Dump the Trump

It is better to be a focused minority party with leaders who are committed to the principles of the party then it is to be an unfocused majority party whose leaders are not committed to the principles of the party.

Is Donald Trump a committed conservative?

Not in my book.

First, let’s define a conservative.

A conservative is one who wishes to conserve constitutional principles that are embodied, surprisingly enough, in the Constitution knowing full well that the Founding Fathers imbued their religion and philosophies into that Constitution.

Implicit in this statement is that the Founding Fathers were unusually gifted individuals who have earned the right to be the spiritual fathers of our Constitution, its expression and its interpretation.

In other words, the wisdom, the philosophy and the attitudes of the Founding Fathers counts – a lot.

Intent counts also.

What did the Founding Fathers intend? What was their overall goal in writing this constitution?

What they sought was the limitation of powers of the federal government and the protection of individual rights.

They sought to avoid tyranny in any form, be it a king, a dictator, or a committee.

They embodied this intent in the Bill of Rights, the most important part of our Constitution.

The Bill of Rights are what we argue about. They embody what is closest to our heart

The Bill of Rights are the crown jewels of the United States of America. They are the sine qua non of our nation.

Take away the Bill of Rights and we have no nation.

It is therefore the prime responsibility of any conservative to defend the Bill of Rights.

This is how we best fight tyranny.

Tyranny is not out there across the sea; it’s here within the dark heart of man.

Tyranny is not in China or Russia; it’s right here in America in the dark heart of Palo Alto and Wall Street.

While the media and our so-called leaders obsess over China, unenlightened tyrants here in America enslave us with nutty junk science in the form of face masks, lockdowns, and prohibited speech.

Do we have a president in Donald Trump who defends the Bill of Rights?

No, we do not.

Where was the President when Alex Jones was removed from all major internet media platforms?

Where was the President when Julian Assange was sequestered away in a British prison ostensibly to be delivered to the US to stand trial?

Where was the President when people’s personal property was being destroyed by rioters?

Where was the President when people were forced to live inside their homes for months on end?

Where was the President when people were compelled to wear a face mask in order to enter a public building?

Where was the President when people’s right to freely associate was denied?

The President was absent.

The President was absent because he doesn’t understand where America gains its strength. The President principally wants to be President. Or he misguidingly equates military strength with moral strength.

Sadly he’s not the only one to equate a six-hundred ship navy with true strength.

Many other so-called conservatives and conservative leaders believe this also; and because they do, they’ll sell the Bill of Rights and the Constitution down the river in order to achieve it.

Obviously this type of thinking must be reversed.

We can begin by getting rid of its so-called conservative leader, Donald Trump.

He’s no conservative.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Cattle Call

Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity state that we conservatives must support Judge Kavanaugh.

They herd their followers moronically into a cattle pen.


Why should I as a conservative support Judge Kavanaugh.

Because the left does not like him?

Well, maybe the left is right.

Maybe the left is right for the wrong reasons.

Judge Kavanaugh is a protégé of the Bush family.

What has the Bush family done for conservatives?

War, war, and more war?

The Patriot Act which gives more power to the federal government to snoop on you?

Mergers, mergers, and more mergers?

I’m not interested in greater government power, nor am I interested in greater corporate power. In reality they’re the same thing because big government loves Corporate America.

Judge Kavanaugh will enable Corporate America.

Judge Kavanaugh will enable bigger government.

I want  individuals to have greater power.

I want someone to stick up for the small guy.

I want the Bill of Rights to reign supreme.

Will Judge Kavanaugh give me that?

I don’t think so.

This is the real reason to oppose Judge Kavanaugh.

Whether you are for abortion or against abortion, whether you are for gay rights or against gay rights, whether you are for war or against war, you should oppose Judge Kavanaugh because if Judge Kavanaugh has his way you as an individual will have no say at all regarding matters at hand.  You will not because corporations aided by Judge Kavanaugh will grow so strong that you the individual will be regarded as a threat to national security.

Your life will be decided for you by people who know better – think tanks in Washington DC, politicians, celebrities, and of course, cattle herders like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.




Self-Driving Cars and Hamilton

I was going to talk about Meghan Markle’s appearance, not to mention her media-important dress, at the premier of the play, Hamilton, in London, but I felt more compelled to speak about self-driving cars instead.

On the other hand, maybe both issues are related; they both deal with elitism and putting you in your place.

Number one, why would anyone go see a play about a Founding Father who didn’t give a rat’s ass about you? Yes, that’s right, like Mickey Mantle, Alexander Hamilton didn’t care about you. Indeed, he despised you, for you were one of the rabble. He proved it when he fought against the Bill of Rights. In Federalist Paper No. 84 he poured forth his logic that a separate Bill of Rights was unnecessary because powers not given to the Federal government need not be prohibited in the first place.

Fortunately, his opponents were cagey and understood quite well that people in power tend to expand their privileges. They understood quite well that it would be more difficult to grant a power if it were expressly prohibited in the first place. Strike one for Jefferson and the small people; the Bill of Rights today are the ‘Crown Jewels’ of the American Constitution.

Number two, Hamilton was Wall Street’s contribution to the American Constitution. Hamilton shamelessly promoted the idea of a central bank, the bane of our existence today. It is that very central bank called the Federal Reserve which has funded and financed our runaway global killing machine around the world, a global killing machine that benefits the rich while yielding little to the average American worker. Dimes trickle down to you. Strike two for Jefferson and the small people for seeing through the faulty wisdom of a national bank.

Number three, Hamilton was a man who apparently felt he could slander other people like Aaron Burr without repercussion. Perhaps he was accustomed to getting his way. Well, history shows he couldn’t. He paid for his slander with his life. Strike three for Jefferson and the concept of humility.

Three strikes, you’re out, Alex.

So what does this have to do with self-driving cars?

Self-driving cars like central banks and constitutions without a Bill of Rights are what you get when arrogant people think they have all the answers to the world’s problems. Like their pal, Hamilton, the noble people in Palo Alto don’t trust you; they don’t want you in control of your vehicle. They think they should be in control. Like their central banker friend, Hamilton, they think they can do a better job than you. And so they prosecute their flawed idea with reckless abandon; by doing so they insult the intelligence of you and so will pay dearly – not with their lives, of course, but with precious booty, money they will regret squandering sooner than later.

PS Can anyone explain to me how self-driving motorcycles fit into the equation of self-driving cars, and why a motorcycle renegade, who owns and rides a motorcycle to become free and to escape authority, would agree to such a concept? Tell me why, if forced to comply with his Palo Alto overlords, he would not jailbreak his hog? Furthermore, wouldn’t the centralized concept of self-driving cars violate the 4th amendment to the Constitution which protects citizens against unreasonable search and seizure in order to permit citizens “to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects.” Aha! Maybe this is the real reason why Hamilton opposed the Bill of Rights. Maybe that crafty old mother came from the future and saw the stumbling blocks that the Bill of Rights might present.