Tiger Woods

Hey, did you hear about Tiger Woods?

This is the new national obsession.

How about this one? I don’t care more about Tiger Woods than I would anyone else, and neither should you.

As a matter of fact, you should go out of your way to not care about Tiger Woods.

Why is that?

Because when we care more about Tiger Woods than Joe Chickenfeed, then we are in real trouble in this nation.

Who is Joe Chickenfeed? Well, Joe Chickenfeed could be anyone. He could be you.

Joe Chickenfeed could be any of the other thousands of people who were in a car accident yesterday.

Do we care about them?

Oh, I can hear you say, but Tiger has contributed so much to society.

Sorry, my friend, I don’t buy into that.

That’s part of the problem we have in this country – this idiotic movers and shakers type society.

Tiger Woods doesn’t contribute any more to society than the man who runs the corner convenience store.

That’s the way our country was set up. Our founding fathers did this intentionally. They set it up this way because they knew that societies run by elites die off pretty quickly.

The life blood of American society comes from regular people who don’t look like much and unfortunately don’t count for much in our ridiculous superstar world.

You caring about Tiger Woods any more than anyone else is dangerous to the affairs of the country.

When you care more about Tiger Woods, you are contributing to the idiotic superstar culture which contributes to this massive polarization of wealth in our country.

There is no justification for it. Indeed, it violates the social covenant that we have with each other in which we agree to not rip each other off too badly. How would you feel if I as a pediatrician was paid $5 million for diagnosing your son’s appendicitis? How would you feel if we paid a fireman $10 million for running into a burning building?

I’m pretty sure that you would say that’s a little unfair.

You would be right. It is unfair. It violates the social covenant we have with each other.

The only reason we permit these celebrities to make these fabulous salaries is because we’ve been conned into believing that they are not human, that they are above us.

They are not.

Moreover, when these individuals are elevated into demigod status, the corporate elites will then use these fake superstars to herd the masses into the cattle pens of opinion that the elites desire.

This is exactly how the elites are controlling people to get their way in the United States of America.

This is why your senators and representatives do not listen to you.

This is why the state of California is a disaster area.

Currently the state of California runs on plebiscites, known as propositions.

The reason why California runs this way is because there isn’t sufficient representation. Because there isn’t sufficient representation, the senators and representatives listen to plebiscites.

And who controls the outcome of the plebiscites?

Morning talk show host-boobs and the celebrity superstars who appear on their programs.

Valerie Bertinelli will now comment.

She is important. You are not. If you were important, you would be on television. You are not on television hence you’re not important.

You’re stupid senators and representatives listen to these celebrity comments and interpret that as the public’s opinion.

Your representatives do not listen to you; they take their cue from the superstar.

More importantly, there are millions of boobs out there who will go along with what ignorant celebrities have to say.

These are the crowds screaming for Barabbas.

They will vote accordingly.

And so in this manner Corporate America can control public opinion.

They can do this because so many people have been beaten down into serfdom. So many people have been beaten down into thinking that these celebrities are demigods.

Many years ago I was in Las Vegas. I was ascending to my room when this one young man pops into the elevator. He begins to breathlessly tell us that he is staying in another hotel in Las Vegas. Overcome with emotion, he says to us in a giddily euphoric but quiet voice as if he is letting us in on a secret: “Gwyneth Paltrow is staying in our hotel.”

Who gives one solitary fuck?

I don’t know any way to defeat this superstar culture except to defeat it.

You have to stop caring about Tiger Woods anymore than you would any one else.

In summary then do I care about Tiger Woods and his car crash?

I can’t afford to care.

And neither can you.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Student Debt

What can we do about student debt?

Well, how about if we allow these students to work off the debt?

Why don’t we create a service corps where these students can serve in underserved areas either here in the United States or the rest of the world?

The government can match funds generously to help pay for living expenses and salaries.

The current student debt is about 1.7 trillion dollars.

Forgiving that debt for services rendered should be chicken feed in Obama money.

Our federal government can certainly afford that.

After all, we printed up trillions for the coronavirus crisis.

If these students chose to help out in Third World countries, so much the better. That would create a lot of Goodwill for the United States of America. It would do a lot of good for those countries too.

The students would benefit also; they would get a better idea of how the other half of the world lives.

They needn’t necessarily work in the area for which they were trained. They could help out in manual labor projects.

It could be a Civilian Conservation Corps of sorts.

There are a lot of projects that need to be done in the world. Even here in the United States we can do things that we haven’t yet done.

One of the things that we need done here in the United States is high speed rail. Given that other countries have invested in high speed rail, it might be a good idea to at least try to build one here.

To prevent the airlines from blocking the deal, they can be brought in on the operation.

As the population of the United States grows, it’s not going to be practical to be flying people hither and thither.

The airports are crowded enough as they are now.

Putting students to work in public works projects might be just the ticket to help them out of debt while helping ourselves at the same time.

All it takes is imagination.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Critical Race Theory

What is critical race theory, where does it come from, and what does it really mean?

It’s important to ask these questions, because race has become such an important issue in our society today.

It needn’t be an important issue, but it has been made an important issue by the professors at Harvard University.

First, it is a fact that critical race theory came out of Harvard University, as most bad ideas do.

Derrick Bell, Patricia Williams, Kimberle Williams Crenshaw, Mari Matsuda are all products of Harvard University. Camara Phyllis Jones Is a product of Harvard crony, Stanford University.

Harvard is especially adept at promoting false fronts in order to disguise its own criminality in producing a society that is hell bent on destroying the black community.

Why critical race theorists at Harvard refuse to look at their own institution, which has populated Corporate America and the Central Intelligence Agency, which in turn have done great damage to the black community, is not surprising but still beyond my comprehension.

My initial recommendation to these professors would be to abandon critical race theory and instead attack Harvard University itself for being the prime promulgator of a Corporate America which works against black people.

Since that is not likely to be the case, let us proceed forward with an explanation of critical race theory.

First, the word critical comes about because black professors began to criticize the established methodology of thinking with regard to racial disparity within the United States.

These professors felt that the traditional liberal approaches to correcting racial disparity were not working.

Some of these approaches included the concepts of color blindness, affirmative-action, role modeling and meritocracy.

Forget about following the lead of successful black businessmen. Forget about Booker T. Washington. Those people are clearly Uncle Toms.

These “enlightened” professors feel that there is an inherent structural bias against the black man not only with regard to the legal structure within the United States, and its organizations, but within people themselves as far as their assumptions about black people.

The thinking goes that if we can change the laws within the country and its organizations, that if we can change peoples assumptions and attitudes about black people, then we can change the outcome within the black community.

This thinking has expanded throughout society, courtesy of Harvard University and its extensive power and influence within the United States. This is why you see critical race theory being played out in your local school system and within your major institutions within the United States of America.

This is why you now see white children being programmed within the school system to disabuse themselves of white privilege. This is why you see many people of color talking about their experiences of racism on television and internet commercials.

This is why you see the rise of Black Lives Matter as a political organization.

Corporate America is 100% behind Black Lives Matter. Harvard University is 100% behind Corporate America. This is not in dispute.

Harvard’s influence is why you see the tearing down of statues within the inner city, the tearing down of statues of Confederate War generals, and the tearing down of the statues of Christopher Columbus, Abraham Lincoln, and Ulysses Grant.

This is why you see the effort to rename the military bases that are named after Confederate War generals.

This is why country music singers must now apologize if there is a Confederate flag in the background of their music video.

The idea is that if we can tear down the heroes of the white people, we can take the strut out of the white people. If we can take the strut out of the white people, we can take out their sense of white privilege. If we can take away white privilege, we can improve the lot for people within the black community.

That is the thinking.

The goal of this is to make life better for black people within the black community.

What we are seeing in America today is a different approach than what was taken when I was a young man.

When I was a young man the approach was to engage in affirmative action, which was a quite different approach. This approach is now pooh-poohed by Harvard.

Affirmative action focuses on elevating the black man; critical race theory focuses on taking down the white man.

Harvard has decided that white supremacy is the problem. Harvard has decided that the black community is hurting because of overt and covert white supremacy.

In a nutshell that is what is going on. That is why you see all these efforts to persuade your children that they are white supremacists.

This is also why you see an effort to gain reparations. Reparations are nothing more than an effort to redistribute wealth from the white community to the black community so as to even the playing field.

White people, according to the reparations crowd, stole money from the black people when they enslaved them. That money must now be returned.

Defunding of the police is also a byproduct of critical race theory. If we can defund the police, then less black people will be arrested. If less black people are arrested, then less black people will go to prison. If less black people go to prison, then white people will not look upon blacks so negatively. Plus, in not being warehoused in prison, black people will have greater self-esteem.

Underpinning all of this is the concept of race equity. Race equity is discussed much now within Corporate America. It has a lot of jargon, a lot of talk, but no clear focus other than to close the racial gap. That may be the point. Race equity is the broad bridge between critical race theory and the various measures that are now being underaken by Black Lives Matter and Corporate America. Critical race theory begets raise equity, and race equity begets diversity training, storytelling of racism, tearing down of statues, reparations, riots, defunding of the police, and so forth.

Now, here is the essential question: Will this work? This is the only question that counts. Will these efforts work?

Or will they make matters worse for the black community?

I believe they will make matters worse for the black community.

Why do I think this?

Primarily because Harvard University has traditionally been a bigoted, racist, university posing as a friend to the black man.

I do not believe that Harvard University is a friend to the black man, nor do I believe that Harvard University has ever been a friend to the black man.

Harvard University is a bigot, run by bigots, financed by bigots, within the most bigoted area of the country.

Everything you see in the media about the nobility of Harvard and Boston, Massachusetts is a lie.

Harvard is a Boston Baked Bigot.

Harvard hurts the black man today just as it hurt the black man in the past.

It was Harvard University that propped up the phony baloney house negro (the words of Marcus Garvey), WEB DuBois, as its spokesman for the black people. What did WEB DuBois do? He focused the black man on rage and protest. And what was the result?

The black man turned away from productivity and focused on grievance. The black man turned away from the message of Booker T. Washington and Marcus Garvey.

It was Harvard University that helped spearhead the wrong type of affirmative action. The right kind of affirmative action would have given blacks opportunities not at the expense of the deserving white man.

The right kind of affirmative action would have created extra spots for the black man.

It was obvious to any thinking man back in the 1970s that affirmative action as it was being practiced would produce backlash. It is obvious to any thinking man today that it produces a backlash. That is why Harvard University was recently sued for its affirmative action policies.

This wrong type of affirmative action policy, which Harvard clings to, has caused resentment within the white community toward black people. This has hurt black people, and Harvard knows it.

Second, when you focus on rage in your life, when you focus on tearing other people down in order to elevate yourself, you do not succeed in elevating yourself. You only succeed in descending into a vortex of despair and hurt.

Critical race theory and the byproduct of critical race theory will only serve to lower the white community, which is the goal of Harvard University. Harvard University is no friend to anyone. Harvard University’s allegiance is to money, power, domination, and paganism. Harvard is an elitist anti-Democratic, ant-American institution whose fondness is for the feudalism of the past.

The black community’s best friends are regular white people who want nothing to do with Harvard University and its leaders and its elitism.

If that regular middle class white community is harmed, the black community will lose a vital friend in fighting the real foe – Harvard University.

Third, critical race theory ignores the impact of Corporate America on the destruction of the black community. There is systemic racism in the United States, but it is not coming from your average white man who lives way out in the sticks who may have never met one black person in his life.

Systemic racism is coming from Corporate America and its thug agency, the Central Intelligence Agency, which has created a crony-capitalist, marxo-fascist culture within the inner city which has disempowered black people. The CIA imported drugs within the black community which gave gangs financial power to further destroy the black community through vice, drugs and protection rackets.

The wealthy thug-elite from Corporate America continue to support this marxo-fascist, race-hustling structure within the black community which takes power away from individual black-owned businesses. This marxo-fascist culture creates despair, which then leads to riots, which then leads to looting and burning of black businesses thus making the community inviable and then ultimately dependent upon a Harvard-controlled Corporate America.

This then leads to increased criminality, which then feeds into the corporate prison system.

White people out in the sticks see this and then develop a negative impression of black people.

This negative impression of black people is not inherent within white people’s minds. A child is not born into racism. A child learns racism from what the child is exposed to. As long as white children are exposed to black people looting businesses, burning down black neighborhoods, and being herded off into prisons, they will develop a negative impression of black people.

You will never program this negative impression out of a child’s mind as long as these conditions exist within the inner city.

Consequently, it is impossible to effect reform within the black community unless you change the marxo-fascist economic paradigm that exists within that inner city.

That economic paradigm is being promulgated by Harvard University which which populates Corporate America.

Corporate America destroyed the black community.

Harvard University trains the officers of Corporate America.

It is not surprising that critical race theory came out of Harvard University.

This is yet another attempt by Harvard University to distract attention from itself.

It is clear now to me, and I hope to you, that Harvard is a bigoted institution whose goal is to destroy the black community.

If the black community is to thrive, Harvard University must be destroyed.

Harvard’s existence must be eliminated from the history of mankind.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Rush Limbaugh

What do I think of Rush Limbaugh?

I listened to Rush Limbaugh for a long time, not regularly though.

I listened to him more so in his early days.

But then I stopped listening.

I remember him best from the 1990s when he had his television show.

He would open the show by saying: America held hostage, day 43 of the Clinton Presidency.

I would eat that stuff up.

Rush was giving me exactly what I wanted to hear.

And there in lies the secret to the success of Rush Limbaugh. He told his true believers what they wanted to hear.

Now, whether you like him or hate him, you cannot deny that he was number one. He was the Elvis of talk radio commentators.

Even people on the left listened to him. In fact, I would wager to say that Rush Limbaugh had more followers from the left than listeners on the right.

Listeners on the right, of course, knew what Rush was going to say and so took him for granted.

But not listeners on the left. Listeners on the left listened to him because they knew he was going to say something outrageous, and they couldn’t wait to get mad at what he was going to say.

They wanted to get mad, and Rush knew it.

To tease the left he would ever so carefully enunciate the name Barack Hooo-Sane Obama in a musical yet comical manner.

Rush never failed to disappoint. Well, I should modify that. He never failed to disappoint the people who were ready to love or hate what he was going to say.

Alas, I got older. And as I got older, I got wiser.

I came to see that Rush was not always correct.

I also came to see that Rush was part of the establishment.

What turned the tables for me? Probably when Rush showed up on Family Guy.

So, that’s what it’s all about, I said to myself at the time.

Rush just wants to be part of the clique.

He wants to be part of the in-crowd.

If he were really a rebel, I reasoned, he wouldn’t cozy up to those people at all.

But he did cozy up to those people. He cozied up to not only the people on the left, but the RINOs on the right.

If he were a true populist conservative, he would not have broken bread with them.

He would not have accepted their dog biscuits.

As the years went by, I came to see that when push came to shove, Rush always asked us to vote for the lesser of two evils in the Presidential election.

Yet I didn’t want to vote for the lesser of two evils anymore.

I didn’t care anymore when people would say: Oh, if you vote for that third-party candidate your vote won’t make a difference.

Au contraire, I would say, it will make a difference in my life because I will be able to look at myself in the mirror in the morning for having done the right thing.

I think that Rush’s recommendation to settle for the mediocrity that the Republicans offered up every four years was what finally turned me away from him.

I listened to him less and less.

I came to see that the real battle in America was not between right and left but between big and small.

The proper battle was between we small, populists – right and left – who believe in a small America with limited government and the elitist big boys, the corporate pigs, who had taken over both the Democratic and Republican parties.

I also came to see that people like Rush Limbaugh who benefit off the national agenda are not our friends, but agents of Corporate America.

Did I really think that Corporate America was going to sit by and allow a conservative talkshow host to make $700 million while influencing millions of Americans if he was not stating their message?

Do you see what I’m talking about?

Rush Limbaugh was part of the system. He was part of the swamp. He kept the phony narrative of right versus left going.

And so it’s not surprising today that politics is so divisive between the left and the right.

It need not be.

Yet it is, and a big reason for that is Rush Limbaugh.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

America’s Berchtesgaden

The banners, of red, black and white, lean gently within the breeze.

Quietly they peek out above the crowd seated there before the Altar of Zeus.

Larger banners of like insignia provide the backdrop to the altar.

False prophets speak upon this altar to the enraptured masses before them.

The leader and his officials sit high above the crowd.

Dressed immaculately, they celebrate the glory of the Third Reich.

You are the leaders, the master race, the Fuhrer speaks.

Die Welt ist unser welt.

The world is our world.

Die welt ist eine germanische welt.

The world is a germanic world.

The smiling crowd sits comfortably, content, and fulfilled.

This display of power mesmerizes them.

And why not?

The leader and his men have led the party to glorious heights.

Wealth abounds for true believers, the party officials, and the followers in the audience.

The territory of the empire is expanding.

The elites are making money, and lots of it.

The deceivers who have betrayed the party faithful are being punished.

Those unfortunate few who remind the audience of human weakness and frailty are being sorted out and purified.

It is a bold new world, and the young adults who are being celebrated on this day will rule it.

Imperfection will not be tolerated.

Failure is not an option.

Lies will be told when necessary to promote the public good.

Allegiance will accrue to the party leader, not to one’s conscience.

This is the new morality.

Welcome to fascism.

Welcome to Nazism.

But, of course, we are not talking about Nazi Germany, but instead of Nazi America.

And the altar that we see in this picture is not that of the Altar of Zeus in a stadium in Germany, but instead the Altar of Zeus that exists within Tercentenary Theater in Harvard Yard.

The flags that lean gently in the breeze carry not the swastikas of yesteryear but the crimson swastikas of Harvard University.

For this is commencement day in Cambridge.

It is an embarrassing display of power.

Shame has no place in Berchtesgaden, nor in Tercentenary Theater.

Here in Valhalla, only the strong may enter.

Here the vision is no different than that of the Third Reich in its earlier incarnation – a cruel world of perfection where the impure of thought, body and spirit are drummed from memory and human existence.

The enemies of this new Reich are no longer Jews, but white people.

They are not enemies because they are enemies, but because an enemy is required.

Anti-Caucasian is the new anti-Semitism.

Supporting this false methodology is the junk-science of white supremacy. It doesn’t exist any more than Jewish supremacy exists or did exist.

Keeping people’s minds focused on rage, distrust and hatred serves the needs of the leadership of this new Third Reich.

And with good reason, for this need is based upon the leaders’ lack of competence. Their record demonstrates this.

Homelessness, a decent gauge of a leadership’s effectiveness is soaring off the charts in our major American cities.

But not here.

Homelessness does not exist in Tercentenary Theatre, America’s Berchtesgaden.

The Reich will not permit it.

Nor will the party faithful here in Harvard Yard allow it.

Here the crowd chooses to look away, to stare at its own reflection.

Besides, Harvard is no place for riff-raff.

Not just anyone can enter this hallowed sanctuary.

Only warriors in Valhalla may stand here.

Appearances are important.

No, no, raged Goebbels, bread lines in Berlin won’t do.

Why, this is not possible, nor permissible under the Nazi regime.

Ah, but it is possible, and was possible, because the Nazis did not fix things under Hitler; they swept their problems under the rug by killing the Jews, the infirm, the homeless and the weak.

Here too in Tercentenary Theater the problems of our once great nation are brushed away, ignored, and granted refusal to be confronted.

For Harvard Yard is a secure place, a mountain retreat, far from the reality of the messy world our Nazi leaders rule over.

Here purity reigns supreme.

The audience nods approval.

It is always seductive to be endowed with special powers, to be told that you are one of the master race.

It is a child’s fantasy world of unlimited chocolate and candy.

But all good things must end.

Even here within the safe confines of Tercentenary Theatre, life is ultimately measured not by awards, plaudits, money, and waving banners, but by how well one treats other people.

And so the time for America’s so-called elite for honoring itself will come to an end here in America’s Berchtesgaden.

The sooner that comes, the better.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

See Ya

Let’s restrict advertising in the United States.

Why not?

Why should we have our minds polluted on a daily basis by messaging that comes from the likes of Edward Bernays?

Why should we have our minds subliminally influenced?

Isn’t that a violation of the fourth amendment which speaks of unreasonable search and seizure.

Yes, I understand that the amendments to the US constitution pertain to the government, but what if the government fails to regulate business properly? Isn’t it then the government that is behind the businesses who are invading our minds? Doesn’t the government give sanction to these immoral businesses and corporations who are influencing us?

Suppose the government slyly allows a business to influence us on its behalf and then fails to regulate that business.

Furthermore, isn’t uninvited advertising similar to cigarette smoke?

If we are going to ban cigarettes because uninvited smoke is malevolently influencing our lungs, why can’t we ban uninvited advertising that is infecting our minds?

What would be the ramifications of putting limits on advertising within mass media?

Google would go away. The profits of Google would evaporate.

The television networks would have to focus on quality for a change. No longer would they be able to rely on big corporations paying them big bucks to influence us to buy idiotic things and ideas we don’t need – like the Domino Theory, like the Pancaking Theory.

Big business would take a hit.

The government would take a hit. No longer would the government be able to persuade us so easily to fight useless foreign wars.

Lazy politicians who refuse to meet their constituents would take a hit.

Politicians would actually have to go out and meet people face-to-face.

Who would be the winners?

Well, the American people would be protected to a better extent from the relentless hucksters on television.

Americans would be not paying the sports tax where overly paid sports stars make hundreds of millions of dollars courtesy of big corporations who place a surcharge on their products in order to pay for network advertising.

Ditto regarding the fake superstars in the music and movie industries.

Without the huge money from advertising, the big networks and their big boy friends would not be so big anymore. This would allow small timers to compete with the big boys regarding the news. And we all know that the news is there to deliver the truth, a commodity in short supply these days when it comes to main stream media.

Consequently, Americans would receive better government. The polarization of wealth in America would reverse itself.

The McDonaldization of America would stop in its tracks. Regions would gain more individuality and salt.

Everything on the national stage would take a hit. The big banks would be not so big anymore. The large corporations would not be so large anymore.

The best thing about getting rid of advertising is that America the Empire would stop.

Ultimately, America would become a Republic again.

And that would be a good thing.

Say goodbye, Edward.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Harvard the City Destroyer

Who destroys the inner city?

Who is responsible for the poverty, the homelessness, the increased drug use, the despair of the inner city?

The government is responsible.

It is the government that is responsible for setting the rules, going after the criminals, and creating an environment that is productive for a healthy society.

When the government fails to crack down on gangs, criminality rises, drug use rises, extortion rises.

When the government cracks down on these illegal monsters, health returns to the city.

Why do governments and their officers, the politicians, fail to contain crime?

Is it because they’re stupid?

Or is it because they profit when criminality arises?

For far too long we have given politicians the benefit of the doubt by assuming that they are stupid.

But they are not stupid.

No one can be that stupid.

The modern-day politician, unhinged from morality, seduced by money and riches, gains the benefits that poverty produces.

Poverty is a money making business in America today.

It also ensures a weakened and poorly educated electorate that will continue to keep these horrible politicians in office.

Just as a drug dealer keeps his junkie dependent upon him, so the modern-day politician keeps his voters dependent upon him.

He does this by keeping them in a steady state of despair.

He enacts policies that are sure not to work.

Where is this practiced primarily? For sure, in the larger cities. It almost seems that a direct correlation exists between the size of the city and the number and gravity of problems it has.

And why is this?

Primarily because there is taxation without representation. You have one mayor for millions upon millions of people. Consequently, the people do not have proper access to the mayor. Even in a city of 4 million people where there is a city council system, it’s very difficult for the average citizen to gain contact with his councilman.

When this occurs, it would be better to break the larger districts apart into more manageable subdistricts.

Citizens would elect a sub-councilman, who, with the other sub-councilmen in that district, would elect the councilman.

In this way the citizen can know the guy who knows the guy.

But, such a change is unlikely to occur because the mayor, his cronies, and the councilmen will fight against this.

They will fight against this because the citizens will then encroach upon their moneymaking scams and schemes.

When there is better oversight, it’s more difficult for schemes and scams to occur.

To help foil our plans for better government, the schemers and scammers at the local level will reach to Corporate America to help them.

Ultimately, it is Corporate America who is responsible for this devastation and destruction within the inner city.

Corporate America makes a fortune off poverty. Corporate America builds, supplies and maintains the prisons.

Corporate America also profits handsomely off the welfare industry. Someone has to provide all the administrative supplies that are necessary to keep the poverty industry going.

There is a built-in incentive to keep the poverty going, to not fix things.

If things were fixed, if people were living productive lives, there would be no need for any of this government machinery to fix poverty because there would be little poverty to fix.

So, the poverty business is lucrative.

Now, who runs Corporate America. Who trains the officers of Corporate America.

Harvard University.

Harvard University is the prime promulgator of corporatism within the United States.

But Harvard University’s corporatism is not a small business corporatism, but a large business corporatism, aka fascism, aka corporate socialism, aka crony capitalism.

Their vision is wrong.

Their vision is bad.

Their vision keeps poverty going.

Not surprisingly, Harvard and its mindset has found a way to weasel its way into most of the larger cities.

Thus the continuing destruction of the inner city.

LA: Eric Garcetti: Columbia, Oxford, London School of Economics (The Trifecta)

Chicago: Lori Lightfoot: University of Michigan, University of Chicago

NY: Bill de Blasio: NYU, Columbia

San Antonio: Julián Castro: Harvard

Portland: Ted Wheeler: Columbia, Stanford, Harvard

Of course, there are mayors who graduated from regular schools also. Generally, though, they are puppets who follow the lead of Harvard University and suck up to the claptrap that Harvard pumps out.

Why does Harvard pump out this claptrap?, Because the people who attend Harvard went there for a very specific reason. They wanted to be part of an elite class who makes a lot of money.

And that’s exactly what we have, isn’t it.

Of course, it’s all repackaged under the guise of helping people.

But it doesn’t.

It destroys people.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Power of the King

Many conservatives blame George Soros for all the problems that have befallen America, but I don’t blame George Soros at all.

George Soros operates at the pleasure of Harvard University. And I will now explain why this is the case.

To do so, I want you to imagine that you are living in France in the 1700s when King Louis, the Sun King, is on the throne.

Do you really think that some minor Duke is going to create mayhem in the countryside of France without King Louis’ permission.

No, that’s not going to happen.

Why won’t it happen?

Because King Louis has an enormous number of foot soldiers that can rub out a Duke who misbehaves and does something King Louis does not approve of.

That’s why King Louis is the king.

Let’s use another example. Do you really think that the Commission for the mob in New York City is going to sit idly by while some small mob chieftain in a small midwestern city conducts mayhem in America unless their permission is granted?

It’s not going to happen because the New York mob has an enormous number of foot soldiers that can rub out that small mob chieftain who is misbehaving.

Similarly, Harvard has an enormous amount of power, money, and influence that can rub out people like George Soros.

As powerful as George Soros is, as wealthy as he is, he is a small player in comparison to the power, money, and influence of Harvard University.

Harvard can smack him into nothingness whenever they want.

So, if George Soros is operating and doing all these things, he is doing it with the approval of Harvard University.

You have to know who your real enemy is.

Those people at Harvard are the king; and they play for keeps.

Now, they’re a bad king, but they are the king.


Archer Crosley

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