President Joe steps out on a slippery slope when he mandates vaccines.

Although I believe in the vaccine for COVID-19 and have received a vaccine for COVID-19, I believe that we should operate by consent.

It’s the government’s job to make the case for the vaccine.

That the government has not made that case is reflective of their inadequacy and poor leadership.

They simply aren’t up to the task.

They’re smiling, backslapping losers.

And that includes America’s Free-Throw Bricklayer, Anthony Fauci.

Perhaps if our leaders hadn’t lied about so many aspects of this pandemic, the people might have more confidence in them.

But when you go on and say that hydroxychloroquine is a dangerous drug, and when you call ivermectin a horse dewormer, people take notice.

Certainly the approximately one million physicians in United States noticed. And most likely 3.8 million registered nurses noticed also.

Just today a patient who was on hydroxychloroquine came into my office. I said to the mom, jokingly, “You know of course the government thinks this is a dangerous drug.”

She laughed.

She left because she understood that hydroxychloroquine is a valuable drug and a safe drug.

She’s in agreement with nearly every dermatologist and rheumatologist in the world.

Well, there are many, many people out there in the United States who know that hydroxychloroquine is a safe drug.

There are many people who also know that ivermectin is a safe drug. These people have communicated this to their friends. Word spreads.

These little lies by our leaders add up, and they translate into suspicion of the government. Then when the government wants to implement a solution, the people rebel.

What does the government do in response?

Do they have anyone with any common sense who knows how to sell the vaccine to the people in a way that makes sense?


Instead, the government demonizes the vaccine refusers as regressive nut jobs.

I don’t blame the people for refusing the vaccine. That is their choice.

I blame our leaders for not being candid and for creating this situation in the first place.

Of course, we all know why they created this crisis in the first place.

They wanted to make a pile of money off the vaccine.

That’s why they denounce hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

If people got the idea that these drugs worked (even 10% of the time) and were safe, then people might ask why the drug companies don’t invest in developing analogues of these medications that might work better.

You see, the COVID-19 war is just another war of choice that our elites have created for the purposes of making money.

Just like our criminal elite created the unnecessary war of Vietnam, they created the unnecessary war in Afghanistan, and then the war against COVID-19.

It’s just a different type of war.

And yes, our elites on the national level are sick enough to do it.

They’re sick.

They’re sick pups.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Is Anybody Out There

Is anybody out there?

Does anyone want to stop this pandemic?

It can be stopped, but you’ll have to take a risk.

You’ll have to let go of your belief system which keeps you hog-chained to Dr. Fauci and his kind of misguided, award-seeking, greedy, publicity obsessed people.

You’ll have to admit you were wrong.

You’ll have to admit that the supreme leaders, Harvard and the Ivy League, are thoroughly corrupt.

They’ve been lying to you in order to:

A. Promote Zoom.

B. Promote the vaccine which makes them wealthier.

C. Steal profits from small business.

D. Wreck the economy so as to institute UBI – Universal Basic Income.

E. Maximize the welfare state.

F. Pacify the people into total compliance.

G. Engage in euthanasia of the elderly.

H. Completely subvert and rewrite the Constitution.

They’ve been selling junk science through the main stream media that they control.

It’s been a fucking nightmare, made worse by their interventions.

If you have power, do the following:

A. Encourage all young people to aggressively congregate as much as possible in activities and sports. The virus must be shared.

B. Send kids back to school.

C. Get rid of face masks. The face mask causes fear which causes people to not commingle.

D. Get rid of fear. The virus very rarely kills healthy young people; when it does kill young people, generally those young people have underlying health problems.

E. Turn off your news apps. Why get your mind polluted by lies from Buzzfeed.

F. Protect the elderly and vulnerable.

G. Get the vaccine unless contraindicated. Sure, Dr. Fauci is evil (evil defined as placing the economic interests of the elites above the health and welfare of the people), and he’s an award-hog, but don’t let that get in the way of you getting the vaccine. I got it, and I d-e-s-p-i-s-e Dr. Fauci.

H. STOP social distancing.

I. Wash your hands. Handwashing is the most important thing you can do. You must do it before you eat. You can’t touch anything while you eat. If you do, you have to re-wash your hands as many times as it takes.

J. Don’t accept any food that someone hands to you with their bare hands.

K. Quarantine the sick.

L. Test the newly arrived.

M. Don’t bring in outside doctors or nurses. The CIA will happily import healthcare people who will give half-assed care to your people. They want deaths. Deaths heighten fear; and no, CIA people are not Americans just like you.

N. Have your local doctors actively involved in reviewing all cases of COVID-19 and the treatment involved.

O. Mandate ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine as adjunctive therapies unless they’re medically, not politically, contraindicated.

P. Leave patients on the vent for as long as it takes. Even if it takes 60 days or 75 days, leave them on the vent. If the brain is functioning, the lungs will slowly heal. In time the patient can get off the vent. They may need oxygen. Half the lungs may be destroyed. So what? We have people walking around right now with COPD waiting for lung transplants, so what’s the big deal?

Q. People of Italian, French, Hispanic, and Portuguese descent are more affected. So are blacks. There is a genetic basis to this disease. Don’t buy into the multicultural “it affects us all” bullshit being foisted upon the public. Yes it does affect us all, but some more than others.

If your community can do this consistently for two to three months, the virus can be beaten.

It would help if all communities did it, because it is the indolence and smoldering of the infection that is keeping it going.

Think of a fire in your house. What’s your goal? Be aggressive; don’t have fear; put it all out. What’s not your goal? Half-assed measures.

You can do this for every mutation of this virus. This is what we did for influenza.

So why didn’t we do this for COVID-19? For the reasons I explained above.

People like Bill Gates and his baby boomer kind are getting older. They are staring at the end of the line, and they want to get this mouse utopia done – now. So they are moving into hyperdrive.

And they’ve got the entire main stream media behind them. Why not? They own them, and that includes these phony avant-garde, pseudo-cutting-edge publications like the Daily Beast.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Bangladesh Face Mask Study

OK, let’s talk about the Bangladesh study on face-masks.

This is a study the empire conducted in order to prove that face-masks work.

Here is the author’s opening statement:

“Background: Mask usage remains low across many parts of the world during the COVID- 19 pandemic, and strategies to increase mask-wearing remain untested. Our objectives were to identify strategies that can persistently increase mask-wearing and assess the impact of increasing mask-wearing on symptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infections.”

From the get-go the implementers indict themselves. Why would you seek to increase mask use unless you had already bought into the concept that they work?

In a nutshell the empire went out to many villages in Bangladesh and did a prospective study, which is good, in which they gave approximately 178,288 villagers face-masks in order to measure the effectiveness of the face-mask. They then compared COVID-19 infections in those 163,838 villagers against villagers who were not encouraged to wear face-masks at all.

The villagers who were given face-masks were asked to comply in wearing face-masks.

Face-mask use was monitored in mosques and other areas of public domain.

Presumably these two groups of villagers were citizens of different villages.

COVID-19 infection was monitored by symptomatology and by seroprevalence meaning that they drew the villagers blood to check for antibodies.

The study, according to the implementers, proves that face-masks work. They point to increased symptomatology of COVID-19 and increased seroprevalence in the villagers who did not wear face-masks.

The implementers and the empire they represent are currently running around the village square high-fiving each other.

You see, they crow, we were right.

Not so fast.

Let’s begin at the beginning. Who funded this study? That can always tell us a lot. Well, it’s just so happens that the implementers told us. It was funded by, a foundation you can examine on the Internet.

GiveWell’s website tells you a lot.

GiveWell’s leadership is populated plentifully with graduates from the empire’s top schools. There are plenty of Yale, MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley types there.

Do you really think they and the implementers of this study are going to defy the power establishment and risk their first class ticket in America?

They’re not stupid. They can see what happened to Cornel West. They can see what happened to the Dixie Chicks.

Can you imagine if they came back with a study that said the face-mask was worthless?

Career over.

That aside, let’s look at the major problems with the study.

First, it was not double blinded. Not only was it not double blinded, it wasn’t blinded. That of course comes about for obvious reasons. It’s pretty tough for a subject of a study to not know whether he’s wearing a face-mask or not. Likewise for the implementers.

For the implementers to be blinded, you’d have to shuttle the patients to a neutral town for observation and testing, or they’d have to submit answers over the phone – unlikely in Bangladesh.

That it is difficult to blind the study in no way legitimizes the results. In fact its lack of blinded-ness is a real problem.

Everyone, including the implementers, has a built in bias that effects how one will construct the study. The biased mind subconsciously shades conditions to favor its own preconceived beliefs. The biased mind really doesn’t desire the truth as truth may be painful.

Were the masked villagers placed into a state of fear by the implementers through constant monitoring. Apparently they were as the implementers reveal that social distancing increased in the masked group of villagers. And was it that fear-engendered social distancing in masked villagers that caused the decrease in COVID-19 infections?

Were the masked villagers from higher socioeconomic groups where education and sanitation is higher and better?

Did the villages have different customs that might have contributed to the differences in COVID-19 prevalence? For example, some villages may have had a greater tradition of handwashing.

Bangladesh is probably a more tribal community than that seen in the United States. The United States is fairly homogeneous; not so countries in the third world.

There may be stark genetic differences from one village to the next. We know that India has many dialects. What about Bangladesh? If there are different dialects, the customs and genetics may be very different as well. And this will affect results.

That aside, let’s look at the data. The results hardly represent a ringing endorsement for the mask. But before we examine those, let me note that the methodology used in this study is a laughable case of paralysis through analysis. If I as a trained physician am overwhelmed at the amazing complexity of the methodology of mask use and mask monitoring employed, how much more confused were the villagers? Maybe they didn’t get COVID-19 because their brains were frozen into a state of paralysis by the mask guidelines.

One shouldn’t require an IQ of 900 and an advanced degree in the calculus of imaginary numbers to conduct and interpret a study, unless, of course, you don’t want it interpreted properly.

Here is what the implementers wrote: The proportion of individuals with COVID-like symptoms was 7.62% (N=13,273) in the intervention (masks) arm and 8.62% (N=13,893) in the control (maskless) arm. Blood samples were collected from N=10,952 consenting, symptomatic individuals. Adjusting for baseline covariates, the intervention reduced symptomatic seroprevalence by 9.3%.

To recap, there were approximately 340,000 total participants, 170,000 in each group, masked and unmasked.

7.62 % of the masked had COVID-19 symptomatology; 8.62% of the maskless had COVID-19 symptomatology. Then they measured IgG levels in the two groups, but of the roughly 27,000 with symptoms, only 10,952 consented to have their blood drawn. Of those tested there was a disparity in prevalence of COVID-19 antibodies of 9.3%.

With regard to symptomatology, there were only 620 more infections in the maskless group. 13,973 versus 13,273. But that’s just symptomatology. If the study is not blinded, who’s to say that the implementers didn’t go out of their way to find more evidence of infection in the maskless group?

I would have more confidence in this study if the people who were collecting the data had no idea whether the people were wearing masks or were not wearing masks.

As I say, this may not have been possible if whole villages were selected. How could a collector of information not know if the subject had been wearing a mask or not?

With regard to seroprevalence which seems to be more objective, the implementers claim 9.3% disparity between the masked group and the maskless group. It seems reasonable to accept this number.

The problem with these seroprevalence results however is that not everyone consented to give blood. Again, the lack of blinded-ness will affect the results. If I know a person is sick and wearing a mask, I may choose to discourage or reject a blood test from that villager.

There are other problems with this study. It is physically impossible to monitor this many people with high efficiency and reliability.

Additionally one would also have to take into account household population densities.

Then there is the problem of not drawing blood amongst all patients suspected of having COVID-19. With the blinders off, an implementer might easily draw blood off the sickest of the maskless while ignoring the sickest of the masked.

But if it were the case that the people who got their blood tested weren’t chosen except through their own volition, then it might be reasonable to ask if there were any factors which might induce the sickest of the masked to be less likely to get their blood drawn.

Well, maybe they did want their blood tested but were delayed and prevented from having it drawn by the implementers who were being paid by GiveWell and were smart enough to see what the study was really about.

What these questions in part illustrate is that when it comes to studies in general, a study is not necessarily better because it has more people.

Nor can you change reality with fancy stats and Cox regression analysis.

But this is what the empire desired.

The empire loves open and shut cases.

The empire l-o-v-e-s blue ribbon panels and fancy school graduates. They know you will get suckered by men in white coats who hail from towering Meccas of shimmering glass and steel – especially if the implementers and authors are resume hounds who have attended phony Ivy League schools.

The empire also knows that you won’t take the time to read their study.

So to achieve their ends, they rounded up some loyalists (puppets and true believers) and went to Bangladesh, a country far removed from American scrutiny, where it might be possible to induce an impoverished people who, for a few bucks, might give the elites the results their empire so desperately requires.

Would our elites do that?

Why, yes they would.

The elites are real good at corralling wannabes who wanna sit with the cool kids in the cafeteria.

Fuck the cool kids.

These wannabes, these academic puppets, are clueless followers who desperately seek to be invited to a State Dinner or a ride on Air Force One.

Throw in a little federal grant money, and Buster, you’ve got yourself a professor.

When our wannabes aren’t groveling before the political class, they’re queuing up at the Louvre for their chance to Sieg Heil before the Mona Lisa.

They don’t know why they believe Leo is the greatest painter who ever lived; they just believe it because it’s another item to store in their buzzword repository.

For all we know Leo was one of the worst artists in Florence. After all how many redos did it take him to get the Mona Lisa right?

Beyond that, why should we care what some cocksucker at the Smithsonian thinks?

We shouldn’t, and neither should the academics.

What we need out of academia are voracious tigers who rip the flesh off their prey.

When it comes to research, we don’t want nice people, smiling backslapping goofballs.

We need courage, courage to act, courage to think, courage to attack like a motherfucker.

Now, you may ask why I am taking an aggressive stance against this study. Because it goes against my work experience and most likely the work experience of every single honest pediatrician and honest family practitioner in all countries across the globe. It also goes against your life experience, that of you, the reader, who have eaten at innumerable restaurants, flown on innumerable airline flights, and congregated at innumerable parties sans mask without getting sick.

Where is the beef?

If mankind could get infected by respiratory droplets this easily, man never would have made it out of his first cave. Your body isn’t that dumb. Only professors can be this stupid.

For 37 years I worked in front of coughing children, day in day out, up close and personal and hardly ever get sick.


A face-mask? Forget it.

I washed my hands.

Nobody wore a face mask.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Purpose of the Mask

Why, given the choice, I choose to not wear a face mask.

There is no good evidence that it works to prevent infection – despite the many flawed studies that purport that it does.

Even if it did prevent infection, the mask would still be a bad idea because what we need is for people, particularly young people, to spread this virus as fast as they possibly can. Such an approach will close the virus (and its variants) down until, of course, the elites create a new one. As it is now, our current approach is producing a smoldering abscess of chronic infection.

The mask plays into fear, and fear is a far worse toxin than the virus will ever be.

The elites want this mask for a reason. I know these people. I know how they think and how they plan. In the 1980s the elites pushed through cargo pants and look-alike military clothing for kids. They followed it up with violent music, Mortal Kombat, and Gameboys which taught little kids how to kill people and not feel bad about it. George Carlin called them our Nintendo pilots.

These trends in dress in music are not begun organically in some small town; they are instituted by the state here and abroad. Every country attempts to control dress, music, entertainment and literature.

Mao had his Mao Suit and Little Red Book of Quotations; Kim Jong-un has his approved haircuts for the people.

The elites are evil, but they aren’t stupid; like the Nazis, they prepare in advance. In the 80s and 90s they were preparing little kids to be the future fighters in Afghanistan and Iraq.

This mask, promoted by the elites, is there for a reason, and it has nothing to do with saving lives. What precisely is it for? I don’t know; I’m not the one committing the crime. But whatever it is, it’s not good for us.

It could be for the purposes of engineering a more obedient, compliant nation that is less likely to rebel. Whatever it is, they have studied it.

Our government has invested enormous amounts of money into the CIA which conducts and has conducted untold number of programs to study the psychology of the mind and how it can be manipulated and altered. That’s what MK Ultra was all about.

One of our elites’ goals might be to develop a soldier who has no qualms about committing mass genocide. To accomplish this young minds must be de-socialized. The mask might enable this de-socialization in young developing minds.

How can we suspect that this might be the reason our elites are pushing the mask?

The German Einsatzgruppen in WWII was a particularly notorious group of killers. One of the problems that Himmler faced with them and various guards in the concentration camps was the emotional toll that killing Jews, Poles, Gypsies and Russians wreaked upon the soldiers who were asked to do the killing.

German soldiers were requiring much R&R to heal their minds from the killing. Many flat out refused to kill.

This problem of Himmler’s still persists principally because the Third Reich never died. The Third Reich was moved over to the United States. Our elites on Wall Street financed Hitler. Our elites adored Hitler. Our elites took all of Hitler’s ideas and installed them here in the United States.

One of those ideas is an Einsatzgruppen that can go into a foreign nation and commit mass genocide.

Does that sound crazy?

To us average citizens it does, but our elites aren’t average citizens; they are sick pups consumed with money and power. Killing for them is a means to make more money.

Killing for them is an economic program.

Note: The only reason WWII was fought was to replace German Imperalism with American Imperialism. Our elites didn’t give a damn about the Jews. FDR sat on his ass for nine years and did nothing. And he knew everything that was going on with the Jews. He was the fucking President of the United States. His buddies at Sullivan and Cromwell had offices in Nazi Germany. American IG Farben was a sister company to IG Farben. GE was a sister company to AEG (Germany’s General Electric.). Standard Oil had business relationships with the Nazis.

Wars are not begun by our elites for social justice; they are fought for money and power. The social justice angle is the BS they peddle to us to rope us in to their criminal enterprise.

Fuck you, elites.

Fuck you, Harvard.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Big Slide

How did the big slide in America occur?

It occurred before our eyes without us even knowing it.

And we did it to ourselves. It wasn’t done without our help.

It began of course with the generation preceding World War II. This would be the generation of my grandfather, the World War I generation.

They truly lived in the America that was, the America that is currently referred to as racist and bigoted.

They would have no ability to survive in our world today. They would not understand it at all.

It was about this time – in the early 1920s – that our elites got together and began the grand transformation of America into a neo-feudalist state modeled on the feudalist state of old.

Our elites of course never liked the American experiment.

The American experiment gave regular people a window.

It wasn’t just a window for people to excel and live a good life; it was a window of revelation demonstrating to regular people that they were just as good as the elites.

The elites viewed this revelation as dangerous.

What really galled the elites was that the American experiment was working. Not only was America prospering, it was prospering above and beyond the old system of Europe.

This is why America became a beacon to the world. This is why people came to America.

To combat this, European nobility, particularly British nobility, began their attempt to rope America back into the feudalist mindset of thinking.

It was always the dream of Cecil Rhodes to get America back into the fold.

He was enabled in his quest by his newly enriched friends, the social climbing robber barons, and of course, his friends at Harvard University.

Harvard University has never been a friend of the American experiment.

From day one, Harvard has worked against average Americans and the idea that regular people are just as important as so-called elite people.

Harvard was more than willing to help Cecil Rhodes corral Americans back into the royalist fold.

Harvard embraced the Rhodes scholarship. Harvard embraces the Rhodes Scholarship today. When Harvard had its 350th anniversary, who did Derek Bok, the then president of Harvard, invite as a vital speaker to his ceremony? None other than Prince Charles.

Harvard is an elitist institution.

Its grandiose graduation ceremony where the wealthy elite congratulate themselves in opulence while homelessness (that Harvard engendered) abounds is a national embarrassment.

Harvard leads the Ivy League. It is the oldest school in the nation. It is older than our Constitution.

The Ivy League exists to train the officers of Corporate America.

Corporate America runs America and Harvard controls Corporate America.

Corporate America is comprised of not just corporations, but foundations, associations, thank tanks, major media, sports leagues, major entertainment, and of course the government.

It is that Corporate America fueled by Harvard University and the Ivy League that has engineered the demise of America.

As I said, they did it before our eyes. And with our help.

They did it through a series of crises that they created.

They created WWI, they created the Great Depression, they created World War II.

They have created every debacle since then.

These crises gave them the opportunity to further increase the power of the federal government, to take control of America’s businesses, to foment nonstop war abroad, to exploit other peoples, to dumb down the population, to weaken the population through drugs, gambling, cheap gossip and crummy celebrity culture.

They did it slowly and they did it in a very insidious manner.

Who would object? After all the leaders were solving a crisis.

To keep any skeptics at bay, their attempts at solving these crises were always wrapped within a cocoon of lies.

Subtle conments like Franklin Roosevelt being a traitor to his class was a pervasive lie intended to convince Americans that the government was on their side.

Of course, Franklin Roosevelt was not a traitor to his class at all. Franklin Roosevelt expanded the government through the Great Depression and World War II and in so doing transformed a small racket, the government, into a humongous racket from which his friends profited enormously.

His successors, particularly Dwight Eisenhower, fought a Cold War, created by the elites, engineered by the elites, to give us the current military industrial complex. That Dwight Eisenhower would warn us about the military industrial complex is a joke. Dwight Eisenhower was the military industrial complex.

How did our elites prosecute the Cold War?

First by creating a bogus bogeymen of communist domination, a force that had to be defeated.

Second, capitalist imperialism through exploitation and domination of other peoples. These efforts principally engineered by Allen Dulles with the full backing of Dwight Eisenhower, were anti-Christian and antithetical to the principles of the Founding Fathers.

The big lie was that Dwight Eisenhower was our friend. The big lie was Dwight Eisenhower himself.

Here was Dwight Eisenhower, a war hero, who won a war, World War II, that our elites were responsible for in the first place, who was now continuing that war against the evil Soviet Union.

The sad truth is that it was the United States that was the aggressive nation around the world.

It is so today.

All our major problems that we face today, the immigration from Central America, the enmity with Iran, the enmity with Venezuela can be laid at the feet of Dwight Eisenhower, our friend.

Ike overthrew Mosaddegh in Iran in 1953. His crime? He nationalized the British oil fields to give his people opportunities.

Ike overthrew Arbenz in Guatemala in 1954. His crime? He wanted to take a small amount of uncultivated land and give it to the peasants.

Ike played tricks and games with the Indonesians in the 1950s because Sukarno wanted to take a third way between capitalism and communism. Ike set the table. Finally in the mid 60s Sukarno was overthrown so that the United States could steal the assets of Indonesia for greedy pigs like Forbes Wilson of Freeport Sulphur. Our CIA helped Suharto, Sukarno’s replacement and our thug, kill 1 million of his opponents. CIA officers who helped Suharto are not ashamed of their actions.

The goal of our leaders has never been to help the people of the world or the people of the United States; it’s always been about exploitation for the purposes of profit making.

We didn’t go into Vietnam in order to help the people of Southeast Asia. We went into Vietnam in order to establish a presence, a beach head, in order to control the vital resources that the region possessed.

Of course, we already had the Philippines as a base from which to stage our operations, but Vietnam would give us a beach head on the mainland.

There were enormous assets in minerals, oil, and agriculture to be controlled. Latex, rubber, oil, gold and copper. The largest copper and gold mines were known to be in New Guinea.

It was vital that the United States control the region. This is how it was sold to my parents and grandparents. The thinking was that what was good for Corporate America was good for the citizens of the United States. That was another lie.

If we could save Vietnam, we could prevent the whole region from going communist. It was called the Domino Theory.

The problem with that theory is that it wasn’t necessarily so. The people there weren’t so much communist as they were nationalist. They wanted to control their own destiny. They wanted a piece of the pie. They didn’t want to be exploited.

Had we given them a stake in the game, we would have avoided the problems that we face today.

Of course, that was never the game plan of Allen Dulles and Dwight Eisenhower. Their goal was exploitation and domination. Why would we think otherwise? Dwight Eisenhower was Douglas MacArthur’s right hand man in the Philippines. It was plain enough for him to see that United States was never going to give Filipinos a stake in the game.

And so our elites moved in. They used every evil and malignant trick in the book to get their way. One of their favorite stratagems was to buy a dictator with money, have him spread the money to his cronies who would then control the population.

The United States owned legions of them around the globe. Machado, Batista, Trujillo, Baby Doc, Somoza, the Shah, Marcos, the list goes on and on.

This worked for a while until the people realized that they were being exploited.

Some rebelled, others never bought in from the get go.

One rebellion resulted in the Vietnam war.

Ike set the table there too.

The Vietnam war was tremendously damaging to the psyche of the United States and its people.

It produced a cynicism and distrust of our leaders which was well deserved.

It was more clear to the people that our leaders did not have their best interest at heart.

Concomitantly Americans began turning toward drugs. Baby boomers were young and willing to experiment. Disillusioned veterans were also willing to experiment. This was aided and abetted by our Central Intelligence Agency which helped import drugs into the United States. Yes, that’s right, our CIA made a deal with the drug lords in Southeast Asia to import drugs into the United States in exchange for them helping us in Vietnam.

Unfortunately, for the American people the weaker you are, the less able you are to fight back.

It didn’t take too long before the United States corporations began outsourcing jobs to these newly exploited nations.

What a winner for the elites. They now owned many servile countries around the globe to which they could export US labor.

They could not only break the backs of labor unions and the people of the United States of America, they could make a windfall of profits by paying people in Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines, not to mention Central America peanuts for jobs that used to provide living wages for United States citizens.

As a result, many people in the United States lost their well paying jobs. This occurred across all sectors of industry in the United States.

A line worker at GM in 1970 could make about $75,000 per year in today’s money without a college education. A current Starbucks barista can make $30,000 a year if they’re lucky.

This produced a general lowering of standards for the American family. When the family is weakened financially, the family is weakened spiritually. This then produces social ills such as crime, drug use, drug abuse, spousal abuse, child abuse, psychological turmoil and a lower level of education

These changes occurred slowly before our eyes.

To combat this, our government did not stop outsourcing of jobs, nor did it make any serious attempt to curtail the drug trade. Those were money makers for the elites.

Our government gave us Band-Aids. They gave us gambling. They gave us cheap gossip. They gave us celebrity culture.

If a patient is in pain, a good doctor tries to find the root cause and fix that. A good doctor doesn’t give morphine and walk away.

Our government gave us morphine.

In addition to these worthless Band-Aids, the government permitted corporations to continue their ravaging of the American workplace.

Chief executive officers and their henchmen were permitted to control the board room so as to enrich themselves wildly beyond anyone’s dream as far as compensation packages were concerned. Not only did they give themselves exorbitant salaries and golden parachutes, they also awarded themselves millions of shares of stock. In essence, they raped the shareholder.

This continues to this day.

The focus then became to get rich,and most of the baby boomers being young got suckered into this movement.

The elites took advantage of our greed and desire to be rich in order to fuck the American republic.

We did it to ourselves.

We were blind.

This is why Oliver Stone made the movie Wall Street. He wanted to demonstrate the sickness in American society, what was wrong with American society.

We all watched Wall Street and thought it was a great movie, but it was a movie. We were busy making money and dreaming of getting rich, so we continued along our merry way.

As we moved through the 1980s and into the 90s we were seduced by Ronald Reagan, his successors and the concept of free trade. We became even more anti-communist. We fully bought into the evil empire that was Russia.

We didn’t see outsourcing of jobs as a bad thing. It was all sold under the lie of free trade. Free trade was looked at as anti-communist and anti-elitist, not for what it was, free imperialism.

Plus – the media controlled by the elites had thoroughly demonized the labor unions as corrupt.

We didn’t see the good in the Teamsters, only the bad.

We wanted the Teamsters gone.

Free Trade was embraced.

We didn’t see the damage that free trade was doing to the United States.

It was only when political correctness came into being under Bill Clinton‘s administration that we first began to get an idea that we had been had.

One could start to see where the elites were heading with all this.

Never to be out done the elites cleverly distracted us with the World Trade Center bombing. Once again we got roped into believing that yet another enemy of America was attacking us.

We responded by going whole hog into the Middle East. We never asked any questions. It was clear that these Muslims were attacking us because they didn’t like our way of life. We never asked what they would know about our way of life. We just bought the lie.

Many Americans buy into this lie today.

Am I losing you?

We now live in an Orwellian world. The elites lie with impunity. They rig elections openly.

The apotheosis of their lying nature finds itself in the coronavirus pandemic. From the beginning the elites have lied to us every step of the way.

Legitimate criticisms are censored. Flat out lies are told.

The COVID-19 crisis is being used to reengineer society, but not for the betterment of man, but for the economic benefits of the rich.

Our elites, our crony capitalists, hide behind Karl Marx and use him as a shield.

They have no desire for a grassroots socialism.

Oh, no, what they are after is a much bigger game – fascism.

Welcome to the New World Order.

We did it to ourselves.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Harvard’s Fatal Mistake

You’ll just have to follow my reasoning.

Harvard leads the Ivy League.

The Ivy League is responsible for training the officers of Corporate America.

The Ivy League does not exist to train workers at McDonald’s.

Corporate America is comprised of our major corporations, foundations, associations, sports leagues, major media, NGOs, and of course our government.

These organizations together control the United States of America, ergo Corporate America controls the United States of America.

Corporate America also controls the CIA. The head of the CIA typically but not always comes from an Ivy League school or a person who has bent the knee to the powers that be that are controlled by the Ivy League.

The CIA is a sneak that engineers Corporate America’s dirty tricks to achieve the aims of Corporate America.

They do it abroad. They do it in the United States.


At its core, Harvard is the de facto leader of the Ivy League which fuels Corporate America which controls the United States of America.

Harvard is the leader of the cabal.

Harvard is the oldest academic institution in United States. Harvard is older than the United States government itself. Harvard has build deep relationships in all walks of life. Harvard has many allies.

If there is a trend or a movement in the United States, it is because Harvard has ultimately sanctioned it. If Harvard doesn’t want it to exist, Harvard will crush it.

Harvard is the King Louis of our age.

King Louis ran France with an iron fist.

Harvard runs America with an iron fist.

Where Harvard is wrong is where King Louis was wrong.

Harvard believes that an immoral act can produce a moral end.

Harvard is wrong.

King Louis was wrong.

An immoral act can only produce an immoral end.

King Louis and his successors were eventually crushed.

So too will Harvard be crushed.

Its plans will not work.

It was Harvard of course who put the whole COVID-19 crisis into action.

Only a concerted effort spread over a broad swath of industries – Big Media, Big Pharma, Big Business, and Big Government – could have successfully prosecuted this COVID-19 crisis which did much harm to the American people, physically and financially.

Who benefitted?

Harvard, the Ivy League and the institutions they control.

The media personalities had to be coordinated to sell this disease. Big Pharma had to be readied to develop its vaccine. Phony scientists and doctors at major medical institutions like the New England Journal of Medicine had to be controlled. Major media had to be manipulated so as to censor discussion of alternative therapies like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. This major media had to be controlled from the national to the regional level.

Only an organization such as Harvard that has dominated and controlled our major institutions at all levels for decades if not centuries could have pulled this off.

The center of this cabal lies in Cambridge Massachusetts. In that small community lies Harvard and MIT. Harvard provided the expertise in governmental and corporate control; MIT provided the expertise and technical know how to not only manufacture the vaccine but to control the Internet.

Of course, Harvard has its willing allies across the globe.

This cabal is international.

Harvard has its dirty hooks in every country around the globe.

What we witnessed in the past year was a coup d’état of our way of living wherever you live.

What Harvard was saying to the world was this: We’re going to change things to what we want, and we don’t care what you think.

That’s the problem. That’s the fundamentally immoral part of their program.

A leader doesn’t get to operate without consent.

Harvard didn’t ask us what we wanted or what we thought.

That is why Harvard’s actions are immoral.

What is morality? What does it mean to be moral?

Of course, we can develop many definitions. Here’s the definition that I have used over the years.

A moral act is that which is maximally workable and optimal in the short and long run for all human parties concerned.

Now, of course, you may want to debate that and hash that out, and there is certainly a lot of wiggle room there, but it is the operating definition I’ve used for a long time.

But we can use whatever definition you have.

Regardless of whatever definition we use, our Founding Fathers were moral people who, unlike the cocksuckers who lead us today, based our Constitution on morality which dictated to them that government should operate out of consent.

Thus: We the People.

The first three words of the Constitution were not chosen randomly or on a whim.

These were words of dread and death to the British moles at Harvard University.

It’s called a government of consent.

We have to consent.

That’s a moral thing. It works in the short run and the long run for all of us.

Harvard University violates this consent.

Because of its long-standing violation of our most basic right, Harvard University is therefore an immoral institution.

You know it is.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Forget Democracy

Maybe the form of government doesn’t mean as much as we think it does.

As long as people believe or trust stupid things, what’s the point?

As long as people a) worship money, b) idolize celebrities c) believe that people who graduate from certain schools are of superior intelligence, can any form of government save us?

Suppose we had kings and queens, but people were of the mindset that freely congregating during COVID-19 while protecting the elderly was the way to protect ourselves, would we be better off?

Of course.

Well, instead we had sham democracies that were “elected” by powerful international cabals who control large multinational corporations.

These large multinational corporations control the media that effectively propagandize people and make them believe that lockdowns and masks will protect them.

Now the people are ingrained into believing that a yearly booster will protect them which is good for the corporations.

Lots of money there, eh’

So, here we have a theoretically superior system – democracy – that is supposed to make life better for us. But it hasn’t.

Why hasn’t this supposedly superior form of government called democracy worked?

Because the elites have programmed the people into believing that people who graduate from Harvard, MIT and Oxford are the best and the brightest.

Because the people follow celebrity-demigods like Dr. Tom Hanks who tell them to stay at home.

Because the people listen intently to billionaires like Bill Gates who clearly must be smarter than the rest of us because he’s accumulated so much money.

It made total sense that treating a number like an R-naught value would force the virus down on its knees and cry uncle, right?


Perhaps we might be better off in spending less time on the form of government and more time on the myths that people believe.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Know your Enemy

The unvaccinated should not be vilified.

It is their choice and right to not be vaccinated.

I don’t agree with their choice, but it must be respected.

That’s the price we pay for living in a free society comprised of individuals who are not subservient to the state.

Does the state exist for us, or do we exist for the state?

The vilifiers of the unvaccinated believe in the latter.

This is a slippery slope to hell.

When we take that step out onto the ledge of vaccine mandates, we are submitting our freedoms to public safety as determined by the government.

The Bill of Rights soon becomes nullified.

In short order all rights become subject to the greater good and of course public safety as determined by the government and its lackey media.

Thank you, Robespierre.

Thank you, Goebbels.

It will only be a matter of time before the elites through the media begin putting the question into people’s minds as to whether public safety would best be served my searching everyone’s house and vehicles on a regular basis.

It will only be a matter of time before the elites through the media begin putting the question into people’s minds as to whether public safety would best be served by limiting people‘s ability to speak out against the government.

It will only be a matter of time before the elites through the media begin putting the question into people’s minds as to whether public safety would best be served by banning guns altogether.

You get the idea.

This is the danger of vaccine mandates.

It is the first step to tyranny.

The government can go much further. They can bankrupt us by making us pay fees in order to adhere to whatever silly mandate is conjured up by their whim.

A mandate to purchase health insurance will soon be returning to a theater near you. Even though the individual health insurance mandate was reversed under Donald Trump, the flawed logic of John Roberts still stands.

Other mandates will follow once the ice is broken.

You will soon enjoy no personal freedoms.

Is this the country we want? Is this a country that can work?

The answer is no and no.

Vaccine refusers are not the enemy.

That they choose to refuse the vaccine is not an indictment of them but of the government that has engendered the distrust it so richly deserves.

It is not the vaccine refusers who are the threat to public safety, but the government itself.

Vilify the government, not the vaccine refusers.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Again with the Facemask?

What can I as a pediatrician say to you that will convince you that the mask is worthless? I’ve tried, but I have failed, so I have to blame myself. Clearly I’ve taken either the wrong approach, or I haven’t used the right words.

The masks that the majority of people use these days do not filter out the viruses. The viruses go right through the holes of the mask. Imagine if you had a money separator with holes the size of quarters and you were trying to separate out pennies, how successful would you be? Not too successful.

Given that the mask has been in use for well over a year now, why does it seem to be effective? If it’s not the structure of the mask which clearly does not filter out viruses, why do we think the mask has been effective? One, the mask gives us something to do. It makes us feel as if we are in control of our destiny. Two, we want it to work. Never underestimate the power of desire.

Unfortunately desire alone doesn’t do a whole lot unless it’s backed up by science. If desire alone were effective, none of us would be overweight. But we are overweight. We are all overweight because we want to believe that we can keep eating the way we are and not gain weight. So our mind plays tricks upon itself. We run around the track a couple of times in order to a) give ourselves something to do, and b) fool ourselves that a little bit of exercise will take off the pounds. But it doesn’t. What will take off the pounds is to restrict our eating, which we don’t really want to do. So we continue to lie to ourselves until we can lie no more.

Does this sound familiar?

In reality, what will stop the COVID-19 virus is good handwashing before we pick up food that we plan to eat. Handwashing is the most important thing we can do. Handwashing is far more important than the mask. And there is a reason for that.

When we cough or sneeze into the open air, we are dispersing those viruses into an ocean of air. The infectious dose necessary to cause infection in the human body becomes rapidly diluted. In other words, there simply aren’t enough foot soldiers in order to mount an effective attack on our body should these viruses be inhaled into the respiratory tree. Imagine a foreign invading force attacking the United States with only a platoon of people; how effective would this force be? Not too effective. How much more effective would this foreign invading force be if there were millions of people? Much more effective.

Size matters.

Well, when you cough into your hand, those viruses do not become diluted it into an atmosphere of air. They get deposited on your hand. If you then shake someone else’s hand and that person then picks up a donut or a cookie that they plan to put in their mouth without washing their hands first, those viruses in full force then get transmitted into the oro-pharynx of the receiving person. Thus a full foreign invading force in much greater concentration enters the body of your neighbor. It’s not fought off or opposed by defenders in the respiratory tree; it goes right into the epithelium of your neighbor’s throat. It’s like a back door sneak attack.

A virus that is breathed in via respiratory droplet not only is a smaller invading force, it has to go through all the defenses of the respiratory tree. There are many defenses. There are little hairs in your bronchi and bronchioles that move the virus physically away from your lungs. There is also mucus in your lungs which traps the viruses so that they can be chewed up by macrophages. There are also other chemical mediators within that mucus which help to neutralize the virus. This is called non-adaptive immunity and everyone has it. This is why it is so difficult for infection to be spread by respiratory droplet.

In 1918 during the great flu pandemic, the Navy did an experiment where infected people coughed directly into the faces of uninfected people. They couldn’t transmit the infection that way. They even tried putting infected secretions into the nasal passages; no success.

Why would this be? We can only speculate, but dilution of the virus would be a good guess.

Dilution of the virus would not occur through hand to hand contact.

Therefore, if you are getting infected by another person, it is most likely because you have failed to wash your hands. When you fail to wash your hands, you exchange viruses by hand contact, or indirectly through pen or money. If you then pick up food without washing your hands first, you then transfer the virus to the food thus enabling the virus to enter directly into your body through the oropharynx where these defenses do not exist.

Washing hands is what will work in preventing infection. A good hand washing campaign is much more important than a face mask campaign.

A facemask alone can actually cause more disease over time if it prevents people from washing their hands. If the use of a facemask gives people a false sense of confidence, they are less likely to wash their hands. I have seen this personally when I have traveled on a jet airplane. I have seen people wear their masks on the airplane, purchase food from the flight attendant, then pick up that food and put it in their mouth without washing their hands first.

Similarly, if we are trying to lose weight by running around the track once or twice every day, we are actually doing more damage to ourselves if we fool ourselves that this measure can take the place of a real measure, which will work, which is to reduce our intake.

Eventually though, we will all get this virus. We can reduce the chance of us getting this virus though if we allow people to congregate normally as we have done for every other flu epidemic in the past 50 years.

The facemask only prolongs the agony. We want the virus to spread, and we want it to spread as rapidly as possible. The more rapidly we can become immune, the better it is for us.

Our immune systems collectively are the best vaccine factory on the planet. We have beaten down every challenge for the past 100,000 years and more.

The face mask gets in the way. It transforms a quick pandemic into a slow smoldering fire. It gives us that false sense of confidence that we are winning when we are not.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved


I worry for Governor DeSantis.

In openly defying the elites with regard to facemasks, I don’t think he understands what he is up against.

I don’t think he understands how evil the elites are.

If the elites want that facemask, and they damn well do, they will move hell and high water to get it.

There is no stopping them.

They will pull every dirty trick in the book to get their way.

They will use their CIA to do so.

The CIA is nothing more than the SS and SD combined.

It’s a secret police force that works for the wealthy thug elite.

It does not work for us.

Our elites want that face mask, and they are going to get it.

What will the elites do?

Like the mob, they have fifty ways to make you get inside a car.

You have to respect that kind of force.

I don’t like it, but it is reality.

We are not going to defeat this evil force by taking them head on.

Neither will Governor DeSantis.

You cannot underestimate your opponent.

Our elites own the media. As long as our elites own the media, they can lie with impunity.

And they do.

This is why you see so many cheering serfs rooting for the face mask.

It’s an uphill battle.

There is nothing we can say to convince these serfs. We cannot convince them because of the massive amount of energy behind the face mask lie.

It’s a sad reality of our world that the government can prop up a façade of lies with enormous weight and fool the people so effectively.

The effectiveness of a lie can be summarized by the following equation:

Statement Effectiveness =

Truth of Statement X

Weight of People Behind the Statement

So, if I, Archer Crosley, and my 100,000 friends who weigh on average 175 pounds make a statement that has a truth coefficient of 1.0, we will arrive at a statement effectiveness value of: 17.5 million pounds.

On the other hand if the elites can persuade 100 million people who are on average 175 pounds to believe a statement that has a truth coefficient of .01, they will arrive at a statement effectiveness value of: 175 million pounds.

We lose.

We will always lose.

We will always lose because those 100 million people are already owned by the elites. They were purchased over their lifetimes through constant indoctrination by the media. These are the happy peasants who have been trained to be inferior. These are the people who cheerfully permit the elites to rape them.

This is only part of what Governor DeSantis is up against.

The elites only need to repeatedly lie about the number of COVID-19 cases in Florida.

The truth will mean nothing to them.

They will create a tsunami against Governor DeSantis.

Governor DeSantis should be worried.

Truth means little to the elites.

Yes, it is true that the truth will eventually out itself.

All too often though the truth will take its time.

250 years before the birth of Christ a Greek mathematician and astronomer named Aristarchus articulated the heliocentric theory.

Did the truth matter?


For 1750 years until Copernicus, the elites prosecuted a lie upon the people of the world.

The views of that fool, Aristotle, prevailed.

It was the Great Simpleton, Aristotle, the elite’s boy, who articulated the geocentric theory.

For 1750 years these conceited, egomaniacal, strutting turkeys foisted this geocentric lie upon the people so that they, the elites, could be perceived as the ultimate authority of the universe.

It wasn’t enough for them to be the focal point on earth; they wanted the entire universe.

This is the sickness that Governor DeSantis faces.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved