Another Attempt

Let’s try to explain herd immunity in another way. Let’s also try to explain the rationale behind encouraging children to mingle and attend school.

Suppose a gang of several thousand Nazis stormed the beaches of Texas and began killing everyone in their way with Bushmasters.

You would be alarmed.

What would you do?

Probably you would take cover to assess the situation while making observations.

Suppose you noticed, while under cover, that these Nazis were not killing many people under 30 years of age.

Further suppose that not only were the Nazis not killing many people under 30 years of age, the Nazis had difficulty seeing people under 30 years of age.

Suppose that people under 30 years of age for the most part could walk amongst the Nazis untouched and unseen.

What would you then do?


Now, you see.

It’s a war out there, and you have to use every tool in your disposal to defeat that enemy.

There’s no difference between a gang of Nazis storming the Texas beaches and the coronavirus.

We can use young people as weapons against the coronavirus precisely because they will not die except in extremely minuscule numbers.

In this case the young people will act as shields to protect the rest of us. This will give us the time to figure out a better game plan.

This is reality. It’s called survival of the species.

We’ve been spoiled for generations because we have not had to confront reality. We have not had to make tough choices.

People with noble intentions will say: “If we can prevent the death of even one child it will have been worth locking them up in their homes.”

These well-meaning thespians will cost the lives of more children.

By not tackling the coronavirus head-on we give it more life.

Time is everything, and this coronavirus has all the time in the world.

Like Nazis, it’s not going away.

By not tackling Nazis head-on where they are weak we give them more life.

A military commander must be bold. He must seize the day.

Carpe diem.

Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Dump the Trump

It is better to be a focused minority party with leaders who are committed to the principles of the party then it is to be an unfocused majority party whose leaders are not committed to the principles of the party.

Is Donald Trump a committed conservative?

Not in my book.

First, let’s define a conservative.

A conservative is one who wishes to conserve constitutional principles that are embodied, surprisingly enough, in the Constitution knowing full well that the Founding Fathers imbued their religion and philosophies into that Constitution.

Implicit in this statement is that the Founding Fathers were unusually gifted individuals who have earned the right to be the spiritual fathers of our Constitution, its expression and its interpretation.

In other words, the wisdom, the philosophy and the attitudes of the Founding Fathers counts – a lot.

Intent counts also.

What did the Founding Fathers intend? What was their overall goal in writing this constitution?

What they sought was the limitation of powers of the federal government and the protection of individual rights.

They sought to avoid tyranny in any form, be it a king, a dictator, or a committee.

They embodied this intent in the Bill of Rights, the most important part of our Constitution.

The Bill of Rights are what we argue about. They embody what is closest to our heart

The Bill of Rights are the crown jewels of the United States of America. They are the sine qua non of our nation.

Take away the Bill of Rights and we have no nation.

It is therefore the prime responsibility of any conservative to defend the Bill of Rights.

This is how we best fight tyranny.

Tyranny is not out there across the sea; it’s here within the dark heart of man.

Tyranny is not in China or Russia; it’s right here in America in the dark heart of Palo Alto and Wall Street.

While the media and our so-called leaders obsess over China, unenlightened tyrants here in America enslave us with nutty junk science in the form of face masks, lockdowns, and prohibited speech.

Do we have a president in Donald Trump who defends the Bill of Rights?

No, we do not.

Where was the President when Alex Jones was removed from all major internet media platforms?

Where was the President when Julian Assange was sequestered away in a British prison ostensibly to be delivered to the US to stand trial?

Where was the President when people’s personal property was being destroyed by rioters?

Where was the President when people were forced to live inside their homes for months on end?

Where was the President when people were compelled to wear a face mask in order to enter a public building?

Where was the President when people’s right to freely associate was denied?

The President was absent.

The President was absent because he doesn’t understand where America gains its strength. The President principally wants to be President. Or he misguidingly equates military strength with moral strength.

Sadly he’s not the only one to equate a six-hundred ship navy with true strength.

Many other so-called conservatives and conservative leaders believe this also; and because they do, they’ll sell the Bill of Rights and the Constitution down the river in order to achieve it.

Obviously this type of thinking must be reversed.

We can begin by getting rid of its so-called conservative leader, Donald Trump.

He’s no conservative.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

You’re Addicted

Why do people like Donald Trump?

Is it because he gets things done?

Well, to be factual, he doesn’t get things done. But people think he gets things done, and there in lies the reason why they like him.

His admirers love him because he looks like a guy who gets things done.

Secretly his followers wish for an equalizer, a person who can come in, kick ass, drain the swamp, kill all the bad guys and make America right again.

Good luck with that.

There’s a basic human desire and need to see justice done. Because we live in a world that’s unfair, we have an inner desire to rectify that unfairness.

Trump satisfies that need much as Edward Woodward satisfied that need in the show The Equalizer, much as Charles Bronson satisfied that need in Death Wish.

Uncompromising men who shoot from the hip are attractive, seldom effective – except in the movies.

When times are bleak, when things get out of hand, there is an even greater need for this type of streetside justice. The need for a man like Donald Trump grows stronger.

Not to worry; Trump never fails to deliver.

But is Trump the solution to this chaos, or is he the cause of this chaos?

Well, he certainly isn’t the solution.

He may not be the cause, but his actions don’t do much good.

Indeed, his ineffective, shoot from the hip bravado exacerbates the problem. Because he does not ask questions, primarily because he has no desire to ask the right questions, the solution does not even begin.

It is an axiom in life that the more high-quality questions you can ask yourself about a particular problem, the greater chance you have of achieving an effective solution.

But people apparently don’t care. They have their narcotic in Trump; and Trump, the drug, will soothe the pain for another day.

And isn’t this what we see in Donald Trump? His shtick and show is nothing more than one endless series of laughable, outrageous events.

Every new day is an adventure. Yesterday he was calling fallen war heroes losers, today he’s firing an Obama look-alike from within the Oval Office.

In that respect Trump is not much different than Cardi-B, another Hollywood entertainer.

The goal here is to distract you, to tease you, to keep you entranced and pacified inside a soothing opiate dreamworld.

The sad part is that America is not one step closer to solving its essential problems than it was on the day he took office.


Archer Crosley MD

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Polarizing Sham

So I heard the other night on television that this was the most polarizing election we’ve ever had.

I’m pretty sure it was Sean Hannity who said that the choices couldn’t be more clear.

Is that a fact?

In what way is this election polarizing?

Both Democrats and Republicans are all on board the global killing machine. Whether it’s Bush, Obama, or Trump, they all love war. I don’t see any polarization there.

How about Internet tyranny by media giants like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Apple? Nope, there’s no polarization there either. Both parties couldn’t care less what these Internet giants do. They don’t care whose rights they trample on. Did anyone speak up when Alex Jones was banned from all the media giants on one day? Did Trump say anything? No.

Too big to fail? Wrong again. Both parties are in solid agreement that corporations should get bigger and bigger and bigger. Your Founding Fathers didn’t feel that way.

Healthcare? Nada. No splitsville there. Both parties silently do nothing to address rising insurance premiums and oppressive bureaucracy. Say, where is the competitive market place that the Republicans were barking about for the eight years when Obama was president?

Okay, how about Julian Assange? Is that not a big deal for you? Well, maybe it should be. If Julian Assange is presumably going to be extradited to the United States, wouldn’t he enjoy all the protections that the Bill of Rights provides him even though he’s Australian? I think so. Well, what do our illustrious candidates say about the sixth amendment? Do they even know what the sixth amendment is? Do they care? Do they care about a person receiving a speedy trial? Apparently not, so there’s no polarization there.

Alrighty, maybe that last point was a little esoteric. Let’s talk about immigration. Although it might appear that this issue might have some polarization because one party is for the wall and another party is against the wall, there really isn’t any polarization at all because both parties embrace an immigration policy that’s brain-dead. A proper immigration policy would involve giving the people of Central America a stake in the game. Since that’s obviously out in our two pro-exploitation corporate parties, let’s chalk up another goose egg for polarization.

Let’s see, let’s see, there’s got to be something out there. How about the old standby issues of abortion and transgender bathroom rights? Ya, that’s sounds pretty good. Well, actually, those issues are ploys and tricks that the elites and the two political parties put forward to rope you into participating in their scripted pro wrestling match.

Those social issues exist to con you into thinking that your vote really counts when as you can see it doesn’t.

I take that back; your vote does count. Every time you vote in their sham election, you give legitimacy to that sham election.

It is a sham because there is no difference between the two political parties. Your country is run by the Corporate Party, no different than the Communist Party in China. They are both totalitarian unipolar states convincing you that you have real freedom and choice.

You don’t.

There is no choice. There are no polarizing issues. When the elections over it’ll be back to business as usual.

You will have been suckered again.


Archer Crosley, MD

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

AI and Self-Driving Cars

People want to know why self driving cars cannot work, so I am going to try and tell you why.

But I am not going to solely use arguments that I have used in the past which center around the inability of a program or a computer to figure out every contingency that can arise.

First, does a program of artificial intelligence have free will? This is important to ask because human beings do have free will.  If the program of artificial intelligence does not have free will, then the program will always be one step behind the human being who will always possess the free will to step outside the program.

Mathematically no set can have itself as a member; one can never get above one’s self; a dog can not catch its tail, blah, blah, blah.

If the artificial intelligence program does have free will, then the program has the free will to destroy the human being who is riding inside the car.

Both conditions result in an acceptable outcomes for the human being.

In both cases the human being is handing over the security of his or her life to a machine. If the machine were only making non-life-threatening decisions there would be no consequence, but the machine is making life-threatening decisions. The human being is traveling down the road at 60 miles per hour inside a 3,000 pound vehicle.

Will the artificial intelligence program be able to make value judgments?

For example, human beings are taught not to swerve if there is a small animal in the road.   Suppose the small animal is instead a small child.  Let us shakily assume that the program will be able to make the distinction.  Will the car swerve?

Suppose, to the side of the vehicle are two old men.  What will the program do then?  Will the program swerve and save the young child? Or will the program not swerve by making a cold calculation that one person dead is better than two people dead? 

Suppose the men are in their 80s.  Will the program calculate their estimated usefulness to society before swerving or not swerving into them?  What if they are in their 50s? 

Suppose the two old men to the side have machine guns and are shooting at cars as they go by?  What then?  Will that factor into the program’s decision to swerve?

Suppose those cars at whom the old men are shooting have ISIS flags plus passengers who are shooting randomly at people including the two old men on the side of the road who are only defending themselves. What will the program then do?

Now suppose the driver of the original car is a member of ISIS?  Now suppose that he or she isn’t.

Will the program have the experience biologically and culturally to make distinctions that are relevant?

Given that the program will be built into the car and not the driver, will the program be relevant to the driver and his or her values?

Who will decide the values of the vehicle?  As it stands now, an automobile is value neutral.

For artificial intelligence to work on a massive scale, information must be shared between vehicles.  

That is the point of one form of artificial intelligence: to take an infinite number of encounters and share them so as to prevent mistakes.

Yet if the intelligence of the vehicle is tied into the values of the individual, then what good is sharing the information?  Such information would not only be useless but potentially counterproductive to the individual.

The vehicle would have to be able to read the experience, values, mind and mood of the individual.  That individual’s desires may change from day to day depending upon an infinite number of variables – mood, music, weather, bodily pain, life events.

Do I really need to go any further?

Conclusion:  Artificial intelligence employed for the purpose of controlling the entire driving experience in an open system is inherently flawed and dangerous. The flaws are not remediable.  Hence artificial intelligence should be employed in vehicles as an adjunctive tool to prevent driving mistakes.



Archer Crosley, MD

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

A Precious Thing

A vote is a precious thing.

Now, you may not think so because you have been deceived these many years into voting for the lesser of two evils.

A vote is a precious thing because you are selecting a person who will set the nation’s agenda, an agenda that will affect you, your children and grandchildren.

What kind of country do you wish to have?

Will you have a country that’s focused on God and treating your fellow man properly, or will you have a country that’s focused on greed and personal glory?

The President of the United States enjoys the unique ability to set the agenda for the nation simply by choosing what he or she speaks about.

Have any of these candidates in recent years spoken to the substantive root causes of the problems of our nation?

Or have they given us one-liners, snappy retorts, slogans and temporary fixes to stanch the bleeding?

If we are going to fix the affairs of the nation, would you agree that we’re going to need deeper thinking than what we are getting?

Are there any candidates that provide that or are willing to provide that?

When you vote for the lesser of two evils, which these days is usually a candidate who does not or will not provide substantive thought, aren’t you really saying that mediocre is okay?

Well, is mediocre okay?

Beyond that, have any of these candidates earned your vote?

As I say, a vote is a precious thing. That you do not realize such does not make it any less precious.

You have been deceived these many years into voting for the lesser of two evils. You have been deceived into voting for mediocrity.

A vote for the sake of voting is a vote for mediocrity.

Can you really say that you are a good citizen by voting for mediocrity?

It’s Important to ask because the powers that be have convinced you that you are not a good citizen if you do not vote.

I disagree.

When you choose not to vote for the lesser of two evils, you are voting against mediocrity.

You are saying to the leaders that your vote must be earned.

By not voting for mediocrity, you are casting a vote for quality.

Instead of you downgrading your game, let the politicians upgrade their game.

Let them find you.


Archer Crosley MD


A Prayer

Dear Lord,

This coronavirus has been really tough for me. Of course, I don’t have the coronavirus; I’m not talking about the disease.

I’m talking about the mental aspects of isolation. I am not totally isolated, but I feel isolated nonetheless.

I didn’t think I would feel this way, but I do.

It’s driving me crazy.

My only consolation is the Bible. It’s the only thing that gives me any comfort.

Why did our leaders do this to us?

Do they really hate us this much? They must.

Clearly our leaders are not human anymore. If they were, they would feel the same pain we are feeling.

I write letters to our leaders, but it seems as if they don’t hear anything I’m saying.

I don’t think I’m a crazy guy. I don’t think I’m saying crazy things.

Something is desperately wrong.

How is it that our leaders can smile and speak slogans while all of this is going on.

There are clear oddities around us.

I can see that things don’t add up.

Why do I see this, but they do not?

I am truly mystified.

They seem desensitized to the pain that others are undergoing.

I know it sounds like a sin for me to ask you to vanquish our enemies, but I noticed that King David asked you to do the same many thousands of years ago.

So it seems like it might be appropriate for me to ask a favor of you. Of course, I will leave it to your discretion.

Crush Bill Gates and the evil people from Palo Alto, Lord. They have sought to destroy us.

They have more than enough of the riches in the world, and yet it is not enough.

They sought to take the few crumbs we had.

Yes, it is true that we never liked Bill Gates, but we were willing to leave him alone as long as he left us alone.

We never liked the media adulation that he received, and we always knew that he was a pretender to the throne; but as long as we had our businesses and our occupations, we were content to put up with him, his media sycophants, and his foolish pronouncements.

Think Week comes to mind.

But then he broke the covenant.

When it comes to healthcare, there is an unwritten covenant.

Doctors agree to sacrifice many years to becoming proficient in their profession, and the government agrees to leave us alone.

Yes, it’s true, the Deity began to break the covenant back in 2008 with regulations, but for the most part he left us alone economically.

Now comes this overrated dunce from Redmond, a poorly educated man who thinks he is a smart man, and he has broken the covenant.

He has stripped us of our income.

Yes, we know what his goal is. We know what the goal of his allies are. We know that they are angling to institute a National Health Service.

We know that he is attempting to do this through remote learning which will achieve his ends by preventing children from interacting each other. If children are not interacting with each other, they cannot possibly get sick. If they cannot get sick there is no need for the doctor.

While this may seem to be a good idea, it is not because man is a social animal. If man is not interacting socially he is not developing properly. This will produce tremendous psychological damage down the line.

But Bill Gates will not care. He wants dysfunctional people to fight in Corporate America’s wars. That is the purpose of the facemask. That is the purpose of the indoctrination through remote learning. That is the purpose of the de-socialization that results from remote learning. The purpose is to create more efficient killing machines for Corporate America in its useless wars.

Bill Gates is currently one of the principals of the Third Reich. He loves dysfunctional behavior, and he loves war.

He believes high school to be obsolete.

Destroying young minds works with destroying a healthy healthcare system to produce a more efficient killing machine.. In his National Health Service model, the healthcare providers will be obedient puppets to the Third Reich. They will conduct all the evil experiments that the Third Reich desires. No one will disobey lest they lose their healthcare.

Of course he could have not included doctors in his plan. He knew many would not go along, and then the cat would be out of the bag.

He broke the covenant, and a covenant is a covenant.

He and his cronies have conducted this coronavirus fear in order to destroy private practice in the United States.

This is an immoral act. The act is more immoral because of what he wants to use this National Health Service for.

It is for this reason that I ask you Lord to crush Bill Gates, to destroy him, to annihilate him, to vanquish his existence from the planet.

I ask you to do the same for his like-minded friends. That would include Donald Trump, Anthony Fauci, Charles Schumer, Mitch McConnell and all the smiling members of the ruling elite.

Destroy them as you see fit, Lord.


Dangerous Man

There is unequivocally no one of greater danger to the nation than Anthony Fauci.

No one has harmed America more in the past year than this man.

He is a menace to the community. He must be stopped.

He is not only America’s Foul Shot Brickthrower, he is also a war criminal.

His criminality took new heights yesterday when he suggested that clinical trials for the proposed coronavirus vaccine could be stopped if the vaccine was shown to be safe and effective.


No responsible physician or scientist would or could possibly make that statement.

That he did make that statement is an indictment of him and his existence. His license should be stripped immediately.

He is an irresponsible man.

The Moderna Phase III clinical trials only began one month ago.

Not enough time has passed to demonstrate whether the vaccine is safe or not. More time is needed.

Not only is more time needed, a larger study is needed to establish the safety of the vaccine more thoroughly.

The Moderna Phase III study includes 15,000 patients who currently have received the vaccine. A phase IV study should include 150,000 patients who would receive the vaccine.

Dr. Fauci is truly an amazing man. His rush to implementing a vaccine is startling and incomprehensible.

Is he arrogant?

Or is he selling us a broken down used car?

Either way, Americans should be concerned.


Archer Crosley, MD

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Third Reich is Alive

I used to think that we lived in the Fourth Reich.

I don’t think that anymore.

I don’t think the Third Reich died at all. I think it only moved over to the United States of America.

Nazi sympathizers, and there were many among our ruling elite during the 1930s, were only too happy to bring over German scientists after the war was over.

It was called Operation Paperclip.

Our elites not only brought over scientists, they co-opted the German intelligence services. They accomplished that with the Gehlen organization.

Actually, Reinhard Gehlen came to them. It was much better to be working for the Americans than to be executed by the Soviets.

We used Gehlen and his merry men to spy on the Soviet Union once the war was over.

Fighting the cold war cost the American people billions. Why be friends when you can make money off war?

Our elites love war.

And they loved Nazis as well.

Why not? Nazis loved war; and so did our elites who had been secretly financing them.

Sure, and Anthony Sutton will tell you all want to know about Wall Street and Hitler’s rise to power.

It was a match made in heaven. And if you’ll notice, that’s all we’ve been doing for the last 70 years – fighting wars.

If it’s not a physical war, and there have been many of them, then it’s an abstract war. There are the wars against poverty, crime, drug use, hate, literacy, misogyny. There is no shortage of war.

Now, we have the war against the coronavirus which is again costing us trillions.

Who’s paying for that war? Who’s profiting off that war?

Not surprisingly this is a war that Hitler would be proud of.

No matter how you slice it, this coronavirus was most likely a bio-weapon. Even if we accept the absurd notion that a bat transferred genetic material to an intermediary animal which then transferred it to us, who’s to say that this transfer didn’t occur within a biosphere controlled by the disciples of the crazy scientists from the Third Reich?

Do you think that’s far-fetched?

Think again. Our Nazi-sympathizing leaders have never found an immoral project that they did not fall in love with.

They used to just inject drugs into people in order to split their personality. That would be the MKUltra program.

How quaint.

Now, they are conducting dangerous and inmoral experiments with the genetic code that Joseph Mengele would drool over.

They will kill us all if they continue.

And we produced these people.

We produced these people by going along with our leaders when they imported these crazy German scientists into the United States.

The defeat of Nazi Germany was not just a defeat of the German army; it was a defeat of their ideology and their way of thinking.

The Nazis wanted to perfect the human race. They were eugenicists. They disposed of people they felt were imperfect. They conducted immoral experiments on Jews to gain knowledge that would presumably help them kill even more people in their quest to perfect the master race.

A question was asked by Jews many years ago as to whether humanity should use the knowledge that was gained by experimenting on Jews in the concentration camps. One side said yes, another side said no.

Because process is important, I say no.

Would Jesus agree?


Jesus, a Jew who probably didn’t know he was a Christian, suggested that if the seed was bad so would be the fruit.

Our leaders on the other hand, who use Jesus as a campaign tool, say yes. And because they did say yes, this is the world we live in today.

Our leaders believe in eugenics; they believe in euthanasia; they believe in abortion; they believe in experimenting with the genetic code to make bio-weapons.

But our leaders wrongheadedness goes well beyond that. They embrace the German way of treating people as numbers by grading people, by giving them scores, and then attaching worthiness to live upon that score.

Thus if you score a higher GPA and a higher SAT, you are a more worthy person. You are more entitled to live.

It is this mentality that has resulted in the stratification of wealth and power in our society. We now have elites who treat us like garbage, make decisions for us, and move us around like chess pieces.

Control is paramount.

They do not exist to serve us; we exist to serve them; and therein lies the essence and the reason for being of the Third Reich and all totalitarian states.


Archer Crosley, MD

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Fragile Unhealthy World

We are living inside a bad dream. This world is not happening. This world cannot be happening.

The world has gone unhealthy.

We have the coronavirus. We have hundreds of thousands of deaths. We have Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci.

Let’s not forget the hysterical governor of New York – the canary in the coal mine.

Businesses have collapsed. The economy is destroyed worldwide.

Restaurants may never recover.

At the same time that the economy is being destroyed on Main Street, the bozos at CNBC are whooping it up with every new stock market high.

Did I forget the George Floyd riots? Did I forget the Kenosha riots?

Hey, baby, we’re not even talking about Donald Trump.

But now, comes the most bizarre act of all.

Comes a comedian named Elon Musk with his Neuralink demonstration.

He’s fun to watch, but I was ready for some serious science.

He shows up with three pigs. One of them has a brain implant. As the pig moves its snout around the pen, we hear a series of beeps. It sounds like a Geiger counter.

Then Elon, with a straight face, shows us the implant up close. The movie, Alien, comes to mind. The device looks like a cross between a battery and a squid.

The audience of masked zombies nod as if this is the new normal.

Even scarier is the device that is going to implant this thing into our heads.

Will we will sit in this contraption in an upright position?

It looks like a giant milkshake mixer with a spike.

Elon, sans mask, assures us not to worry, that the operation will be over within an hour or so. Then we will be able to go home.

Umm, will there be a neurosurgeon?

Shouldn’t there be a neurosurgeon?


Is anyone there?

This computerized device will implant a control chip and battery near the vertex of our skull and then snake these “wires” into specific neurons somewhere in the deepest recesses of our brain.

This is Elon‘s vision for the future.

As I’m watching this, I’m thinking to myself: What is the purpose of this implant? What does it hope to achieve?

One of the guest automatons in the audience asks a similar question.

Elon gives a pretty good answer. He says that this could be used for people with spinal cord injuries. A person could think a thought, a neuron would be activated, and this would send a signal to another device that would be located on the spine. This device located on the spine would then be hooked up to a nerve ending that would control a muscle.

This technology would then act as a neural bridge.

It sounds like a workable idea if you were living in a nightmare which we are.

But how about a healthy world?

In a healthy world we might want to ask some questions.

In the world where people wear facemasks on government whim, asking questions might be a dangerous undertaking.

One obvious question might be why the person would have to think the thought. Why couldn’t the person just activate the sequence by saying: Move right leg?

Shouldn’t we get that down first before we implant stuff into the brain?

Other questions might be: Where are you going to do this operation? And who’s going to supervise it? Who will handle the complications?

Since we aren’t pigs, what are the complications? Will there be an increased risk of seizures? Will we be doing more harm than good?

Don’t neurosurgeons have enough on their hands with VP shunts?

Since you, Elon, brought up the example of a neural bridge for people with spinal cord injuries, are there any animal studies to suggest that this might work?

Lastly but not least-ly, do we have any good theories as to where thought begins and resides?

Do we even know where and how memory resides. How about complex motor routines? If we don’t then are we wasting our time and money?

Maybe what we need is more basic science and less applied science.

Ah, but all is not lost.

While Elon’s stated vision may be far off, we do know that such a device could be used to deliver pain to an individual, especially one who does not conform.

And that notion does not seem fantastic or out of line with what we are experiencing today.

We are living in a bad dream, and Elon Musk is part of that bad dream. He, like Gates and the rest of the well-heeled utopians, is an overpaid billionaire who has too much time on his hands and not enough thought or experience in his mind.

If Musk, Gates and the rest go unchecked we will pay the price.

They’re unhealthy.


Archer Crosley, MD

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved