Hey, Jets! Aaron Rodgers? Measure Twice, Cut Once.

Are you a football fan?

Do you think Aaron Rodgers should go to the Jets?

Do you think the Jets should go after Aaron Rodgers?

The consensus amongst the delusional is that he should.

Obviously I do not agree.

Currently, Mike Greenberg and Rich Eisen are on pins and needles hoping that the Jets take Aaron Rodgers. That should tell you all you need to know that the Jets should not take Aaron Rodgers – at least not without thinking first.

I’m going to tell you why.

Teams that are always reaching for the brass ring never get the brass ring.

Just in case you are too young to know, the brass ring was what you reached for as you went around a merry-go-round. The goal was to reach out for the brass ring and grab it.

I have no doubt that Aaron Rodgers is a great quarterback.

He is a great quarterback.

He would help the Jets immensely.

The problem is that Aaron Rodgers is 39 years old.

The other problem may be whether Aaron Rodgers fits into the Jets long-term goal that will work for the Jets.

It’s not a matter of getting into the playoffs for one or two years.

What a team wants is a consistent identity that can prosecute a football program that will continually put them in a position to win for decades into the future.

To accomplish that, a team must first sit down and take a counter-intuitive approach to football.

The first thing that the Jets need to do is consult average New Yorkers, historians, sociologists, and ask them the following: What is the essence of a New Yorker?

What makes New York tick?

How do we define New York?

What are the hopes and aspirations of your average New Yorker?

What does he or she expect out of life?

What motivates the New Yorker?

What gives the New Yorker an erection?

What do you New Yorkers not like?

What are the values of a New Yorker?

What makes a New Yorker distinct?

Then, someone on the Jets needs to compile all this information and write a one page essay on the essence of a New Yorker.

Once that is done, the Jets then need to gather together their board of fathers who are responsible for the caretaking of the Jets.

These people would include former players, former coaches, and other prominent people who are emotionally tied to the New York area. It may even include sportscasters who cover the New York area.

These people then, from that one page essay, need to define the type of team that the Jets should have predicated upon that sociological context that was defined on that one page essay.

In other words, this board of fathers will ask what identity do we want the Jets to prosecute into the future for the next 20 years?

What kind of team do we want them to be?

Do we want a clever team?

Do we want a dirty team?

Do we want an intellectual team?

Do we want a rough and ready, beat the shit out of them team?

What will be our trademark?

What will be our brand?

Then someone on the Jets needs to write a one page essay based upon the discussions of this board of fathers.

This one page essay will be the guiding force of what kind of offense you’ll run, what kind of defense you’ll run, the types of coaches that you will hire, the types of players that you will employ.

The draft choices, and the trades that the Jets engage in will be predicated upon that one page essay.

And it will make drafting and trading so much easier. It will make them easier because you will be able to immediately see who fits into your sociological context and who does not.

After this is done, the general manager, his administrative staff, and the coaches who are to be selected must conform to this one page essay.

Everybody on the Jets team, including the front office, must buy into this identity. They must be coached into this identity.

It’s not just the players who must be coached. The coaches must be coached. The general manager must be coached. The general managers assistance must be coached.

All promotions must occur from within the organization.

The days are over when the California huckster rolls into town on his Conestoga wagon selling his pots and pans and liniments.

There will be no West Coast offense.

There will be no Tampa 2 defense.

What there will be is a Jets offense and a Jets defense that is 100% unique – uncopiable.

The players naturally will be totally indoctrinated into the Jets culture.

When this is accomplished, the Jets will be far better off than reaching for a brass ring that will never come.

Yes, the going will be a little bit slower in the beginning, but in time generous dividends will be received.

Now, it may very well come to pass that Aaron Rodgers does come to the Jets.

If so, let it be because you measured twice before cutting.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Heaven Help Us!

As I started reading this story, I was planning to post it on Facebook with my usual diatribe against Harvard University. I was going to caption it with:  Thank you, Harvard.  Or, Thank You, Leaders.  I held off because I figured readers of this post might get tired of me constantly haranguing against our phony leaders who come from the Ivy League.  As I neared the end of the article, I asked out loud:  Who is the mayor of this crazy city, Phoenix?  So I did a search and discovered her name:  Kate Gallego.   She’s a graduate of Harvard University She is also  a graduate of the phony Wharton School, a part of the University of Pennsylvania – founded by Benjamin Franklin whose policy of “Imitate Jesus” is inimical to Wharton School professors. 

Why should I have been surprised?  It states on her Wikipedia page that her husband is Ruben Gallego. I had no idea who he was, so I searched him. He is also a graduate of Harvard University.  Well, I thought, maybe Kate Gallego just got into office. Maybe she hasn’t had the time to make any changes. Not so. She came into power in 2019.  

This is going to be the future of our country unless people stop electing these Ivy League bozos. This is going to be the future of our country unless parents adamantly put their foot down and tell their children that under no circumstances will they attend Harvard or any Ivy League school.

Now, you would think Kate Gallego might be different; after all, her husband is Hispanic.  Maybe he opened her eyes as to what it’s like to be oppressed or downtrodden.  

Not a chance.

It has long been known that Ivy League attendees cease becoming sympathetic to their ethnic or racial group people when they attend these Ivy League institutions. What happens is that these attendees become indoctrinated and acculturated into the ruling class. After their schooling they have more in common with the wealthy elite than they do with the people from which they came.  Indeed that is the principal reason schools like Harvard seek minorities – Harvard’s desire not to represent the needs of minorities, but to control them.  White people, having been in the majority, long ago knew that they as white people were being sold down the river.  

Things are going to get worse. The unenlightened Michael Bloomberg, a Harvard graduate, has funded the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative. It’s a fellowship of sorts designed to teach prospective mayors of mid-sized cities like McAllen how to run a government.   Heaven help us!  What you are going to see are a flood of people coming back to local areas all around the country with a Harvard degree in their hand. The people who have been programmed into believing that Harvard represents the best and the brightest will vote for these bozos.  The final result will be calamity.

Harvard is a greedy school whose focus is on elitism and wealth accumulation. Harvard’s modus operandi and goals run directly against the American experiment which is rooted in egalitarianism -not elitism. Harvard basks in its elite status. When Harvard celebrated its 350th anniversary in 1986, Derek Bok, the big cheese at Harvard, invited Prince Charles as one of the event’s keynote speakers.  Prince Charles? I thought we fought a revolutionary war. Say, doesn’t revolutionary mean new ideas, not old ones.

Harvard brags about its Rhodes Scholars; yet Cecil Rhodes – an elitist, greedy Brit notable for oppressing the people of Africa – was a flaming bigot who believed in the superiority of the white race. The goal of the Rhodes Scholarship was to rope America back into the British Empire.  In that respect, Cecil Rhodes has succeeded wildly as America increasingly resembles 1850s Dickensian England.  Think Oliver Twist.  Is that the future you want?  

Count me out.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Asleep at the Wheel

I must admit that I was asleep at the wheel for most of my young adult life.

I don’t think I was stupid, although I most certainly was; it’s just that I was more focused on getting through college and medical school than in paying close attention to world affairs.

I remember watching the talking heads discuss issues on Sunday morning talk shows. The experts bandied out words and phrases such as detente and mutual assured destruction, but these terms were passing strangers in the night.

They were visitors who had stopped into the motel of my mind for the evening; they were there for a cup of coffee.

In the morning they were gone.

I was hopelessly naïve.

I actually believed that anyone could grow up to be President of the United States.

I believed in the Constitution of the United States.

I still do.

It’s too bad that our leaders do not.

For if they did, the people of United States might have a chance in this world.

They might actually have a say so in what goes on in their country.

But they do not.

Your country, my country, is not ruled by us.

It is ruled by an uncaring oligarchy – the Harvard Cartel.

Like Caligula of old, the Cartel cares principally for itself, its members, and their bank accounts.

They puff themselves up with meaningless awards while homelessness abounds in our inner cities. cities.

Many of you would like to know what will happen in the future.

Will we go to war in Ukraine?

Will the banking sector collapse?

Will the stock market boom?

What about cryptocurrency?

Will it collapse? Or will it soar?

What factors will determine what happens?

My jaded eyes, and my experience in life, has taught me this: Whatever happens will happen because the ruling elite, the Harvard Cartel, has decided that it will happen.

There is no way of predicting what they will do.

If they want us to go to war with Ukraine, it will happen.

If they don’t want us to go to war with Ukraine, it will not happen.

Likewise with the stock market and cryptocurrency.

If they want cryptocurrency to collapse, that is exactly what will happen

If they don’t want it to happen, then it won’t happen.

Yes, they have that kind of power.

Not only do they control the government, they control the minds of men.

Yes, yes, yes, I know, you are an intelligent person who has free will to make your own decisions.

Maybe you know many people who think like you, and you know for sure things that will happen.

I can assure you that you are in the minority. And, you are making a critical mistake by thinking that just because you think that it will happen that it will happen.

You’re wrong.

What happens will have nothing to do with what you think.

I don’t care if you have 30 million people on your side, what happens will happen because the ruling elite says it will happen.

They control the minds of men.

You may have thirty million people who think like you, but the ruling elite control the minds of hundreds of millions of people in the United States.

I don’t care if you have 100% of the truth on your side.

The ruling elite can promote a lie in the minds of hundreds of millions of people and defeat you with two hands behind their back.

It won’t even be a contest.

If the entire country seems to be against the war in Ukraine, our elite only need to create a false flag in which 25,000 Americans lose their lives at the hands of the Russians (of course), and you will have American intervention in Ukraine overnight.

If our ruling elite want the stock market to boom tomorrow, they can do it.

They can manufacture an artificial boom, and then use their media to promote that happy times are here again.

The masses will dutifully follow.

You won’t be able to do anything about that because you are a minnow, and they are a whale.

And whales tend to win.

You are along for the ride.

You are outnumbered.

But all is not lost. There are things that you can do.

You can choose to lead a moral life.

You can choose not to spend all your time on TikTok.

You can choose to devote more of your life to scholarship.

You can treat your friends and family with greater consideration.

You can choose not to eat corporate foods that make you obese.

You can lesson the amount of time that you permit mainstream media to lie to you.

You can begin voting for candidates who are regular people, who do not owe their livelihood to the Harvard Cartel.

You can write a letter to the pigs at Levi Strauss, and ask them why they are exploiting the people of Haiti, who only make five dollars a day – max.

You can choose to not send your children to Harvard university.

You can choose to donate $25 to a charity.

You can do many, many things that will make a difference in your life.

And making a difference in your life will ultimately impact what happens in Ukraine, what happens in the stock market.

One individual can change the world, but to do so you must focus on yourself.

Forget about these pricks in the government.

Forget about the press and the Harvard Cartel.

They don’t care about you at all.

You’re not going against Jesus by thinking such.

In fact, Jesus would approve of you walking away from the ruling class.

Render unto me what is mine, says Jesus; render unto Caesar what is Caesars.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

It’s Not Rocket Science

There were two coup d’états in the United States of America.

Of course, the first was with John Kennedy when he was assassinated by the wealthy pig elite who now rule our country with an iron fist.

The second coup d’état was that conducted against Richard Nixon.

The wealthy pig elite did not like Richard Nixon.

They didn’t like him because he disobeyed.

He disobeyed by ending the Vietnam war.

Ultimately, Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger sided with the American people and chose to end the Vietnam war with a peace agreement.

Good for them!

This was anathema to the wealthy pig elite, who had intended Vietnam to be what Afghanistan ultimately became – a 20 year cash cow.

I now ask you to disabuse yourself of the fanciful notion that Richard Nixon was removed from office by Bob Woodward, Ben Bradlee, and the Washington Post because he had committed grave crimes against the Constitution.

Richard Nixon was no more diabolical than Lyndon Johnson, or any president before him.

He played the game the same way as any other president.

The Watergate break-in was a CIA operation intended to take down Richard Nixon.

Bob Woodward didn’t discover anything that the FBI didn’t already know.

All the Presidents Men is theater for mass consumption.

It’s a lie that is repeated to keep you from searching for the truth.

What the main stream media won’t tell you is how connected Ben Bradlee was with the CIA.

His best friend was James Jesus Angleton of the CIA. His boyhood friend was Richard Helms of the CIA. Ben Bradlee’s brother-in-law by marriage was Cord Meyer, a high-level CIA agent.

Ben Bradlee’s wife and Cord Meyer’s wife were sisters

Ben Bradlee was a Harvard graduate and a Boston Brahmin. He was as connected as can be to the wealthy thug elite.

Ben Bradlee, Angleton, and Meyer were three peas in a pod. They were best friends. They were part of the Georgetown Set, a highfalutin group of intellectual know-nothings who fancied themselves as the elites, the crème de la crème of American society.

How antithetical is that to America?

Bob Woodward was another connected motherfucker from Yale. Before he was a reporter, he was in naval intelligence.

Almost all the Watergate burglars were CIA guys or CIA collaborators.

E. Howard Hunt and James McCord were verifiable CIA agents. Frank Sturgis was a mercenary who worked with the CIA. Virgilio Gonzalez and Eugenio Martinez were Cuban ex-pats who worked with the CIA to overthrow Fidel Castro.

Bernard Barker was another Cuban expat who could be considered CIA. He had a Russian-American father and a Cuban mother.

They left a trail of money that was as obvious as an eight lane highway leading back to themselves.

People who knew James McCord feel that he tipped off the police that they were in the Watergate building by leaving tape on the door latches.

It’s not complicated to figure it out.

You don’t need a college degree.

The CIA, which is nothing more than the Sicherheitdienst (Security Service) for the wealthy elite, wanted Nixon out.

Nixon was a loose cannon who was going to give us, OMG, world peace.

My gosh, this guy could do a lot of damage to the wealthy pig elite’s global killing machine.

In addition to that, Nixon was opening the door to the commies in China. He was also engaging in strategic arms limitation talks with the Russians.

Double OMG, what would ever happen if we didn’t have the Russians and the Chinese as enemies? Why, we wouldn’t have justification for our military buildup. Why, our greedy corporations might not be making money building useless jets and tanks.

Triple OMG, we might have to actually build up the infrastructure of the United States. And that might be good for the American people. Oh, the horror, the horror.

That’s why Nixon was removed.

It was a coup d’état just like the coup d’état against JFK.

No one must get in the way of the wealthy pig elite’s economic engine of waging war.

Future presidents, take note. This is what will happen to you if you defy the wealthy pig elite.

This is what will happen to you if you defy the Harvard Cartel.

And that, my friend, is why every president since Richard Nixon goes along with the war machine.

It’s not rocket science.

Note: the Sicherheitdienst, aka SD, was the parent organization of the SS and the Gestapo. Gestapo stands for Geheime Stadt Polezei or Hone State Police.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Thank You, Leaders

Mexico is still a dangerous place.

I don’t know what people up north are thinking when they plan trips into Mexico

Do you think movies like Sicario are a Hollywood invention for entertainment purposes only?

Perhaps, but I can assure you that this one is not.

What you see in Sicario is the truth.

Actually, what you see in Sicario is mild.

When you see bodies hanging from the bridge as the characters played by Emily Blunt and Benicio del Toro cross the bridge into Mexico, you are seeing the truth.

Welcome to Juarez.

That’s what drug dealers do down there.

I live on the border of Mexico.

Actually, I live only 10 miles away.

We never go into Mexico anymore.

I stopped going to Mexico about 15 to 20 years ago,

There was a time when we went to Mexico all the time to eat dinner.

Those days are gone.

Those days went away after NAFTA.

NAFTA was instituted in order to help raise the standard of living in Mexico.

I can assure you 100% that it did not do that at all.

The greedy pigs in corporate America, the ones behind NAFTA, couldn’t care less about anyone’s higher standard of living.

When I lived in Mexico in the late 1970s, I could walk around Monterrey Mexico at any hour of the night without fear.

Those days are gone.

When NAFTA was proposed under the administration of Bill Clinton, we Americans selfishly looked at how NAFTA would adversely affect the United States.

We were right, but we failed to consider how NAFTA would adversely affect Mexico.

We just assumed that Mexico would do better by getting these jobs.

Not true.

Corporate pig meisters had no intention of paying the workers in Mexico anything close to good wages.

Additionally, NAFTA enabled the super-pigs at Cargill and Archer Daniels Midland to dump cheap corn into Mexico.

Poor Mexican farmers could not compete with that cheap corn coming from the United States, hence many of them were thrown off their lands.

About 800,000 to 1,000,000 Mexican farmers lost their jobs.

In other words, they lost the family business that had been in their families for over 200 years,

What were they to do?

Some probably committed suicide. Others became homeless. I imagine some retrained. Still many others emigrated to the United States where they could work on the slave plantations owned by Cargill and Archer Daniels Midland.

The people who were left probably turned their agricultural expertise to growing marijuana and coca leaf. In essence, they joined El Chapo’s growing empire.

What a winner for Mexico!

There is a direct correlation between the escalating drug violence in Mexico and the institution of NAFTA.

Thank you, Bill Clinton.

Thank you Cargill.

Thank you Archer Daniels Midland.

The result is what you see in Mexico today.

It is a dangerous place.

It’s not safe for Americans.

Do you think this is an accident?

Are we going to give Bill Clinton, Al Gore and others a free pass?

It’s time to stop giving the benefit of the doubt to our leaders.

Our leaders are puppets of the wealthy pigs who really rule this country.

Their goal is to create a continent of serfs.

Through NAFTA, and through CAFTA, they are approximating that goal.

They have made a mess of Mexico and Central America.

America too.

They took well-paying jobs out of the United States thus destabilizing the structure of the American family.

This destabilization of the family structure in the United States, caused all sorts of social ills such as increased crime, increased drug use, increased juvenile delinquency, increased need for psychological services, increased welfare, increased homelessness, and much, much more.

Thus the increased need for drugs in the United States.

This helped fuel the drug production business in Mexico.

It is not an accident.

This is what the wealthy pig elite desire.

They have no intention of stopping it.

They need those billions that were stolen from the American people so that they can shoot useless rockets into space, blow up education by throwing money at the problem, and produce crazy viruses in uncontrolled third-world labs.

Let’s not forget about their necessary sports teams, supremely obese mansions, private jets, and gargantuan super-yachts that absolutely do require full sized basketball courts and IMAX theaters.

Through CAFTA, they completely destroyed Central America. They created a nation of abject poverty where gangs and gang leaders are their chief export.

Those gang members come to the United States. They don’t wanna stay in their own country, it’s so bad there.

CAFTA is a one-sided agreement between the wealthy pig elite in the United States and their puppet thugs who run those Central America countries.

CAFTA permitted US corporations to pollute the environment with impunity while raping those countries of their national resources.

The people have no legal recourse to address the damage that these corporations do.

That’s why they’re all streaming into the United States of America.

That’s why they are all flooding across our southern borders.

They’re not coming here because they have nothing else better to do.

They didn’t wake up one morning and say, “Hey, I’ve got nothing else better to do. I think I’ll jettison my family and everything I own and take a chance on paying a coyote $5000 to maybe get me across the border so that I can waltz through the back roads of Texas where oppressive 100 degree heat might kill me. And I’ll risk being turned into a prostitute along the way. What a winner for me! And, if I get across the border, I still have to negotiate my way one thousand miles to Chicago where nobody wants me and where I do not speak the language. Let’s go for it!”

Those people are coming here from Central America because there is nothing there for them back home.

The wealthy pig elite have destroyed their countries.

There is no option for them to create a labor movement down there. Our wealthy pig elite work together with the wealthy landowners in Central America to kill them on the spot if they even think of starting a labor movement.

This is the grand plan to create a common market of serfs in North America.

It benefits no one except the wealthy pig elite, those pigs who live in New England and send their children to Harvard and other Ivy League schools.

It’s all about them.

There is nothing in their New World Order for you except slavery.

And it’s going to continue, so if you’re thinking of going to Mexico, you better think twice.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved


Why is immigration occurring, and why is Rishi Sunak a phony?

Rishi Sunak, of course, is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and he has training in economics.

He is a Goldman Sachs boy, so you would expect him to know something about economics.

Newsflash! He does.

So why is he a phony?

And for that matter, why are our Wall Street titans and leaders phonies?

And what does this have to do with immigration?

Our leaders, and Rishi Sunak, are phonies because they know why immigration is occurring, and because they’re going to let it happen while pretending to care and do something about it.

They are letting it happen because immigration is a deflationary event.

You see, they want immigration to occur in order to combat the money printing scam that they’ve been conducting for the past 20 years.

They’re only pretending to care about the hordes flooding across our borders.

Oh, yes, it’s not just occurring in the United States, it’s occurring in the United Kingdom also as immigrants flood across the English channel.

For the past 20 years, our leaders have been printing and wasting money on foreign wars and COVID-19, which are nothing short of money extraction schemes from the working class people.

The rich got really rich off the wars in the Middle East and the wars against COVID-19.

Corporate America and Corporate Britain made a fortune.

The rich got really rich.

Unfortunately, for them, all good things must end.

What happens after war is that you’re stuck with inflation.

Production necessarily slows down and you are stuck with too much money chasing a relatively smaller amount of goods.

Supply chain disruptions don’t help either.

Inflation is affected by the ratio of eco-available money divided by eco-available people and the stuff they produce.

Knowing this, you can combat inflation by either raising interest rates, which decreases the supply of eco-available money, or you can increase the number of people.

You could also increase the productivity of people, but, of course, that would entail the ability to do so through manufacturing. Too bad our leaders farmed that out, eh?

Another way to combat inflation would be to increase the number of people by increasing the birth rate, but this might take some time.

Our leaders, who don’t want to be punished and criticized for the inflation that they produced, usually want a quicker solution.

One way to do that is to allow more people into the country.

Thus immigration.

More people suck up more available money, which means you have less money chasing the goods that are being produced.

More people also increases productivity as you have more people available to make more stuff.

This also helps to combat inflation.

Our leaders surely know thus.

As does Rishi Sunak.

And if they don’t, then why are they our leaders?

As people in both countries, the United Kingdom and United States, protest the massive immigration, the leaders of both countries pretend to care.

They pretend to want to do something about it.

But they don’t care.

They’re playing a game with you.

They are phonies.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Ten Commandments of Commitment

1. They’ll shalt not be obese.

2. Thou shalt strive to minimize deep fried, overly sugary, or excessively fatty foods.

3. Thou shalt not consume caffeinated beverages.

4. Thou shalt not consume Walt Disney or other similar “fascist fun” as Uncle Walt promotes magical thinking, which conditions the individual to wait upon a savior rather than engage in self-reliance.

5. Thou shalt question main stream media political news.

6. Thou shalt not send your child to an Ivy League or other fascistic school of the empire – because the goal is to have your local area, not Cambridge, grow stronger.

7. Thou shall not not consume pornographic media.

8. Thou shalt not support foreign warmongering nor expansion of an American empire that ultimately robs wealth from regular people, including the citizens of the United States of America.

9. Thou shalt strive to purchase homegrown domestically manufactured goods.

10. Thou shalt strive to exercise tolerance and legal permission of all speech no matter how abusive, hateful, or harmful.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Your Supreme Court Circa 1950

Here is a spreadsheet of Supreme Court Justices circa 1950. Make your own conclusions. As you can see there was a healthy representation of regular people coming from regular schools on the Supreme Court. That representation does not exist today because Harvard University and its puppets in the New Ivy League have hijacked our nation. Our Supreme Court is now populated by Harvard-Yale -Ivy league cocksuckers who can’t punch their way out of a paper bag, who can’t sell hot chocolate to an Eskimo. They can’t because they won’t. And they won’t because they have been indoctrinated into the power structure known as the Harvard Cartel. They are corporate puppets – signed, sealed and delivered.

Is there a cause and effect between the composition of the Supreme Court and the disintegration of our country in the past seventy years. You bet your ass there is.

Fuck you, Harvard.

Now, this is the way it works. The people who now get on the Supreme Court are blackmailed if they can be. There’s a reason for bringing up all these sexual peccadillos and other misdeeds during the hearings: to get the candidate to lie under oath. That way, when the power structure needs a critical vote in the future, the justice can be blackmailed into voting the approved way.

When it comes to the Kavanaugh hearings, my guess is that the power structure already has the photographic evidence to show that he was engaging in the kinds of activities he was accused of engaging in. The power structure can bring that forward anytime they wish should Kavanaugh not comply.

Now, does such evidence disqualify Kavanaugh from being on the Supreme Court? Absolutely not. People do stupid things when they’re young. Does lying under oath disqualify Kavanaugh from being on the Supreme Court? Absolutely.

So then if anyone can be blackmailed, why select only Harvard-Yale and other New Ivy League jerk-offs? Because you want people who are throughly indoctrinated into the corporate-elitist culture that you are imposing upon society. You don’t want to blackmail people unless you absolutely need to. Having people from a similar elitist mindset makes your job easier.

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved


What do Alex Murdaugh and our leadership in the United States have in common?

Give up?

They are both junkies.

Are you following the Alex Murdaugh trial?

If not, a little background might be necessary.

Alex Murdaugh is accused of killing his wife and son at his home in South Carolina. Alex Murdaugh is an attorney who hails from a family with an impressive pedigree in what is known as the Low Country in South Carolina.

The prosecutors are claiming that Alex Murdaugh killed his wife for money.

Alex Murdaugh had a drug habit that was costing him approximately $50,000 a week.

To finance his drug habit, he was stealing money from his law firm.

And his clients.

When his clients received a big judgment – in the millions – Alex would pocket more than his fair share of the money.

In addition to his habit, Alex was also under financial stress because of a pending lawsuit against his son, Paul, who had gotten himself involved in a boating accident.

A young girl, Mallory Beach, was killed in that boating accident, and the belief was that Alex’s son, Paul, was driving the boat.

The boat belonged to Alex Murdaugh.

To compound the issue, Alex Murdaugh’s other son, Buster, had loaned Paul his driver’s license in order to buy beer illegally the night of the boating accident.

Thus there were many lawsuits filed against the Murdaugh family – criminal and civil.

The civil suit was asking for tens of millions of dollars.

The prosecutors claim that the financial pressure of the impending lawsuit and Alex’s drug habit caused Alex to kill his wife and son.

The thinking goes that if Paul is dead, the lawsuit goes away – or at least becomes mitigated. If his wife is dead, Alex gets to keep any of her money for himself.

The case doesn’t look good for Alex Murdaugh.

The prosecution has an amazing stash of evidence that implicates him.

If his attorneys can get him out of this trial with minimal damage then they are truly Houdinis of the court room.

Buster is supporting his father.

Buster is emotionally attached to his father.

I am not surprised at all.

It’s difficult to believe that Alex would kill his son. I can understand a husband killing his wife, but it is difficult for me to believe that a father would kill his son unless he was truly psychotic.

Alex Murdaugh does not appear to be organically psychotic.

Nevertheless, the evidence is strong against him.

But assuming that one day he is proven to be guilty, then he will be formally convicted of destroying his family.

And this is why Alex Murdaugh is so similar to our leaders in the Harvard Cartel who have hijacked our federal government.

Alex Murdaugh is a junkie who was addicted to opioids.

Our leaders are junkies who are addicted to war.

Both Alex Murdaugh and our leaders are drug addicts.

Both have destroyed their families.

Both have destroyed their reputations.

Both have poisoned the community in which they live.

This is what drugs does to people.

Drugs consume you.

Drugs distort your mind.

This is what has happened to the United States of America.

The leaders of the United States of America, consumed by war, have committed domestic abuse against its citizens.

They have raped the American public, they have stolen from the American public, they have abused the American public in order to feed their drug habit.

And they are addicted.

Their addiction to war is insatiable.

They are killing the United States of America.

By spending all the family money on Ukraine and the Middle East, they have failed to keep up with the infrastructure needs of our country.

They have failed to develop an affordable comprehensive healthcare system for working class people.

They have failed to control massive immigration.

They outsourced well paying jobs.

They substituted outsourced jobs with low paying jobs at Starbucks and Amazon.

By outsourcing well paying jobs, they destabilized the family unit thus causing depression, divorce, spousal abuse, child abuse, and all sources of social ills. This in turn created an opioid crisis.

They replaced a faith based culture with that which places its faith in gambling, celebrities, tattoos, and cheap gossip.

They are bankrupting the United States of America through endless war.

Just as Alex Murdaugh ruined his family financially, so have the leaders of the United States ruined its people financially.

They are all junkies.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Four Days in Hell

Is there anything more absurd and unworkable than the four day work week?

This is what they are experimenting with in the United Kingdom.

I can’t see the workability of this.

What is the purpose of it?

What is the purpose of work?

Is the purpose of work to gain enough money so that you can sail, hunt and fish?

Is time off the natural state of man?

Or is there a greater purpose to work?

The true purpose of work is to add value to society and your life.

Man possesses in him a need to contribute and therefore make life meaningful.

Without that contribution, men become depressed and angry.

They feel useless.

Man needs to contribute meaningfully as surely as he needs to breathe.

Does the four day work week contribute to that?

Is going from five days a week to four days a week the same as going from six days a week to five days a week?

Or by doing so do we pass over to the other side of the curve where giving people more time off is counterproductive to their lives?

I will argue that we do.

Is work to you a necessary drudgery that you only do because you have to?

The four day work week with three days off approximates that mentality.

While it may seem to be a good idea initially, the four-day worker will soon come to view work as paying taxes.

It will soon come to pass that four day workers will become more angry when they have to work.

They will come to view work with contempt.

And it will show in the quality of their work.

If the four day work week comes to America, expect to see lower quality products and lower quality service.

People will come to work not because they want to be there, but because they have to be there.

They will begin to look at work as punishment.

They will also begin to feel more unhappy about themselves and their lot in life.

Expect to see suicides go up.

Expect to see depression go up.

Expect to see violence go up.

Expect to see child abuse go up.

Expect to see crime go up.

Expect to see drug abuse go up.

With a four day work week, expect to see a cheapening of life in society.

Then there is the workability of this in fields like healthcare.

How will the four day week work in pediatrics?

Children get sick every day of the week. People don’t stop getting sick because the government orders it.

They need to see the doctor.

Are we going to tell them to lost get lost on Friday, Saturday and Sunday?

Is the doctor going to sit there and handle numerous calls on Friday while his staff is sitting around the swimming pool drinking a beer?

Or is the doctor going to hand off this responsibility to the emergency room on these extended weekend days?

If so, then, continuity of care is lost.

You essentially then need two teams to handle a patients care.

Now, of course, the doctor already needs support from the emergency room and various night clinics, but you want that support to be ancillary, not a full-time alternative to what you normally are supposed to be doing during the week.

If the doctor is only there, four times a week, patients will soon begin to question why they even need to come to the regular doctor in the first place.

We already have that problem to a certain degree already.

If patients start viewing the emergency room, and night clinics as the true source of healthcare, then vital tracking of growth and vaccines will be lost.

Too many cooks spoil the broth.

For healthcare to be optimal you need one person to be in charge.

That will be lost in healthcare with the four day work week.

How about the field of law?

Judges already have enough cases in their dockets. They’re overloaded. How will a four day work week benefit them?

Okay, how about Amazon? We all use Amazon.

Is Amazon going to hire more workers so that they can work fewer hours? If so, what kind of chaos will that add to the workplace? What kind of added workload will that present to their human resources department? Isn’t it better to have fewer workers who know their job than multiple workers who may not know their job?

The same argument can be used for just about any type of business.

Throw in a labor shortage, and what you have is an absurd and unworkable society.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved