The Locusts

The ignoramus in chief spoke today about the caravan from Honduras that was coming our way.

He made them sound like  locusts that were inexorably eating their way to the North.

That’s a hoot.

He threatened the government of Honduras that there would be hell to pay if they didn’t stop the caravan.

Who is he kidding?

Such threats underscore Trump’s complete misunderstanding of US foreign policy in the region.

Well, when you stopped reading after the age of twelve, what do you expect?

It is US foreign policy via CAFTA, the Central American Free Trade Agreement that is responsible for this caravan.

CAFTA is a product of the New World Order.

The New World Order is about free trade, and free trade is about exploitation.

The people of Central America are being exploited.

They work for slave wages in a polluted environment riddled  with gangs thanks to Corporate America.

Who wants to work in that?


The people come here for a better life they know they will never get there.

It’s for a good cause though  – the rich get richer and you get poorer.

What will work for these people, what will stop the caravan is a reversal of the New World Order.

What will work is the stopping of exploitation of foreign peoples.

There was a President who had a great vision for the United States. His name was John Kennedy. The New World Order did not like his vision of enabling peoples from foreign countries, and so they killed him.

They did it through their Central Intelligence Agency which is the private army of the New World Order.

Why do you think puppets of the New World Order in the media continually support Lee Harvey Oswald as the man who shot John Kennedy?

They do so because they don’t want you to know who the real killers were, that being the New World Order.

When you realize that, the massive immigration from Central America will stop. Until that point, say hello to your new brothers from the south.

You get the government you choose to believe in. 

If you believe in lies, my friend, you get to lie down in the bed that those lies support.

Why Trump Punches Low

Why is Donald Trump behaving the way he does?

Every day brings a new low for the President as he insults people’s physical features, as he breaks all social taboos.

The media regularly deplores his actions.

Trump’s fans cheer, but it’s doubtful that his cheering fans would behave in the same manner.

They know the President is punching below the belt.  They cringe, but they also know that he must.

So what’s going on? And why must the President behave the way he does?

To media elites such as David Gergen and Anderson Cooper, I would say the following:

You media elites have been riding on a first class ticket in America for the past fifty years. No one has had a greater ride in first class than you, David Gergen.

You talk about Donald Trump demeaning the presidency; what about Gerald Ford, Mr. Gergen?

No one demeaned America more than Gerald Ford when he sat on the Warren Commission and willfully covered up the murder of John F. Kennedy.  Gerald Ford lied to the American people. For that he should have been disbarred and thrown out of public office. He was not. 

You, David Gergen, actively and willfully supported Gerald Ford. How can what Donald Trump has done possibly demean America more than the actions of Gerald Ford?

You media elites talk pretty, but you don’t act pretty.

In his own way, Donald Trump is delivering to the media and the political class what they and the elites have done to the American people for the past fifty years.

He is giving them a taste of their own medicine.

The media elites along with their cronies in the political class – one and the same –  destroyed the American people. They shipped jobs overseas and stripped dignity from  people whose parents built this country.

The elites did this as they feasted on pheasant at the Kennedy Center.  It’s amazing, isn’t it?  The same people who murdered JFK, a man who tried to prosecute a vision antithetical to their New World Order that destroyed America, partake of niceties, cakes and caviar at a center named for him.

These elites not only destroyed America, they destroyed the dignity of people around the world.

NAFTA, a program of the New World Order, did not make Mexicans rich.  It made the oligarchs rich.  It made the corporate pigs rich.  But it made the people far worse off.  How do we know that?  We don’t need a phony study commissioned by the elites.  The people are leaving.

NAFTA destroyed Mexico. Mexico may not have been “rich” when I lived there in the 1970s, but at least it was their own country, and Mexicanos were proud of it. Now Mexico is controlled by drug cartels. Violence is the order of the day.

The elites did the same thing to America.

What Donald Trump is doing is giving the elites and their media cronies a taste of their own medicine.

If media elites like Anderson Cooper and David Gergen don’t like what Donald Trump is doing to them, they should look at themselves in the mirror and ask the following:  Did we fail America?  Do we deserve what we are getting?

They did, and they do.

Going for the Gusto

No healthcare system can hold up against greed.

No innovation can stand up against greed.

No reform can stand up against greed.

Greed kills all.

Greed is the mother of death.

Corporate greed is the biggest  mother of all.

Sensible reforms to healthcare corporations involve the following acknowledgements, epiphanies and measures:

  1. CEO pay must be fixed.
  2. Stock option packages for corporate executives, board members, consultants or anyone else must be banned.  Such packages represent theft.
  3. Corporate profits must be controlled as in a utility. The purpose of the corporation is to add value to society – not rack up profits.
  4. Healthcare is not a place to get rich.   Can’t handle that, Bub?  Go make televisions.
  5. Healthcare corporations may not own other corporations or companies.  We aren’t going to allow a small group of men in Poughkeepsie to control the lives of one hundred million people.
  6. Board member pay must be limited to a pauper’s salary to ensure that the board member is involved for honor not wealth.
  7. No board member may sit on a board of another company of any type.  The era of the professional board member is over.  
  8. Half the board members must come from and be fully educated within that immediate community.  This is done to prevent carpetbaggers from elite universities from hijacking a wide number of corporations so as to institute their politically correct agenda which has nothing to do with helping people and everything to do with feathering their own nests.
  9. Board members may not place their board membership on their resume nor promote themselves to the public as having sat on the board except for the purpose of delivering factual information for the public good when asked This is to prevent guru-ism.
  10. No board member nor his company nor his wife’s company nor any one connected with the board member (or his wife) three generations forward, backward or laterally may do business with the corporation.
  11. Healthcare corporations may not hire professional lobbyists.  Healthcare corporations are not people; as such, they have no sense of shame.  Shame does not necessarily kill greed, but, short of economic collapse, only shame can kill greed.
  12. Healthcare corporations may not be publicly traded in the stock market.  It is the whooping it up by television cheerleaders when stocks go higher that entices CEOs to further maximize profits.

There is little point to making any change in healthcare unless greed is limited.

As long as people continue to “go for the gusto”, we are sunk.

Pain, Brexit, Reality

I hate pain because it tells me that something is wrong.

I’d much rather live in pain than do something about it.

Inertia is a powerful force.

Pain ruins my day.

Pain means I have to take time off and fix it.  I don’t want to take time off.  I want my life to be the same.  I’ve got my routines down.

And so it is with Brexit and the elites who chose to remain.

They’d rather the referendum go away.

They’ve got their routines down, and, well, this jolt of pain is getting in the way.

After all they’re doing well.

And so the leaders do what we all when confronted by pain – denial.  

It’s not there. The  pain is not there.  

In short order, denial specialists are sent out to the body politic to do what they do best – deny.

Brexit was a fluke.  People don’t want it. The people who voted for it shouldn’t have voted – they were too old.  They were racist; this is not who we are.

Yet the pain was there – is there.  

It takes time for the mind, the political class,  to accept this.  

It’s easier to deny its existence until reality sets in that the pain is there and is not going away.

The pain is not going away because the pain is not the problem.  

Analgesics are not the answer.

The pain is a symptom of a more nefarious process, and the nefarious process that has gone on in England for some time now is the neglect of the working class.

Talking about the neglect won’t make it go away.  This is another mechanism of denial that we humans engage in. 

We move past the stage of denial and come to recognize that the pain is there but then fool ourselves that talking about it is a solution. 

Leaders then send out emissaries to working class areas to “discuss” the problem.

Help is on the way.

Yet this promise is false because the leadership fails to comprehend the faulty assumptions that produced the problem in the first place.

The neglect of the working class came about because there are people in your society who do not have the desire or the ability to work in the services industry.  These people need manufacturing jobs, of which fishing and farming is a part, today and tomorrow.

The idea that Britain and all its citizens will be executives to the world and that the people in China and Southeast Asia will be content to make your plastic cups forever is errant.

The current EU does not address this reality.  Nor does the political class.

The Stock Market

Since the stock market is falling, I thought it would be a good idea to give you some rules in the stock market.

These are some lessons that I have learned over 35 years. I list them not necessarily in order of importance.

  1. Invest in what you use and believe in if you think the price is good.  When you use a product, you generally have a better feel for the product’s true value.  This comes in handy when stock market gurus tell you to sell the stock. This helped me tremendously in the 80s with Apple computer and in 2008 with Las Vegas Sands.
  2. Stay away from options.  It’s gambling pure and simple.  Any gains I made in the regular stock market I lost in options.  Particularly stay away from put options. When you buy a put option you’re betting on the stock to fail; and no matter how fiercely you try to justify the bet, you’ll feel bad – unless of course you work at Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan in which case you’ll feel happy.  People there stamp their feet, sing the Horst Wessel song and scream, “Das tut mir leid.”
  3. Investing in bonds is like dating someone you think is a dog.  You’ll trade that dog in the second a sexy stock comes along.  So will everyone else; and if they dump their dog before you do, you’re fucked. I never invested in bonds. I never understood them, and I don’t think anyone else does either – which is why they dump them. Plus who wants to rely on the government?
  4. No one can predict the future.  Case closed.  What you can do is invest in good, undervalued stocks that appreciate.
  5. If you think that cheap stocks can’t go down any further, you are wrong.
  6. They call it a bear market for a reason. If you don’t know why, you’re going to find out.
  7. Just because you use and believe in a stock does not mean that you should hold on to the stock forever.  You must be emotionally detached from your stock.  Your job is to make wise decisions.
  8. Experts are not experts.
  9. CEOs are not experts. In fact many are active dissemblers of the truth.
  10. I don’t like diversification.  I made more money not by diversifying but by carefully researching the balance sheets and income statements of the companies I was investing in.  Plus I listened to conference calls when available.
  11. Try to hang onto your winners.  Over decades you’ll do well.  Resist the temptation to cash out to pay down on other assets.
  12. What goes down must not necessarily come back up.  No, Sir, that ball can keep going down and down and …
  13. Not obeying these rules made the stock market a giant waste of time for me economically. I came out even.
  14. It’s s fun game, and you will have multiple opportunities to win and lose. Plus you will learn about the wider economy.
  15. Never think you are somebody or the Market Gods will happily show you where you stand in the grand scope of things.

The Saudi Way

The faux  outrage over Mr. Jamal Khashoggi’s disappearance in the Saudi Arabian consulate in Turkey would be humorous if it weren’t so tragic.

Mr. Khashoggi  is a dissident journalist of sorts from Saudi Arabia.  He is a connected individual who dares to ask for reforms in the Saudi government.

That’s always a mistake.

The Saudi government a few years ago issued a sentence of 1000 lashes plus ten years in prison to a young Saudi, Raif Badawi, for daring to suggest Internet liberalization for Saudis.

He was also fined.   Now, there’s the real deterrent.

He received 50 lashes which debilitated him.  Thus far the remainder of the sentence has been  compassionately postponed.

The US government who backs the Saudi government lock, stock and barrel doubtlessly intervened.  

Public perception is important in the United States.  

Which is why they are issuing fake concern over Mr. Khashoggi’s disappearance.

Our government understands that nobody in the mainstream media gives a damn about regular citizens in Yemen who are being slaughtered en masse by a US-backed Saudi regime.  But they do care about one of their own – Mr. Khashoggi  is a Washington Post contributor – who is killed in a Saudi consulate.

Why that could have been one of them.  

Plus, Mr. Khashoggi is a member of the club.  Members get cared about; regular people in Yemen are insignificant.

The US government in response to the story of Mr. Khashoggi’s disappearance – he was probably sliced and diced – deplores the situation and issues statements of concern.

That’s a joke because the US government is solidly in favor of what the Saudi government does.  That’s why the Saudi Kingdom is there – to keep the people in line.

I wouldn’t be surprised if our CIA help plan Mr. Khashoggi’s death.


The United States government has no desire whatsoever for the Saudi people to be free.

Free people call for responsible governments, and a responsible government in Saudi Arabia just might decide that the United States is not entitled to receive oil on demand.

The people of Saudi Arabia are oppressed  today just as were the people of Iran under the US backed Shah.

We in the US love dictators; and we certainly don’t need people like Mr. Khashoggi  throwing a wet blanket on our party.

You’ll hear a lot of talk and blather about US-Saudi relations being strained. But it’s all bullshit. Nothing will happen to our relationship.

It will be business as usual.

Celebrity Shills

I’m staring at this slideshow that you can find at the bottom of many website pages these days.

I’m sure you’ve seen the one  showing how bad celebrities have aged.

As if we haven’t.

That’s not the one I’m watching though.  

No, I’m looking at the yachts and jets these fuckers buy and lease.

Leonardo di Caprio rents his yacht for 1.3 million a week.

Harrison Ford owns a jet that costs a cool eighteen million.

Jesus Christ, I ask, how much do these people make?

And who pays for all of this?

Well, as it turns out, you pay for it all and have for some time now. 

That’s right, you pay for it all, and not just through ticket sales at the box office.

You pay the sports and entertainment tax, and much of this is hidden from you.  In fact, you pay this tax whether or not you see or attend one movie or sporting event  in your lifetime.

You don’t even need to be a fan.

It’s done through advertising.

Advertising is the hidden tax that Corporate America imposes upon you and returns to the people it deigns to favor.

Every time a movie or sporting event is shown on cable television, you pay that tax.

The tax is passed on to you when you buy your products at the supermarket.

You pay whether it’s Doritos, Coke or Southwestern Bell.

The advertisers pay big bucks to the networks who pay big bucks to the leagues and studios that own the product.  This money is in turn distributed to the players and actors respectively. 

So the next time, you ogle Leo’s yacht, remember this and say, “Hey, I bought that.”

It’s these outrageous toys and salaries that keep the celebrities in line with Corporate America’s values.

As they say, God giveth, and God taketh away.

Who wants to give up a lavish lifestyle?

Who wants to give up a jet?

But give it up you will if you dare to defy Corporate America.

Oh, they can make you go away in a heartbeat.

Just ask the Dixie Chicks.

They had the audacity to speak out against a hasty war.

Corporate America controls just about everything in America today, and they own the celebrities lock, stock and barrel.

They control the venues, the book deals, the record deals, the movie studios, the radio stations, the endorsement agreements.  Did I forget cable television?

Say the right thing and survive.  Say the wrong thing and you’re outta there.

And just in case you think you’re above all that because you’re older, think again.  They’ll make your life miserable by spilling all the dirt they have on you.

You’ll obey.

It’s pretty rich, isn’t it?  You pay cash and make these celebrities rich.

They profit off a free market capitalist system and then turn around and support a socialist system that threatens your ability to make money the way they do.

In a sane world where celebrities have control of their lives, they could say as much.

But in the corporate world of today, they have no say and they know it.

So they shill.

Changing the Corporation

I live in a fantasy world. I am the most unrealistic person the world is ever seen.

I am so naïve there is a picture of me in the dictionary beside the word naive.

Yet I try to be practical.

In a perfect world we would outlaw major corporations.

But that is not going to happen, so instead we must try another tack.

Let us ask what happened to our major corporations. How did they get so off kilter? How were they able to grow so big so as to become willing collaborators with big government in establishing a New World Order?

Our New World Order is fascist.

The core of the corporation is the committee. The committee is where ideas are discussed and hammered out. On its surface the committee seems to be a good idea. Theoretically the best ideas should rise to the top.

But experience suggests that this is not so.  Often the worst ideas rise to the top.


Because people value collegiality over confrontation in a group setting.  

In time slick leaders take advantage of this and learn how to game a committee to their advantage.

People with good ideas that promote long term value over immediate profits are labeled crackpots.  Legitimate criticism is derided as naysaying.  Rewards are given to sycophants and puppets who do the leader’s bidding.

In time, good people throw up their hands and leave the committee as it becomes increasingly dominated by the immoral values of a tyrant.

What can we do?

We can and must return to the sensible controls that our founding fathers had placed on corporations.

Each and every day the founding fathers look smarter.

In the days of our founding fathers, corporations were limited as to what they could do. They had specific purposes for specific lengths of times. The owners of the corporations could be held personally liable for any malfeasance of the corporation.  Profits could be limited to a specific amount.  Salaries were limited and defined.  Corporations were not permitted to own other corporations.  This was not only important with respect to limiting profits; doing so also promoted accountability.

By placing controls on corporations, we prevent hucksters from entering the corporation to begin with. Once the huckster sees that he has no cash cow to exploit, the huckster moves away.

This is a good thing.

Sensible reforms will enable corporations to be more responsive and sensitive to the people that they serve.

Corporations must exist for us, not we for them.

The Beauty of Free Trade

Have you ever wondered why these immigrants are pouring north from Central America?

If you are like me you probably are under the impression that they are running away from MS 13 gangsters.

If you thought that, you would be right.

But why does Central America produce these MS 13 gangsters?

Look no further than your United States government which has been hijacked by Corporate America.

Corporate America is responsible for pushing through CAFTA or the Central America Free Trade Agreement.

You’ve heard of NAFTA; well,  meet its brother, CAFTA.

CAFTA Is an unwanted interloper in central America.  The citizens there didn’t want it at all.  They knew what it would bring.

And what it has brought is what all free trade brings – poverty, pollution, violence and slave wages.

Free trade has been a disaster for Central America, and that is why these people are leaving.

When economic times are bad, when people have shitty jobs, gangs abound.

Who wants to raise their children in the midst of gangs?

That is why these mothers with kids in tow have to come to the United States of America.

You heard about the caravan a few months ago that was slowly moving through Mexico on its way to the border?

Desperate people will give up everything for a better chance in life.

They will give up their homes, their extended families, the possessions they own, even their native language.  

They will risk death and robbery on the road.

They will risk discrimination when they get here, for in the United States of America they will get some protection from these gangs.

In addition, if they have a child who was born in the United States, that child will be a citizen of the United States and will enjoy a life their parents could only dream of.

Who will pay for all of this?

You the American people. Who will profit from all this?

Corporate America.

Free trade is a welfare program for greedy corporations that you pay for.

Bill and Brett

Why is Bill Cosby in jail while Brett Kavanaugh is going to the Supreme Court?

Because Corporate America wants it so.

Many years ago, a decade or so ago, Bill Cosby begin speaking to black youth. He wanted them to dress right, speak right and integrate. When he did so, sexual allegations against him were raised in the media. Bill Cosby backed off from speaking out, and these allegations went away.  They vanished as quickly as they arose.

Then about three to four years ago Bill Cosby again spoke to black youth. He wrote an open letter asking black youth to speak right, dress right and integrate.

Again, these sexual allegations arose, but this time Bill Cosby held fast.  He chose not to go away.

When I read the letter that he had penned, I said to my office manager as I read it, “They’re going to go after him for this.”

And boy did they.

This is not a defense of Bill Cosby, because I do believe he committed these acts. In fact if you didn’t believe he committed these acts after the witch hunt he was subjected to, I would doubt your mental ability.

Witch hunts are a subject for another day.

What I am saying is that if he had not spoken to black youth to shape up, you never would have heard these allegations.

The allegations came fast and furious. It was clearly an orchestrated affair.

So who was behind all this?

Corporate America.

Corporate America has profited handsomely from the destruction of the black community.

The black community is now a steady source of inmates for prisons from which corporate America grows rich.

Corporate America also profits handsomely off welfare, drug rehab and other social reengineering programs.

They’re not interested in anyone getting in the way of their cash cow.

Bill Cosby was a threat to that revenue stream.  He had to go.

Amazingly enough the gangsters from the hip-hop culture are feted and celebrated.

It was Corporate America that first hurt the black community by shipping many jobs to Mexico and China.

Corporate America has a vested interest in ensuring that the black community never rehabilitates itself.

Their stranglehold on America is vast. They control virtually all the Senators in the United States Congress.

And now with the selection of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, they’ve got another one of their boys to further tighten their noose.

It’s a lynching of the entire black community.