Iran’s influence in the Middle East.

Let’s not forget about your job being lost to the sweat shops and slave joints that America has set up in Indonesia and Haiti.

Your cheap Levi jeans are not made in America anymore. They are made by slaves in Haiti who work for five dollars a day.

The people of Indonesia have it slightly better at about eight to ten dollars a day. Is this embarrassing to you? Are you bothered that you are a de facto slave owner?

It was under Dwight Eisenhower that the CIA overthrew the governments of Guatemala and Iran.

Do any of our morning talk show hosts criticize Dwight Eisenhower in any way?

No, because Dwight Eisenhower is a member of the cabal even though he is dead.

That member of the cabal must be respected throughout time.

Dwight Eisenhower therefore lives today even though he is dead.

Not only is Dwight Eisenhower not criticized, he is lauded as the man who won World War II.

Do you see what I’m saying?

Our media is hopelessly enslaved to the official thoughts of King Louis. They cannot escape.

Truth to power is never spoken by the national media.

Just as Winston Churchill was and is a criminal and betrayer to the British people, Dwight Eisenhower was and is a criminal and betrayer to the American people.

Many of our problems today can be laid at the feet of Dwight Eisenhower.

Dwight Eisenhower overthrew the government of Guatemala. Dwight Eisenhower overthrew the government of Iran. Dwight Eisenhower set the table for the Vietnam war. Dwight Eisenhower created the conflict in Vietnam. We lost 58,000 American lives in Vietnam. The Vietnamese lost two to four million people. This was an entirely avoidable war.

Ho Chi Minh was not so much a communist as he was a nationalist.

Nobody in our media says a word about this.

Truth to power is not spoken.

Nobody says a word about Indonesia. Our CIA helped one of our dictators, Suharto, kill one million people in Indonesia.

It was all done under the guise of wiping out communism. In reality it was done because Indonesia has the largest gold and copper mines in the world, and America wanted those mines. Indonesia would also serve as a giant sweatshop to which American corporations would export your jobs.

Is this mentioned by the national media?

Did Barack Obama speak anything about this when he was president? He grew up in Indonesia. Why didn’t he say anything? He didn’t say anything because he sold his soul to the American empire.

Are school children in America taught the crimes of the American empire?

No. Just as British school children are never taught the crimes of the British empire, our children are never taught America’s crimes except in a way that will never hurt American icons.

Yes, slavery is taught to American children, but it is all blamed on the south. The north was just as racist. Moreover, the north couldn’t have cared less about the slaves. What the north cared about was that the south could after secession trade cotton directly with Great Britain for British imports. Those British imports would cut into the action of American manufacturers which were based primarily in the north.

Are young American school children taught this? Will Lester Holt and NBC News speak these truths.

Will they ever speak the truth of just how racist and bigoted New Englanders in Boston can be?

No, they will be regaled with the nobility of Robert Gould Shaw. New Englanders must never be presented as Bull Connor is presented.

Does anybody remember the Boston school busing riots?

Truth to power is not spoken.

By the way, how did all those slaves get to America? Did they fly in on a jet? Did they get here on a Princess cruise line? No, they were transported by northern shipping companies.

How about Jim Crow laws? Did you know that Jim Crow existed in the north as well? And after Jim Crow and discrimination ruled the day for over eighty years after the Civil War why did the north do nothing about it? If the north was so pure and so outraged by Jim Crow in the south, why didn’t they invade the south again? They didn’t do it because there was no profit for them to do it. The British imports were not a threat anymore.

So you come to realize that wars are not fought for social justice; they are fought for economics.

Are young children in America taught this?

No, they are taught that Robert E. Lee owned slaves.

Truth to power is not spoken in the American national media.

Not only are these truths not spoken to American school children, NBC with Lester Holt now plans to program young children through history lessons.

They will dumb them down of course. They will talk down to them. They will lie to them.

Soon, young children, who were once permitted to play happily outside, will now be fed the propaganda of the American empire.

In one of NBC’s commercials, a young child asks about Ukraine.

Are you frightened? You should be.

Soon millions of young children in America will be taught the lie that Russia attacked Ukraine in an unprovoked matter. They won’t tell these young minds anything about NATO expanding into the Russian sphere of influence. They won’t dare mention the Minsk accords. They won’t tell them anything about the United States backing up fascists who overthrew a democratically elected government in the Ukraine. They will say nary a word about Burisma Holdings and the oil and gas grab by Americans in Ukraine.

No, they will demonize Russia as an evil rogue state that willingly invades weak neighbors.

Yes, but didn’t we do precisely that in multiple countries in the Middle East?

Alas, these young children will never be told this.

Thus, truth to power will never be spoken. And it will soon come to pass that these young children will grow up believing a lie.

It is those lies and the indoctrination of those lies into the minds of millions of people that will crush the American people.

A country is only as strong as the truth presented to its people.

Will Ali Velshi speak about these crimes in his show Velshi? You would think he would. He is of Indian descent, and he was born in Kenya, two countries that were brutalized by the British empire.

Plus, he has told us that you can’t speak truth to power unless you include all sides of an argument.

Don’t hold your breath.

Barack Obama didn’t speak out about the evil doings of our CIA in Indonesia.

Like many others before him, Ali Velshi has most likely sold his soul to the empire.

It’s a good bet that they own him.

And yet, Ali Velshi is correct: in order to speak truth to power all sides of an argument must be heard.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved


This appeared in the New York Times today.

“While higher interest rates, slower growth and softer labor market conditions will bring down inflation, they will also bring some pain to households and businesses,” Jerome Powell, the Fed chair, said during a speech at the Kansas City Fed’s annual conference in Wyoming. “These are the unfortunate costs of reducing inflation. But a failure to restore price stability would mean far greater pain.”

Contrary to this statement, I do not believe that slower growth will bring down inflation. Nor do I believe that increased growth will cause inflation.

The effect of growth on inflation is neutral.

What is the inflation index? It is the amount of bioavailable money divided by the number of bioavailable humans while understanding that an increase in “stuff” increases the bioavailability of humanity.

An increase in economic activity increases both bioavailable money and bioavailable humans. Likewise a decrease in economic activity decreases both bioavailable money and bioavailable humans. Thus, productivity has no effect on inflation.


The government’s belief that slower growth will bring down inflation is false.

Moreover, its promotion of such is a deception.

It is a clever deception to distract you from the truth which is that an increase in the bioavailable money supply causes inflation.

The inflation that we have was caused by the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury.

Simply put, they printed up too much money.

The proper solution is to decrease the bioavailable money supply, thus the necessity to increase interest rates.

Raising interest rates will control inflation.

In our case the Fed should be more aggressive.

Unfortunately for us, the Fed fiddles while Rome burns.

If the Fed were serious it would speak with actions instead of words.

Instead, Jerome Powell issues warnings.

Hey, man, don’t tell me, show me.

Show me the beef!

If you think inflation is that big a problem, and it is, get off your ass and raise the interest rates immediately.

As George Wallace once said about Vietnam – another calamity courtesy of our elites: “We’re pussyfootin’ around in Vietnam.”

We’re pussyfootin’ around here as well.

The big story people will be talking about for a long time now will be the lack of aggressiveness of the Fed in controlling inflation in 2022.

The Fed apparently is going slow because of fear in plunging the economy into recession.

They needn’t fear that.

America can easily handle a prime rate of 8 to 9% – well above what we have now.

It can handle it because it has handled it.

By going slow in controlling inflation, with its measly 0.75% increases in Federal Funds rate, the Fed is slowly bleeding America to death.

Inflation will continue to be high, yet jobs will slowly dwindle away.

The Fed, paralyzed by a false theory that increased productivity will cause more inflation, will refuse to raise interest rates in a much more dramatic level.

Look for fifteen years of unnecessary pain.

A lot of people are going to be hurting.

It need not be that way.

Unfortunately, we live in the modern age where the permissive parent is afraid to spank the child lest the insecure parent lose their child’s love. In this case, the Fed is the parent, and the child is Corporate America which has been feasting on easy money.

What is needed here is bold action.

Junior needs a spanking.

A strong increase in interest rates will rapidly shrink up the money supply.

Inflation will fall under control, and with it consumer confidence will restore.

Yes, of course, growth will rapidly fall off, but the pain will be much shorter in duration than the pain the Fed is now leading us into.

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Canceling Student Debt 2

What does the national media continue to scare us about the national debt?

Why does the national media continually focuses on the national debt?

They need to do this so that they can bring up the specter of the enormous national debt at their convenience.

If you’ll notice, they never bring up the issue of the national debt when it comes to military spending, funding of Ukraine, or their own pay raises.

The specter of the national debt is only brought up when they need it to be brought up.

When do they need it to be brought up?

When there is a bill proposed that helps out the American people.

Such as?

Eliminating the homeless.

Canceling student debt.

Affordable healthcare for all.

When these issues arise, issues that would help even the playing field between the rich and the poor, then the national debt becomes the all important issue.

That’s why they need the issue of the national debt.

Of course, the national debt issue is a bogus issue.

As explained previously the issue is bogus because the national debt is never meant to be paid off.

In fact, increasing the national debt can be a valuable tool to equaling the playing field between rich and poor.

For example, suppose that I printed up $35 trillion and gave it all to the middle-class and poor. What would be the effect of that?

I picked $35 trillion in order to make the division easier. Let’s divide $35 trillion by 350,000,000 people.

That’s $100,000 for each and every American.

What does that have the effect of doing?

It helps level the playing field between rich and poor.

It gives a big boost to the middle class and poor.

It helps make up for all the robbery that the rich have been engaging in.

You heard me right. The rich have been robbing the poor and middle class through exorbitant government contracts.

Government contracts are what made the Dupont family rich.

Government contracts are what made Brown and Root rich.

Government contracts are what made the Steinbriner family rich. You probably thought George Steinbrinner was just the former owner of the Yankees. No way, baby. His family made their money building Navy ships.

Why shouldn’t you get in on the action?

Now, I’m not advocating that we print up $35 trillion for people to go to Vegas.

But I think it would be a good idea to invest in projects that would benefit the people.

Those projects involve student debt relief, comprehensive healthcare for all, high speed rail, fixing the homeless.

What’s wrong with that?

Don’t be dissuaded by the bogus argument of increasing the national debt.

It’s a bogus issue.

Bogus. Bogus. Bogus.


Archer Crosley

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Canceling Student Debt

The recent proposal to alleviate student debt up to $20,000 per student is a good deal for students and for the United States of America.

It was a long time coming.

Conservatives, and I am one of them, shouldn’t oppose this deal simply to oppose it.

That’s what people like Sean Hannity want you to do.

How is it a bad deal to give a break to young people saddled with student debt?

It’s what Trump should’ve done.

To begin with the student’s tuitions were jacked up by the crooks at the schools and the banks.

They made out like bandits on this unholy alliance.

That’s one reason why schools were able to fund all these building projects on their campuses.

You’ve heard of Girls Gone Wild. Welcome to Buildings Gone Wild.

It was the students who got screwed.

You don’t need expensive buildings to educate students. Furthermore the problem with expensive buildings is that they require expensive maintenance.

Wise sages in Greece didn’t need expensive event centers in order to teach their students. Teaching under a tree was good enough.

What happened in our country though was that schools got addicted to money. So they increased tuition costs unnecessarily in order to feed their addiction.

Much of that money went into building unnecessary gymnasiums, media event centers, and fancy administration buildings.

The students got screwed.

Printing up money to help these poor students out is a good thing.

Conservatives would have you believe that ultimately we the American taxpayers are going to pay the debt.

That’s not true at all.

In reality, nobody’s going to pay this debt.

The money will be fabricated out of thin air by the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve in order to pay off this student loan debt.

The national debt will increase, but so what?

The national debt is not like the debt that you owe for your house or your car.

In the case of your house and car, that’s a debt that you need to pay back.

In contrast the national debt is a debt that is never going to be paid back.

The national debt never needs to be paid back because it’s never meant to be paid back.

The national debt is a giant Ponzi scheme, only in this case the Ponzi scheme artists are us.

If the national debt rises to $30 trillion, all we need do is print up $30 quadrillion in order to make that debt more insignificant.

Then in 50 to 75 years, when the national debt is equal to 30 quadrillion dollars, people in the future will print up $30 quintillion to make that debt more insignificant.

The national debt, something that the media obsesses over, is something you should never be worried about.

What you should be worried about is where the money goes.

Printing up money to alleviate student debt is a good thing because it puts more money in the hands of regular people.

I’ve written this explanation before, and it bears repeating.

Is there is a net $100 in society, and you have $50, and I have $50, then we both have an equal share in society.

If I print up $100 and give it all to myself then there’s a net $200 in society. Yet I now have $150 where is you have $50. I win.

Do you get it?

It doesn’t matter how much money we print; what counts as where it goes.

If I print up $100 trillion and give it to the rich, then regular people lose. On the other hand if we print print up $100 trillion and give it to the poor, then the rich lose.

Consequently, alleviating student debt, which effectively puts money in regular peoples hands, benefits regular people, not the rich.

Why would we oppose that?

Please, please, please, please, get out of this mindset of just listening to either Fox News or CNN, whose job is to create a mindless sporting match out of politics.

You won’t learn anything there.

Think through the issue yourself.

Alleviation of student debt is a good thing.

It would’ve been a better thing had Biden canceled it all.

Yes, I know, what about the people who already paid?

I agree with you. For that reason, I would recommend giving an equal amount of money in cash payments to those people who already did pay.

Short of that, it’s better that we alleviate student debt.

It’s a good move for regular people.


Archer Crosley

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Human Resources

Are you the owner of a small business?

Are you just beginning?

How do you grade your employees performance?

Let me share my experience.

I haven’t written an evaluation on my employees – ever.

You heard me right. Ever.

Twenty seven years.

I don’t believe in evaluations. I don’t believe in attaching numbers to people.

I don’t look at people as machines to be graded.

I didn’t like being evaluated with a numerical score when I was a resident in training.

I don’t want to treat my employees that way.

I never felt that these numerical evaluations were valid anyway. I thought numerical evaluations were a feeble attempt to put objectivity on what is basically subjective.

Now before I continue, I should tell you that I have had employees who have been with me for decades.

I have three employees who have been with me a minimum of 20 years. I have another employee who has been with me 13 years.

I have another employee who left for greener pastures after 12 years.

I recently hired a new employee about six months ago.

I have never written one evaluation on any of them.

How do I write an evaluation on someone I’ve worked with for 25 years?

Why why would I demean someone I have worked with for that long?

So, you might ask, how do you perform quality control on your employees?

To begin with, I resent the term quality control.

That’s a new age term that was developed in order to treat human beings like cogs in a machine.

The best way to treat employees is to value them.

That doesn’t mean that you have to go around and constantly affirm how great they are.

Don’t confuse me with the One Minute Manager who constantly has to find employees doing correct things.

If you go out of your way to constantly praise people, they will acclimate to that very quickly, and your praise will be meaningless.

Employees might even find constant praise manipulative.

Plus, you will exhaust yourself emotionally.

I think the best way to enforce positive employee behavior is to reward them financially or by giving them perks when you can’t reward them financially.

After all I wasn’t a big corporation. I’m not IBM. I can’t afford to pay people $200,000 a year.

But there are other things that you can do for them that are just as meaningful.

You can buy them health insurance. You can get them a retirement plan. You can give them their own office. You can give them leeway to make decisions. You can give them time off to attend their child’s play at school. You can give them time off to attend the dentist or the doctor. You can make small loans to them. You can allow their children to stay in the office when childcare is not an option. You can relieve them of the indignity of punching their entry and exit on a time clock.

You can do all sorts of things that big corporations wouldn’t even dream of doing.

Moreover, you can resolve to not constantly be on their case for every little infraction that you don’t like.

But what do you do when they do something wrong?

Rather than screaming and yelling, you can point out a constructive solution of the way that it might be done.

You can invite them into a decision making process in a very non-manipulative way.

For example if the proper logging in of information in your office isn’t being done on a timely basis, you can sit down with them and ask them how it might be done better. You can listen to their suggestions. If they don’t have any suggestions, you might make some of your own and see how they react to that.

Gentle reminders are better than holding it all in and blowing up on them.

Screening and yelling doesn’t work.

In conjunction with that it must be remembered that many times you’re going to miss stuff.

Perfection is an illusion.

Naturally this goes contrary to modern human relations theory.

Forget about excellence.

By relentlessly pursuing perfection and screaming at your employees you can totally destroy the morale of the office. That in itself will cause people to leave the office for something better; or it will cause them to work more dysfunctionally.

The take home message here is to forget about perfection.

In conjunction with that, forget about the relentless evaluation of employees and attaching numbers to people.

When you constantly inspect people and give grades to their performance, you don’t fix anything. All you know is that you have broken-down employees.

Is that what you want?

It’s far better for you to have seemingly imperfect employees who are happy at their job, who like doing their job, than seemingly perfect employees who hate their job.

That’s my opinion on human resources.


Archer Crosley

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Getting Rid of Clutter

Why is it so hard to get rid of clutter?

You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? I’m talking about all those old DVDs and books that are sitting around the house that you haven’t read in years.

Maybe you have made an attempt to get rid of these items.

But you failed, didn’t you?

Why is that?

Why is it so hard for us to get rid of clutter?

It’s difficult to get rid of these things because we are tied to them emotionally.

When you think about getting rid of that book that you haven’t read in years, you look at the book and you know instinctively that it’s part of you.

You invested energy in reading that book.

And even though it’s just a book, you remember where you were when you bought the book or what was going on with your life at the time.

In addition to that there may be lessons in that book that are relevant to your existence.

That’s probably why you kept the book.

That’s in large part why it’s so hard to let go of these things.

The same goes for DVDs.

Yes, I know, it’s just a DVD. But that DVD may be a DVD that you watched on your first date with your spouse.

Or that DVD may be a movie that you watched with your son or daughter.

The movie on that DVD may have special relevance to a loved one who has passed on.

That’s why when you think about getting rid of all your DVDs that you haven’t looked at in years you stare at them and can’t make a decision.

You are paralyzed.

I know what you’re talking about. I’ve been there, babe.

So what do we do?

At some time, some of these DVDs have got to go.

Do you even have a DVD player anymore?

And the books?

Come on now, you haven’t read those books in twenty years.

The world is moving forward. Are you going to keep those books until you die?

I didn’t think so.

So how do we get rid of all this clutter?

If you try to do it all at once, you will fail.

The way to do it is to go slow.

I want you to select out only a small number of the books and the DVDs that you think you can part with and resolve to make someone else’s life better with those items.

There are still plenty of people out there who don’t have the money to buy all these newer streaming services.

There’s still plenty of people out there who do not buy electronic books.

Many of these people are poor.

It’s a good bet that there’s a Salvation Army in your town.

The best thing you can do is take those DVDs and books and allow someone else to improve their life with those items.

Knowing that the DVD or book will go to good use will make you feel a lot better.

Also, don’t think of yourself as getting rid of these items. Think of yourself as loaning these items out to someone else on a permanent basis.

After you get rid of just a small number of these items, you will see that your life isn’t going to crash on the rocks.

When the next weekend comes you can let go of more items.

Then the weekend after that you can do it again.

And again.

In time you will see that it’s easy to declutter your life.

And that, gentlemen, is how we do that.


Archer Crosley

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Helping the Yankees

To begin with, I’m not traditionally a Yankees fan.

Since I grew up in Philadelphia, it is my moral duty to not like the Yankees.

It’s not like the Yankees did anything to me. My dislike is more of a territorial deal.

Plus, why should I root for a team that’s won that many championships?

Part of me is a socialist. I like to see a decent measure of equality of life.

Simply put the Yankees have won too many championships. That’s too many for one team.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the Yankees.

Not like I do the Mets.

Now, if the Mets were in a super slump, I wouldn’t be writing this article at all.

As a Phillies fan, I would happily let the Mets lose every single game until the season ends.

And I would be dancing in the streets.

But it’s not the Mets who are slumping; it’s the Yankees.

Complicating the issue is that the coach of the Yankees is Aaron Boone.

Aaron Boone, is the son of Bob Boone who used to play catcher for the Phillies.

So I feel an emotional connection to Aaron Boone.

His father won a championship for us; consequently, I feel the need to reach out and help this man in his time of need.

Clearly when you bang your hand on a table that hard, you are at your wits end.

Did he break that hand?

Baseball is a strange and frustrating game.

The streaks and slumps in baseball are unfathomable.

How is it possible for a team that could do no wrong in the first half of the season now do no right in the second half of the season?

What switch was turned off, and where is that switch?

It’s the same players, goddamnit.

What in hell’s name changed, and what can the Yankees do to fix it?

Clearly, the manager and his players are lost.

Here is my offering.

I can’t guarantee my advice will work, but I feel confident that it will put the Yankees in a better position to win.

In short, I think the players have to get over themselves.

It’s important that they realize that winning and losing a baseball game is pretty small in comparison to some of the other major problems that are going on around us in the world today.

Losing a baseball game is nothing in comparison to losing everything in your life to war.

Losing a baseball game is nothing in comparison to living in a tent as a refugee.

Losing a baseball game is nothing in comparison to having to line up at a food bank because you can’t afford the basic necessities in life.

Losing a baseball game is nothing in comparison to living on the streets as a homeless person.

Losing a baseball game is nothing in comparison to a child undergoing chemotherapy.

Losing a baseball game is nothing in comparison to what a parent goes through in taking care of a chronic child who lives on a ventilator.

If it’s possible for the Yankees to understand this and to remove themselves from the obsession of winning a baseball game, then it’s possible for them to relax and perform as they normally would.

The best way to get over yourself is to go out and help other people.

It might be a good idea for the Yankees to not attend practice for a week or so, to stop thinking about themselves and their game.

Focusing on others and their needs is the best way for the Yankees to get over themselves.

There’s no guarantee that doing such will lead to more victories, but there is a good chance that it will put them in a better position to function more normally.


Archer Crosley

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