China and Us

So you think China is a threat to the United States, eh?

If you watch Fox News, you would think that Chinese gunboats lie in wait off the coast of California. That’s the current narrative, isn’t it?

This video here belies that narrative. China has too many of its own problems to worry about us.

Check it out if you doubt me.

The only threat to our safety is our corporate elite, fueled by Harvard University and the Ivy League, who desire to implement the same type of government here that China has there. The only difference is that while property in China is owned by the government run by a communist party elite, our property will be owned by Corporate America run by Ivy League elite.

That’s probably why Corporate America is buying up all these homes in neighborhoods across the United States – to further cement its neo-feudalist grip upon America.

This elitist internal threat is what Joe McCarthy was revealing seventy years ago. Far from being a smear merchant, Joe McCarthy was ahead of his time. He was pulling the curtain back on what our elites were really doing. That’s why they punished him. That’s why they lied about him and his record.

The people who Joe McCarthy denounced as communists were not people he pulled out of a hat. These were in many cases people who had been investigated by other congressional committees. Joe McCarthy not only exposed communists (we call them globalists today) in our own State Department, but in the US Army itself. That’s right! There was a massive espionage ring at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey. When Joe McCarthy revealed this to Dwight Eisenhower, he probably thought Eisenhower would be happy. To McCarthy’s surprise, Eisenhower was not happy at all. Eisenhower worked secretly behind the scenes to destroy Joe McCarthy. What does that tell you about Dwight Eisenhower and our own leadership in Washington? What this should tell you is that our leadership in Washington, far from being our friend and our representative, has been secretly working with Corporate America all these years to fundamentally change the character of the United States.

China isn’t our enemy as our elites would have you believe. That’s just a game they play with you in order to pass laws in American society to utterly transform us into a society precisely in line with what the Chinese have today.

Our elites don’t hate the Chinese leadership; they admire them.

You know, if our elites really hate China and its leadership that much, they can always pull manufacturing back into the United States. Why don’t they? What’s holding them back? Why don’t they put their money where their mouth is?

I’ll tell you why. Because they are lying to us.

PS. Anyone who wants to read about the real Joe McCarthy can read: Blacklisted by History by M. Stanford Evans.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Your Corporate Lords

Recently, our local supermarket, H-E-B, in McAllen Texas has told us that if we are fully vaccinated, we do not have to wear masks inside the store.

Is this a good thing?

Not really.

We now live in a world where corporations like H-E-B, and their Ivy League lords, make decisions for us instead of our elected leaders.

That’s not the way America is supposed to work.

What we have now is an unelected body of people, who we don’t know, who make decisions for us.

Corporations currently can hide behind the technicality of being able to set their own standards and rules within their stores.

Generally though these rules have extended to matters such as unruly behavior and the wearing of muscle shirts and shoes.

We may be treading on thin ice when we rely on corporations to make medical decisions for us.

And they may be opening themselves up to liability as well.

Is it a supermarket’s job to encourage vaccines?

Isn’t that what they are in fact doing when mandating vaccines before buying food without a mask?

Since the vaccine does not prevent you from contracting and carrying COVID-19, is there any evidence that vaccinated people carry the virus less than people who are unvaccinated?

And if the elected body within the state of Texas has stated that Texans do not need to wear face masks within public buildings, then hasn’t the elected body stated that it is safe for Texans to not wear face masks?

What grounding then do supermarkets and corporations have for mandating face masks?

Aren’t they defying the authorities who were elected by the people?

They certainly are. Of course this shouldn’t be surprising coming from H-E-B supermarkets.

H-E-B supermarkets was built into a monolithic business giant by a ruthless corporatist named Charles C Butt who happens to be a Harvard graduate.

Big surprise.

H-E-B supermarkets is not some homegrown operation like it was in 1895 when the supermarket started.

H-E-B was started in Kerrville, Texas in 1895 by Florence Butt. It is currently named for her son, Howard E Butt.

Charles is the son of Howard who has since passed on.

When these local and regional operations grew bigger and more wealthy, the owners became rich and then sent their children to the Empire’s schools.

Charles C Butt was sent to the Wharton School and Harvard to join the club as well as to learn the tricks of the Empire.

H-E-B is a major player in Texas supermarkets. In much of Texas, they own the place when it comes to supermarkets.

They got that way by playing ruthless games with their opponents.

They borrowed the trick from John D Rockefeller. If a competitor would come into town, H-E-B would ruthlessly lower their prices so as to drive the competition out of business. They could do this by raising the prices in another town that would have no competition.

This is exactly what the robber baron John D Rockefeller would do to competing oil companies. That’s how he grew Standard Oil so large.

H-E-B is a bully when it comes to competition; it’s a bully when it comes to enforcing rules that go against what the elected authorities say.

You don’t require a vaccine card to walk maskless into a public building in Texas; why should you need a vaccine card to walk maskless into an H-E-B?

It’s a bold new world that must be stopped dead in its tracks.

Charlie C Butt has no medical training.

None whatsoever.

He’s just a spineless coward who joined the Empire so that he could get wealthier.

He will do whatever the Empire tells him to do. He could not care less what people think.

After all, he attended two of the Empire’s elite schools.

He joined a cult.

Clearly he believes he is smarter and better than the rest of us.

For those of you who think that Charles is getting older and not particularly involved in day-to-day operations, don’t worry. His successor, Craig Boyan, is also a Harvard graduate.

Yep, let’s keep it within the club.

Harvard knows best.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

America’s Atrocities

The latest story in the news, which I am sure will enrage Sean Hannity and many on the right, are the latest comments by Ilhan Omar, their favorite punching bag.

Here is what she said:

“We must have the same level of accountability and justice for all victims of crimes against humanity. We have seen unthinkable atrocities committed by the US, Hamas, Israel, Afghanistan, and the Taliban. I asked @SecBlinken where people are supposed to go for justice.”

Tom “The Jackass” Cotton, a Harvard graduate, responded by saying that Ilhan Omar is welcome to leave the country if she doesn’t like it. Many others on the right have equally denounced her.

To begin with, you can love your country and criticize it at the same time.

Pointing out the mistakes of your country does not make you an enemy of the country.

On the contrary, doing so often strengthens the country.

A person, a company, a country needs to be big enough to admit such when it has made a mistake. And America is no different than any other country or individual in that it makes mistakes.

America has made many mistakes, and we are not doing our selves any favors by sweeping them under the rug.

When we criticize America for the 2,000,000 Vietnamese that were killed during the Vietnam war, the 500,000 in Iraq, the 500,000 in Syria, the 200,000 between Libya and Afghanistan, plus the 1,000,000 (that’s right, six zeros) in Indonesia that our CIA facilitated, we are not being un-American.

It is not un-American to dissent. Our Founding Fathers were dissenters.

Suppose Tom Jefferson’s fellow colonists had said to him: Great Britain’s colonies! Love them or leave them!

Well, as a matter of fact, he did. So be careful what you ask for.

We are not demeaning the American soldier or the average American by pointing out American atrocities.

What we are doing is criticizing the criminal leadership of the United States of America that has put us in a position to commit these crimes.

Never confuse yourself with your leadership.

The American people are decent people; their leaders are criminals.

Perhaps this is why Tom Cotton denounced Ilhan Omar.

He knows that he and his Harvard kind are criminals, so what he tries to do is equate her criticism of America as a criticism of you the average American.

I don’t see it that way.

I also don’t see where it’s my job as a conservative to stick up for a conservative like Tom Cotton who says stupid things.

The “love it or leave it” philosophy goes back in my lifetime to the Vietnam war. If you criticized your country for its policy in Vietnam, you were told to either love the country or leave it.

Well, I love my country. I think Americans are the greatest.

I don’t want to see that greatness besmirched by a global killing machine engineered by Harvard graduates for the purposes of making money for more Harvard graduates.

And I certainly don’t want US soldiers fighting useless wars so that rich guys from Harvard, the chums and classmates of Tom Cotton, can become billionaires because they’re too useless and too incompetent to make it the honest way.

Ilhan Omar doesn’t need to apologize for her comments at all.

Tom Cotton is the one who needs to apologize. He betrays the Founding Fathers every day of the week

Through her dissent, Ilhan Omar reveals herself as the true American.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

More Pain to Come

George P Bush will soon come to McAllen. He wants to be governor.

I imagine he’ll win.

Republicans and conservatives should reject him.

George P Bush is of course the son of Jeb Bush, the nephew of George Walker Bush, and the grandson of George Herbert Walker Bush, who was the son of Prescott Bush.

Got it?

The Bushes are an old New England family who are supposed to be prestigious. I say “supposed to be prestigious” because to be prestigious you should do good things. I don’t consider warmongering a good thing.

Prescott Bush was a partner in Brown Brothers Harriman (yes, those Harrimans) which is an old banking firm.

Brown Brothers Harriman, along with the rest of Wall Street, was instrumental in helping Hitler came to power in 1930s Germany.

Prescott Bush was an admirer of Adolf Hitler. He was also a good friend of Allen Dulles, a former Director of the CIA, responsible for many dirty tricks around the globe.

Many of your ancestors may have had to come to the United States because of the damage that Allen Dulles caused to their native countries.

Actually, many of the problems that we face in the world today are blowback from the CIA activities of Allen Dulles.

Our difficulties with Iran stem from the fact that Allen Dulles and the CIA overthrew a democratically elected Iranian government in 1953 and installed the Shah of Iran.

The elites wanted all the oil in the world, not half, not three quarters, not ninety-nine percent. They wanted it all.

Naturally the Shah was a brute who oppressed his people. Our leaders wouldn’t have it any other way. They specialize in psychotic nut jobs like Somoza, Noriega, Marcos, Machado, Batista, and the most psychotic of them all, Rafael Trujillo of the Dominican Republic – to name a few.

Our difficulties in Central America and immigration stem from the fact that the CIA has played dirty tricks against the countries of Central America for over one hundred years now in order to suppress labor movements down there. The CIA and our greedy corporate elite love cheap bananas and coffee.

They also love the minerals.

The overthrow of Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala was initiated by the CIA to achieve that domination and destruction.

CAFTA, the sister agreement to NAFTA, initiated and passed under George Bush, 43, cemented the devastation. That’s why the immigrants are coming here.

George Herbert Walker Bush, 41, a corporatist, a money guy from the Northeast, the son of Prescott, the father of 41, would naturally join the “family business” in the 1950s – which apparently is money and power accumulation. That’s why he occultly joined the CIA under the guise of being an oil man (The CIA has heavily infiltrated the petroleum industry).

That’s also why he was made CIA Director back in the 1970s.

The CIA is nothing more than the private army of the wealthy elite. They have their own ships, planes, helicopters, soldiers, and bases. They answer to no one except the wealthy elite.

Indeed they work for the wealthy elite. They are their enforcement arm. Think of them as the SD or SS in Nazi Germany.

Actually that’s exactly what they’re like.

GHWB’s son, George Walker Bush, while not an official member of the CIA, certainly continued Poppy’s dreams and aspirations by initiating wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I would expect nothing less of George P Bush.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Oh, Okay, Elites, So Herd Immunity is Possible

We have to use their own words to hang them. In this article, the “experts ” are talking about herd immunity being achieved with 60 to 65% of population.

Well, the population that is less than 44 years of age is about 65% of the population. Approximately 85% of the population is less than 65. Mortality does not significantly escalate until you get over the age of 65.

What this signifies is that had we permitted COVID-19 to naturally spread throughout society without a lockdown, we would have achieved herd immunity already.

Had we encouraged people to spread the disease by actively engaging in activities, we would have gotten there quicker with lesser mortality.

Our national leaders’ recommendations caused more deaths – at least twice as many, perhaps three times as many deaths. They transformed a one and done pandemic into a prolonged smoldering fire.

What Dr. Fauci and others have done is make us dependent upon vaccines which have made Big Pharma a lot of money.

He and his buddies have also made us more susceptible to variants such as the Delta variant.

Dr. Fauci is now waving the fear of the Delta variant in the air as an inducement to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Well, now, it appears, we have little choice. A state of fear has been created.

Actually, we do have a choice. If the Delta variant takes hold here in the United States, assuming the mortality data with regard to the young is similar to the original COVID-19, we can do what we should’ve done in the first place – not lock down, and spread the disease while protecting the vulnerable.

It was clear back in April of 2020 that COVID-19 was not harming children and young adults to any significant degree. That knowledge was our weapon against the disease. Dr. Fauci and Big Pharma knew that and ignored it.

Why? Immune people don’t require vaccines.

Shame on the New England Journal of Fascist Corporate Third Reich Medicine for not pointing this out.


Archer Crosley, MD

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Social View of History

Are you confused by current events? Are you perplexed as to why things are the way they are?

Do you get confused when politicians go against their campaign promises whether that candidate be a Democrat or a Republican?

If you do, it is probably because you believe in the social view of history.

Not surprisingly, the media and our elites promote the social view of history.

It’s an attractive concept, but it’s wrong.

What moves history and politicians is economics.

The social view of history is wrong.

The social view history states that it is people, their philosophies, their ideologies that move history and shape events. Consequently, much effort is spent to understanding people, cultures and their thinking.

This is reflected by our educational institutions that teach courses in social studies, not history.

The indoctrination into the social view of history is pervasive.

It begins in elementary school, then continues through high school and into college. It is perpetuated by the media.

What is never talked about to any large degree is the monetary view of history, or the economic view of history.

In the economic view of history, it is money and the acquisition of it by the elites that moves history.

This view is never taught in school, and is never talked about much by the media, because it would reveal who the real power in the world is.

If people started talking about economics to any large degree, then war might see the end of its existence as a ruling force in the world.

Wars are often seen and portrayed by the elites and the modern media as a natural consequence of two social forces coming up against each other.

Frequently these two social forces are portrayed as freedom destroyers versus freedom fighters, or wealthy capitalists versus poor working class peasants.

But what if it isn’t that way? What if that is a lie?

What if the wars are being fought because the elites on both sides want to justify their existence as well as make a pile of loot along the way?

What if the social view of history is wrong?

Let’s ask some questions.

Was the war in Vietnam fought to save democracy? Or was it fought because the US wanted to extend its hegemony over Southeast Asia for the purposes of oil and rubber extraction? Let’s not forget about palm oil. We have more palm oil in our bodies than blood.1

Was the war in Syria fought because the US truly desired freedom for the people in Syria? Or was it fought because the US and its ally Israel wanted to damage the Syria-Iran axis – the Syria-Iran axis being a threat to the western allies’ beachhead in the Middle East, that being Israel?

Did the US elites really care that Assad was oppressing his people? They didn’t care about the Saudi regime oppressing its people.

Was the war in Japan fought because the Japanese were oppressing the rights of other peoples in the Pacific Rim, or was it fought because the Japanese were fucking around with America’s rubber plantations? Or perhaps the vital assets that might one day be extracted from Indonesia? Or the oil in Sumatra?

How about the takeover of the Philippines by the US in the early part of the 20th century? Was that undertaken in order to improve the life for Filipinos? Or was it undertaken because the Philippines sits in an important geo-political location? Wouldn’t the Philippines be the ideal place to place bases from which to send bomber jets into countries in Southeast Asia – just in case they got any ideas that might fuck with our money?

The same can be asked of Cuba. Did the US really care about improving the life of Cubans? Or did the US want Cuba in order to exploit its citizenry so as to give us cheap sugar?

Was the Civil War in the United States fought to free the slaves? Or was it fought because the South after seceding was free to import finished goods from England thus creating competition for northern factories? Or maybe it was fought to free up cheap black labor for northern factories who could pay them “slave” wages? Or maybe it was fought to free up cheap black labor to act as scabs against emerging Northern unions?

Why was Jacobo Arbenz overthrown in Guatemala by the CIA? Because the US cared for the citizens of Guatemala who might live under communist oppression? Or was it fought in order to put down labor unions who might represent an economic threat to greedy corporate fruit importers like United fruit (Chiquita) and Standard Fruit (Dole)?

Why did we really fight in Afghanistan? Was it to get Al-Qaeda and bin Laden? Or was it to secure the vital minerals that are found there? Or maybe it was to make corporations a pile of money by fighting a war. We didn’t invade Pakistan. Isn’t that where bin Laden was ultimately found?

Let’s not forget about Iraq. Why did we go to war there? Wasn’t Saddam Hussein our former ally? Didn’t Rumsfeld once shake his hand? Did we really care about Saddam’s oppression of his people? We didn’t care for decades, so why now? Is it possible we went to war because Saddam Hussein was threatening the petrodollar? Or maybe we wanted to make corporations even more money by fighting a war?

Of course, the elites don’t want you asking too many questions. They would rather have you play the same idiotic game that is played out on national television every day of the week.

They want you to engage in the sporting match known as left versus right, Democrats versus Republicans, capitalists versus peasants.

The social view of history rapes you and removes you from the truth. While you debate and fight at the local level against your opponent be he or she Democrat or Republican, the corporate elites are laughing all the way to the bank.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

False Battles

If it’s one thing the elites are good at it’s framing false battles.

Framing false battles is essential to their survival.

If they didn’t frame false battles, you might start asking questions.

You asking questions is a major threat to their existence.

I don’t know who comes up with these false battles; I don’t know if they have a secret committee who does it, but they are very good at it.

Let’s give two examples.

The first example is the battle over the wall on the Rio Grande.

Trump is for the wall; Trump’s opponents are against the wall. The wall is promoted as a solution to fix immigration.

The wall is a bad idea but not because a wall can’t have effectiveness.

The entire subject of the wall is a bad idea because it diverts you away from the root cause of our immigration crisis which is Corporate America brutalizing the people of Central America – which has been going on for more than 100 years.

Focusing on the wall removes you from solving the problem.

And if some loose cannon happens to mention that we aren’t addressing the core problem, that loose cannon is dismissed as an impractical crank who is talking about long-term solutions. What is needed, we are told by the elites, is a solution right now.

Of course, the immediate solution won’t work, which is precisely the point. The elites don’t want the immediate solution to work because they want the problem to continue.

Operationally the immediate solution won’t work because the elites will ensure that it doesn’t work. They will ensure that it doesn’t work by not funding the wall.

Walls are expensive and they require commitment.

The second example is the assignment of blame of COVID-19 to a lab in Wuhan.

Let’s put aside for the moment the fact that a virus is easily transportable across borders and does not require any special equipment.

A virus isn’t transmitted into a country by a rocket booster.

The virus can be taken into a country by a traveler with a snotty nose. Or the virus can be transported in a small box of cough drops, or a bag of chips. It doesn’t take a week to fly to China.

Currently the battle to assign blame to a lab in Wuhan is being carried out in our modern media.

It’s the same senseless game that was played out with the wall.

By focusing on a lab in Wuhan, you are removed from directing your attention at the real problem, which is that scientists from the west, including Harvard, including the Broad Institute, which is a collaboration between an MIT and Harvard, have been working extensively with Chinese scientists for decades.

We train and work at each others institutions.

It is this collaboration which gave rise to our knowledge of virology, genetics and the tools to develop bio-weapons.

It is this collaboration in every sense of the word that gave rise to the ability to create bio-weapons.

Once this is understood it then becomes obvious that greater controls are needed in the scientific community.

Once we look at that collaboration we become more acutely aware that the scientists have gone too far.

It is they together who have created a weapon that is far more injurious than a nuclear weapon can ever be.

Their genetic tools including CRISPR have given them the ability to wipe humanity off the planet.

Of course, the elites do not want us to focus on that. So they give us a false battle. By focusing on Wuhan versus non-Wuhan, we remove ourselves from the truth.

That’s the whole point. Our leaders want to continue genetic research so that they can refine their bio-weapon capabilities.

Our leaders are sick.

Their profit-seeking ways have led them to develop even more diabolical ways of making money.

COVID-19 has opened up new vistas for them. They make a shitload of money off vaccines, and they get to wipe out small business competitors. They also were able to shut down vital areas of communication for their opponents, which is us. They were able to shut down churches, gyms, and restaurants.

It was beautiful for them.

What’s not to like?

Our leaders use two main techniques to make money: exploitation and war.

Through exploitation they can create slavery.

Through war they can steal assets and create the conditions for exploitation which again leads to slavery.

Genetic research and bio-weaponry lead to war.

Corporate America’s greed leads to continued exploitation of the people in Central America.

So to disguise their true intent, the elites need false battles.

They can’t have you asking too many questions.

Questions lead to the end of their game.

Of course, to get to that point, you have to ask yourself an essential question. Are our leaders good people who are misguided or stupid? Or are our leaders evil, sick people who have become intoxicated with money and power?

Once you choose the latter, there is no going back. You have crossed the Rubicon, and you know what needs to be done.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

We Are Stuck

You see, we’re stuck in a trap, and we have been for sometime.

We created a society where only righteous people from Harvard can do wonderful things, tell us the truth, or fix problems.

Ah, but what happens if Harvard is the cause of our demise?

Do you see what I mean?

We’re stuck.

It’s the same problem the North Koreans have.

It’s the same problem the Romans had.

It’s the same problem the Egyptians had.

It’s the same problem every hierarchical society his had.

I mean, I can tell you about COVID-19.

I can tell you who is responsible for the pandemic.

The problem is is that it’s not gonna be heard by anyone.

You’re not going to listen to me.

I didn’t go to Harvard.

I’m not immortal.

We created a society where only immortal demigods from Harvard can tell the truth.

But Harvard is not going to tell you.

They are going to divert your attention away.

They have to. If they are found responsible, then they will die. If they die then you will see that they are not immortal.

And then their grip on society will falter.

The latest case with COVID-19 is a prime example.

The elites now want you to believe that the virus possibly came from a lab in Wuhan.

Sean Hannity wants you to turn off your brain and accept that.

And many people will. They’ll do it because what Hannity is selling is easy. You don’t have to ask any questions; you only need to reach out for that simple answer.

The left, Hannity’s opponents, will play along. Because then the false battle will be created and promoted.

Game on. Did the Chinese do it or didn’t the Chinese do it?

And the real answer is that American scientists have been working with Chinese scientists extensively for decades in the development of genetic tools which allow almost anybody to reengineer a virus to do damage to humans, and to animals, and to plants.

That’s the real issue. There aren’t enough controls on the genetics, virology, and molecular biology community.

You’re not going to figure out who engineered this virus with any certainty. There’s no way of looking at a virus and saying that it came out of a specific lab. And, a virus can be transmitted anywhere. It doesn’t require any high-tech equipment. It can be carried in a bag of pretzels.

Or in the snotty handkerchief of a CIA officer visiting Wuhan on “vacation”.

What we can do is examine the scientific community which permitted the technology to be developed in the first place where someone would be able to do this.

In that regard all the geneticists and virologists engaged in scientific research of pathogens are complicit.

What these scientists are doing is tantamount to sharing the Manhattan project openly amongst everybody.

As we can see clearly now, genetic weapons are far more powerful than nuclear weapons. And yet we made the Manhattan project a top-secret project.

Not so with genetic research.

Why won’t Harvard touch that?

Because Harvard led the way in genetic research. Harvard and the Broad Institute, which is a collaboration between Harvard and MIT, led the way.

Why would Harvard implicate itself?

Did the Roman emperors blame themselves?

Does the Queen of England blame herself?

Does Kim Jong-Un blame himself?

Did the pharaohs of Egypt blame themselves?


Instead, they divert attention away. They can do this because they control the media.

Since they control the media, they control your mind.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Here is a link to a PDF:

Lipstick and Immortality

A few weeks ago a friend of mine on Facebook was lamenting the fact that people would gladly throw down a hundred bucks to Kylie Jenner, someone they hardly knew, for cosmetics, but wouldn’t pay out twenty bucks to support a friend, that they did know well, in their local business.

Of course.

It makes total sense. I wrote to this friend of mine, who has a local business, and I explained why I thought this would be.

When people buy off Kylie Jenner, they’re not just buying lipstick or a piece of clothing.

They are buying a piece of immortality.

Every human being by the time they reach adulthood has more or less figured out that they are going to die.

Yet they don’t want to die.

They want their life to count for something.

They want to achieve some permanence in this world.

Clever people in the media and marketing departments have figured this out.

They figured it out along time ago.

So what they decided to do was link what they were selling to people’s desire to achieve immortality.

They figured that if they could create these demigods who were bigger than life, people who were immortal, they could sell anything.

And they were right.

Celebrity demigods can sell anything.

They can sell products.

They can sell political messages.

People are even willing to watch them walk around the house and do chores.

This is why people buy sports memorabilia.

This is why people buy autographed pictures.

I myself purchased an autographed baseball of Pete Rose from Pete Rose.

He signed it in front of me and shook my hand. I even have a picture.

It cost me $100.

For a hundred bucks, you can too can become immortal.

This is why people buy from celebrities.

And it is also why they don’t buy from you.

Unless you are selling essentials to keep them alive, which is contributing to their immortality, you are not selling immortality to them.

On the contrary, by virtue of the fact that they know you, and they know you as a mortal human being who will die, your product represents death to them.

You are no different than the purchaser.

You are just an ordinary person who will die.

Congratulations, you are the kiss of death!

To shift a little bit, this is why it was so difficult for regular doctors to sell Americans on the truth with regard to COVID-19.

A television physician, someone who has national stature, a demigod, Sanjay Gupta, or Anthony Fauci, could get on television and say things that made no sense, and people would believe them.

Even celebrities who had no experience in healthcare, people like Danny Devito and Robert De Niro, could tell people to stay at home, to socially distance, and that pitch carried more weight than the advice from a regular physician.

Why would this be?

Because when a celebrity like Tom Hanks tells you to flatten the curve, a demigod is selling you advice.

A representative from an immortal God is handing you the keys to immortality

If I, Archer Crosley, as a pediatrician of thirty-eight years, tells you what to do, a mortal is selling you advice, and that mortal’s advice is tantamount to death.

Only with experience and the foreknowledge of why you buy the things you buy will you accept my advice while rejecting the “sage wisdom” of the celebrity.

This is one of the problems with celebrity culture.

And it highlights precisely why celebrity culture was created by our elites.

Celebrity culture was created specifically for the purpose of controlling you.

Your elites are pretty smart people in that respect.

What they did was create a race, a master race of sages, who will now control you.

They will control you because they know that as a mortal person desire immortality.

You will therefore reach out and accept what the master race of demigods has told you.

This is why you buy Kylie Jenner’s lipstick.

This is why you wore a face mask.

This is why you will now comply with what the elites desire.

It’s not an accident.

If celebrity culture had been created without the elites approval, and the celebrities had then spoken out against the elites, the elites would have shut it down.

Occasionally, you see this happen. The Dixie Chicks spoke out against Corporate America’s war in Iraq.

And you saw what happened to the Dixie Chicks.

They vanished.

So the messages is clear to the celebrities.

Stick to the program. Stick to lipstick. Stick to the political message that we the elites want to put out, or else.

Celebrities, demigods, who do not stick to the script don’t get to sell clothes and lipstick.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

A Big Mistake

Do you want to know the biggest mistake in my life?

It was the mistake of all mistakes, the mother of all mistakes, the king daddy, the sultan, the lord of lords, the big cheese, the big enchilada, the supreme leader of all mistakes.

I thought our leaders cared.

I thought our leaders cared what we thought – we plebes, we common people.

Isn’t that what the Founding Fathers wanted? Isn’t that why they began our constitution with the words, We the People?

I was naïve.

Our leaders don’t care.

They only care in lipservice.

They don’t need to care. They already have enough people in their little clique of elites to listen to.

They come first.

I was raised like many Americans of my era to believe in the goodness of America. I was taught in third grade that anyone could be President of the United States.

And I’m sure that my third grade teacher, Mrs. Miller, believed that as well because it still was possible for a regular person to become President of the United States when she was young in the early 1920s and 30s.

But then something changed in America.

Money and the pursuit of it.

Wealthy families begot wealthy corporations and wealthy foundations, and those organizations soon came to control the government.

These corporations became too powerful.

To fuel these corporations – every corporation needs officers – the elites needed people to run them.

Thus the rise of Ivy League schools as national and international entities to run not only the country, but the world.

Our corporate titans had a different vision for the world, and that vision necessitated that not just anyone could be President of the United States.

The social contract took a hit.

The elites couldn’t afford to have regular people running things anymore.

Regular people might have too much sensitivity to the needs of regular folk.

Our elites didn’t want emotions getting in the way of profits.

So they created a New World Order focused on profits, for themselves.

In their New World Order people who attended certain schools (or who bent the knee to certain schools) would run the government and the top corporations. It was a way of ensuring that the rulers would think a certain way.

They needed quick thinking people who a) could be bought and b) didn’t ask a lot of questions.

Thus, the American dream in which anyone of independent mind could rise to the top was sidelined.

I was a fool.

I was a fool because I believed in a meritocracy. I believed, as I believe today, that the individual counts most, not the institution.

If it’s the institution that counts, then it’s possible for unqualified people to rise to positions of power simply because they attended that institution.

Additionally, every institution produces intellectual inbreeding.

That’s why you see so many of these Harvard graduates thinking the same way.

Harvard and other Ivy League institutions like to think that they have achieved diversity because they have selected people of different ethnicities, backgrounds, or countries of origin.

But there is little diversity at Harvard. There is little diversity because the people they select are run through the Harvard meat grinder.

Maybe these people did think a distinctive way before entering Harvard, but that’s not the way they think when they leave.

Harvard is a machine, a training ground, a cult actually, that grooms and cultivates their substrate in order to produce a reliable cog in the Empire’s machine of relentless profit accumulation.

The result is a tasteless, metric-loving, slick, well-spoken, cold, soulless, generic Harvard burger.

When you’ve eaten one lousy Harvard burger, you’ve eaten them all.

The problem is that they are all over the place.

Increasingly we are fed Harvard burgers everywhere, and not just at the national level.

In Texas Harvard burgers dominate our major cities. We have Harvard burgers running Dallas, Houston, San Antonio.

A slightly modified version of a Harvard burger runs Austin.

They don’t have the right stuff, and they are running the show.

Soon, if Michael Bloomberg and his Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative is successful – and it will be – a Harvard burger will come to your community.

In that event, run.

This is the way it is, and it’s difficult to convince people that our elites don’t have our best interests at heart.

Why would people believe me? I didn’t go to Harvard. Everybody knows that Harvard burgers are the best tasting burgers.

This is the predicament we find ourselves in.

Until we change the programming in society, what people believe, we plebes will be beaten down into a permanent underclass of serfs.

For our survival, it is absolutely essential that anyone through his or her individual effort, without obedience to Harvard, can once again become President of the United States of America.

I think the Founding Fathers would approve.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved