Brahmins 2

Let’s talk about the Brahmins, these so-called elite families from New England.

They promote themselves as an aristocracy in America. Supposedly this entitlement derives from their ancestors arriving to American shores on the Mayflower and other vessels in the early 1600s.

This entitlement is false.

The Brahmins are entitled to nothing.

The Brahmins are no better than you.

They are not more cultured people.

They are not better people.

They are not smarter people.

They enjoy no right and no privilege to rule.

Many of them, and many of their ancestors, were flat out crooks and society destroyers. Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s grandfather was Warren Delano who ran opium into China.

That’s how Roosevelt came into his money.

Currently the Brahmins operate as an unelected, hidden government in the United States of America.

They control Harvard; Harvard controls the Ivy League; the Ivy League controls Corporate America; and Corporate America has hijacked the United States of America which now controls the world.

The leadership of the Brahmins has been woefully suboptimal.

This suboptimal leadership indicts them and voids their privilege to rule.

Their privilege to rule is predicated upon their so-called superior abilities. Yet those superior abilities are largely a product of propaganda.

It is the Brahmins who ultimately control the media which celebrates them.

This is designed to program the unsuspecting American and the Brahmin himself.

The Brahmins of course control Harvard and those graduates who play the game by sucking up to the Brahmins.

Their celebration manifests itself in film in which nearly every genius in a Hollywood movie is a Harvard graduate, a device certainly without support as our greatest inventors such as Edison, Einstein and Jobsk were regularly educated people. Edison was homeschooled by his mother.

This Hollywood device is designed to program the unsuspecting American and the Brahmin himself.

The programming does not stop there. The programming is embedded deep into the American psyche in many ways.

When the Brahmin or Brahmin-puppet gets married or has a baby, that marriage or baby announcement is listed in the New York Times.

Why would this be so? Are these people living in New York? No. Are they from New York? No.

The purpose of making the announcement is to send a message to you and the Brahmins that they are special.

They’re not.

The propaganda continues indirectly when Brahmins and their supporters and sycophants, who generally graduate from Harvard, are given prized spots with so-called prominent individuals in the private or public sector.

If one can list on one’s resume that one has clerked for a Supreme Court justice, that so-called feather in the cap further contributes to the luster of the Brahmin or Brahmin affiliate.

Yes, yes, so and so clerked for Felix Frankfurter; why he must be a fucking genius.


Felix Fankfurter and every other Supreme Court justice are fallible men, not demigods. They were like everybody else before the Brahmin-controlled media elevated them into supermen.

The last time I checked, Felix Frankfurter had died. And what is this particular fascination the media has with Felix Frankfurter anyway? For some odd reason he still enjoys special godlike status amongst the Supreme Court justices.

It’s all propaganda.

Since the Brahmins already have the upper hand in controlling the government and private sector, they can reward and punish their team members.

Go along with the program, and you get perks. Defy the program, and you get relegated to Nome.

The game is no different then that played by King Louis XIV at Versailles.

King Louis could give plumb assignments in the government to accentuate your standing. He could bestow awards. He could permit you to sit at his table.

Prizes and awards are important in propagandizing and controlling people.

And there are so many awards and privileges.

The Brahmins love awards, and they control and give sanction to nearly every so-called important award in the nation.

Whether it’s the Academy Awards, the Pulitzer Prize, the Grammys, the Peabody award, the Country Music awards, or the Baseball Hall of Fame, in one way or another the Brahmins control these awards.

They cannot afford to have other people giving top awards and thus creating heroes that they cannot control.

If other people create heroes that they can not control, those people may present a threat to their rule.

They cannot permit this. Therefore all perks and awards emanate from the king. In America today the kings are the Brahmins.

If you try to threaten them by creating your own award, your awards will be diminished; the Brahmins will create a competing award and use the media to proclaim their award as the superior award. They will then use their power to crush dissent.

There can be no competing forces to their rule.

Almost every so-called important Brahmin or Brahmin affiliate in America today has received some sort of phony baloney award that ultimately comes from the Brahmins.

These awards exist to propagandize you the unsuspecting American.

But ask yourself this question: Who gave the Brahmins the authority to bestow these awards?

Mind you, the awards are so important in propagandizing people into thinking that the Brahmin or Brahman affiliate is some type of demigod or superman.

Who then gave the Brahmins the authority to bestow these awards?

No one.

Who can then state with confidence that these awards have any meaning?

No one.

The awards are as meaningless as the propaganda.

This is why the philosopher Jesus rejected a crown.

Jesus understood that Rome’s power rested in its ability to create supermen out of mortal men. Jesus the philosopher understood the danger of awards.

The Brahmins celebrate the fact that their ancestors came over on the Mayflower.

Fuck the Mayflower.

Your ancestors didn’t come over on the Mayflower. So what? Maybe they kindly loaned their ticket to one of the worthless Brahmins. Maybe they were working as serfs in the old country to support the earliest colonists.

Your family’s heritage is just as important as the heritage of the elites.

And your heritage goes back to the beginning of time just as their heritage does.

The Mayflower provenance is another arbitrary award, celebrated by a compliant media, fabricated by the elites, to give credibility to their false right to rule.

That provenance is devoid of substance.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved


I’m going to tell you how a small group of people can control an entire nation. And the only reason I’m telling you is because many of us have suspected that there exists a group of people behind the coronavirus crisis. So it seems appropriate to tease out who these people might be.

It’s not that hard.

It’s been right in front of you all these years.

If you are a conspiracist, and I proudly am, it is pretty easy to conclude that this coronavirus crisis has been coordinated.

It seems as if all the “right “people were on board right from the beginning.

Certainly main stream media was on board calling this a pandemic from the beginning. They were ready to go with slogans such as shelter at home, social distancing, and flatten the curve.

Equally contributory were the celebrities who relentlessly instructed frightened parents to stay at home. Of course staying at home would affect these celebrities not at all because they were already wealthy beyond belief.

Never fear, couch potato celebrity watchers, Leo will be safe on his yacht. Ditto to Scarlett Johansson, safely tucked away in the Hamptons.

Leading the charge for the government, aside from the hysterical governor of New York, were the two fear mongers in chief, Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates, none of whom should have been leading the charge at all when it comes to dispensing medical advice. Bill Gates has no medical degree and has never taken care of a patient in his life. The last time Anthony Fauci laid hands on a patient was when LBJ was president.

Last but not least were the large corporations. What unusual silence they exhibited in this lockdown as the profits of their corporations melted away. Was no one else suspicious? You could hear a pin drop as they roared their nonexistent disapproval of the lockdown.

I still to this day have yet to hear a CEO of a Fortune 500 company in the press denounce the lockdown. That in itself should speak volumes.

I bring this up to set the stage.

A safe bet would be that Corporate America and their friends are behind this coronavirus crisis. It is the large corporations that control the media, the Hollywood celebrities, the government, and of course their own corporations.

Given the devastation that Corporate America has caused America over the past 50 years in destroying the economy of the rust belt, destroying the economy of the inner city, destroying the black community, enslaving people in Southeast Asia in order to make sneakers and sports apparel, profiting off nonstop war, the bet becomes more sure.

Remember, of course, Corporate America doesn’t lose if their own companies go bankrupt during the lockdown. No way. The losses go to you, the shareholder, the sucker. The CEOs and their lieutenants get their golden parachutes and generous severance packages; the hedge funds, which Corporate America controls, buy up the bankrupt corporations on the cheap for a dollar a share, and the business reopens when the coast is clear.

Everybody’s a winner except you.

So, who controls Corporate America?

Where do the officers of Corporate America come from? Where do the officers of the hedge funds come from? Where do the officers of our federal government, who fail to regulate Corporate America, come from?

Well, principally they come from Ivy League schools. The Ivy League exists to train the officers of Corporate America. Sure there are some CEOs and officials in the government from outside the Ivy League, but there’s no doubt that the Ivy League leads the way.

They certainly brag enough that they do.

When you look at the top cabinet positions in our government, in Goldman Sachs, in JP Morgan and at the Federal Reserve, for the most part they come from the Ivy League.

You’d have to be incapacitated to not conclude that the Ivy League is in charge of our country financially.

Proceeding forward, let’s look more closely at the Ivy League as it is the Ivy League’s job to train the officers of Corporate America. And when we say Corporate America we’re talking about the machine, the big blob that controls the United States of America and, with their corrupt cronies in London, the world.

Corporate America involves corporations, associations, nonprofits, and practically any national and state wide association, which includes government itself.

The Ivy League supplies the officers of these entities to an inordinate and disproportionate degree. In that way the Ivy League controls nearly affair in your life.

Well, who controls the Ivy League?

Certainly there is a hierarchy there.

Well, I don’t think it takes a genius to conclude that Harvard being the oldest school in the nation, and probably the most prestigious school according to the puppets, obeyers, non-thinkers and knuckleheads, is the leader of the Ivy League.

What does that mean? It means that if Harvard doesn’t sanction something, it doesn’t happen. Harvard is the Joe Stalin of the Ivy League.

If Harvard says something is going to happen, it’s going to happen. If Harvard says something is not going to happen, it’s not going to happen.

Harvard and it’s associating people and members have the most power, the most so-called prestige, and the most money. What they say goes.

It’s no accident that eight of our US presidents attended Harvard. It’s no accident that many of our Supreme Court justices attended Harvard.

Of course it’s not necessary that every single member of the elite caste go to Harvard University. The important thing is that Harvard University controls the other Ivy League schools, and these schools will defer to Harvard as it is the oldest school in the nation.

Surrounding the traditional Ivy League, and these days part of the new Ivy League, are schools like MIT, Stanford, Georgetown and so forth. We can also throw in schools like Brigham Young, Berkeley and the military academies. There are many.

Accepting that, who then controls Harvard University, for there is always a cabal within the cabal.

It’s important to ask this question because this control over American life, and these tricks against the American people and the people of the world, have been going on for a long, long time – for well over a hundred years and most likely longer.

Sober students of history know full well that false flags have been an important part of American history. The sinking of the Lusitania was a false flag. Pearl Harbor was a false flag. The World Trade Center attack was a false flag.

These false flags and the secret activities of our CIA lend solid support to the belief that there is a hidden government in the United Stares that has continuity over decades if not centuries.

Such secretive continuity can only be maintained through a tight social club where membership is limited and controlled, and where outsiders must apply and become gradually indoctrinated over centuries if at all.

As an example, the Rothschilds, commonly thought to be the architects of evil in the world, are not part of British aristocracy. The real power does not always flow to the person with the most money. Prestige trumps money.

So too in the United States. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg may be among the wealthiest, but they are not even close to being the most powerful.

As affiliates of Harvard, as beneficiaries of Harvard, they owe their bones to Harvard.

Harvard is the power.

Harvard University is controlled by the Boston Brahmins. They are the founders of the University, and they hold the keys to the power in the University. What they say goes within Harvard University.

Now, you may have someone from the outside, someone who’s not necessarily Anglican, someone such as Lawrence Bacow, who is the current head honcho, but the Brahmins are the real power.

Who are these Brahmins? They are a group of families in the Boston and New England area who are generally descended from the original people who came over on the Mayflower or other vessels. They were here first, and they cemented their death grip upon the nation.

They have assiduously guarded their power grip on the nation ever since. That you do not know about them does not make their power and influence any less so.

They are not quaint people who dress unusually and speak in an affected accent. That is an illusion for you, and an instrument for you and them to brand themselves as special people, above you, better than you, more cultured than you.

They are not better than you. And they have no right to rule over you.

But they are there.

The Brahmins have always been with us, and their full time occupation is staying in power.

Billionaires like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg owe their money and their power to the Brahmins.

They do the Brahmin’s bidding.

Defy the Brahmins, and they will show you who is boss.

They say that the mob has fifty ways to get you inside a car; the Brahmins have fifty thousand ways to get you inside a car.

Now, of course they don’t do the nasty work themselves, and they aren’t so uncouth as to give an explicit order; they are much smarter than that.

Still, they do it. They are in charge.

And they control all the tools in the United States government to make you fall in line.

That’s the way it is.

That’s the way it works.

Why should you know this? It’s important to know that your democracy is a sham and has been for sometime.

The voting exists only to make you think that you have a say, and to assuage Brahmin guilt for having subverted the Constitution.

You have no say in your government.

This is your Santa Claus moment.

These Brahmins control the Presidency, the Senate, the cabinet officers, the CEOs of the Fortune 500 companies, the leaders of every major organization that they desire to control.

They control the media, the CIA, the FBI, and every alphabet agency. They control the Supreme Court.

They sunk the Lusitania, they provoked the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor, they killed John Kennedy, they blew up the World Trade Center.

Moreover, they created this coronavirus crisis.

They are an unelected government, and they do not work for us.

Just as the British aristocracy and the queen act as a rallying point for criminal Corporate Britain to conduct their brand of criminality upon the world, the Boston Brahmins are our aristocracy in our country, and they act as a rallying point for Criminal Corporate America to conduct its criminality upon the world.


Now you know.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Clown Act

Honestly, folks, how did this clown, Bill Gates, get to be our national spokesman on medical affairs?

He has no degree in medicine. He never even finished college.

Well, obviously it’s because he has billions of dollars. It’s too bad that having a lot of money doesn’t make you wise.

Just today he was extolling the benefits of the facemask. Obviously he is a proponent of the facemask.

He is of the opinion that the facemask saves lives. If you read anything of my columns in the past, you know that I do not agree.

I don’t need a study to know that the face mask doesn’t do any good. I am the study.

I’ve been in close contact with coughing children for over 35 years, and I almost never get sick. I don’t get sick because I wash my hands.

If the virus were airborne in the way that Bill Gates thinks it is, I would be sick all the time, and I’m not.

When the virus becomes airborne, it rapidly diffuses into the atmosphere and thus dilutes itself. Viral load is everything when it comes to causing an infection.

When the virus becomes airborne, the prior viral load effectively does not exist.

It’s similar to Lex Luther poisoning the city water supply. It’s not going to happen because the massive quantity of water dilutes out the minuscule amount of poison that can be emptied into it.

A 10 x 10 x 15’ room, or 300 cubic feet, has 8,496 liters of air. That’s a lot of air, and that’s assuming that there’s no circulation of air into the rest of the house, which there is. The idea that an airborne virus in its totality makes a beeline for your trachea is absurd.

Furthermore, an airborne virus would have to overcome other non-adaptive immune mechanisms that the body presents to it.

More likely than not, the coronavirus is being spread by hand to hand contact, or by fomite, after which the person failing to wash his or her hands picks up food that then carries the virus into the oropharynx in sufficient viral load as to cause infection.

Why is this significant?

It’s significant because it demonstrates the lack of utility of the face mask.

Not only is the facemask not useful, it is counterproductive. It is counterproductive because it gives a false sense of confidence to the user. The user begins to think that they are protected because they are using the face mask; they are then less likely to wash their hands.

Handwashing is number one in protection against infectious disease.

But let’s not be coy, and let’s not give Bill Gates a free pass. He knows what he’s doing. He knows that the facemask has little usefulness.

He’s an uneducated man, but he’s not a dumb man. He’s only dumb in the sense that he doesn’t understand that he enjoys the privilege of being a steward of the national economy. Rather than use that stewardship wisely, he and his cabal decided to rape the American people through Nazi junk science. He’s dumb in that he doesn’t understand that we live in a moral universe and that his actions will bring about his undoing.

He and Dr Fauci want you to use the face mask because they know that it will delay herd immunity by contributing to a state of fear.

He knows that the fear plus the use of the face mask will help promote a low level coronavirus fire that will smolder for a decade.

That is their plan.

Fear is everything to these guys. They clearly have an agenda. Fear enables that agenda.

Their agenda is multifold.

First is the implementation of this vaccine that they say will be a cure. The vaccine has been ramrodded through and inadequately studied. It may cause more harm than good.

Second is the implementation of remote learning which Bill Gates does have a vested interest in.

Remote learning gives Gates and the Machine the indoctrination tool that they desire to promote their nutty utopian thinking upon children’s minds.

Third, is the destruction of private healthcare in America. The goal is to wipe out as many individual practitioners as possible so as to herd them into giant corporate-run clinics. When doctors are pushed into corporate clinics, they can be controlled more easily. It then becomes a snap to gradually replace them with lesser trained people who will be even more compliant to corporate desires.

Gates’s vision is to have corporations control healthcare. Of course, they will control healthcare for profits first, patients second. Gates’s friend, Warren Buffett, is licking his chops on the sidelines. Buffet can’t wait to provide hospital beds, IV poles or whatever for every hospital in America. It won’t matter if the quality is any good because the goal is to make profits for the big boys.

The result will be disastrous for patients. Patients will come second, corporations will come first. Of course, Gates and his buddies will lie to you through statistics. They will tell you that studies show that patient care has never been better.

I mince no words. Both these men, Gates and Fauci, are full-fledged officers of the Third Reich which never died.

They never saw a money making corporation that they did not fall in love with.

Indeed, they are the leaders of the new and improved American IG Farben. And, yes, there was an American IG Farben. And, yes, Wall street did finance Hitler’s rise to power.

Gates and Fauci are sick pups who have lost their way.

But so are the rest of the members of the Machine that rules us.

These cabalists don’t care about experience or training. One celebrity clown is as good as another to promote their lies.

So they feature a clown like Gates as an authority on the coronavirus.


Archer Crosley, MD

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

A Letter to Tony

Dear Dr. Fauci,

My job is to make people better; that’s what I do for a living, although admittedly I work on people a little younger than you.

I’m a pediatrician, and my job is to not only cure infectious diseases but to give advice to young people when they need it and want it.

I’ve been doing it for too many years now.

I want you to be a successful man in history. Right now, I don’t see that happening.

I know that you may not agree, that you might possibly believe that you will be seen as the great man in history, but I have a feeling that your desires may not pan out as planned.

I have a feeling that you’re full of yourself.

Maybe it’s that presidential medal of freedom they gave you, or all those honorary doctorates piled up in your trophy room that are making you think that you are all that.

I can assure you, though, that you can learn a few things.

You have been fear mongering now for five solid months. How long will you go on abusing us with your fear mongering?

Let’s assume that you are not doing this for the purpose of helping Corporate America rape the American small businessman. Let’s assume that you are not doing this for the purpose of instituting remote learning, a flawed methodology that will harm children psychologically now and in the future. Let’s assume that you are not doing this for the purpose of breaking individual solo practitioners like myself so that Corporate America can swoop in and institute their fascist healthcare plan.

Let’s assume that you truly believe that your fear mongering will save the American people.

If that is the case, and you truly believe that your course of action is just and righteous, let me tell you a story about George Washington.

Back during the Revolutionary War, George Washington was the commander of the Continental Army. He was not universally liked or acclaimed by all. Does he remind you of anyone? That’s a rhetorical question. I am, of course, talking about you.

George Washington was not even that great a general strategically speaking. There were other generals who had better skills.

Because George Washington‘s strategic skills were, shall we say, limited, he was of the opinion that the solution to beating the British was to recapture New York City; consequently, he had fortified his forces to accomplish that objective.

Then one day, he got a tap on the shoulder.

The person doing the tapping was a French soldier named Rochambeau.

Yes, said Washington.

Rochambeau pointed towards the south and said: Hey, the British aren’t going to attack from New York City. They are coming up through the south.

Of course I’m simplifying matters a tad.

I am sure that Washington felt like a fool; nevertheless, he put his personal ego aside and decided to listen to Rochambeau, and the rest is history.

Cornwallis was defeated at Yorktown.

It’s a very difficult task to admit to yourself that you might be wrong.

It’s extremely difficult.

It’s even more difficult when you have won many awards.

Awards can cloud one’s judgment.

Ultimately it’s always best to do the right thing.

Washington displayed his skills as a superior general by listening to other people, by putting his ego aside.

That’s why he is celebrated today.

Can you do the same?

Can you put aside the fact that you once pooh-poohed the idea of herd immunity?

Can you now recognize that herd immunity is the way to go?

Can you put aside your mad desire to hastily and dangerously implement a dubiously studied vaccine at warp speed in favor of a time-honored methodology in herd immunity?

We have an excellent example of herd immunity working in the country of Sweden. We also have an example in South Dakota.

Can you put your personal ego aside?

There is no shame in doing so.

Great men can do that.

Are you a great man?


Archer Crosley, MD

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Real Power

How would you like to make COVID-19 and the crisis around COVID go away tomorrow?

You can.

It’s doubtful that many Americans or people around the world will do so, but it can be done. It’s actually very easy to do.

And yet it’s very difficult to do.

What is that solution?

Well, it doesn’t involve talking about the problem.

Talking about the problem does nothing.

Sitting around chanting ohm in nonviolent resistance does nothing.

It is a common myth that Gandhi forced the British to leave India.

Gandhi did no such thing.

The British were totally content to have nonviolent resistance.

The man who made the British leave India was Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler bankrupted the British Empire.

With the British Empire bankrupt, the British were forced to give up their overseas possessions, and that included India..

Gandhi accomplish nothing.

Nonviolent resistance in the form of showing up for a Saturday march does nothing.

What does work are actions, not words.

I’m not talking about killing anyone; that won’t work either because the authorities have far more fire power than you.

But, you have a certain fire power that they need.

You see, they need you to go to work to keep the Empire going.

And if you don’t go to work, the Empire shuts down.

And there in lies the key to eliminating the coronavirus crisis.

There in lies the key to defeating the federal government.

There in lies the key to defeating the Nazi junk science of the facemask and the lockdown.

There in lies the key to freedom.

If you want to do real damage to the empire, refuse to go to work. Stop the assembly line. Stop the machine.

Sit on your hands.

That will scare the shit out of the elites, who are parasites who feast upon you.

They will come around in short order and ask you what you want. And then you can tell them what you want.

For me, it’s this. Stop the lockdown. Stop the facemask. Stop the remote learning. Stop the lying. Institute a program to develop herd immunity.

Once done, let’s go after the long term solution. Let’s break the backs of the people and institutions that perpetrated this fiasco.

Stop the casino in the stock market. Break up the big corporations. Break the back of Amazon. Break the back of Google. Break the back of Microsoft. Break the back of JP Morgan. Break the back of Goldman Sachs.

Decentralize the federal government. Stop the wars. Stop the corporate prison system. Bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States. Confiscate the wealth of the billionaires. End compound interest.

Those are for starters.

It’s economic power that will take down the COVID-19 crisis that they the elites created.

It’s economic power that will stop the George Floyd riots.

It’s economic power that will restore balance to America.

It’s your economic power that will do all that.

Can you win?

Here’s the good news: your collective economic power is far, far greater than theirs.

And they know it.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Which America

In 2008 John McCain ran against Barack Obama for President of the United States.

During the campaign, General Colin Powell appeared on Meet the Press.

His appearance was promoted by NBC. We were told that he was going to make an important announcement.

Well, you would have had to be brain dead to not know that he was going to endorse Barack Obama.

Apparently, the only person who didn’t know was John McCain which is why he probably lost the election.

It didn’t bother me that Powell endorsed Barack Obama; that’s his privilege. What bothered me was the gratuitous gutting he delivered to Sarah Palin who was John McCain’s vice-presidential running mate.

Colin Powell stated that Sarah Palin was unequivocally unqualified to be President of the United States should John McCain die.

I was angry when he made this statement.

I did not think he had any basis for making this statement given that Sarah Palin had far more executive experience than Barack Obama.

As the years went by though, I changed my mind. I realize that General Powell was correct.

Sarah Palin was unqualified to be President of the United States – in the United States that Colin Powell envisioned.

Colin Powell’s vision of the United States is America the busybody, America the war monger, America the bully, America the world destroyer, America the polluter, America the global killing machine.

In Colin Powell’s America, clever law firms like Sullivan and Cromwell, Jones and Day, Baker and Botts, and KKR skulk around following the President of the United States and make secret one-sided deals with foreign countries that harm the people of those countries.

In Colin Powell’s America, young men like Otto Warmbier are used for political theater, or as tools to negotiate corrupt contracts, then forgotten.

Colin Powell’s America is an America of nasty entangling alliances that serve corporate interests over the rights of individual Americans.

Colin Powell’s America is no America at all.

Colin Powell’s America is a misguided empire trapped within a dysphoric, opiate nightmare.

Colin Powell’s America is Rome.

Sarah Palin was unequivocally qualified then and now to rule Rome.

But that is not the vision that I have for America. That is not the vision that many Americans have for America, and we count too.

I see America as its own nation accountable to itself, a friend to all and an enemy to none.

I see America as a good, decent, nation that does not exploit other peoples, that does not engage in senseless wars for corporate profit, that provides meaningful well-paying employment for its citizenry.

I see America as a nation that protects Americans from excessive vice. Can we say the same about Colin Powell’s America that has given us drugs on demand, gambling on demand, sex on demand?

I see America as a nation that invests in its own people and infrastructure with a healthy measure of fiscal responsibility.

I see America is the land where God is more important then getting rich.

I see America as a country that follows Christian principles in doing unto others as we would have others do unto us. That would involve not playing dirty tricks with other nations via a Central Intelligence Agency or a US dominated IMF.

I see America as a place that gives an opportunity to all people of all races. Can we say the same for Colin Powell’s America which has devastated the inner city and the black community?

In the America I see, Sarah Palin is unequivocally qualified to be President of the United States.

Perhaps General Powell would have felt more comfortable with Mitt Romney as President. Mitt Romney was the kind of guy who could lead Powell’s America. And we know that because Mitt Romney was an important part of Bain Capital that destroyed manufacturing in the United States, that enabled corporations to ship jobs overseas, that helped destroy the black community.

For me, I’ll take Sarah Palin.

Sure, she sounds like a soccer mom, so what? Maybe that’s what we need to run the United Stares – officials who are more grounded to the people than the con men and slicksters that General Powell prefers.


Archer Crosley, MD

McAllen, TX

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Price of Conformity

When I was a boy we asked ourselves in school how the German people could have been conned into going along with Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

This question is asked today.

How could the German people possibly have gone along?

Accompanying this was the self-confident notion that we Americans were better and that such a thing could never happen here in the United States.

Well, it can happen here, and it is happening here.

We are now getting a first class education and experience in how the German people were convinced to go along with Nazi junk science and its hatred of the Jews.

Apparently it wasn’t difficult at all for the Nazis to get people to conform.

Indeed, you can get people to believe in just about anything if you have a media and a pack of compliant celebrities that are willing to indoctrinate people.

This indoctrination occurs in every day events such as entertainment and sports.

We can see this today on television as we watch the NFL on its first day of action.

We see broadcasters alone by themselves in front of a camera wearing a face mask.

Up in the booth, we can see an assistant coach all by himself wearing a face mask.

We can see umpires on the field out in the open air by themselves wearing face masks.

Never mind that the players are not wearing facemasks in the huddle, the umpire must wear a face mask.

He must wear that facemask in order to sell the facemask to you.

Wearing the face mask has nothing to do with science or workability but propaganda and indoctrination.

The purpose of the facemask is to invite you to go along.

First the government will start with a simple request, then it will graduate to something more serious.

First they will invite you to wearing a face mask, then they will invite you report on people not wearing a face mask.

It’s all about the public safety.

In time they will ask you to arrest people not wearing a face mask in order to protect the public safety.

Eventually they will ask you to kill people who the government deems a threat to public safety.

Just as Hitler asked the Germans for permission to kill the Jews in order to protect the public safety so our leaders will select a group here to be killed in order to protect the public safety.

So you think it can’t happen here? It is happening here.

People place a premium on conformity.

People value conformity over confrontation.

Your leaders have exploited that human tendency to get you to go along with their programs.

They are already implementing critical race theory in the upper levels of government and corporate America.

They will ask you to go along with that also.

The employment of critical race theory will demonize white people because they are white.

The effects of that should be obvious.

Little by little we walk miles.

Little by little we learn that we aren’t so different from other peoples and nations that have lost their sense of right and wrong.

Little by little we learn the price to be paid by simply going along.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Wrestling with Sanity in the UK

What do I think of Boris Johnson’s policy of restricting gatherings to six people?

What do I think of Operation Moonshot?

Let me begin by telling you about one of my favorite movies that I like to quote.

It’s called Barton Fink; and in this movie a screenwriter asks a studio boss a few questions about a movie that the studio boss wants written.

The studio boss looks at the screenwriter and says: It’s a wrestling movie; what do you need, a roadmap?

When I first heard that line in the movie theater, I nearly fell out of my seat laughing.

Why do we laugh at such simple lines that merely state the obvious?

I suppose we laugh because when people state the obvious to a clueless person, and we hear it, our mind must protect itself with an emotional release of pleasure (laughter); because if it didn’t, our minds would implode with anger.

So we can either get angry, or we can laugh.

Which is why we must laugh at the Prime Minister’s new restrictions on gatherings. Which is why we must laugh at Operation Moonshot.

A better name might be Operation Longshot.

Or, Operation Sureshot, because it’s sure not to work, it’s sure to be a boondoggle for corporations selling unreliable tests, and it’s sure to be another monumentally stupid idea from the government.

The name itself is beyond silly. The actual practice of it is beyond ludicrous.

I won’t even go into the testing aspect of Operation Moonshot. Let’s leave that alone for now. Plenty of other people can denounce that.

I am more concerned with the Prime Minister’s new social distancing guidelines. I find these far more dangerous.

No more than six people can congregate?

So, umm, as I understand it, to prevent psychological damage of the citizenry which a lockdown will produce, we will continue to wreck the psychological health of the citizenry by not allowing more than six people to congregate?

Is that about the size of it?

I’ve got a better idea. It’s a wrestling movie. What do you need a roadmap?

Dear Boris Johnson: look out the window to your northeast. There’s a country there called Sweden. Move your legs toward Sweden, and the body will follow. It’s not complicated. There you will find the answer.

His name is Anders Tegnell, and he will tell you all you need to know about herd immunity.

I could tell you, but I’m a commoner in your value system. I did not attend an elite school, therefore I am not worthy for you to listen to.

Actually, any commoner in the United Kingdom can tell you what to do.

Forget Operation Moonshot, and forget social distancing, which is a colossally stupid idea, and allow people to congregate.

Do what every species on the planet has done for millions of years to ensure their survival.

Or was their a Louis Pasteur for cockroaches in One Million, BC?

It’s not complicated; it’s a wrestling movie; what do you need, a roadmap?

Listen, my friend, you were elected to serve and protect the British people, not to harm them. Lockdowns, moonshots and social distancing cause severe psychological harm to human beings and to children.

Man is a social animal and as such needs to interact with other human beings. Interaction is an essential part of our existence. Human interaction is the sine qua non of our existence. Take away interaction and humanity dies.

Am I driving that point home? Humanity will die if we stifle human interaction. It’s a wrestling movie; what do you need, a roadmap?


Archer Crosley, MD

McAllen, TX

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Swamp and Its Creatures

Well, if you ever needed any convincing that Donald Trump is part of the swamp, you only need to look at the collaboration between Donald Trump and Bob Woodward.

If anyone is a member of the swamp, it is Bob Woodward.

Is Bob Woodward an independent journalist and author who makes a serious attempt to look at all sides of the issue?

Not in my opinion.

I think Bob Woodward is a fellow traveler with the CIA, and I think he’s been a fellow traveler for a long time.

He’s a Yale graduate who by pure chance happened into the Watergate controversy.


I suppose you can believe that fantasy if you want to, but I do not.

To me, and I suspect many others, the Watergate affair was a CIA operation. The burglars were CIA and CIA fellow travelers.

Bob Woodward worked at the Washington Post which has been long thought to be a CIA listening post.

Its editor, and so-called bastion of a free independent press, was Ben Bradlee whose best friends were James Jesus Angleton and Cord Meyer, two very top level guys in the CIA.

The three of them were big buddies around Georgetown.

Bradlee’s boyfriend friend was Richard Helms, another CIA head honcho.

Is it possible that Bob Woodward innocently walked into the Washington Post and knew nothing about the kind of place he was working at, that he knew nothing about his boss, Ben Bradlee?

I suppose it’s possible.

Hey, wasn’t Bob Woodward in naval intelligence prior to working at the Washington Post?

Why, yes, I think he was.

I’ll be fair here. There’s nothing wrong with working with the CIA if you believe that the CIA is a good institution, which, of course, it isn’t.

Plus, in those days, especially in the 50s and 60s, many journalists did work with the CIA. They thought it was their patriotic duty, which, of course, it wasn’t.

Many so-called journalists still feel this way.

When it comes to Watergate, it was Bob Woodward who had secret contact with Deep Throat.

Bob Woodward insisted that Deep Throat was one person, yet many respected researchers believe that Deep Throat is a composite.

Those respective researchers apparently feel that it isn’t possible for Deep Throat to be one particular person.

Years later, former FBI agent, Mark Felt, a former second-in-line at the FBI, who got passed over, and therefore felt scorned, stated that he was Deep Throat.

Woodward later confirmed that Deep Throat was indeed Mark Felt.

Main stream media dutifully fell in line, of course. Whenever you need main stream media to swallow some cock, they will be there.

Maybe they were Deep Throat.

Unfortunately, saying something doesn’t make it so.

Was Mark Felt Deep Throat?

I don’t think so. I don’t think Mark Felt would jeopardize his career, his pension and his standing by being disloyal. You don’t get to be a top person at the FBI by being a disgruntled rebel. It wasn’t in Mark Felt’s programming to not be a team player. And that programming doesn’t turn on a dime just because you get passed over.

Plus, would Mark Felt trust his life and career to a young upstart who he barely knew? Unlikely.

I also don’t buy into the argument that Mark Felt was aghast at what was going on in the Nixon White House. Mark Felt was a seasoned professional who had seen everything under the sun.

To believe that Mark Felt was appalled by Richard Nixon but not by Lyndon Johnson is a laughable stretch.

No, I think it’s more likely that Bob Woodward was fed all the information he needed by operatives who worked within the CIA. There was at least one of them rooting around the White House in 1972.

I believe the Watergate affair to be a CIA operation against Richard Nixon to punish him for ending the Vietnam war.

I believe that Bob Woodward was part of that operation.

In my opinion, Bob Woodward swims lovingly and profitably in the swamp, our hidden government, while posing as an independent journalist and author.

Did Donald Trump know or suspect this?

If he didn’t, then why is he President?

I think Donald Trump did know that Bob Woodward was part of the swamp, and I don’t think Donald Trump cares because Donald Trump is part of the swamp also.

Both of these guys have benefited off the swamp. Both of them have made a fortune off the swamp.

I don’t see the Woodward interview hurting Donald Trump at all. In fact I see it as energizing his base.

What we have here, in my opinion, is just another CIA operation.

The swamp and its evil creature, the CIA, don’t oppose Donald Trump at all. They like Donald Trump. Donald Trump is giving them everything they want.

Donald Trump is bankrupting the middle class. He continues to make them plenty of money on foreign wars. He’s wiping out individual private practice which is a threat to algorithmic healthcare courtesy of Palo Alto. He is keeping the coronavirus fear alive with his dog and pony show with Fauci. Remote learning which devastates children’s psychological development is in full force as are the idiotic methodologies of the face mask and the lockdown.

Donald Trump is prosecuting a Nazi’s dream where junk science is used lustily to achieve total control over the people so as to prosecute endless money-making war.

What’s to hate about that?

Now, if Donald Trump had done what he said he was going to do it might be a different story.

He said he was going to be a voice of the people. He said he was going to bring down healthcare insurance premiums. He implied that he would institute a competitive market place in healthcare. He suggested that he would stop the foreign wars. He made a strong case for using common sense in government.

Had he done any of that, he would have betrayed the swamp; and in that event, we would’ve seen quite a different interview from Bob Woodward.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Mulan: The Real Story

Various activists “in the know” are protesting against the movie Mulan because it was filmed in the region of China in which China is oppressing the native Uighurs.

Will people care?

Will countries care?

Are the activists wasting their time?

Well, to begin with if we boycotted a product because of a connection to a particular region in which an injustice occurred we would starve.

So what is the goal of the protest? Is it to highlight the problem? Or is it to break the back of the Walt Disney Company?

Who are these activists anyway? Where do they get their money? Who is really backing them up?

What is their real goal?

It takes money and influence to get an activist group going; it takes even more money to get that activist group’s message into the national consciousness.

You have to know people who have influence.

So then the question arises: who came first, the money, or the activists?

Are the activists homegrown? Or were they created by the money to achieve a goal?

I suspect the latter. I suspect the activism is a ploy by the powers that be that control our national fascist dictatorship known as Corporate America.

What is the purpose of this ploy?

Well, the ploy could be several fold.

1. It increases the sales for Mulan. Money is very important to our money-obsessed leaders, and they know that the more press for Mulan, the greater people will want to see it even if the press is negative.

2. China baiting.

3. Distraction. Mulan, and China’s treatment of the Uighurs, takes people’s minds off the incompetence of our leaders.

Let’s talk about China baiting.

Your geeedy elites are terrified of China, and well they should be. China is a real emergent force in the world, and they are an emergent force because they now do most of the manufacturing in the world.

Our greedy Calugulas built up China. They did that at the expense of the American people. Our greedy elites wanted to get rich, so they shipped out well-paying American jobs to China.

They did this over the last four decades.

They did this right in front of our eyes.

They didn’t hide what they were doing at all.

Now this outsourcing is coming back to bite them on the ass.

Did they really think that the Chinese would be happy making our plastic cups and T-shirts forever?

Well, it’s obvious that the Chinese wouldn’t be. If our leaders had true respect for the Chinese they would understand that they are human beings and would want to branch out.

In addition to that a proper leader would be able to see that China, being limited in its resources and having over 1.4 billion people, would need to branch out, would need to make alliances with other nations, would need to build pipelines and railroads that would reach other nations.

A proper leader would also be able to interpret history. He or she would be able to understand the 100 years of shame that the Chinese underwent Between 1850 and 1950. A proper leader would understand that the Chinese would be in no mood to be slaves again.

A proper leader would be able to understand that we live in a different world in which we have to respect each other and work with each other, not colonialize each other.

But our leaders understand none of this, because they are blind, because they are lazy, because they’re accustomed to bullying people.

The people who rule us come from elite schools where they have been trained to believe their own bullshit, that they are better than other people. Consequently they have become fat, immoral and lazy.

They have had their way with us here in America, and the people around the world, for many decades now.

They have been raping us all.

In spite of this treatment we have been slowly trudging forward.

So have been the Chinese.

It’s no different than the story of the tortoise and the hare. Our elites would be the hare. Well, the tortoise has passed them by, and now the hare has awoken to see that.

The hare is now angry because he is desperately losing the race.

So what does the hare do?

He whines like a little baby. He claims that the tortoise cheated. He attacks the tortoise personally. He does so because he has no game, and he knows it.

In the real world our leaders know that they have no game. They can’t compete with what China is doing. So they start saber rattling. They incite and inflame protests in Hong Kong. They incite protests against the movie Mulan. They complain about China building small islands in the South China Sea.

In time our elites may drag us into a war with China. That is a bad idea. What we should be doing is work with China. We should be enabling them and helping them. We should be partnering with them, not making war. We should adopt China’s model of working with other nations. That is one reason why China is being so successful.

The US model was to bully other nations, to exploit other nations.

Those days must end.

For the US to compete, the US must bring other nations into the fold as partners, not slaves.

Of course, our misguided and greedy leaders love war.

Why not?

They make a lot of money from it.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved