A Bucket of Green Paint

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A few years ago I bought a beach house.

It was an old house.

I wanted to give it a fresh coat of paint.

All I had was a bucket of green paint.

So I went down to the home improvement store and bought some different brushes.

Each brush had different colored bristles for the different colors I wanted to use.

The colors I selected were fuchsia, orange, purple and yellow.

I was going to paint the four exterior walls different colors to give the house some zip.

I got all my different colored brushes together and placed them before my bucket of green paint.

Then I dipped them in and painted the house.

But when I did that, the colors came out green.

What the fuck did I do wrong?

I went down to another home improvement store and bought more brushes with different colored bristles – but made by a different company.

I figured that a different brand might do the trick, but when I tried it again, I got the same results.

The entire house came out green.

What the fuck is wrong with you, you might now be asking.

Are you that fucking stupid?  The color of the bristle doesn’t mean anything, fool.  You’re dipping the brushes in green paint.

It’s the paint, stupid.  The paint is green, you scream at me.

The color of the bristle means nothing.

Fair enough.

But if you think that, then why do you think that you can take Americans from all walks of life, poor and rich, black and white, man and woman, Jew and Arab and send them to Harvard and Yale and have them come out thinking with any color except the color of that particular school?


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How to Say No

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How do you say no effectively?

Suppose someone comes to your door and bothers you to contribute.

Or suppose a telemarketer butts into your life at 8 PM and wants you fork over ten bucks for their cause.

How do you get them to go away as quickly as possible?

Do you be nice; do you be rude?

Do you hem and haw and say, “Well, I’m not really sure.”


Listen to their spiel, then calmly gather your resolve to deliver a one-inch Bruce Lee punch to their gut – metaphorically speaking.

Say, “No.”

Stay silent as they melt away.




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Our Role

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What should be the role of the United States in the world today?

First, the United States needs to wake itself from its Wilsonian nightmare.

We need to get out of world affairs for the next seventy years.

America needs a good night’s sleep.

We’ve been tossing and turning fitfully.

As we have been tossing and turning, the world has been tossing and turning as well.

America needs a break from the world; the world needs a break from us.

It’s a different world now than it was in 1953.

America must learn to share its leadership.

It is not economically sustainable for the United States to be all over the world anymore.

Other countries want to participate also. 

We need to enable that.

The best way to influence world affairs is through our trade policy.

By setting a few basic rules that are important to us and backing compliance up with sanctions, we can do more through peace than we can through war.

By enabling people, we create friends rather than than enemies.

This does not mean of course that we do not maintain a military and that we do not keep the peace.

We should.

To employ a metaphor, America should adopt the role that John Wayne played in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

John Wayne was the peacekeeper in town.

He wasn’t the richest guy in town. He wasn’t the mayor of the town. He didn’t even get the girl.  What he did was quietly work behind the scenes to ensure that evil people like Liberty Valance did not run roughshod over good people.

I would say that’s a pretty good metaphor for the United States and its role in the world today.

The quiet strong man.

That’s us.




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Just a Moment

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Just a moment, please.

I have read Steve King’s comments regarding white supremacy.  They are:

“White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive?”

I am opposed to any group considering itself supreme.

Given that, suppose we substitute the word Jewish for White and Western.

“Jewish nationalist, Jewish supremacist, Jewish civilization — how did that language become offensive?”

A Jewish nationalist is a Zionist.  Isn’t that the driving force for the creation of Israel?

The Jews call themselves the chosen people; is that Jewish supremacy?

Jewish civilization?  Well, there is nothing wrong with that, is there?

So then why do we go after one guy when other people are allowed to get away the same kind of nonsense?

Because we live in America where leaders, who have a responsibility to act responsibly, never do.

A good leader would say, “Well, Steve King says some stupid things.  But has he ever actually discriminated against anyone?  Perhaps he misspoke.  Maybe he’s all bark and no bite.  Perhaps he’s tired of white people being demonized,  Perhaps he’s proud of his race as much as the Jews are proud of their religion and perhaps he only wanted to make a defense for white people but got carried away.  Shouldn’t we follow Christian principles, exercise charity and give the guy a break?  Don’t we forgive other Presidents, Senators, Representatives for doing stupid things?  Didn’t we forgive the Bushes for conducting massive mayhem upon the Iraqis? Didn’t we forgive Mitt Romney for acting as a shameless robberbaron when he was working at Bain Capital?  Didn’t we forgive Barack Obama for starting a civil war in Syria that has killed 400,000 Syrians?  Didn’t we forgive Bill Clinton for prosecuting an idiotic NAFTA agreement that has devastated the lives of millions of Americans and Mexicans?”

By the way, the Jews are hardly the only group that calls themselves the chosen people.

There are plenty of other religions who think they are the real deal in God’s eyes.

And there are plenty of ethnic and racial groups in America who get together to promote their own members.

Nobody is saved by their heritage.

Steve King is hardly unique.  He’s a jackass like the rest of them.




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1954 AD

1954 AD.

That’s the year I was born.

I reject the term CE.

It’s a small point, I suppose, but small points often yield big results.

I’m speaking about the use of BCE and CE  which “enlightened” elites are now promoting instead of the traditional BC and AD.

Why are our leaders, raised and educated in a Christian environment, not speaking out against this historical revisionism?

Did Christ really desire us to be so tolerant that we would abandon acknowledgment of his existence?

What a bunch of suckers.

I’ve got to hand it to the Muslims; do you think the leaders in Iran will give up their Islamic calendar?  

Not in a million years.  Only fake Christian leaders would do that.  “Yep, come right in.  We’re the Christian suckers. We’ll abandon Jesus if you let us fly on Air Force One.”

I can see them now pushing their chips into the center of the pot.  “All in,” as they say in Vegas. “We’re all in on the narrative of Christian oppression.”

It’s a good thing they weren’t in the Garden of Gethsemane.  Hell, they would have picked up Jesus in a limo and given him a first class ride to the police station.

How can these fools be so shortsighted and negligent?

Are you surprised?

I’m not.

The elites prefer that Jesus Christ be an inconvenience, a speed bump in history.

They prefer it so because Jesus was an emancipator of the people from all elites who always claim to be the spokesman for God no matter how they view God.

Jesus stands as your friend, standing right beside you, with no opening, no gap into which an elite can wedge his way in to control you, to rob from you.

Of course, the elites try anyway, by convincing your pastor to support war.  The problem, though, is that Jesus spoke; and when Jesus spoke, he didn’t ask anyone to go out and kick ass.

This is the principal reason why Jesus Christ has been despised by the elites since the day his doctrine was articulated.

Oh, they’ve tried every trick in the book to get rid of him.

They’ve taken the Bible out of the school; they’ve taken down Nativity scenes in front of government buildings; they’ve even tried renaming cities.

This latest nonsense – changing AD to CE – is just another way to minimize his importance.

To them, Jesus is the problem.  So what they want you to do is forget hm.

Jesus never happened, you see.

He was never here.

Is that how you view Jesus?

Was Jesus just some guy who happened to walk along and say a few wise things?

Was Jesus Christ a flash in the pan?

Can we now just get over “this Christ thing” and get on to business?

Actually, no, we can’t do that.

We can’t do that because Jesus Christ was not just some guy who came along and said a few wise things.

Jesus Christ articulated an entirely new way of looking at the world and so transformed it.

That’s why BC and AD came into being. People didn’t just use it for the hell of it. They started using it because there was a dramatic change in how people began to view each other.

People’s lives improved. Their lives improved not just because Jesus was a philosopher and articulator of a better way of living.  Jesus was also an economist. By speaking directly to you, he pushed out the Machiavellian elite who have always used God to justify their plundering of you.

To honor Jesus, people accepted the terms BC and AD.  They felt his contribution was important to everyone, not just Christians.

The significance of these terms is even more glaring by how the world regresses when people walk away from the principles of Jesus Christ.

And it matters not whether you are a Jew or a Muslim.  The philosophy exists whether you deny it or not.  Indeed, many people of many faiths are Christians without knowing so.

Walking away from terms such as BC and AD, and what they stand for, will only further cement the necessity of using them.

A few years ago the communists in the Soviet Union changed the name of St. Petersburg to Leningrad.

Leningrad is now call St. Petersburg again.  The name has reverted because people do still recognize the importance of Christianity in their lives.

They may not always practice Christianity, but they see it as a necessity.

Jesus did change the world.

He was here.




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One thing in particular has been bothering me for the past two decades – the New England Patriots.

Like many other people, I suspect that they are cheating; but like many people, I can’t prove it.

I can cite Mr. O’Leary’s book, Spygate: The Untold Story, in which he wonderfully makes a case against the Patriots, but I myself can not point to anything that is conclusive proof that they are cheating.

In many respects, accusing the Patriots of cheating is much like accusing the CIA of murdering JFK.  There is an abundance of information that points toward it, but there is no videotape or letter indicating complicity.

This drives me crazy, and it compels me to ask:  How can I know?  What can I show that has not already been elucidated?

Should I conclude that there is nothing there?

How is it fair for me to point to statistical analyses when I have never been a big fan of statistical analysis?

Is it fair to that infer that the Patriots might be cheating because no Belichick coach has ever accomplished anything in the NFL?

Not really.  It’s interesting to note, but perhaps Belichick has a blind spot when it comes to picking assistants.  Maybe Belichick is so talented he can use losers as assistants.

How about the Patriots near unbeatable home record which no other team comes close to achieving.  Is that proof?  Again, it’s nice to know, but it does not prove anything.  Perhaps the Patriots really are that talented.

The videotaping of other teams known as Spygate?  The partially deflated balls known as Deflategate?  Again, these don’t seem to be big enough or conclusive enough to point to a conviction.

So maybe there is nothing there.

But then I ask, how is it possible for Belichick to grab the right players year after year to fit into his scheme?  How can this be done when NFL teams repopulate principally through the draft and a limited free agency where good players are looking for the big bucks?

How do the Patriots pull through their injuries year after year when other teams are hindered vastly by injuries?

Instead of asking what the Patriots might be doing wrong, maybe I should be asking what they are doing right.

What are they doing right?

Well here is what doesn’t matter:

Injuries don’t matter.  The weather doesn’t matter.  The supporting players don’t matter.  The assistant coaches don’t matter.  The fans don’t matter.

What is consistently there on the team is the owner, Robert Kraft; Bill Belichick, the coach; Ernie Adams, Belichick’s buddy, and Tom Brady, the quarterback.

They matter.

Oh yeah, half the season the stadium matters but to a lesser degree.

Two of the people who matter aren’t even on the field.

Is it possible for four men to win so much and play in so many Super Bowls?

What magic secret do they possess?

What bond do they have that makes for so much success?

What will future technology reveal?

Will future technology show them to be genius educators and motivators who were uniquely endowed to make superstars out of mortal men?

If that were the case, why are the men, the recipients of such genius, not able to transmit these skills to other people?

What is this mystical offensive and defensive strategy that can escape the view of millions of watching humans not to mention thousands upon thousands of cameras?

Back in the early 1980s, before the human genome was mapped, doctors, researchers and geneticists suspected a genetic basis for certain diseases.  They couldn’t prove it, but they certainly suspected it.

Time and technology proved them correct.

Of course, that was legitimate science.

For the case of the Patriots, we might need a man like Houdini, who was adept at picking out frauds.




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The Pathology of Sports

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Gracie Gold is a figure skater of much renown.

She won a Bronze medal in the 2014 Olympics.

She would like to win a gold.

She entered my consciousness today when I read that she had dropped out of competition for the upcoming national championships.

The article talked about her recent treatment for depression, anxiety and an eating disorder.

Why should I be surprised?

Or should I say:  Welcome to the pathology that sports has become in our society.

The drive to excel begins early in America – and apparently everywhere else the New World Order begins to exploit the citizenry.

The goal is to become a superstar.

So horrific is the desire of parents for their child to become a superstar (mere stars are wimps) that parents will shell out up to tens of thousands per year for their children to attend camps where gurus groom their children.

Some kids leave their homes to live with other families in order to pursue their dreams.

Thousands of hours are consumed with training sessions lasting several hours per day.

It’s a full time job.

It’s also child labor, child labor that needs to be put an end to.

Are you surprised that Gracie Gold might be depressed?

I’m not.

Her entire self-esteem has been pegged to her performance on the skating rink.

So when her performance begins to ebb, her self esteem, and her enjoyment of skating, goes with it.


Gracie Gold’s story is not unique.  It is a symptom of a greater pathology in our culture, that being to create a race of supermen and superwomen who will then represent the best that society has to offer.

But for whose benefit?

Corporate sponsors who make a bundle peddling their wares?

Politicians and leaders who self-promote themselves at the events?

The Führer would be proud.  He’s probably smiling in Berchtesgaden as we speak.

The pathology of the superman exists in all fields and all areas of endeavor – business, finance, art, entertainment, academia and sports.

It winds its way into our schools with phrases like “excellence” and “failure is not an option.”

My favorite slogan is, “no excuses.”

No excuses for what?

For failure?

Failure is not only an option, failure must be an option.

Without the acceptance of failure as an option, a healthy spirituality is not possible.

Kids must be taught that it’s okay to fail.

A few years ago, a student at an Ivy League school jumped off a parking garage because the pressure of not being a superstar was too great.

She was struggling in her classes; there is no shame in that. 

But she was fed a steady diet of lies by leaders who should know better.

It’s the same nonsense that is being fed to Gracie Gold.

The drive to perfection takes its toll on our youth.

A reassessment of priorities is paramount.

The best thing for Gracie Gold is for Gracie Gold to walk away from the disease known as the Olympics and all that it represents.

That’s the true road to recovery.




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