The Price of Conformity

When I was a boy we asked ourselves in school how the German people could have been conned into going along with Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

This question is asked today.

How could the German people possibly have gone along?

Accompanying this was the self-confident notion that we Americans were better and that such a thing could never happen here in the United States.

Well, it can happen here, and it is happening here.

We are now getting a first class education and experience in how the German people were convinced to go along with Nazi junk science and its hatred of the Jews.

Apparently it wasn’t difficult at all for the Nazis to get people to conform.

Indeed, you can get people to believe in just about anything if you have a media and a pack of compliant celebrities that are willing to indoctrinate people.

This indoctrination occurs in every day events such as entertainment and sports.

We can see this today on television as we watch the NFL on its first day of action.

We see broadcasters alone by themselves in front of a camera wearing a face mask.

Up in the booth, we can see an assistant coach all by himself wearing a face mask.

We can see umpires on the field out in the open air by themselves wearing face masks.

Never mind that the players are not wearing facemasks in the huddle, the umpire must wear a face mask.

He must wear that facemask in order to sell the facemask to you.

Wearing the face mask has nothing to do with science or workability but propaganda and indoctrination.

The purpose of the facemask is to invite you to go along.

First the government will start with a simple request, then it will graduate to something more serious.

First they will invite you to wearing a face mask, then they will invite you report on people not wearing a face mask.

It’s all about the public safety.

In time they will ask you to arrest people not wearing a face mask in order to protect the public safety.

Eventually they will ask you to kill people who the government deems a threat to public safety.

Just as Hitler asked the Germans for permission to kill the Jews in order to protect the public safety so our leaders will select a group here to be killed in order to protect the public safety.

So you think it can’t happen here? It is happening here.

People place a premium on conformity.

People value conformity over confrontation.

Your leaders have exploited that human tendency to get you to go along with their programs.

They are already implementing critical race theory in the upper levels of government and corporate America.

They will ask you to go along with that also.

The employment of critical race theory will demonize white people because they are white.

The effects of that should be obvious.

Little by little we walk miles.

Little by little we learn that we aren’t so different from other peoples and nations that have lost their sense of right and wrong.

Little by little we learn the price to be paid by simply going along.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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Should men of the clergy become active in political affairs?

To answer this we must first understand that America was suckered into serfdom through the clever use of phonies posing as good men of conscience .

William F. Buckley was an enabler of such men.

Many a week on his show, Firing Line, he showcased a spokesman from the left, supposedly a man of good stature, ostensibly looking out for the common man, who spoke the clever words of enslavement.

One such clever man was William Sloane Coffin.

In that era, there was no Internet to check on the pedigree and credentials of the people who were being presented to our parents and grandparents. Our antecedents had to take it on faith that these men and women were good people without ulterior motive.

William Sloane Coffin was an elitist. He was born into an elitist family, and he remained an elitist until the day he died. He attended the exclusive prep school of Phillips Academy in Andover; he was a friend of George Herbert Walker Bush, always an ominous sign; he attended Yale University; he was a member of Skull and Bones; he was a former officer of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Ah, but now we are to believe that he is a reformed man of the people.

He was a reverend nonetheless.

By now you may be asking what this man’s crime could be.

His crime was so subtle, you would not even think it was a crime.  You would think he was doing a good thing for the people of the United States of America.

What William Sloane Coffin and his kind promoted was for the clergy to become active in social affairs.

William F. Buckley was his foil and enabler.

The question then becomes:  Should men of the clergy become active in political affairs?


Men of the clergy must tend to the mending of the soul which is enough.  

If the soul is good, good results are more likely to follow.

When clergymen cross the threshold into politics, they tread on thin ice.

They walk onto dangerous ground.

They are like Mr. Harker in Bram Stoker’s novel who crosses over the threshold of Count Dracula.

When he does so, his soul belongs to Dracula.

So too the soul of the clergy who cross the threshold of the politician when they broker prayer breakfasts in the halls of power, or worse, when they overtly campaign for a candidate.

Allen Dulles understood this when he co-opted the clergy in Guatemala to sell a war he could not otherwise sell.

Our politicians understand this today when they co-opt the clergy in America to sell wars they cannot otherwise sell.

Mending the soul is enough.

William Sloane Coffin, Skull and Bones graduate, knew this acutely well.

As did his enabler, William F. Buckley.

They knew what they were doing.

As members of the CIA, they knew its game plan.

If America is to regain its principled footing in the world, its clergy must return to doing what they were trained to do, and nothing more.

Invite the politician to come to God. Do not abandon God by walking into his house.

Now some may argue that William Sloane Coffin and other notable preachers and reverends spoke out against war.

And this is true.

But that misses the point.

They shouldn’t be there at all.

By involving himself in political issues and extolling the virtues of doing so, Mr. Sloane Coffin, from his position of influence, dragged many men of God into the house of Dracula.

And they are still there.

As is America.


Copyright 2019   Archer Crosley   All Rights Reserved

A Good Leader

A good leader is a good listener.

A good leader is never afraid to hear a contrary opinion.

Unfortunately in the world we live in today, we have many bad leaders and people in charge.

Our leaders are afraid of contrary opinions.

They are afraid that what they want to implement will be negated by the contrary viewpoint.

This is the sign of a weak individual.

This is the sign of a weak leader.

This was in evidence today as CNN tossed Mark Lamont Hill off the air because he voiced support for Palestine.

The people in charge at CNN, who work in league with our leaders who are Zionists, could not  handle a contrary opinion, so they threw him off the air.

It’s akin to an ostrich burying its head in the sand.

The contrary opinions will not go away because you do not air them. The contrary opinions will still exist.  They will merely go underground. Indeed they will go underground and work to subvert your plan.

A good leader takes account of a contrary opinion and says to himself, “Hey, maybe I am wrong. Maybe I got this wrong. Maybe I should consider changing or modifying my viewpoint.”

Sadly, this will not be forthcoming from our leaders. And there is a good reason why.

A Palestinian state gets in the way of their money making machine, or so they think.

But maybe it doesn’t. Maybe having a viable Palestinian state will ensure peace in the region which will be better for the powers that be in the long run.

Unfortunately for us, our leaders ignore our opinions.  They consider themselves far above us intellectually.

That makes them bad leaders.

And you know what happens to bad leaders?

In time, they get strung up like Mussolini.

No matter what the government is, if the leaders of the government do not address the needs of the people, in time that leader ship will be deposed.







Israeli Bluster

So the latest Israeli blowhard to enter the arena, Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan, states that Israel is closer than ever to entering Gaza to attain security for Israel’s citizens.

Tough talk.

Let’s see how tough he talks in a few months after Israel decides to undertake this mission.

Will Israel win?  Well, it depends upon how you define win.

One thing is for sure, Hamas and the Palestinians have nothing to lose.

Given the horrid conditions they are living under, given Israel’s determination to take the West Bank, given growing world support for Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, it should be clear to the Palestinians that they have little to fight for save honor.

They’re certainly not fighting for Lady Gaga to give a performance.  No, luxuries are not at the top of their list.

I would say they are fixing their bayonets right now.

Israel should be prepared for that.

The problem that Israel faces is not its own means or determination but its overconfidence.

Their young anonymous soldiers have been fed a steady diet of lies about Palestinians for fifty years now.

Israelis have come to accept Palestinians as subhuman cockroaches who celebrate a culture of death.

I don’t think that’s true.  I think Palestinians very much love their children and neighbors. And like Jews they want to be part of the future world.

Any people under siege and outgunned will resort to suicide bombers.  The Japanese did, the Vietnamese did, the Palestinians did.

And what do you know? The very first suicide bombers were the Jewish Zealots who conducted knifings against Roman soldiers in the first century.

Knifings, huh?

So the Jews wrote the book.

The Palestinians are the students.

They learned from their teachers and engaged in suicide bombings.

They’ll do it again

They have nothing to lose.

They’ll do what they have to do.

And more. Humanity is inventive, and necessity is the mother of invention.

Missiles once directed at cities will be more efficiently directed at patrols.

It’s a closer shot with a greater chance of success

Is Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan ready for this?

Is he ready for house to house combat?

I suppose that with proper planning and careful attention to detail it is possible that Israel can achieve a sweeping victory over Hamas with a minimum of bloodshed.

One of Israel’s assumptions may be poor:   That Hamas and Hamas alone is responsible for the instability in Gaza.

In other words, get rid of Hamas and the problem goes away.  This seems to be the same logic that the US bought into during Vietnam:  Get rid of the Viet Cong and the Vietnamese will be peaceful.

Well, the Vietnamese people were the Viet Cong.

In Gaza, I suspect, the Palestinians are Hamas.

Israel, prefers to believe its own bullshit.  They prefer to believe the lies they’ve been promoting through the Western media about Hamas surrounding themselves with unwilling human shields inside nursery schools.

It fits their narrative.

Israel also prefers to believe in their own superiority and the unassailability of the IDF.  This confidence is bolstered by their rabbis infusing them with the nonsense that they are God’s chosen people and that God gave them Israel.

Well, 1) God picks no favorites, 2) God doesn’t give any land to anyone, and 3) God distributes intelligence evenly throughout the spectrum of humanity.  You’re here after millions of years of evolution; if you were that genetically inferior, you and your people wouldn’t be here.

Still Israel believes its own bullshit.  It points to its Nobel Prize winners as proof of Jewish superiority never once asking itself whether other religions emphasize awards and accomplishments let alone Nobel Prizes.

Suppose other cultures emphasize a renunciation of wealth, possessions and awards.  What then?

Hey, here’s a thought: Shouldn’t a master race consider such and temper its arrogance.

And if it does not?

Well, wars aren’t fought on paper  or in the minds of the self-deluded as Israel is about to find out.

Yes, they can kill many Palestinians and “win”.

But at what cost to themselves and the future Israel?

It’s important to ask questions.  The more high quality questions you ask, the better the result generally is.

Does God see everything?   Does God see what hardships Israel has inflicted upon the Palestinians in Gaza?  Do we live in a moral universe?

These are but a few questions the Israeli blowhard, Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan, might ask first.

Intelligent people ask questions.

Our Phony Media

Why is the media liberal?

The oligarchs who control the media are greedy capitalists who are consumed with making money.  So why do they support a socialist agenda?

They do so because they’re not true capitalists but socialists posing as capitalists.

True capitalists take risks with their own money.

These oligarchs do nothing of the sort.

They are phonies.

These oligarchs don’t take risks at all. They play with government money – your money.

They are better termed crony capitalists.

They support a liberal media to keep their true enemy at bay.

The true enemy of the oligarch is the middle class below them.

It is the middle class who are the true capitalists in American society.

These true capitalists in the middle class are fundamentally conservative.  They have to be; they gamble with their own money.

The middle class is the driving force behind the conservative movement in the United States of America. The so-called wealthy leaders are interlopers, parasites, deceivers. They suck the life blood out of the conservative movement.

This conservative movement, the  drive towards true capitalism is a threat to the oligarch.  He has no desire to compete with anyone. What he wants is a free ride in life. He feels he is entitled to that free ride having gone to an elite school.

To combat the middle class conservative, the elite oligarch must enlist the support of the poor.

To do so the elite oligarch finances  and supports a liberal media that lies to the poor who are not as well read.

Bogus issues such as Russia-gate are regularly advanced.  Buzz words such as trickle down economics are bandied about.  Arguments are continually reframed to skirt the issue.  Long term solutions are routinely dismissed as long term and impractical.  The threat of cutting social security is a given.

The end result is a maintaining of the status quo which means bigger and bigger government  – which is what the oligarch wants because it helps him and kills the middle class.

And so a symbiotic codependent relationship develops between the rich and the poor – the rich who agree to rule; and the poor who agreed to be ruled.

The loser is the conservative middle class.

Ironically, It is the liberal middle class who loses also. They lose because small and regional businesses dissolve.  Well paying jobs now controlled by corporations evaporate

This is the way things are.

The true goal of the oligarch is to destroy the middle class and transform it into a sea of paupers at which point there will be two classes of people – the oligarchs and the poor.

The media controlled by the oligarch fights to the death to ensure that you never realize this.

The Best and Brightest?

I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but the basis of your educational system, the almighty GPA, and the SAT, is damaged goods.

These metrics don’t cull out the best and brightest, and they discriminate against you.

These metrics are constructed by elites to select students who think like the elites.

These metrics falsely assume that everyone cares about getting a 4.0 average; not everyone does. Nor does everyone care about getting a top score in the SAT.

These metrics falsely assume that intelligent people don’t freak out on tests; many do.

These metrics falsely assume that a person’s MQ – moral quotient – is not important. It is.

These metrics falsely assume that all students view learning in the same way; not everyone does.

Some students view learning as an exercise in memorization.  Others view learning as gaining a symmetry to the material being presented; they are more interested in whether a body of knowledge is internally consistent; they want to know why things are the way they are.  These students will not perform as well on traditional tests.

These metrics falsely assume that everyone gets the same opportunity to get a top grade.

Unfortunately this is not so.   The rich, unable to accept that their children may not be gifted, pressure teachers to allow their children to resubmit projects for which they fairly received a lower grade.

These metrics falsely assume that everyone is living a happy life in a happy home; many are not.  Their scores will reflect that.

Now, if only the elites understood this as they maniacally snatch up every student possessing a 4.0 average, we’d be able to safeguard ourselves.

But they don’t.

Your elite schools who furnish your leaders believe in the supremacy of the GPA and SAT.

Not only do they believe in the supremacy of numbers to grade people – it’s in their Nazi blood – they believe they have culled out the best and brightest; and they believe that these Masters of the Universe, culled out at seventeen years of age, are forever to be the only people to sit in positions of power in the world.

Which is why you see so many Harvard, Yale and Ivy League graduates as Fortune 500 CEOs, Senators, Presidents and Supreme Court justices.

As George Carlin used to say: It’s a club, and you’re not in it.

In truth, this club is not the best and brightest; and they are overrepresented in our institutions.

This is dangerous for it produces academic inbreeding which produces poor results.

First things first.  There are more talented people outside these elite schools then inside these schools because of sheer numbers.

Millions are graduated from regular schools every year. The number of people that are graduated from Ivy League and like-minded schools are minuscule in comparison.  These elite schools only graduate about 2.5 to 5 percent of all graduating students.

So are we willing to state that all elite school graduates are smarter than all graduates from regular schools?  Even the top of the class at regular schools?

The powers that be seem to think so because they can’t think of anyone outside the Ivy League to put on the Supreme Court.

So let’s examine the ability of the Ivy League to cull out all elite students.  Let’s ask some questions:

What about those students who had no desire to go to an elite school?

What about those students who were late bloomers?

What about those students who could not go because they had to take care of a sick family member?

What about those students who do not approve of the concept of an elite university?

What about those students who were brought up to believe that the individual was important than the school?

These are quite a few things to think about before you start believing that Harvard represents the best and brightest.

They do not.

They are outnumbered and have been for centuries.

Their supremacy is an illusion.

Their supremacy is propaganda designed by the elites to serve the elites – to control the mass of humanity by their graduates who are steeped in politically correct dogma.

This dangerous propaganda has resulted in academic inbreeding.

The people in charge are academically defective in their thinking; and their defective thinking has resulted in the catastrophes that have taken place domestically and abroad.

Celebrity Shills

I’m staring at this slideshow that you can find at the bottom of many website pages these days.

I’m sure you’ve seen the one  showing how bad celebrities have aged.

As if we haven’t.

That’s not the one I’m watching though.  

No, I’m looking at the yachts and jets these fuckers buy and lease.

Leonardo di Caprio rents his yacht for 1.3 million a week.

Harrison Ford owns a jet that costs a cool eighteen million.

Jesus Christ, I ask, how much do these people make?

And who pays for all of this?

Well, as it turns out, you pay for it all and have for some time now. 

That’s right, you pay for it all, and not just through ticket sales at the box office.

You pay the sports and entertainment tax, and much of this is hidden from you.  In fact, you pay this tax whether or not you see or attend one movie or sporting event  in your lifetime.

You don’t even need to be a fan.

It’s done through advertising.

Advertising is the hidden tax that Corporate America imposes upon you and returns to the people it deigns to favor.

Every time a movie or sporting event is shown on cable television, you pay that tax.

The tax is passed on to you when you buy your products at the supermarket.

You pay whether it’s Doritos, Coke or Southwestern Bell.

The advertisers pay big bucks to the networks who pay big bucks to the leagues and studios that own the product.  This money is in turn distributed to the players and actors respectively. 

So the next time, you ogle Leo’s yacht, remember this and say, “Hey, I bought that.”

It’s these outrageous toys and salaries that keep the celebrities in line with Corporate America’s values.

As they say, God giveth, and God taketh away.

Who wants to give up a lavish lifestyle?

Who wants to give up a jet?

But give it up you will if you dare to defy Corporate America.

Oh, they can make you go away in a heartbeat.

Just ask the Dixie Chicks.

They had the audacity to speak out against a hasty war.

Corporate America controls just about everything in America today, and they own the celebrities lock, stock and barrel.

They control the venues, the book deals, the record deals, the movie studios, the radio stations, the endorsement agreements.  Did I forget cable television?

Say the right thing and survive.  Say the wrong thing and you’re outta there.

And just in case you think you’re above all that because you’re older, think again.  They’ll make your life miserable by spilling all the dirt they have on you.

You’ll obey.

It’s pretty rich, isn’t it?  You pay cash and make these celebrities rich.

They profit off a free market capitalist system and then turn around and support a socialist system that threatens your ability to make money the way they do.

In a sane world where celebrities have control of their lives, they could say as much.

But in the corporate world of today, they have no say and they know it.

So they shill.

America and Myths

America is a land of myths.  We love our myths.

We have Paul Bunyan; we have Rip Van Winkle.  And we have George Washington about whom many lies and myths have been told.

Of course, George Washington never told a lie, right?

My favorite myth about George Washington is him having thrown a silver dollar across the Potomac River.  It’s difficult for me to believe that my first grade teacher, Mrs. Chandlee, told me that with a straight face.  The Potomac is a mile wide at its narrowest.

Truth be told, I don’t think George Washington could throw a silver dollar across the Neshaminy Creek near where I grew up.

Adults must feel that myths are important to children; they tell so many of them.

Perhaps myths are like teddy bears; they represent cute and cuddly ways of introducing children to the world.

The problem with myths, though, is that we grow up and still believe in them without thinking.

And some myths are more injurious than others.  They are so because they are less preposterous on their surface.  Let’s call them subtle myths.

One of these subtle myths is that a Supreme Court justice sits above us all as an impartial judge, appointed for life, impervious to political influence.

But what if this is not so?

To question this we must view the Brett Kavanaugh affair from the perspective of a conspiracist.  Lucky for you, I am one.

Now, we know that the powers-that-be have immense power; that’s why we call them the powers-that-be.  We also know that Brett Kavanaugh is a corporate guy all the way.  If you don’t know this, you can search his judicial record on-line and see that he is essentially a corporatist.  He loves mergers and giant corporations.  We also know that he allies himself with the Bush family.  You might say he owes his livelihood to Bush patronage.  The Bushes are as connected as can be with the monied elite.  Finally, in today’s world the Democratic Party has also hopped in bed with Corporate America.

Okay, so what gives?

Well, ask yourself this question:  Why are the powers-that-be, that can martial Republican and Democratic support for endless wars, not able to ram through Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation?  Brett Kavanaugh is the kind of judge that Corporate America loves.  So what’s the problem here?

Well, suppose that Corporate America, via their operatives, is behind these sexual allegations thrown against Brett Kavanaugh.



To send a message to Brett Kavanaugh.

You see, as it stands now, Brett Kavanaugh has already perjured himself before Congress if you believe the charges made by many, many people.  Even if you don’t believe the serious allegations of assault, he has already portrayed himself as a goody two-shoes in college, which many people say he was not.

The powers-that-be now have him where they want him.  He’s in a holding pattern right now before his possible Senate confirmation next week.

I’m not sure anyone has to say anything to him; I’m sure he is smart enough to figure things out.  But if he isn’t, someone can lay it out for him later.

The message is clear, though:  You do what we tell you to do, or else.

Does this bother you?

Only if you believe in myths.


Sean the Stooge

Commonly you hear people state that the left is promoting the Russian Meddling narrative. This is not entirely so. No one has promoted the Russian Meddling narrative more than Sean Hannity. Every night, Sean ruthlessly and maliciously keeps the Russian Meddling narrative alive by talking about it.

You can guess which words will come out of Sean’s mouth first as the program begins. If he doesn’t say Russia, Mueller or Steele Dossier within the first five words, something is wrong with your television.

Why does Sean do this? True ratings must clearly be down as no one but a brain-dead idiot could tolerate the same story night after night, so why continue?

Sean promotes this lie by debunking it because he is a stooge of Corporate America. Indeed, like most other radio and television personalities, he is owned lock, stock and barrel by the powers that be. The tentacles of the establishment octopus reach far and deep.

Sadly many conservatives have been had. They think Sean is on their side.

Michael Reagan said it best years ago; he stated that the Republicans and Democrats propped each other up like the sides of an A frame.

So too the media.

The best way to extinguish a bogus story is to ignore it.

Confederate Statues

The young are obsessed with Confederate statues.

They rage about slavery that took place over 150 years ago yet rage little about their own slavery today. Yes, they are slaves to the activists and social justice warriors who manipulate them into the cattle pens of frivolity and serfdom.

What they should be protesting against are the gradual usurpation of their individual freedoms through false wars physical and abstract against the false enemies – China, Iran, Russia, global warming, hate speech, Stonewall Jackson – that the powers that be choose to create that day.


In the antebellum South, states were regarded more as countries rather than states being part of a union.  Virginia was regarded as a homeland of sorts.  When Generals such as Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson fought for the South, they did so for their homeland, not for slavery.  To not do so would be considered an act of treason.