The Strain

How should we deal with the new coronavirus strain?

Well, here is an old saying that seems appropriate: Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

So it is with the COVID-19 pandemic.

A new strain has developed in Great Britain, and, according to the elites, it is more contagious than the original COVID-19.

My response: Fuck you, authorities.

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

Naturally, the advice of the elites to combat this new menace is more of the same nonsense they littered upon the world in March.

Lockdowns, social distancing, face masks.

C’mom nan. Are you that fucking stupid?

Of course, to sell their bullshit they have to jack up the threat of this new strain to an ever greater degree than that of the original COVID-19.

Unfortunately for them, fatigue is setting in, and people are wising up.

In response the elites tell us that this strain is more contagious, although no supporting evidence is presented other than a few statements about mutation and easier penetration.

As to why this strain would be more contagious is a mystery.

How can this strain spread faster when everybody is under some sort of lock down in Great Britain?

The contagiousness of a virus is not just dependent upon a virus’s ability to penetrate the respiratory epithelium; it is also dependent upon the speed with which people communicate with each other.

Now, we know that people’s communication with each other has been severely limited.

It therefore beggars belief that this virus can be known with certainty to be more contagious.

It sounds like more scaremongering to me.

But even if the virus is more contagious, so what?

The correct solution to COVID-19 in the first place was to allow people to communicate as quickly as they possibly can so as to develop herd immunity.

That the virus has already mutated underscores to an even greater degree that we should pursue herd immunity as quickly as possible.

If the virus has mutated to this degree before the first vaccine has even been rolled out, this mutation should point to the futility of developing future vaccines.

A normal person would see this.

Our elites do not.


Well, the goal of our elites should be obvious to everybody by now. Our elites want to completely rework society.

This virus is their ticket to a new world, or so they think.

With this virus they can rape small business out of existence. They can create more serfs. They can create more people dependent upon the government. They can knock out any opposition from small business. They can shut down the churches that might be a source of opposition to them. They can shut down all venues of communication where people might get together and discuss how to defeat the government.They can create more profits for Amazon. They can install remote education. They can install remote telemedicine.

The elites will never give up this goldmine voluntarily.

They will create one virus strain after another until they destroy us.

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.


Archer Crosley, MD

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Why Did the Nazis Lose World War II

Why did the Nazis lose World War II?

The Germans are pretty smart people.

They were and still are great engineers.

All throughout World War II the Nazis had superior weapons than those of the Allies.

So why did the Germans lose World War II?

Was it the fact that they fought a two front war?

Was it because they relied on a cult of personality in Adolf Hitler?

Was it because they took on too big a foe in both the US and Russia who had greater natural resources?

Was it because a police state breeds suspicion which makes effective communication less possible?

Was it because much of the resistance in Germany went underground to undermine the Nazi Party?

Was it because an authoritarian state crushes dissent, dissent that provides a healthy counterbalance to the nutty ideas of the ruling regime?

Well, all sorts of theories have been devised and debated.

They are all good theories, and all play a part.

A better more all-encompassing theory is that the Germans lost World War II because they violated the laws of God.

In murdering the Jews, in murdering the Poles (Hitler thought they were not much higher than animals), in murdering the disabled, in murdering the Gypsies, in murdering people who they just didn’t like for any number of reasons, the Germans violated the laws of God.

The Nazi party violated laws of basic morality and decency.

World War II was over before it began.

Fundamentally, we live in a moral universe.

There are laws to that moral universe as surely as there exist physical laws of gravity.

When we violate those laws, we bring misfortune to ourselves.

These laws apply to Americans and to American leaders as well.

Propaganda will not erase those laws just as propaganda cannot change the laws of gravity.

All throughout World War II the German people were heavily propagandized into believing that they were the ones under attack.

The German people were fed a steady diet of lies, but those lies did not negate the immoral behavior of their leaders and the people who followed them.

So too in the United States.

Currently we have immoral leaders in the USA who have been lying to us for decades.

They took their cue from the Nazis.

They are lying to us about the COVID-19 pandemic just as they have lied to us about so many events in the past 75 years.

That we are being lied to, and that many of our citizens follow the advice of these leaders, will not change the fundamental laws of the universe.

The laws of morality and the violation those laws will come back to destroy our leaders and us in the process.

We cannot escape them.

Our national myth in always believing in ourselves as the good guys will not change that.

Many will live to see the day when the rich and powerful fall.

When they fall many of us will fall with them as collateral damage. Our fall will make the bombing of Dresden look like a cakewalk.

As surely as gravity brings an object back to earth, so too will the immorality of our elites bring them crashing back to earth.

We live in a moral universe.

Locking elderly people away incommunicado into a state of utter loneliness is immoral when such policies lead to their deaths.

Sending COVID-19 positive people back into nursing homes is immoral.

Destroying small businesses upon false theories like lockdowns and social distancing is immoral.

Increasing peoples chance of committing suicide because you want to prosecute your New World Order is immoral.

Shutting down churches,which is a source of comfort for many people, because you don’t want people opposing your nutty ideology is immoral.

All of these immoral actions will be compensated for in full.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Christmas in Britain

Dear Great Britain,

You need to walk away from your leaders.

You need to walk away from Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson, with a heavy heart, just canceled Christmas because of this new COVID-19 strain that is supposed to be 70% more infectious.

How convenient.

Can your authorities tell you how they know that this new strain is 70% more infectious?

Assuming that it is, so what?

In the same breath, Johnson and his band of merry fascist men say that there is no evidence that the new strain is any more lethal or will escape the benefits that the recently rolled-out vaccine brings.

Not yet.

So then why bring this up?

Why cancel Christmas?

The answer should be obvious. Your elites in Great Britain, like our elites here in the United States – knuckleheads all – have an agenda.

Their goal is the same as it has always been: to rework society – to take it as far away from the principles of Christ as they possibly can.

They hate Jesus’s guts.

Jesus Christ, and his birthday, represent a liberating force in humanity, a force that helped people escape from the crushing yoke of slavery that knuckleheads like Johnson have imposed upon you throughout history.

The goal of the elites was and is to break you down and destroy you economically, spiritually, mentally, physically.

They will now ask you to do more of the same – masks, distancing, lockdowns.

All of these measures have served to hurt the little man. None of these measures have affected the owners of large corporations, nor will they.

Do you hear any outcry from the large corporations?

Very little.

Large corporations don’t care because they’re connected with the powers that be.

They are going to get all the bailout money they need. Plus their leaders are already richer than the richest man in Babylon.

They couldn’t care less if their corporations go under. Their exit plan is secure.

The effect of all these lockdowns is to create even more impoverished people. These impoverished people will then have a greater dependence upon the government which is what our leaders want. They don’t want anyone challenging their authority. They certainly don’t want small independent businessman challenging their Supreme rule.

This is their New World Order.

They are the new Sun Kings.

The elites will keep this COVID-19 virus going as long as they possibly can.

As stated before they didn’t invent remote education for it to go away this quickly.

They want Zoom to be the new normal in education.

With Zoom they get one step closer to replacing teachers altogether. In this manner they can mass indoctrinate young children into their secular philosophy.

There is another benefit to the lockdown; the elites can shut down the churches which serve as a venue for people to communicate opposition to them, the idiot elite.

They can also shut down other venues of communication such as bars, restaurants and gyms.

Is it surprising that the government has targeted these venues as the number one source of COVID-19?

Look for this COVID-19 crisis to go on for as long as you will permit it.

There is another way.

Walk away from your leaders. Congregate as freely as you desire. Wash your hands but do not wear facemasks which only serve to dehumanize you so as to take away your individuality.

Our elites fear individuality.

Be brave, not fearful.

Double down on your efforts to have young people and young adults interact as aggressively as they possibly can.

Of course you should take precautions for people who are elderly or medically compromised.

Beyond that, live life to the fullest.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Vaccine and Race

Just last night Tucker Carlson presented a segment revealing that our United States government will choose to give the coronavirus vaccine based upon race, not upon need.

One would think that the vaccine would be given first to elderly people, but apparently this will not be the case.

The noble elites who claim to look out for minorities have decided that minorities and people of color should receive the vaccine first.

I can’t think of any reasonable justification for this, but in the mind of the noble elites it probably has something to do with white privilege.

If you are a minority, I would run for the hills.

Remember that first and foremost our elites are bigots posing as compassionate people toward minorities and the less fortunate.

In other words, our elites hate minorities.

This latest maneuver to give the vaccine preferentially to minorities is a disguised act of hatred.

Our elites are choosing to use minorities as guinea pigs for their incompletely vetted vaccine.

Our elites who choose to make this decision, are the same elites who set up the welfare plantations run by Karl Marx in the inner city.

You have seen how well that has worked out, not that it matters to the elites whose prescription is more of the same.

These are the same race hustlers who continue to destroy the black community through a civil rights agenda even when there is complete evidence that these policies do not work, that these policies hurt people.

Our elites know full well that by focusing black people on recrimination, reparations and revenge, they will push the black community into a greater vortex of despair and anger from which they will never recover.

If you think conditions in the black community are bad now, wait until you see how things are in four years after Joe Biden works his magic.

This latest “compassionate” maneuver to give minorities the vaccine first may kill many minorities.

Just as our noble elites experimented on black people with syphilis, so they are experimenting on them with this vaccine.

Now, it may come to pass that the vaccine is a miracle, that it will work.

That’s not the point.

The point is that the vaccine was incompletely studied.

It’s a crapshoot and minorities will take the risk.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

A Simple Question

I have a simple question.

How can the incidence of coronavirus infections and deaths be escalating in the state of Texas when we are not seeing all that many infections in our pediatric offices?

I am, simply put, not seeing a lot of infected patients.

I’m not even seeing an extraordinary number of coronavirus cases.

It’s true there are some, and we’ve been doing drive through coronavirus testing, but it’s nothing to shake a stick at.

It certainly nothing like what we’ve experienced with influenza in the past.

As for influenza, forget it. I’ve had two to threes positive cases that I can recall so far.

Did the influenza virus go on vacation?

Did it go over the rainbow with Dorothy?

Is it drinking a beer in my local bar?

Well, of course, it can’t; the bar is closed.

Maybe the influenza virus took a trip to Paris?

Well, that seems unlikely, because our American brand of the virus probably can’t get into France.

So where, oh where, did the influenza virus go?

And what about all the other viruses that we would normally see?

Well, naturally we would conclude that because people are socially distancing, staying at home and wearing a mask that the incidence of infection would be going down?

OK, I can go to the dance with you on that one.

If that’s the case then, then why would the incidence of coronavirus be skyrocketing?

Well, maybe it isn’t.

As I stated before, I’m not seeing an extraordinary number of coronavirus cases where I live.

And we’ve had more than a few cold days.

Not that it would matter, because we had a surge in June, remember?

Plus we are at least three weeks after Thanksgiving, which was supposed to be a super-spreader event.

So what’s going on here?

What’s going on here is another one of the many contradictions of this coronavirus disease.

And it should lead one to suspect very strongly that something is not on the up and up here.

Theoretically, if coronavirus is being spread by respiratory droplets and fomites it is because people are congregating.

This congregating of people should lead to a similar increase in all viral respiratory infections.

And yet it is not.

Something is rotten in Denmark.

What’s rotten, I suspect, is what many of us have been suspecting all along: that the government is playing games with the numbers.

I suppose that if you can rig votes in ballot boxes, you can rig anything.

I wrote in an earlier piece that I would be a chump no more, that I would not cut the government any more slack.

And so I will not.

Is the government, their lackeys, and their secret controllers jacking up the number of coronavirus cases in order to sell the administration of the vaccine?

And if so, why would they do that?

The vaccine companies have already been paid for the vaccine. They don’t make any more money if we take it.

The only thing they would stand to gain would be if the vaccine worked and the incidence of coronavirus dropped.

Is this what they are after?

Awards and plaudits?

Presidential Medals of Freedom?

Nobel Prizes?

It certainly is possible, although Anthony Fauci already has one PMF. Can you win two of those?

I’m sure he has a space in his trophy room for another.

These people at higher levels are very vain. They love looking at themselves in the mirror – almost as much as they love lying. They love awards. They see themselves as masters of the universe.

Vanity is one of their principal weaknesses.

I suspect that they will drag this mass vaccination out as long as they possibly can so as to continue remote learning, destruction of small business, closing down of church services, and the rest of their other pet projects.

Bill Gates has already stated that it might be 2022 before we get back to normal. This seems in line with what will work for him.

The coronavirus cases will gradually drop so as to give our elites the authority to give themselves awards.

After that I imagine we will see a resurgence of another strain of the coronavirus so that we can play the same game all over again.

In so doing they can keep this game going in perpetuity.

Or they’ll keep the same strain and blame a resurgence on those of you who didn’t get a vaccine.

And they will.

After all, there are many awards for them to win, and there is too much for them to lose to give up this game.

They have no shame.

Ultimately, these elites will need to be defeated.

They will not go quietly.

Tyrants never do.


Archer Crosley, MD

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Wiping History

A group of people want to wipe noted architect Philip Johnson from history because of his fascist past.

The man lived nearly forever, so he was bound to do some pretty stupid things sooner or later.

Various architects and other holier-than-thou types have petitioned Harvard University to remove Johnson’s name from a house that he designed when he was a graduate student at Harvard.

Next they will be going after his gravestone.

Well, as long as we are scrubbing Philip Johnson’s name from history, we may as well scrub FDR from history. FDR was an anti-Semite whose anti-Semitism was only surpassed by his lust for world power. He also came from a family of crooks. His grandfather Warren Delano made his fortune by selling opium into China. So mama’s boy Franklin came from a family of drug runners. FDR also didn’t care much for Asians.

FDR knew everything that was going on in Germany during the 1930s. His buddy and fellow Harvard graduate, Ernst “Putzi” Hanfstaengl, who he used to associate with at the Harvard Club, was a member of Hitler’s inner circle. So why didn’t Franklin do anything? He didn’t do anything because many of the people of the day in our elite society supported Adolf Hitler. In fact, Wall Street financed Hitler’s rise to power (Anthony Sutton).

So why did FDR and our elites decide to fight Nazi Germany? To save the Jews? Hah! Our elites went to war to replace German world power with American world power. Now, your grandfather fought to save the Jews which was an honorable thing, but never confuse your family with these elites.

FDR’s New Deal was remarkably similar to the economic reforms that Hitler introduced into Germany in the 30s. These were fascist reforms disguised as socialism. FDR didn’t save capitalism; he gave us fascism. The corporate dominated, warmongering America you live in today is dear Franklin’s legacy.

Now we can scrub FDR from history, but to do so would remove us from the truth. A better option is to forgive FDR and patiently undo the fascist society he gifted us.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

China Baiting

Currently many Republicans are pushing this narrative that China interfered with our elections, that China owns Joe Biden.

If China is interfering in our elections, it is with the permission of our own Corporate Party here in the United States.

There is no Democrat or Republican party in the US anymore; there is a Corporate Party with two wings that pose as the Democratic and Republican parties.

It’s a dog and pony show. It’s a fake sporting match. It’s the Dallas Cowboys versus the Philadelphia Eagles for your entertainment viewing experience.

It’s a sham. What the elites are doing is enticing you into a conflict so that you will not pay attention to their corporate criminality.

While you are focusing on irrelevant social issues or bogus issues that the elites create, they continue their warmongering abroad.

With you happily distracted they can continue to rape the American people.

And they’re raping you into poverty.

The current China narrative is part of that game.

Okay, guys, says Sean Hannity, let’s all get behind this idea of China’s interference in our elections.

Let’s focus on Eric Swalwell and his honey pot.

Let’s talk nonstop about Hunter Biden’s Chinese connections.

I have a better idea. Let’s walk away from their game.

Let’s focus on the money, their money.

Let’s focus on their immoral foreign wars abroad.

That’s what the Vietnam generation did – and it worked. They shut the game down.

Let’s focus on the fact that our government spends over $700 billion a year on defense.

We have had two attacks on the United States in the past 80 years, and both of those attacks were either brought about or engineered by our own elites in order to give them a reason to fight more war.

The attack on Pearl Harbor was provoked by FDR and Henry Stimson, his criminal Secretary of War, who was emotionally relieved when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Never mind the 2000 people who died there.

The World Trade Center attack was sanctioned by our elites in order to justify their wars in the Middle East.

This is how our criminal elites work.

They create false enemies.

They created the Cold War with the Soviet Union which permitted them to jack up the defense industry to unbelievable levels.

Was Russia really going to attack us across the Bering Strait?

As a kid I believed it. I believed it because I was a kid and because our media kept that narrative alive.

The narrative was so pervasive, Hollywood made a comedy about it: The Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming.

It was that phony, unnecessary Cold War which led us to enter Vietnam. We had to stop the commies.

It was that same phony, unnecessary conflict with Russia and communism that gave our elites the pretext to interfere in Central America.

Our elites have played this trick time and time again.

Demonizing China is just more of the same of that game.

Walk away from it.

If the United States truly finds China to be a threat, why doesn’t the United States bring back manufacturing to the United States and pay people decent wages.

The United States can always stop trading with China.

Ah, but the elites don’t wanna do that.

They don’t want to do it because bringing manufacturing back to the United States lowers their profits.

In addition to that, China would be less of a threat. And if China were less of a threat, there would be no need to jack up the defense budget.

Oh, the horror, the horror.

Here’s the bottom line. Our United States government loves China. We helped the Chinese communists throughout the 40s and 50s.

Our men over there were called the China hands. These were the so-called experts on China. They helped Mao defeat Chiang Kai-Shek.

This is what Joe McCarthy was talking about during the 1950s.

Joe McCarthy stumbled upon the truth, that our United States government through our State Department was helping the communists.

Nixon opened the door further to China in the 1970s.

Ronald Reagan continue to open that door when he brought Deng Xiao Ping over to the United States in the early 1980s.

We helped China modernize (nothing wrong with that). And China helped our elites by becoming a source of cheap labor for our US corporations (definitely something wrong with that).

This made our elites rich at the expense of the American people.

Our elites continue to get rich today because of cheap Chinese labor.

Our elites love China.

In fact our elites desire to use China’s political model here in the United States.

China’s model is a crony capitalist, marxo-capitalist model.

That’s what our elites want for you.

But to distract you from the truth they will create a phony, unnecessary war – hot or cold.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Life and Hockey

Life is a big hockey game.

If the referee does not call the game fairly and impartially, in time the players will take matters into their own hands.

Recently the Supreme Court ruled against the state of Texas (by not taking up the case) who filed a lawsuit against various states, including Pennsylvania, because of the way that these states conducted their voting for the recent Presidential election. The basis for this lawsuit was that these states had violated the Constitutional rights of Texans.

The Supreme Court is thus prosecuting the notion that avoiding an issue as important as election fraud will make the problem go away.

It will not.

The problem is that nearly 70,000,000 Americans believe that the election was fraudulent.

Let’s not tackle the issue now as to whether it was; suffice it to say that people believe it was.

Citizens have filed afadavits testifying to this fraud.

If fraud was committed that is the damage to the country. If that damage exists, it needs to be addressed.

What the Supreme Court is doing is akin to a doctor turning off a heart alarm in the ICU in order to solve a problem.

If the doctor doesn’t hear it, it’s not there.


The problem is not the alarm; the problem is what the alarm represents.

The main stream media of course can be counted on to backup the Supreme Court’s decision to not take up this case.

Life is a big hockey game.

If the referee does not call the game fairly and impartially, in time the players will take matters into their own hands.

If the supporters of Trump who believe the election was rigged cannot get a fair hearing in the courts, they will take matters into their own hands.

Perhaps not this year, but the battle is inevitable if this problem is not equitably addressed, especially if the consequences of this election prove dire to the Trump supporters.

In other words Civil War is inevitable.

In many respects John Roberts is the reincarnation of Roger Taney.

Like Taney he is tone deaf.

In the Dred Scott decision, Taney’s Supreme Court felt that they could erase centuries of unfairness and discrimination against black people by turning a blind eye.

They thought they could sweep the problem under the rug.

They thought they could turn the alarm off on the patient whose heart rate was flatlining.

They tried and they lost.

The problem did not go away.

Similarly John Roberts and his court believe that they can make alleged election fraud go away simply by not hearing the case that the state of Texas filed against those states where election fraud was believed to have occurred.

Like Roger Taney, Roberts turns the alarm off on the patient whose heart rate is flatlining.

The cowards and corporate shills of the Supreme Court hide behind technicalities and obscure language.

The consensus interpretation of the Supreme Court opinion is that the state of Texas lacked standing to pursue this case against the other states.

Lacked standing?

So the state of Texas has no privilege to stand up for its own citizens being disenfranchised when another state changes their election laws which leads to fraudulent balloting?

Fraudulent balloting in another state which leads to a false electoral win for Joe Biden most certainly does effectively disenfranchise the voters in Texas; it negates their vote.

A state does have the moral right to pursue remediation if criminal activity is suspected in another state.

The logic of the Roberts Court here Is equivalent to the same poor logic, which is no logic, that was displayed in the Obamacare decision.

What Roberts, et al, are saying is that it’s okay for fraudulent balloting to occur in another state; in other words, that’s the law.

Since all good law must by necessity have a moral base, this law would be suspect as no one could possibly justify such a law on moral grounds.

But, as mentioned previously, the Roberts Court hides behind technicalities. They are ruling that the state of Texas has no right to infringe upon how Pennsylvania or any other state conducts its elections. Technically this is correct but only within the context of an honest election. If the state of Pennsylvania constructs a methodology which directly leads to fraudulent balloting, then the state of Texas does have a vested interest in pursuing a case against the state of Pennsylvania.

A simpleton can see this.

By not taking up this case John Roberts and his court have moved us one step closer to Civil War.

As mentioned previously, life is a big hockey game. If the referee does not call the game fairly and impartially, in time the players will take matters into their own hands.

This is a law no less true than that of gravity.


Anyone who has taken the most rudimentary course in biology understands the delicate relationship between all forms of life on earth.

Messing with one element of the ecosystem affects all elements of the ecosystem.

This is basic biology.

The people who don’t seem to understand this are the people who you would think would understand this the most.

I am speaking of course of the Harvard biologist.

I’ve told you before how dangerous a Harvard man is, and now I’m going to give you an example.

Let’s look at George Church and Preston Estep.

Both are geneticists affiliated with Harvard University.

Both are celebrated geneticists.

In fact George Church is known as a celebrity geneticist whatever that is. Is that a geneticist who hangs with the Kardashians?

George Church is an intelligent man, and yet he isn’t. The best way to demonstrate this is by citing Wikipedia:

Woolly Mammoth Cloning

In March 2015, Church and his genetics research team at Harvard successfully copied some woolly mammoth genes into the genome of an Asian elephant. Using the CRISPR DNA editing technique, his group spliced genetic segments from frozen mammoth specimens, including genes from the ears, subcutaneous fat, and hair attributes, into the DNA of skin cells from a modern elephant. This marked the first time that woolly mammoth genes had been functionally active since the species became extinct.[83] Their work has not been subject to peer review, however. Church stated that “Just making a DNA change isn’t that meaningful. We want to read out the phenotypes.” To do that, the team plans to perform further tests to get the hybrid cells into becoming specialized tissues, and from there attempting to turn the hybrid elephant/mammoth skin cells into hybrid embryos that can be grown in artificial wombs.

Preston Estep is one of his protégés.

Like George Church, Preston Estep is an intelligent man, and yet he isn’t.

Estep is involved in many ventures with Church and thinks along similar lines.

Both these men cooked up their own COVID-19 nasal vaccine many months ago and administered it to themselves and their friends.

There were no controls, and no approval was sought.

I mentioned this to demonstrate the recklessness of these men.

They don’t know it, but they are imbued with Harvard arrogance, and it will be just their type of arrogance that will be the end of us.

I’m sure they weren’t born that way. They were evolved that way.

Just as they attempt to manipulate the genetic code, so have they been the victim of manipulation.

They were conditioned to believe that they were above humanity, that they were the best and the brightest, that they can alter the course of humanity, for the better, of course.

This conditioning began when they first attended or worked at Ivy League institutions, particularly Harvard.

They were inculcated into the cult of Harvard.

And it is a cult.

It has all the hallmarks of a cult.

It’s leader is not a person but Harvard University, the invincible being itself.

The cult employs a self-reinforcing delusion. Much effort is spent by Harvard and Harvard alumni in spreading the grandeur of its leader’s accomplishments.

No one can ever hope to be as smart as a Harvard man.

It’s graduates believe themselves to be better than other people.

It is a cult of personality.

Harvard’s image is stamped everywhere in the halls of power.

How could any human being not be swept up into the cult?

Indeed, many are.

In fact the majority of the people of United States have been swept up into this cult.

This is one of the principal reasons why our leaders at all levels willingly went along with the official narrative of COVID-19.

They really believe in the invincibility of Harvard.

This invincibility is a dangerous thing. It leads to hubris, lazy thinking and carelessness.

When you are invincible, you can conquer anything.

You are a living god.

You stand arms akimbo, legs apart, chest back, chin jutting upward, above humanity, why, biology itself.

This is the heady dream of the godless secularist.

But we do not live in a world devoid of God.

God exists, and God will have a say.

Woe be to the man who thinks himself a god.

Woe be to the man who thinks he can rise above millions of years of evolution and get away with it.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

In 1969

In 1969 the United States was in the midst of a vicious competition with the Soviet Union to land a man on the moon.

It wasn’t just a competition to land a man on the moon that preoccupied our leadership here in United States; it was a competition to prove which politico-economic system was superior.

Also in 1969 the US was mired in Vietnam.

The goal in Vietnam was to prevent the spread of communism throughout the globe, at least that’s what we were told.

The “Domino Theory” was the simplistic metaphor that was given to the American people to explain our presence in Vietnam. It was an early day pancaking theory of sorts.

According to the metaphor/theory if Vietnam fell to the communists, then one by one the other countries in Southeast Asia and presumably the globe would fall.

In an odd way, that’s why we had to destroy Vietnam – to save it.

Americans ate up the theory in spades.

And why not? How can you argue with falling dominoes?

Well, the war wasn’t going so well.

Our elites somewhere in the 1960s needed a game changer. We needed to come up with something that would convince the world that our way of life was superior.

Forget about partnering with other nations.

Forget about giving poor countries a stake in the game.

Forget about not overthrowing governments or assassinating their leaders as we did in Guatemala, Iran and the Congo.

Forget about not propping up or permitting dictators like Trujillo in the Dominican Republic.

Our leaders needed a gimmick with some wow.

So they found one. Our knuckleheads decided that if they could land a man on the moon and bring him back safely, that would convince the people of the world that our way of life was better and superior to that of the Soviet Union.

I remember when we landed a man on the moon.

I remember Neil Armstrong climbing down that ladder.

I remember where I was. I was sitting in our beach house in Sea Isle City, NJ. I was 15 years old.

For the next 48 years, I was certain we had landed a man on the moon.

And I’m sure you were cetain too.

Maybe you still do believe the lie. But why do you still believe? And why did I stop believing?

I believed that we had landed a man on the moon because I had no reason to believe that we hadn’t.

Besides, I was too busy with my life and my career. I didn’t have the time or the inclination to think otherwise.

But then I got older and circumstances gave me the time and inclination to think about these types of things.

And so I started thinking and, of course, watching many of the numerous moon landing conspiracy videos on YouTube. And there are many.

I’m not going to go into a recitation of the evidence that rules against the moon landing. I’m not going to talk about shadows, props, camera markings and so forth. You can do that yourself.

Besides that I am not a technical person by nature; I needed something more, something that I could relate to.

So I asked myself: Was it morally permissible to land a man on the moon in 1969? Was it morally permissible to have a man descend from an orbiter on to the moon and try to bring him back given the technology of 1969?

I will ask you to consider that question given that the high technology of the time was little more than a transistor radio.

What do you think?

Remember also that the President was Richard Nixon. Richard Nixon was the President for all the moon landings.

Whatever you think of Richard Nixon, he was one of the most careful, cagey, intelligent Presidents we’ve ever had.

Do you really think that Nixon would roll the dice of his Presidency on a moon landing?

I think not.

I think Nixon would only have gone along had he known that the success of the moon landing was a sure thing.

That’s the way politicians think.

Thus the decision was made to fake a moon landing for the reasons I have explained.

Were the astronauts in on it?

Only in the sense that they were victims of a CIA memory insertion program.

I don’t think Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins were lying at all when they claimed to have gone to the moon. I believe they believe they went to the moon.

Your CIA, which you funded, has spent a lot of money working on the intricacies of the mind.


They put that to good use in 1969.

Careful, patient, persistent questioning and debriefing can convince you of anything.

It’s not perfect, but never underestimate the effectiveness of propaganda.

Propaganda has been used effectively by governments to convince people to believe almost anything.

Propaganda convinced the German people to kill millions of Jews and millions more disabled people.

Propaganda has convinced the American people to engage in nonstop war around the globe even though the wars are emaciating them here at home.

Propaganda has been used to convince you to wear a face mask.

So too propaganda (effective, persistent and patient indoctrination of the mind) was used to convince the astronauts that they had landed on the moon.

It’s not hard to do.

It’s a fabulous tool, but it’s not perfect.

The propagandist can insert a memory and some supporting lies, but the propaganda cannot change the overall context of one’s life. And the propagandist can never think of all the probing questions that might be asked of the subject.

In many respects it’s like getting your tooth numbed up by the dentist.

While your tooth is numb, you are living in a fantasy land of sorts. As soon as that drill breaks the threshold and you feel the reality of pain, you realize that something is up. You become uncomfortable.

And so it was with the Apollo 11 astronauts during their famous press conference.

For the most part they were okay until a reporter asked the wrong type of question at which point they become extremely uncomfortable.

They became uncomfortable because the dentist had moved his drill a little too far. The reporter had asked one probing question too far.

Of course, the astronauts were not the only ones who were programmed.

So were you. So was I.

For decades, you were bombarded with the consensus view that the moon landing happened.

Principally, you believe it because everyone else does, and to think otherwise might certify you as a lunatic.

Until you start asking questions. Until you ask one probing question one step too far.

And then you became uncomfortable.

Alas, peer pressure is a powerful force.

Most people who do not believe in the moon landing find themselves isolated.

Fortunately truth is not a popularity contest.

But, aha, truth has a different meaning for the government.

You may believe that truth is an independent entity aside from yourself and your experience; but that’s not what the government believes.

The government defines truth in terms of solidity.

If something is solid it is true.

And so if the government pounds a lie like the Domino theory or the moon landing into peoples minds repeatedly and it sticks, that, my friend, is truth.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved