Fixing Stupid

I feel like a broken record. I’ve said the same thing so many times in the past eight months.

I keep hoping somebody will listen.

They say, in our state of Texas, that you can’t fix stupid.

I am almost sure that they have this saying in New Jersey and New York because my sister who used to live in upper New Jersey said that to me once.

Well, somebody forgot to tell the governor of New York and the elites who live in Washington DC.

You can’t fix stupid.

We are now entering the second wave of the coronavirus, and we have a governor of New York who is going to implement the same failed policy that he implemented only seven months ago.

It bears repeating: You can’t fix stupid.

Why would he think that the same solution which failed before would work again?

He reminds me of a man who does a sailor dive into an empty swimming pool, survives, and then comes back to do it again.

Let’s repeat the essential message here: You can’t fix stupid.

I blame myself.

I don’t communicate effectively.

I’ve told the following story before, and I’m going to tell it again.

If you know the governor of New York, please tell him this story.

If a gang of Nazis stormed your local beach, say Brighton Beach, and started killing everyone, what would you do?

Well, of course, the first thing you would do is run for cover to assess the situation.

This seems reasonable.

After assessing the situation, suppose that you noticed that these Nazis, could not kill citizens under 30 years of age. Or, that they were killing them at a much lesser rate.

Further suppose, that these Nazis could not even see very well the citizens under 30 years of age.

What would you then do?

Most people would take note of that and exploit that weakness of the Nazis to their own advantage.

I think it seems safe to say that you would then arm those citizens with guns to go after and kill all the Nazis.

Wouldn’t you?

I think so.

Well, guess what?

In in the case of COVID-19, you can arm every single person who is under the age of 30, with the exception of those who are immunocompromised or those who have chronic medical diseases.

You can do this because everyone of those individuals already contains a weapon which can kill the Nazis, in this case the coronavirus.

What is that weapon?

It is your immune system.

Each one of us has a weapon, a great weapon, to defeat viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

God, or nature, gave us this weapon just as that weapon was given to every single species on the planet.

This is why we are here.


Without this weapon we wouldn’t be here and neither would any other species be here.

Our immune systems are the original Louis Pasteur.

In fact, they are smarter than Louis Pasteur, or Pfizer, or Merck, or GSK.

Ditto to Moderna, Dr. Fauci’s favorite sex toy.

These weapons have served us well for hundreds of thousands of years if not more.

Only a stupid man would not take advantage of these weapons.

The governor of New York by not choosing to use this weapon identifies himself as a stupid man.

I feel like crawling over the dinner table to strangle him and say: You are a stupid man, Abel Sunday.

Is the governor stupid?

His actions reveal that he is.

Can we fix stupid?

We don’t have a choice.


Archer Crosley, MD

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Citizens of the UK: Save Yourself

Dear Citizens of the United Kingdom,

Save yourself.

Save yourself from Boris Johnson, chief corporate officer of the UK, COVID-19 faker, and babbling idiot at large.

Legally I cannot ask you to break the law, but I can ask you to save yourself.

You know deep in your heart what you need to do in order to survive.

The face mask will not save you.

Nor will these idiotic lockdowns.

These measures will only serve to prolong the disease.

If you follow your leader’s advice you will end up suffering one lockdown after another.

Each time that the lockdown fails, and it will, your leaders will tell you that you weren’t committed enough.

This is a hallmark of a communist: he blames his failed policies on the people.

But you have been plenty patient and loyal in following your misguided leader’s dictates.

Any more loyalty and patience will end up killing you.

So you need to do what you need to do.

Since children and young adults have low risk of dying of COVID-19, you will have to exploit that to your advantage.

You will have to find a way to get kids and young adults to mingle without the government knowing what you’re doing.

To be on the safe side, you can exclude those children who live with elderly parents or grandparents.

You will have to accomplish this in the dark of night when the authorities cannot see what you are doing.

This can be easily accomplished with the use of cell phones in which a flash gathering can be conducted.

There is no other way.

The vaccine that is promised is experimental and not yet fully tested.

Big Pharma so far has not shown much desire to seek a pharmaceutical solution.

The only way to defeat the virus at this point in time is to use the weapon that God gave you, your immune system.

You are the soldiers in the war against COVID-19.

Your immune systems are the original Louis Pasteur.

Your personal arsenal has protected the human species for hundreds of thousands of years.

It will continue to do so if you get the leaders out of your way.

Save yourself.

If you are a fan of Boris Johnson, help him by avoiding his advice.

Boris Johnson speaks not for you but Corporate Britain.

He is a misguided soul who has lost his way.

Just as you would never listen to a babbling idiot for strategic advice, you must not listen to Boris Johnson.

Save yourself.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved


What will Joe Biden’s elite COVID-19 task force recommend?

This committee screams with phony prestige. It is filled with people who went to so-called elite schools. There are only three people on the committee who went to regular schools that mortals might attend.

So what will this committee come up with?

Pretty much whatever Corporate America wants.

Schools like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Johns Hopkins are training grounds for the empire.

That is why they exist, to train the officers of Corporate America.

So, whatever results or recommendations they come up with, it will fit in with Corporate America‘s plans for us.

Of course, it will all be backed with data and studies.

Thank God for studies, especially when they work for us.

There are 13 people on the committee, and only 3 of them were trained at regular schools.

The other 10 were trained at Valhalla.

That’s a ratio in favor of the empire of at least 10 to 3.

Why is this a problem?

People who seek out so-called prestigious schools that exist to train the officers of the empire are more likely to buy into the culture that the empire promotes.

Right now that culture believes in lots of face masks, lots of lockdowns, and lots of vaccines.

What does the empire’s culture not believe in?

Right now, that culture is against young and healthy people mingling, and a more pharmaceutical approach to cure.

For sure the culture is 100% opposed to the developing of herd immunity. In fact herd immunity is heresy to Corporate America’s doctrine.

Now, of course, Corporate America does embrace dexamethasone and Remdesivir in fighting COVID-19, but these agents are palliative at best.

How much money is being invested in a pharmaceutical approach to curing COVID-19?

Will the elite committee ask this question?

Will they also ask why countries in Asia are not experiencing high death rates at all? Is there something peculiar in the genetics of Asian people that give them protection against COVID-19?

What protein, if any, do Asian people present that protects them?

Also, why are children not suffering large death rates? What is it that children possess that is lost as one ages?

What protective protein, if any, do children possess that protects them?

Will the elite committee ask these questions?

And how about herd immunity? Will the elite committee cling to the restrictive definition of herd immunity that the academics have set for us in which herd immunity is defined as the point at which no infection can be transmitted?

Or will the committee question that definition and embrace a more workable and liberal definition of herd immunity as a gradual process that begins when the first person with COVID-19 recovers and becomes immune?

Will the elite committee have the guts to go where Corporate America doesn’t want them to go?

Will they think outside the box?

Will they ask why we aren’t exploiting children’s resilience against COVID-19 to our advantage in protecting ourselves from the virus?

Will they question the use of the face mask? Will they have the guts to ask the CDC why they stated that the face mask was useless early on in COVID-19 disease but then changed their mind? Will they have the courage to ask if the face mask increases the chance of contracting COVID-19 or delays overall resolution of the pandemic?


The members of this committee went to the schools that they attended, chose the schools that they attended in order to advance up the ranks of the empire.

You don’t advance by upsetting the apple cart.

You don’t go to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Johns Hopkins to upend the apple cart.

You go to these schools to run the apple cart.

Being the fly in the ointment doesn’t get you a ticket on Air Force One.

Being the fly in the ointment doesn’t get you invited to a state dinner.

Being the fly in the ointment doesn’t get you a future spot on a corporate board.

What does work is compliance.

And that is what we can expect from Joe Biden’s elite board of COVID-19 experts.

All aboard!


Archer Crosley, MD

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Happiness and Equality

Once there was an evil king. He was known as the Eagle King. He had a dark soul. All he cared about was power and gold.

He had all the gold in the world, but he wanted more.

He had all the power in the world, but it was not enough.

He wasn’t happy, and it bothered him that his subjects while poor were happy. So he sought out to steal their happiness.

Without that happiness he would die.

The king was a very devious and clever cat.

He operated in the shadows.

One day he hatched a plan.

He consulted his top advisers, nobles, and scientists.

After careful deliberation, he decided to intentionally inflict a pox upon his subjects.

The goal was to create fear in society.

People would naturally panic over the disease, he concluded.

The people will be clamoring for a solution, his advisers told him.

I will provide a solution, said the king. I will call for a general quarantine. I will shut down all businesses in the community, except for mine.

My business will be deemed essential.

When the other businesses shut down, I will pick up the slack by providing those services that were lost.

That will mean more money for you, and us, said his nobles.

They were licking their chops at increased revenues, for they were as greedy as the king.

So they went ahead and implemented their plan.

The people readily embraced it.

Sieg Heil, they screamed.

But there was one voice of dissension.

Who dares to speak against me, said the king.

I, the lowly knave, came the reply.

I don’t think you thought this out properly, said the knave.

Such a plan will ultimately hurt you. The people will figure it out in time and come to hate you. You will win in the short run but not the long run. Plus, you will make more money in taxes if you will only let the people enjoy some of the money.

We will continue to lie, said one of the advisers. And, it’s not their money we’re after, it’s their happiness.

We don’t want them having any, said the king.

But doesn’t that go against our traditions and our values of pursuing life, liberty and happiness, asked the knave.

We are changing the values and the traditions, said one of the advisers. What preceded will be no more.

We will program the people to not seek happiness, said another adviser. If people seek happiness, then inevitably one person will have more than another. This will be unacceptable in the new value system in which equality will be valued.

That’s right, said the king. And to help cement this equality we will have people put hoods over their heads because we don’t want one person to be more beautiful than another. That would entail inequality.

The hood will serve a double purpose, added a noble. Not only will it prevent inequality, it will help prevent transmission of the disease. We want to make sure that we keep the fear going as long as possible. We don’t want people all getting the disease at once because then they will become immune.

We want, added the king, for the people to be exposed to this disease for the rest of their lives.

We want them to live in fear.

Can this be done, asked the knave.

It most certainly can, said one of the scientists.

Because we have put people in quarantine, because we have asked them to wear hoods in the name of equality, we have cut down transmission of the disease. This will make the disease linger at a low level.

If ever we want to bring the number up in order to cause more fear, said another scientist, we will send our infected people into the community to mingle and spread the disease through common objects such as money.

By emphasizing the hood, said the king, we have taken people’s focus off washing their hands. It is the handwashing that is primarily responsible for preventing disease.

Won’t the people figure this out, asked the knave.

No, said the king. We have programmed them over the years to believe that we the royals and nobles are of superior intelligence and power. They will do exactly what we tell them to do.

It works every time, said an advisor. We have been lying for years. By the time they catch on, they are in their 60s and ready to die. The young people are too new to figure things out. The middle-age people are too occupied getting through the day.

Because we have weakened them by stealing much of their wealth they don’t have the strength or inclination to care, laughed one of the nobles.

That all sounds good, said the knave, but you have forgotten one thing.

Speak, said the king.

Without the pursuit of happiness, said the knave, without social interaction, what makes an individual uniquely human will die. Humanity will die. When humanity dies, you will die because you will have no more happiness to steal.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

A Nation at Risk

The lie of American democracy was on never better display than this past week during the presidential election.

Joe Biden won the election amongst charges of vote fraud.

These charges seem credible when you watch Joe Biden, well after Election Day, come back from amazing deficits to win states like Pennsylvania.

Joe Biden at one time was down by as much as 750,000 votes.

What is shocking (or not so shocking) is how effortlessly the American media glossed over the massive cheating that was taking place in Pennsylvania, Michigan and other key battleground states.

It was this if such cheating had never happened.

But it did happen.

Do these people in the media, I asked myself, really believe that the election was legitimate?

Or are they really good actors?

You have people all over the media complaining about being barred from polling locations in multiple states. You had an individual from Michigan speaking about a glitch in the voting software that caused a flip of 6,000 votes.

This software that contained that particular glitch was used in 47 other counties in Michigan. Apparently the same software had been used in 30 other states in the union.

in Michigan alone if you multiply 47 times 6,000, you arrive at 250,000 votes. Those are enough votes to flip an election. That warrants a closer look, not a glossing.

If that same software contains the same glitch in other states, that situation needs to be examined, not glossed over.

Ditto to the complaints that monitors were barred from entering polling locations.

A fraudulent election is a fraudulent election.

To gloss these infractions over is to strengthen a myth that Americans have been subjected to their entire lives, that we are not a banana republic and that our elections are clean, free, and fair.

How can we possibly criticize banana republics for rigging elections when ours are as well.

Well, we can’t.

We can’t because we are a banana republic.

Actually, we’ve been a banana republic officially now since 11/22/63 when John Kennedy was shot in Dallas, Texas.

In broad daylight.

The media glossed over that event – call it an unofficial election, or de-election – as well while blaming it on a lone gunman.


The cover-up of that event exposed the harsh reality of American politics which is that we do not live in a free and open democratic republic in which the people choose their leaders, but a brutal fascist dictatorship in which hidden elements within the political class choose our leaders for us.

That harsh reality has been exposed again despite the media‘s best attempt to cover it up.

We are a nation of lies.

We are nation in denial.

We are a nation at risk.

We cannot survive these lies.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Biden or Bigger Game?

What do the elites really want out of this election?

The election of Joe Biden?

I am not so sure.

I have spoken before that Corporate America controls both candidates, Trump and Biden.

If they do, and they want Biden to be the winner, why not just do it and be done with it?

Why not get it over with?

Why the delay in the vote count?

A delay doesn’t make any sense. A delay only gives the opposition time to mount a response.

If you are Corporate America and you’re rigging the vote for Biden, you want to get those votes in and done by the day after the election.

Case closed.

What’s taking so long?

What’s taking so long is that it might just be that Corporate America has a different agenda for this election.

Maybe Corporate America is shooting for bigger game.

And maybe, just maybe, Corporate America isn’t going to be satisfied with electing Joe Biden as President, especially when there are so many conservatives out there who can resist him.

The election of Joe Biden would be chicken feed to the elites.

That’s right, Archer, I say to myself. Now you’re thinking.

It makes much more sense that Corporate America desires a constitutional crisis when it comes to deciding who will win the election.

It’s just a theory, nothing I can prove.

It’s a hunch.

Suppose there is a crisis, a Constitutional crisis, and then someone puts forth the notion of empaneling a Constitutional Convention to resolve it.

This would be a dangerous undertaking.

In a Constitutional Convention, everything might be on the table despite people’s reassurances that it can’t be.

If everything were on the table, a Constitution that has served us well for over 250 years would be in jeopardy.

In one fell swoop, many of our freedoms and protections could be eliminated.

Gone would be the right of free speech, the right to bear arms, the right of due process, the right to personal protection of our papers from unwarranted search and seizure, and many others.

Would we be willing to take that risk?

I am not.

For that reason, if push comes to shove, it’s better for Trump to leave the presidency peacefully.

The guy was not all that anyway.

I wouldn’t be willing to risk the Constitution to save his ass.

Forget about the election fraud.

Yes, fraud was committed.

In my mind undoubtedly.

But who enable the fraud!

None other than Donald Trump.

Ultimately, he bears responsibility for the fiasco that our 2020 election has become.

A good leader spots problems before they begin.

A good leader prevents problems.

As President, he should have placed this problem that mail-in voting presents first on the agenda and then convened an informal commission to set firm rules on the voting.

Donald Trump failed.

Or he was told to fail.

Either way is an indictment of him and his presidency.

Kick the bum out.

And be quick about it.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Forgetting the Election

I went to bed last night not caring who won the election.

I woke up a few hours later still not caring, but less so because I couldn’t pee.

Now, I’ve been having this problem often on for 3 to 6 months, maybe 12 months, who can remember, but I had learned that if I just hung in there and walked around the house for a few minutes that the urine would flow.

But it didn’t.

So, with nothing else better to do I took some documents from my house over to the office to do some early morning scanning.

Ahh, there’s nothing like scanning documents into a Fujitsu scanner to get your urine flow going.

But the urine was not forthcoming.


You know, I knew this day was coming sooner or later. I’m 65 now, no spring chicken, and so it was about time that my prostate started getting too big to not fail.

But, you know, you always figure that if you ignore the problem that it might go away.

Well, the time had come to pay the piper.

So, around 4 AM I returned to my house, picked up my Medicare card, and drove myself over to the hospital.

I walked through Checkpoint Charlie where they issued me a mask, then strode confidently into the registration area like I owned the place.

What’s going on, they asked.

I can’t urinate, I replied. I think I need somebody to cath me.

They took me in right away and measured my vitals. My blood pressure was high, 200 and some over 108.

Most likely that was a reflection of the discomfort I was in.

I was dying to take a piss.

After escorting me to my bay, the doctor came in and was very nice. I told him what was going on, and he agreed that I probably needed a cath.

Have you ever had one, he asked.

No, I said, but I knew this day was coming. And I know it can’t feel too good.

He told me that they would try to make it comfortable for me.

A short while later an orderly, well, we used to call him orderlies, appeared and asked me if I knew what was going to happen.

I said, yes, I used to do this when I was about your age back in the day. I used to help the urologists when I worked in the emergency room.

He told me what it would feel like, and I told him, well, I’m a connoisseur of pain. This will be just another type of pain that I have experienced in my life.

And with that, he put the catheter in.

I must say, it wasn’t an unpleasant experience. It was certainly nothing like the pain I had when I ripped my paraspinous muscles. Nor, was it like the pain when I broke my right fibula, or when I had a bilateral hernia operation.

It was even less than a migraine.

Maybe I was so relieved to get that urine out of my friggin bladder.

The tech told me that his record for draining a bladder was 1500 ML’s.

I think it’s fair to say that I smashed that record. He drained 1700 ML’s out of me.

It was actually a sublime experience, not only because he relieved my pain, but because for one hour I didn’t think once about the presidential election.

I couldn’t have cared less.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump were not part of my consciousness.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved


Do you know why the king is able to control you?

He does it through credentials.

Credentials make mortal men into demigods to whom you will readily submit.

Of course, many of the credentials are phony. They are not degrees earned, but arbitrary awards bestowed.

Nobel prizes, Peabody awards, Pulitzer prizes, Academy awards, assignments to blue ribbon panels and committees are but a few.

The granddaddy of all is the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

They all run antithetical to Christianity and the philosophy of Jesus Christ who, as you may recall, renounced a crown. Additionally, Jesus accepted no awards from Caesar.

The king gives phony awards to people who go along with his corrupt program.

The receiving of the award further conditions people into going along with the king’s program.

That’s why you believe Dr. Fauci.

Dr. Fauci has plenty of awards.

It might be fair to say that Dr. Fauci has a separate house filled with awards.

Some of these awards aren’t even awards.

For example, the media, which not surprisingly belongs to the king, regularly refers to Dr. Fauci as the nation’s top infectious disease expert.

There’s no basis for this, of course.

There was never any contest to decide this.

I’ve never heard one doctor in Pediatrics refer to Dr. Fauci in this manner.

But there he is.

He’s received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

You see him regularly on television, which is another type of award.

You don’t appear on television regularly unless the king says so.

The king controls everything.

The king controls all perks and all awards.

These awards exist to program you.

The human mind is such that it will not except a mortal as a truth teller.

Human beings seek immortality through demigods.

Dr. Fauci is a demigod. He can say whatever he wants no matter how stupid it is, and you will believe it.

You will believe it because you’re too exhausted.

The king has kept you a little weak so that you won’t have the time or inclination to think.

You just want to get through the day.

Well, you will get through that day, and at the end of that day you will be a serf.

There is no need to worry; the king will throw you a dog treat for your obedience.

This will condition you to keep going along with the program.

It’s not magic; it’s science.

The king has thoroughly analyzed human psychology, and he knows you like the back of his hand.

He knows why you need demigods.

He knows why you will not accept the advice of mortals.

As a mortal human being who will die, you seek to extend your presence through time and space; you have a secret desire to be immortal.

The demigod, you believe, is that conduit to immortality.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Jokes or Results

Just tonight Laura Ingram talked about the fun factor in voting for Trump.

She stated that people were ready to have fun again and that Donald Trump was a fun candidate.

I never looked at the presidency that way.

But I suppose she’s right. Trump will give us a lot of fun.

So if he’s elected, and you voted for him, you’re going to get a lot of fun.

It will be four years of zingers, insults, one-liners.

It will be a grand old time.

There will be lots of yucks.

How about a boring candidate though. How about somebody who doesn’t tell jokes?

How about somebody who doesn’t insult people?

How about a person who calmly works behind the scenes to produce substantive policy that will make your life better.

Isn’t it the job of the president to do just that?

Can you have both?

Can you have a president who tells jokes and delivers substantive policy?

Can you have your cake and eat it too?

I’ve never seen it.

Generally substance plus style equals unity.

The more time you spend on style, the less time you have for substance, and visa versa.

Trump is flashy and funny but does he produce results.

I’m not seeing it.

I don’t see one major piece of substantive legislation that he has put forth on the domestic or the foreign front.

Where was the comprehensive reform in healthcare to give us a decentralized competitive market place geared toward providing affordable healthcare to all?


Where was the intelligent reform in our foreign policy to transform America from an international bully to a constructive partner with nations in Africa and Asia?


Where was the bold initiative to confront the growing power of Palo Alto and its increasing threat upon our First Amendment rights?


Where was the initiative to confront Corporate America’s runaway greed machine, a machine that outsourced jobs from the black community, a machine that uses young black men as raw material for its corporate prison factory?


Where was the push environmentally to move us away from nuclear power and plastic? The tragedy at Fukushima should have prompted such. The Sargasso Sea of trash in the Pacific ocean should have prompted such. There are new technologies out there that needed a push from the man in charge. So where was Trump?


Donald Trump was too busy holding political rallies where he can tell jokes.

I don’t want a comedian.

I want a very boring person who doesn’t tell any jokes.

I don’t want fun.

I want results.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Lincoln and Trump

Donald Trump and Abraham Lincoln spoken in the same sentence is not something I’m accustomed to hearing.

Such is politics that people will say anything to get their man elected.

In the past few days assorted writers have stressed the similarities between Trump and Lincoln.

This is stunning.

Trump is a disgrace to the spiritual father of the Republican Party.

Abraham Lincoln is the lens through which all issues should be filtered.

One absolutely should ask what Daddy Abe would think before being so foolish as to take a public position.

Oh well, let’s get to it and make the comparison.

Abraham Lincoln lifted himself up by his bootstraps. He was born in a log cabin without light and was hardly a member of the upper class.

Trump was born on Park Avenue.

Abraham Lincoln could read.

Trump probably can but doesn’t.

Abraham Lincoln wrote thoughtfully and concisely never better exemplified than in the Gettysburg address.

Trump can babble half-sentences.

Lincoln struggled to find the right words to say.

Trump has two adjectives, tremendous and amazing.

Lincoln understood that a leader must take guff from subordinates. When Lincoln showed up at McClellan’s house one night, McClellan kept him waiting and then went to bed without seeing him. Lincoln held his tongue.

Trump has a thin skin and flies off the handle at anyone who dares to criticize him.

Lincoln fought a war because the war found him. Having no desire to fight a Civil War, he would have prevented it if he could have.

Trump thirsts for confrontations.

Lincoln was humble.

Trump boasts.

Lincoln took an active role in the Civil War; he traveled in harm’s way to the front in order to visit Grant.

Trump takes no leadership role. He hides in the Oval Office and eats cheeseburgers.

Lincoln had a plan for winning the Civil War.

Trump has no plans.

Lincoln was quiet.

Trump is loud.

Lincoln was an autodidact who devoured books in his thirst for knowledge.

Trump watches himself on television.

At a Lincoln rally, citizens listened patiently as Lincoln intelligently presented his well-reasoned argument.

At a Trump rally, people chant “lock her up” after Trump pitches a zinger.

There is no equality at all between Abraham Lincoln and Donald Trump.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved